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MakeMyTrip presents Zero Cancellations on Hotels 50 sec TVC HD

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MakeMyTrip presents Zero Cancellations Charge on Hotels. Now book hotels online only on MakeMyTrip without any fear of cancellations. If your plans change after booking, get 100% refund on cancellation! Valid across 10,000+ hotels! Book your next travel now!
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Light York (1 month ago)
Chor MMT ,JET AIRWAYS ke bahaney no refund,never pay them in advance and better book through others who face the situation
Saurabh Patel (3 months ago)
Zero cancellation pe fees hoti hai 3000rs. Wash bc
Saurabh Patel (3 months ago)
Everyone got brainwashed by greedy advertisement of MMT. Make my trip is worst.
Rooney B (7 months ago)
Real wale ranveer and deepika... But deepika ne shadi karli... 😂
S. K (7 months ago)
Who is the designer of the dress Alia is wearing, please share the details.. Thanks
ayswaria deepti (7 months ago)
Did anyone else noticed Alia’s expression when Naddu was talking about the onion?
Saurabh rastogi (7 months ago)
Ye jo sirke wala pyaz hai na Ahhaaa haa ha it is too good yaar 😁😁 #such a nattu things
Shreya (7 months ago)
I booked a flight ticket with ** for the sector BBI to BLR in AirAsia flight for the ticket cost of Rs. 6910. They gave me an invoice of Rs. 6860 (less Rs 50/-). I highlighted them the discrepancy. Then they immediately sent me a revised invoice for an amount of Rs. 6910. I noticed that they have now shown in the revised invoice an increase of Rs. 50/- in the AirAsia flight ticket cost. I went to AirAsia website and checked the ticket cost for this PNR. Surprisingly the cost shows in the AirAsia website what was shown in the first invoice. Then I contacted MMT and pointed out that the revised invoice is a fake invoice by showing the snapshot of AirAsia website ticket cost for this particular PNR. They reviewed my complaint and refunded me Rs. 50/-. After few days, I met two other friends of mine in a get-together and I shared my story with them. They coincidentally had booked tickets from MMT and they checked their mail IDs if the invoice amounts are matching with what they have paid. They also found that the invoice amounts are also Rs. 50 less than what they have paid. They contacted to MMT and they also got the refunds. Whoever have booked tickets from MMT, you may check the invoiced amount and if there is a discrepancy, you may highlight to them to get a refund. In the initial contact, they will not agree and will send you a revised invoice. If you can check the real cost of ticket from airline's website, they will refund. Now the question is how this mistake can happen with such a reputed company who claims to be India's No-1 travel agency. If knowingly, they are collecting Rs. 50 from each ticket, they are getting a plenty of extra money every day apart from their convenience fees. That may be the reason that they are able to afford Bollywood stars for their advertisements.
sapan jha (8 months ago)
I am sorry to say but make my trip is very poor in term of customer service.... I changed my ticket from Delhi to Rome 3 weeks ago.. they take my money but still not issue the ticket ... every time I get a mail that my phone is not reachable.... I get call from all over the world only #makemytrip cannot call me #makemytrip #poorservice #badquality #neveragain
madhavan sri (8 months ago)
Makemy trip tv advert....in tamil ...... Son asks for vacation in goa... Father tells some thing " BALU SIR KU NA OK DA " what is the connection between balu sir and goa hotel booking ? Tamil pronouncation by the man acting as father is too bad and irritating. Do not kill tamil
anmol tamang (8 months ago)
Will i get half of the money if i leave after one week while i booked hotel for 2 weeks through mmt?
Ashutosh Singh (8 months ago)
So from being the outspoken strangers in previous ads now they are engaged?!
Shivangini Mehta (8 months ago)
Alia 😘
Asiff Qu (8 months ago)
Cyber Official (8 months ago)
0:30 ha ranveer ne hotel book make my trip pe nhi Go ibibo pe karwaya tha. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sultana Khanum (8 months ago)
Same like this only alia will say to ranveer kapoor we should not do marriage
Prab Shetty (8 months ago)
Saurabh Saxena (8 months ago)
IN1B1532941867261 And NL206391307656 We booked a trip to Bhutan and then trip to Canada .We had no clue about visa process that’s why booked from MakeMyTrip . Sales team of Canada had no info about our trip of Bhutan so she didn’t inform us that our passports will be gone for visa for Canada. They confirmed it only after I asked about it and after taking 50000 for Canada . I didn’t have voterid . Bhutan sales team asked us that we can travel through voterid. I told her I have to make duplicate she said ok. She asked us to sent copy. I made my duplicate ID card and sent her copy, asked her many times that it is ok or not. She said yes it is. We were with our luggage with airport to travel Bhutan when our voter id was rejected at check in. They said it is not viable. We could not travel. Vaishali from makemytrip ensured us about refunds and asked us to send a mail for cancellation. We trusted her and sent a mail but since then no reply for any mail or call from MakeMyTrip We booked 117000 rs trip with best hotels and complete itinerary for Bhutan. Everything gone and no refunds, if I had been told about passport submission before .. I would have not booked for Canada. Next for Canada we gave our docs 40 days before departure. But visa didn’t come. Nobody knows anything about why it is not coming from your team. We cannot directly talk to your visa expert and he comes office after 12 daily. You took 250000 For Canada trip.. what would happen to that money now?? We also lost the Canada trip as we did’t received visa on time. Your sales and visa team ensured us that visa will come on time. Is this your way of making profit by cheating people?
sonia mogilee (8 months ago)
Alia ke jagah deepika padukone le liya hota tho ye ad original life sceen hoti thi.
Rooney B (7 months ago)
@Yuvle/ZaiMin Ki Deewani I mean ranveer is irritating... In real also like this ad....
Yuvle/ZaiMin Ki Deewani (7 months ago)
@Rooney B ranveer deepika se hi shaadi kia h
Rooney B (7 months ago)
Ha kyu ki real me bhi ranveer aisa hi hai😂😂....but now deepika ne shadi karli......
subham debnath (8 months ago)
Alia looks so pretty in dis ad I wish if I cud marry her I luv u alia I luv u more den many things else
evolove (8 months ago)
instead of fucking annoying and irritating people on YouTube with your fucked up ads and spending so much money on ads. Maybe u can spend that damn money to make your fucked up services better on make my trip. Your services have only made my trips a fucking nightmare with alot of hidden costs and bullshit. I have never given a bad feedback so far cause frankly I just rather stop using your service.but your fucking fcked up ads on every damn video that I was on YouTube just reminded me how much of a horrible service make my trip really is.
evolove (8 months ago)
I will Frankly make it my purpose to give a bad review about your horrible service to every person I meet In my life cos of your audacity to shove your ads in my face . a big F you. To your service and your ads. thanks but really no thanks.
rohit meena (8 months ago)
Ye video dekhne ke baad meri shaadi tut gayi 😭😭😭
Mohinudeen khan (8 months ago)
Navnit Nihal (8 months ago)
Nattu sala
Natarajan Arumugam (8 months ago)
Why nattu ?
Gulshan Kumar (8 months ago)
I love you Alia
Nazma Akther (8 months ago)
Monam karim (8 months ago)
Maine train ki booking ki thi sale ne chutya Bana diya kch return nhi Mila koi zero cancellation nhi hai
Aejaz Amin (8 months ago)
Ishita Bose (8 months ago)
Wow alia..👌👌👌😘
Prajwal Rao (8 months ago)
Alia looks like a million bucks in this ad!! 😘
ARYAN VERMA (8 months ago)
Ranveer singh and Alia bhatt best artists
ARYAN VERMA (8 months ago)
Gr8 on screen chemistry

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