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A BILLIONAIRE'S EVIL SECRET 1 - 2017 Latest EPIC Nollywood Full Movies African Nigerian Full Movies

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WATCH PART 2 - https://youtu.be/LiWL3R_J1cM A 2017 Latest Nigerian Full African Nollywood English Movies They are cult men, after sacrificing his wife and child he was asked to bring a twin blood who loves him but getting it was so difficult. Off course trouble ensued when he came across the nieces of a cult member. 2017 Nigerian Movies | African Movies 2017 Starring: KANAYO. O. KANAYO, RITA EDOCHIE, EJIKE ASIEGBU Thanks for watching and always remember that we have hundreds of 2017 Nigerian Movies lined up for your enjoyment. Also please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below regarding this 2017 Nigerian Movies movie and other movies you want to watch. Please remember to subscribe to our channel for 2017 Nigerian Movies Check this Playlists For you: Top 10 2017 Nollywood Movies this Week - http://bit.ly/2pcMZbD Most Hilarious 2017 Nigerian Comedy - http://bit.ly/2ojp1ay Most Epic 2017 Movies - http://bit.ly/2oHOlIl Most Trending 2017 Movies Now - http://bit.ly/2puqH4I Best of Zubby Michael (2017 Movies) - http://bit.ly/2pcII81 Best of Cha Cha Eke (2017 Movies) - http://bit.ly/2nTPTRE Best of Mercy Johnson (2017 Movies) - http://bit.ly/2pcLzO5 Best of Tonto Dikeh (2017 Movies) - http://bit.ly/2puq1MG Best of Regina Daniels (2017 Movies) - http://bit.ly/2ooNsCq Love and Romance 2017 Movies - http://bit.ly/2omH3f3 Couvert par AFOREVO. Offert par 24hrs Nigerian Movies Powered by AFOREVO. Brought to you by 24hrs Nigerian Movies
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YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER WEEKEND WITH THESE NIGERIAN MOVIES!! WATCH HERE! KEN ERICS did not think well before marriage, Dont make this mistake >> http://bit.ly/2yKsIzk Watch this movie, that shows the level of greediness in the WORLD, SEE >> http://bit.ly/2zokBYf This is the CHA CHA EKE movie you have been looking for, SEE NOW >> http://bit.ly/2zkm9D0
maxsuel m idriss (7 months ago)
24hrs NIGERIAN MOVIES - latest nigerian movies
Dula Kezi (1 month ago)
Is only in Nigerian movies where people are rich and having cheap phones.ahahahahahaha any who?.........am enjoying the movie.
Hello Dula, Just enjoy this Destiny Etiko Movie >> https://bit.ly/2zm4M2u
Kimbowa Domazo (1 month ago)
See the LATEST KEN ERICS ROYAL Movie here >> https://bit.ly/2qGhK7v
Monica Wanjiru (2 months ago)
I love old actors movies they are really talented
See the Latest Cha Cha Eke Love movie >> https://bit.ly/2xnebqo
Carol Njeri (4 months ago)
I love this classics especially the ritual ones.best actors kanayo an the rest
What will you do if this happens to you.. SEE >> https://bit.ly/2mV4hGW
Aner Sibi (4 months ago)
The consequences of the love money
Hey, do not make this kind of Mistake in Life, SEE >> https://bit.ly/2LgmVrm
Aner Sibi (4 months ago)
Vanity some vanity all is vanity
Correct! WATCH the Dangerous Michelle Obama.. So amazing >> https://bit.ly/2JQxMTc
Precious Maseko (4 months ago)
Why is it kanayo is always involved in ritual activities but I think it suits him coz he is not that charming
King Ikeobi (10 days ago)
R u charming..I know u r not
REGINA DANIELS is back with a movie you will LOVE >> https://bit.ly/2LbJwBk
Michael Okeke (4 months ago)
I believe most Nigerian movies should be considered drama than movies They are sooo fascinating
WATCH The Little Girl and the FLYING Snake HERE >> https://bit.ly/2LazsN9
sephrine wasike (5 months ago)
Old is gold, I.love it
Hi Wasike, This is an awesome movie.. ENJOY it > https://bit.ly/2NBae7Y
Why is it that kanayo kanayo is always involve in money ritual?? Do you know why I like him? It’s because he always uses his family for ritual( wife and children)
Hi Dear, Destiny Etiko will make such an amazing WIFE, SEE this >> https://bit.ly/2MQ6EFZ
Zoe Kanneh (5 months ago)
Nice one, so Chief dont notice dats not the same person huh..
