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Billionaires Top Security Systems - Documentary (2019)

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The Creative Home Engineering company has developed an amazing technology that incorporates these secret passageways in book cases. The secret doors and entrances can be hidden in walls, bookcases, fireplaces, and wardrobes. More than that, even staircases are installed and with a press of a button they reveal secret passageways. The technique and technology has been around for 30 years, and it’s been proven that is a very safe way of security. The system works concurrently with infrared cameras which read the thermal heat from anything that is in a radius of 15km. Receive a FREE EBOOK on DotCOM Secrets Here: https://tinyurl.com/k34esga Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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TradingCoachUK (1 year ago)
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Bugs Bunny (13 hours ago)
This makes me happy. No amount of money is worth it making you mental unhealthy. Not to mention all the leaches that provide the unneeded security services require all the expensive toys they deploy all of which can be circumvented by a true dedicated threat. Choke on that money, you Pukes.
kath david (14 hours ago)
Money and the ... i want more and more, ends up controlling you, be careful what you wish for.
kath david (18 hours ago)
When you have nothing.. you have nothing to lose... when you have everything... you lock yourself in an ivory tower and surround yourself with mile high fencing and security.... whose the prisoner here? they are!!!!! pyschological Birds in a cage.
F4K3 N3W5 (2 days ago)
They fucking act like they worry and have more shit to take care of, when in reality, they PAY people to worry and take care of the shit they have.
F4K3 N3W5 (2 days ago)
They fucking act like they worry and have more shit to take care of, when in reality, they PAY people to worry and take care of the shit they have.
oceania68 (3 days ago)
A burden to those whom have it and dream to those whom don't. These Billionaires are still Billionaires while the dreamers still dream. Analysis = Billionaires don't dream.
ingebrecht (3 days ago)
They can hire me to take vaca for them.
Just Alex (4 days ago)
ohh boo fucking who. all I hear is "poor rich people" I dont see any of them coming to regular families struggling to survive to give away their wealth so what makes you think their being so benevolent giving it all away after they die? They wont even see the money once their dead. These people they appoint to "donate" their wealth once their gone are just gonna funnel it into their own pockets anyways. Mine as well just give it away now in person while you're still alive then to leave it up to the people you're so paranoid about stealing from you. They want to be remembered right? seems like a good way to be remembered is helping the lowest people on the totem pole. I'm more likely to die from poverty than a fucking disease so bill gates is just wasting money constantly donating to disease organizations. He has a hidden agenda as far as I'm concerned.
Pharmer David (4 days ago)
It appears that the super rich people who have always controlled the world have also always built escape hatches, and tunnels out of their castles, estates, etc. When "we the people" come together, as in George Orwell's "Animal Farm", the rich have no way to protect themselves from us, other than hiding, and they KNOW it. That's why we see secret escape doors, and tunnels, etc., in the past. The "powers that shouldn't be" still have their bug-out plans, secret underground bases, seed vaults, etc., all to save themselves, and repopulate the world with slaves to serve them. We are enslaves, but most people don't realize that. They divide us into groups, and get them fighting with each other, so we won't unite against the common enemy of humanity. At this point, we should save ourselves, and let God sort them out. We all get what we deserve, after our human experience ends....!
Karen Yung (5 days ago)
*This ain't NUTHIN' compared to DONALD J. TRUMP, who is now a very modest GAZILLIONAIRE* and expert sword fighter
fredricful (5 days ago)
Kunne brydd meg mindre har dere rabla?
Quaalude Charlie (5 days ago)
It is a Shame to Have to Spend So Much Money to Guard Your Wealth :( QC
Alpha Fort (7 days ago)
i had a good look at the 'end of episode 28' and decided that this video deserves a thumbs down for what would otherwise have been great content.
TBICARETAKER (7 days ago)
They don't walk down the street because they are wearing too much expensive shit. Here's a clue, dress down for two seconds, and enjoy having a stroll. Fucking no brainier.
Jodiann Walker (9 days ago)
"The more you have, the more you have to lose." Come on with that! If you have nothing to lose, you just allow anybody to walk up in the place and do whatever the fuck they want.
Without Analyst (11 days ago)
Brian Henry (12 days ago)
What nonsense... would not want to be a billionaire? The producers of this video have no spiritual path - nor their clients by the sounds of it. Empty lives.
Wow, there was a hitman in that guy's garden!? That's crazy! Did they ever found out who hired the hitman and why?
Konstantinovich1 (13 days ago)
Soros is total scum!
Konstantinovich1 (13 days ago)
Please, my Grandmother would hear from people that she must be so unhappy because of her wealth? Her response is: if this is misery, then I want more. She loves her life.
raijin199 (15 days ago)
Lol george soros gives money to good causes? Give me a break! That guy is a sociery dismantler.
Jeffrey Richardson (15 days ago)
Money is always an object.
Juana cardenas (16 days ago)
master Mac (17 days ago)
My heart bleeds for them. FUCK THEM. burn the fuckers
Skinfoxe Prime (17 days ago)
Billionaires such as Soros "give away" billions to fund political turnovers and to fund cultural marxism. And he calls himself a philanthrop.
Ls Sl (13 days ago)
Skinfoxe Prime that’s because the Rothschild s of the world (the owners of the federal reserve have the keys to the worlds “printing “ machines , of the worlds currency . And out of thin air create “money” never ending
David Handley (19 days ago)
Get it straight people. It’s not “money is the root of all evil”. It’s the “love of money that’s the root of all evil”.
