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Really Nice Ski Mask Bros!

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DAILY VLOG CHANNEL- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq83awFzy2TA6Bcs3y837HA SNAPCHAT- DAWSLIFE INSTAGRAM- http://instagram.com/bigdawstv FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/BigDawsTv TWITTER- https://twitter.com/BigDawsTv MERCH- https://www.districtlines.com/bigdawstv SEND ME STUFF- P.O. Box 156 Tempe, Az 85280 They call me the Robin Hood of my time. We did something way way crazier with the Van and Ski masks but this is kinda to help build up to the hype. Soon as this gets 500,000 views I'll drop the crazy one ;) I LOVE YOU ALL!! I would not have made it this far without you guys! Please continue to click that like button on the videos to show support! Also, share with friends and family to help make their day too! We are closing in on ONE MILLION!! :) -Peace! Subscribe to Chris!- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBlJcPPYsL7UDg614xqejLA/featured Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (3037)
BigDawsTv (11 months ago)
Thank you guys for the support! I just dropped some new Merch, click the link & support the #FAM - https://bigdawsmerch.com 😁🤘🏼
aaron Ramirez (1 month ago)
This is surprisingly fucking awesome
Alaa Ammuss (1 month ago)
Sandra Kelly and you such A great friend
Janessa Hedrick (2 months ago)
BigDawsTv this... is. The. Most. Nicest. Thing.i. Ever. Seen. Even the homeless person one like = 💴 for the homeless girl
Askal Dog (4 months ago)
Big daws can u make part two and in it walk to the vops.
Oscar Hoving (5 months ago)
BigDawsTv totally not creepy
Duong Nguyen (2 hours ago)
A good man
mab bry (15 hours ago)
moister is very nice
S B (18 hours ago)
“See you later...” they say. Hahaha, oh shit the people are thinking
funky boy (22 hours ago)
best prank ever
Use Code: Bakbak5 (1 day ago)
Oh hello man here's a ferrari 488... Have a nice day
Ryder Nigga (1 day ago)
Vizion Gaming (2 days ago)
Why nobody is talking about the dude at 0:36 who was just passing by and witness some dudes wearing masks and helping the lady. Thats a fucking trip bro lol
Chris park (3 days ago)
look scary but nice guys
King Leonidas (3 days ago)
Mr. W - The Wanderer (4 days ago)
in italy you get stopped instantly by the police if you walk around with your face covered 😂😂😂
RedNblue the gopnik (5 days ago)
there not getting arrested
Bear Bearington (6 days ago)
Amusing but a bit Reckless and perhaps dangerous
Евгений Е (7 days ago)
Мало крови
Oraphit Pimdee (7 days ago)
If I there I ran
Graedyn Bartell (9 days ago)
How I imagine Canada
Wow when they sat next to the guy saying it's all about the man upstairs and that God is amazing stuff; if that was me I'd have booked thinking that these dudes were about to murder me.
J Garcia (9 days ago)
I've been treating girls wrong this whole time. 😑
Jose G (9 days ago)
1:54 and she gave him the directions😂😂😂😂
WasteOfKeples (10 days ago)
*Cops disliked this video*
Peter Griffin (10 days ago)
They be like: WTF just happend
GachaWolf_patato (10 days ago)
Did anyone notice the car at 00:10 it was red then turned white....
JS the Canuck (10 days ago)
*a man in a ski mask walks into the bank* “id like to make a deposit”
No offense but my mom probably would hit you.
Rouged (11 days ago)
Yes finally its recommended by youtube after all those years been watching this channel
YoutubeTrend (11 days ago)
2:22 well that’s awkward now
Panda The Commanda (11 days ago)
seems like something from a cartoon.
YusiP (11 days ago)
Part two?
BakedTerranaut (11 days ago)
Finally, someone who understands comedy. Have a great day!!!?!
Onzaga of the East (11 days ago)
Asking to get shot.
Trace Dylan 2005 (11 days ago)
Pedos in training 😂😂😂😂😂
Phaeton (11 days ago)
Dawson, Spread joy
Ouein Rwo (11 days ago)
Those chicks in the thumbnail were looking mighty fine. Why didn't they grab them by the p*ssy and become president
KBotter (11 days ago)
Amazing how used to weird people are
Hey!.. this happens in Brasil! But reversed video
i love cheese (12 days ago)
When you're feeling wholesome
Lewis Wolfe (12 days ago)
During the entire video I imagined they were the Bloody Beetroots... that made it much funnier.
Eric M (13 days ago)
Omg. This was awesome! Do it again lol
Ruff Inc (13 days ago)
In Australia balaclavas are illegal lol
kyriakos 43 (13 days ago)
Are they high?
