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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Improving Hunters for Hire Quest Selection

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In this video I show you how to improve the quests that you are able to send hunters you've exchanged Guild Cards with or encountered through Streetpass. To be able to access these quests you must go to the Solo Tavern area of Tanzia Port and speak with the Guildmaster. You may not want to send people to hunt larger monsters but having the option to alter the selection is a great alternative to have. I hope this video helped you out. Thanks for watching! If you would like to keep up with me please be sure to follow my links below! Twitter: http://twitter.com/unkleEL Facebook: http://facebook.com/ELTheGeek Instagram: unkleEL
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Raiken Xion (1 year ago)
Im at HR4, Im playing on wiiU version, I dont have any other players for that street pass stuff, I just have a 3DS and the game and another player set up on that version. Ive sent the guild cards and exchanged them between my two respective players (which is basically myself), and now I speak to the Guildmaster and cannot seem to get any other monster hunters to appear in the Tavern like you have on your screen. The menu for Hunters for hire popped up for me earlier on, like a while ago but now it wont I just have nothing :-(
Raiken Xion (1 year ago)
+Mini Lightz Hi, I worked it out since then. Yes you have to simply go on multi and add the other person as friend. Then the game will kind of sync that other player once they've accepted the friend request. From there you can go on the option to send guild card and when they accept it kind of makes a copy of that player so when they are offline, you speak to guild master and the girl bangs the gong and then after a quest or two, a digital copy of that player will appear in the tavern and you can hire them to go on quests. Good luck :)
Larry2icy TV (1 year ago)
Raiken Xion same thing buddy but u have to add a friendzz.. wanna help each other? ID:Mrgreen247
Daniel Allen (5 years ago)
it is not working for me i tried
Ken ho (5 years ago)
Any ideas of how to unlock g rank quest for hiring hunters?
Peter (5 years ago)
unlock rank 7 in port tanzia
Chalupa King (5 years ago)
Thanks a ton dude, really helpful for getting mats.
MrTayseanpwns (5 years ago)
How do you get the gathering and high rank options? I'm on 3ds and I can only choose low rank even though I am in high rank online and offline.
Junpei_ (6 years ago)
My G- Rank Butterfly armor is no longer just a dream anymore!
ryune Alsahaf (6 years ago)
Thank you so much dude :D
Zeles (6 years ago)
I did it. Thanks for answering :)
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
What HR are you and are you going into the Multiplayer Tavern or Solo Tavern?
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
You're welcome man! It comes in handy for those pesky parts indeed.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Haha no problem I was too..especially when I went there and only saw small monster quests.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
They both count towards completing these quests faster.
willysan89 (6 years ago)
Wow ive like HR7 g rank and i thought the quest were random. Now I can set it to Grank stuff and send them to what I want it them to go for.. Useful thanks
K NAO (6 years ago)
Oh my god thank you I was losing my mind
Rowan Spencer (6 years ago)
Quick question, do only port quests count towards the repsawn or quest completion counter? Or can offline/moga village quests count too?
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Good point on sending to the same area, I'll have to try that. I just unlocked Stygian Zinogre yesterday and wondered how.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
To get them on G-Rank quests you have to be at least Rank 7. Then you'll have the option to select G-Rank.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
You are able to send people out on quests that are 1 level below your HR. So to get into the other areas you need to at least hit HR4. Well to send people out on High Rank quests.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
I think it's just a few quests between 3-5 or so.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
You can use them over and over but it just takes a few quests for them to come back. That's why I would say get at least 5-6 so you can always have people to cycle in.
Lunaraia (6 years ago)
well, they do come back after a while, just that they have a few quests cooldown after finishing a quest, also if you keep sending the hunters to the same area you can unlock new quests, still trying to figure out how to send em on G-rank stuff
LordZaldyron (6 years ago)
Hi, I have the 3DS version of the game. This question may pertain to both games so are you only able to change the Hunter for Hire preferences after you get to HR2? I haven't done too much of the quests so I'm HR1 and I want the hires to hunt bigger monsters but the drunk guy won't let me change my preferences.
orochifire (6 years ago)
I'm trying to figure this out, too. I only have one person I play with, and I sent their Hunter on a quest one time, and haven't seen them in the Solo Port since. Do they come back? Do I need them to send me their Guild Card every time we play?
Jordan Gross (6 years ago)
Thanks for the info, I was wondering what it took to get them to finish quest like if it was time or what.
ntwynn (6 years ago)
Nice info bro, thanks! Question, I only have two guild card friends. How long do I have to wait for them to respawn after a completed mission? Thanks!
Lunaraia (6 years ago)
say can you use the same hunter multiple times or is hunter for hire a 1 time thing-a-majing?
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Lol those two are pretty crazy..Kayamba says a ton of crazy things throughout the course of the game.
Philippe Tuinman (6 years ago)
There really is a lot to this game apparentaly O.o And lol, how Kayaba is like shaking his 'booty' around in the background xD
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Nice I just hit HR5 last night! Glad this was able to help you out :)
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Nice glad that I was able to help you out! Go ahead and add me and we can run some. My name on there is unkleEL, I'll accept it when it get back to my Wii U.

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