Hi Zoe, OMG! This movie is HOT.. All your favorite STARS are here >> https://bit.ly/2Mtk2je
Ndianah Michael (5 months ago)
Journey to great wealh
YES! This ROYAL movie will shock you.. I Promise you >> https://bit.ly/2IaV8lU
LEXSON SAMSON (4 months ago)
i hate Ghanaian/Nigerian movie just of the sexual, how can you watch it together with kids and parents as well ...... you guys should avoid sex in the movie
Sorry, it will change, You have to hold you relationship so tight if you cherish it, SEE >> https://bit.ly/2M4ma0y
Kristie Kabs (6 months ago)
Come On Now, this is not new oooo, it's an old movie
Hi kristie, WATCH the Last Daughter Of Queen Elizabeth go to her hometown >> https://bit.ly/2JpMggU
Kahara Mwangi (6 months ago)
U can't miss kanoyo in Ritualist movies
Do you?? This is the only HORROR movie you will LOVE.. Just watch >> https://bit.ly/2J6NrhS
killer T killer t (6 months ago)
that's not gd at all
Tendai Chikambure (4 months ago)
killer T killer t chairman Muri sei
Hi there, Watch a VISIT FROM THE LAND OF GHOSTS >> https://bit.ly/2IOzzZu
Bashir Mahama (8 months ago)
Actually I can see Nigerians are most evil people in Africa and they will all parish in hell the world is just the statin point of human life Allah has promised heaven for the the people who follow the word of Allah the truth is in the Quran how long do you think you will live in this problems call the world
Carol Njeri (4 months ago)
Bashir Mahama God forbid!judge not my beloved nation who are you to do so????when your own slaughter humans like pigs
My friend this is make believe.Money ritual is universal not a Nigerian thing.If you know what the rich men in your nation do,you'll pee in your pants!You are probably from Ghana where rituals are everyday thing.We hear the news every time in Nigeria.
Hi there Bashir, This movie made many people to believe in LOVE, SEE >> https://bit.ly/2JF4vfr
Fred Yeboah (9 months ago)
Women and money. ...and indeed where most of them ends up it takes only God to save them 😢😢😢😢😢wicked world indeed
Hi Fred, This is how you fight with SPIRIT of POVERTY >> http://bit.ly/2DftAch
Anna Blanche (10 months ago)
Svp en français
Have you seen the SON of LION behaving like a SHEEP.. WATCH >> http://bit.ly/2GxwI6f
Nyendo-MQ Academy (11 months ago)
Every thing done has a reward. Wat goes up definitely comes down. Long live Nigerians and masters behind Nigerian movies.
Have you ever seen a movie with all your action heros... Here it is.. ENJOY >> http://bit.ly/2BPO63G
amaka n (11 months ago)
this movie is very interesting
So is this one too. This movie is better than ROMEO AND JULIET... WATCH HERE >> http://bit.ly/2E30i2u
Kemi Solomon (11 months ago)
Who bring this two chickens out again
This NEW COMEDY will burst your head with laughter this HOLIDAY >> http://bit.ly/2BB8V2A
Alex Donald (11 months ago)
Old movie
Yes it is... And it is great.. Your DREAMS must come through in 2018, like it did for this woman, SEE >> http://bit.ly/2pwm77j
fortune maphosa (11 months ago)
anything evil. .see o kanayo. .Pete edochie or clem
Hajarah keyz (9 months ago)
fortune maphosa true dat
HI there.. REGINA was soo beautiful as a Goddess.. WATCH HERE >> http://bit.ly/2C1FREI
Anthony Onyeka (11 months ago)
This is old film
Yes it is and it is great.. NEW CHIOMA CHUKWUKA Movie - http://bit.ly/2kUZ2pt
Favour Albert (11 months ago)
Nice old movie
Favour Albert (11 months ago)
anita dance happy new year in advance
anita dance (11 months ago)
Favour Albert ok
Hi Favour.. When God makes you LAUGH... No one can make you CRY, SEE >> http://bit.ly/2yS4bmT
ugo Godstime (11 months ago)
ENJOY this great movie.. Have you ever seen a Princess that sees the Future, >> http://bit.ly/2Be4kHA
Milly Aketch Mkenya (11 months ago)
Is kanayo freemason all his movies are evil is he one of this pple asking myself always anyway it's a nice movie.
Have you ever seen a BEAUTIFUL but JEALOUS Princess? WATCH Here >> http://bit.ly/2yUrCMy
definitely will be checking out these new Nigerian movies...God bless all your people in Nigeria ...lol my friends
Eddie Johnson (9 months ago)
Beautifull Secretwoman456 r
24hrs Nigerian Movies - latest nigerian movies. Thankyou! 💝😳😍
Here is a new one for you, KEN ERICS is a very humble man, Even in his movies >> http://bit.ly/2k6Tnfk
Jay M (1 year ago)
The mobile phones they using are too old are this movies old too. I love it
olusina joyce (10 months ago)
Jay M ... Anytime you read latest video, ......3 things tell the age of the video.... CARS CLOTHES CARS.
Favour Albert (11 months ago)
Jay M of course is a old movie
Evaristo Maymona (1 year ago)
For me Kanayo is the best. I miss chikere movies
WATCH the Best Mercy Johnson Movie of the Year, ENJOY it here >> http://bit.ly/2yUZX2P
DON'T MISS THE NEXT PART (PART 2) - Find out here >> http://bit.ly/2zuM8Hz
James Isaac Koroma (11 months ago)
This movie is awesome, i love it so much.

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