THOT PATROL (13 days ago)
I might rob a bank later
Pyotr Gulua (13 days ago)
I want that James P Sullivan Balloon
Grapfruit (13 days ago)
When the police ask if your a kidnapper, https://www.google.com/search?q=well+yes+but+actually+no&client=safari&hl=en-us&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi4tZjGupfiAhUM-6wKHdLRCoEQ_AUoAXoECAwQAQ&biw=375&bih=553&dpr=2#imgrc=w8zxCtjwoJVLoM
Elijah Gillard (13 days ago)
God bless
So creepy
Logan Blackfire (13 days ago)
Canadian criminals in a nutshell XD
It’s Ya SoyBoy (13 days ago)
“Here’s some plastic waste”
Donald Trump (13 days ago)
Theodore Bagwell (14 days ago)
When he left a tip for the McDonald’s guy. He would have thought they stole that money.
Volodymyr Harnyk (14 days ago)
twenty one pilots in between of tours
SilverStone (14 days ago)
This was nice, good of guys to be so openly nice, we need more people to act like this normally
HCB AirSoft (14 days ago)
Every “prank” video should be like this
3rimm (14 days ago)
II QuietRiot II (14 days ago)
For some reason, this reminds me of the time I got a bottle of water at the store. I told him to keep the change and he got really pissed off for some reason. Guy acted like I was robbing him by giving him free change. 😆
Plot twist: They put itching powder on the balloons
daniel moreno (14 days ago)
go to the bank wearing those mask
These people have balls of steel
Motion 8 Prod (14 days ago)
1:54 masked people asking were. the nearest bank is. And the lady didn't get any idea of what it could be
manchullio (14 days ago)
2:16 what if they were siblings lmao
BeyondBr1aNn88 YT (15 days ago)
BeyondBr1aNn88 YT (15 days ago)
Plot twist the food and water was poisoned
BeyondBr1aNn88 YT (15 days ago)
This is the content we want
Criminal: *Pulls out knife* Criminal: I believe this is your wallet sir
Derek Bandi (15 days ago)
Thats so cool, but if you do it in Mexico probably you get shut
Alejandro Gutierrez (15 days ago)
Now do this but in the H O O D
Mafura (15 days ago)
1:07 I will see you later OH SNAPP
Tambrone (15 days ago)
Chaotic good
NIRVANA IS LOVE (15 days ago)
OLOL GAMING (15 days ago)
it is freaking funny i was dead at the first one when those mexicans where thinking: *oh shit not the cartel again what the hell did i do this time?!* BigDaws : *giving water with a really nice mood* Gardeners : *ahhhh i almost got a heart attack* plot twist : *5 min later: Real ski mask cartel shows up with weapons*
Flying Burger (15 days ago)
That's cringe:)
Joshua Kim (15 days ago)
Plot twist: the water was poisoned
lgrazgriz (15 days ago)
So cute! Why dont you two try doing this prank here on Brasil? Its not like you are gonna get shot
Niggward (15 days ago)
Never judge a book by its cover
Nonstoppugly (15 days ago)
The only reason they do this is for YouTube content, it’s nice but you can do it without the camera
Tyler Wells (15 days ago)
They forgot to sag
isaiah gutierrez (15 days ago)
The tile of this video would be a good title for a pornhub video
Oboro (15 days ago)
Sad to say but these guys would probably get arrested if they tried this now.
James Warren (15 days ago)
Mexican workmen - water American wamen - starbucks
Eric (10 days ago)
Water is the best for workmen to stay hydrated, or are you implying there's something behind their choices?
Luctor et Emergo (15 days ago)
I'd shoot you with my .45 coming at me like that
Ragnar Lothbrock (15 days ago)
Bigdaws is corny as faaaaaak
Planet KC (16 days ago)
What if they were hispanic or afrikan?
Tony Ma (16 days ago)
Homie said "alrighty cool cool"
Wolf Gaming (16 days ago)
2:43 That was so damn Sad
PorMeJuice YT (16 days ago)
Wow your country is beautiful mostly on the homeless' heart she is so greatful and polite😍
Die Entitusschule (16 days ago)
This was actually really funny
GRiFFiN (16 days ago)
1:55 OH GOD😂
Nathaniel Ferreira (16 days ago)
UsernameLegend:3 (16 days ago)
After This Kidnaping rate has went up 15%
yee the tree 123 (16 days ago)
You should go in a bank with ski masks and act casual
Deel Weed (16 days ago)
This is insulting for not robbing me.
яσgυε (16 days ago)
haha so sweet
Jessica Wang (16 days ago)
That Elmo balloon! 🎈
NeXu (16 days ago)
Thank you, I'm Starving Thank You I felt Bad for her. *God Bless Dude*
Silver Jay (16 days ago)
Is always good to see these good deeds on youtube *God has logged in* *God has liked and subscribed*
X -2632 (16 days ago)
If this guy had any other voice people would run from him or punch him
maxgaming fr (16 days ago)
1:39 i would be freaking out if the guys is me
Selfish (16 days ago)
0:27 Guy: wtf did i just witness....
Jon Sanders (16 days ago)
This did a lot to change the stereotypes of the ski masked community. I will now trust any and every one of them, regardless of how shady the van. Thx guys
God (16 days ago)
If you do that to cops they will say GO DOWN NNIGG*/#^@#€

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