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Acrylic Techniques: Turn 'Mud' into Color Magic with Chris Cozen

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Sign up for Artists Network TV today to explore our library of over 70 free art technique videos: http://bit.ly/2J3wjJe Get more acrylic instruction from Chris Cozen: http://bit.ly/2J05gic In this quick video, follow along to learn how to bring messy colors back to vibrant life! "All of us have been here: we've started a composition and we've ended up in a muddy place," Chris says. "I'm here to help you get out of the mud."
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Text Comments (10)
Arthome (10 months ago)
Great lessons to learn more! Thank you.
mervyn ally (10 months ago)
Thank you Chrissy
Jasper Martin (10 months ago)
I don't understand... This is acrylic not watercolor, why don't you just paint over it?
Jasper Martin Shes ""hiding" the muddy colors with the lighter opaque colors...then she said she would later glaze over it.
chrissycanvasart (10 months ago)
Great video, really enjoyed it. Thank you ❤️🎨
Patty Bover (10 months ago)
Hi Chris! It's been too long since I heard your voice! I liked before and after! ❤❤❤
Berika • (10 months ago)
Hi, I was wondering how is this painting textured like that, I am new to acrylics.
sharona synekhandal (10 months ago)
But I like the grungy loom
sharona synekhandal (10 months ago)
I actually like the piece before and after
Torgo Saves (10 months ago)
Ha I thought the same thing!

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