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CHAMPAGNE ROADTRIP! - England to Troyes

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So you've heard of Troyes? Well I hadn't before this trip, and it's in fact an awesome town in the Champagne region of France. I think what you'll probably find more entertaining is the trouble which I faced with the French toll roads... now not that many people think about this, but being in an English car (right hand drive) all of the tolls are on the left... go figure ;) I've tried to give a perspective of what it's like to drive over to France, so the P&O ferry experience (which by the way was great!) and driving on the wrong side of the road... you know what I mean... This is the first half of my road trip last month, I actually move onto Germany and Luxembourg next (....part 2 coming very soon!).
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U Do It (2 years ago)
WOW - that is so cool and I'm only 40s into the video. So you had to pay on the left side of the car - that is funny. @ 2:14 if you want to eat healthy, grab a twix!!! We love them over here in NJ. You have chocolate, which is good for your heart, you have a cookie component that gives you some energy for walking and running and then the caramel goodness. 2:50 the town looks awesome. Looking forward to see the rest.
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
+U Do It Contracting Thank you :) Yeah thats the downside of driving over from England, everything is set up for left hand drive. Yes, very true a Twix would have been a great shout! I just checkout out your channel (subbed of course) nice work! Some really helpful content

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