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Awesome Video Game Intros 51: Tony Hawks Underground 2

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Platforms: PlayStation 2, PC, Gamecube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance, PSP Description: What happened to the Tony Hawk games? At first they weren't realistic at all, which made these games so much fun and now they're about how gray and gimmicky they can be. T.H.U.G. 2 was awesome. It made no sense, didn't take itself seriously, and was a blast to play. It also sports a very hilarious intro. Oh, and also, this isn't the first time you see Eric Sparrow get humiliated. -evil laugh-
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Text Comments (64)
joe scum (1 year ago)
The original king of the road
The best part is seeing how much of a wuss Eric turned into.
kahiauandkeeaola808 (3 years ago)
Has to be the best tony hawk game they created. Too much fun. #nostalgia
TheYearlingNose0 (3 years ago)
"looks like my sister"
Walter White (3 years ago)
My favorite part of jackass is when bam fucked with his parents
Christopher Schild (4 years ago)
0:43 Hello Fuck Nuggets
TheYearlingNose0 (3 years ago)
+Christopher Schild he actually said butt nuggets
Black (5 years ago)
Dear god.... I never knew where i got calling people butt nuggets. I was 4 when this game came out and when I played it for the first time I was like 6. I'm now 15 and I now understand
Millennium Productions (5 years ago)
Also I would Choose Paulie,or the kid in the body cast. He's pretty badass.
Millennium Productions (5 years ago)
Is the kidthe pink shirt(the one bam scared to pee his pants) Eric's kid? They look identical.
Christopher Schild (5 years ago)
1:13 LOL
DAϟH (5 years ago)
im still suprised this was rated T
Ian Henderson (5 years ago)
'ooh yea looks like my sister' lmao
logoncal21 (6 years ago)
Then EA shall fuck it more
logoncal21 (6 years ago)
An asshole turned into a pussy. That's why activision is just miles ahead to be worse than EA
Lindsey P (6 years ago)
I'm a girl and even I don't think I can scream like that.
Lindsey P Lol, same
AnimaMandala (6 years ago)
that's a 10 year old kid?! Messed Up!
logoncal21 (6 years ago)
Eric deserved that pee pee
ShadowStormTCWC (6 years ago)
"Ohh ya, looks like my sister!" XD
Leeroy Jenkins (6 years ago)
"Looks like my sister" lol
Megatron Shmurda (6 years ago)
Yall better take yall broke asses to the bank lmao
Jeremy Neel (6 years ago)
Funny how you can get like 30 feet of air in this game
moon burst (9 months ago)
It was ahead of their time indeed
groovylobster (6 years ago)
Butt nuggets? I remember Bam saying fart knockers...
cuccamunga (6 years ago)
thug2 was a great game but the jackass storyline was awful
Hot-Headed Gladiator (6 years ago)
And that kid went on to run for vice president.
Nova20cp (6 years ago)
0:37 good lord could you scream any more like a girl?
minykootra (6 years ago)
WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO YYEEEAAAA looks like my sister.... HAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn they don't make em' like this anymore.
BeatenPear (6 years ago)
Fuck cod, this is the best game ever! best memories!
Lindsey P (7 years ago)
I see Eric has become a big wimp since UG1
Rubencote (7 years ago)
Does anyone know if this game works on the ps3? Someone msg please
pivetlord13 (7 years ago)
Eric still had his left sleeve pushed up
mrluigi641 (7 years ago)
In the game. When they see tha nigel dude. Mike vally always wants to kick his ass
BlueEyeDemonPro (7 years ago)
for years since this came out i thought bam seriously said fuck nuggets, LoL, does he say that or is it butt nuggets? u can keep repeating it and either 1 sounds right
randommz60 (7 years ago)
hello fuck nuggets
David Dougherty (7 years ago)
David Emiliano (7 years ago)
50 points if you get someone that hose their pants
SirSomeguy (8 years ago)
"Woo-yeah! Looks like ma sistah!"
Evan (8 years ago)
SensualToast (8 years ago)
we all hate Eric...no questions
Littl Bevin Wolf (1 year ago)
SensualToast hes a prick
Klusignolofan1 (8 years ago)
Damnit bam the tire jacks eammed right up my ass. Lol so hilarious when he said that abd also when you see eric get humiliated. He deserved that that no good tape stealing tank ramming into russian building son of a bitch.
Mau5fan2196 (8 years ago)
Barackolli Obama (8 years ago)
"Kinda looks like my sista" at the end lol
Alex Ashe (8 years ago)
@joshscorcher whats to be disturbed by? death to garrosh hellscream
cmbdragon 666 (8 years ago)
that kid in the cast must be a pimp.... I can tell somehow....... very disturbing. o_o
Ed Still (8 years ago)
@Freeburnerr it started going downhill around proving ground. it was all good till then
132joker (8 years ago)
I always wondered why Bam was in the game?
Christian Lees (8 years ago)
Ha freaking hilarious man.
The Mungoman (8 years ago)
I paused at 2:41.
ohno2121212 (8 years ago)
man this game was awesome i used to play it all the time :D
NotLuigi (8 years ago)
ha that fcking jackass sparrow pissed his self
mortonandroy (8 years ago)
Whoaa, way too... thuggish and scary for me. But either way I remember some of this. I fucking love Tony in this scene. He just strays away from the bad stuff because he has a good heart.
boitahaki (8 years ago)
Awesome indeed.
Demo (8 years ago)
@cybershocker455 It's technically the intro, once you start the game this is the opening cutscene
Shen Sorein (8 years ago)
They got that douchebag to piss his pants, that automatically makes it awesome x3 Eric needs to die, like seriously :P
SinderSalmon (8 years ago)
At first it's all funny and awesome then you look to the left and it's like *Dramatic music* "SPAAAAAARRRRRROW!!!!"
supercritical100 (8 years ago)
For a moment I thought it was the A-team van
MyTrashy (8 years ago)
@joshscorcher Who says that Paulie is horny? I havn't heard him cheering. And besides that I found it funny, too.
FINjoke (8 years ago)
Ending of the intro: "Let's get this tour started!" *shows the picture of woman* "Wuhuu, yeah! Looks like my sister..."
Shanebomb11 (8 years ago)
Eric=Epic Fail
kirbyphanphan (8 years ago)

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