Christopher Klymson (19 days ago)
A mans work is his own wealth. What this video is publishing is a universal language designed by the coveting of cash specifically. The only way to join in on this covet of is to learn or know from birth the language also universal for those in the know. The reason the separation between peoples is so defined is the frustration like friction between these very different ways of understanding our world and our planet today. What was simply an array of degrees yesterday, today is a mortal struggle the either care for our environment or to waist it all away eternally. When the separations between these understandings of language universally dissolves those who have the cash purchase arms instead of investing in new stable ways to practice peaceful universal communication we can all afford to depend on. We must invest in each other yet coveting is so large in a malevolently hardened momentum of greed, revenge and lust after entertainment arrogant behavior is pandemic. More and more all peoples are drawn into a pretense of favor and elitism. They will send the nuclear bombs to clear of any revolt should their cash banks and knowledge become breached threatening not the power these mimic but the braking down of effective coveting standards. Immediately. "Stop weaponizing our children"...! or suffer the consequences, extinction via global genocide for we are already at the point where cash pivots for blood... @iScI PS. God does feel our suffering but has given us each the power to believe and until we value in grateful practicing his instructions for peace we are merely acting such as horses do in burning barns. There is nothing to hide from , no where to go which has not yet gilded in our ow mortality so invest in tomorrow each other, put the toys, human suffering away...! YVO
Ylliw Divad (19 days ago)
That is why billionaire are the biggest eresia . And should not be allowed . For there own good and for obviously the others. It is the key of all our world problem . The seven deadly sins. Just enough money for every one to enjoy that life on earth .
Alain Portant (21 days ago)
37:38 Georges Soros giving away moneyy for good causes ? Give me a f*ing break.
Alain Portant (19 days ago)
It's the joooos.
Ylliw Divad (19 days ago)
Alain Portant . In soros mind . It is probably a good cause . Psychopath mind are weird .
Fawn Woods (28 days ago)
Lonely? Paranoid? Get interested in nature. Plant a forest on your property. Save some plants and animals that are declining. Nature is spiritual. People who help nature have a great sense of well-being.
Diana Forsea (1 month ago)
Their charitable giving seems fake. They seem to give to establishment organizations that don't help the needy much.
Dustinmaester (29 days ago)
why would they give it to the needy, they will give it too someone who knows how too use it.
Zaidi Ademeit (1 month ago)
I can relieve you of your "Burden" easily. GIVE IT TO ME!!!
JRF SMITH (1 month ago)
ego mania is what we are brain washed to believe in from a young age. independence through sustain ability is what we should be brain washed to believe in . having a piece of land to grow your food , solar power , water tanks and small dams , these things make a human feel satisfied and high on life. money is a drug , it gets you high for a short time and leaves you empty and alone in the long run.
Norfolk250 (1 month ago)
I like how ‘knowing’ they talk ... the word ‘they’ comes up so god damned often that one is led to think this is a brain washing video. ‘They do this’ ‘they have that’. And it’s always in the negative. I live off less than 14,000 a year, and I see mid-earners living the best lifestyles imaginable — they bitch and moan over those who have more than they do, and, they teach their children to treat panhandlers like plague carriers. It’s sickening. If you have a house of your choosing (apartment or flat or cottage), clothes you’ve bought, can do laundry whenever you like, have a car (even if the bank owns it), can order pizza in the middle of the night, and get coffee at cafés several times a week —- and you treat streetfolk like shot but complain about the super rich....... ya. Think on that one. You’re wealthier than you should be if that’s what’s in your mind and on the top of your tongue.
Jonathan Collins (1 month ago)
George Soros giving 10 billion to “good causes.” There’s a lie
BPwhistleblower (1 month ago)
Yes cute, but they still have to walk outside... and that is when a well placed 50cal round removes their head!
Abdi Piano (1 month ago)
Give me 1 billion bucks. I would buy Ethiopia. I would impose my iron fist ruling that far exceeds Hitler, Stalin and Kim Jong Un combined. Problemo solved.
Abdi Piano (1 month ago)
If you are filthy rich and you are not happy, its time to commit suicide. Money solves all worldly problems. If you are rich enjoy life. Coz it's too short. Being poor and broke is the hardest thing in the solar system.
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Walter Sponaugle (2 months ago)
Maybe if they stop being sooo Flamboyant, they wouldn't have to worry sooo much...
ivannation1 (2 months ago)
The music lol
bartakin (2 months ago)
Pam Simonson (2 months ago)
Sell anything...a camera linked to my phone? I can see it from my work? Shaqs amazing we should listen to him ..it's Shaq he must know what he's backing up...or just sitting around getting a paycheck for being a turd with a name...it's expensive buying one of everything with a Superman emblem on it
Anjayl (2 months ago)
Pro tip : If you earn your life honestly and help out the community, you don't have to check your car for explosive.
BSONE (2 months ago)
Martin Kirkov (3 months ago)
Its so stressful that everyone wants to be one. gtfo
Simple Mind (3 months ago)
And yet Warren Buffet drives a cadillac, lives in a modest almost 500k dollars home, drinks coke and without security...hmmm
mike brown (1 month ago)
*don't be fooled he has security. They blend in to give the illusion. That they don't have security. I do the same*
john karford (3 months ago)
Haha these people don't give to the real needy.
Brian Ayuk (3 months ago)
What the f...
No Excuses (3 months ago)
Burden my ass!,
Ken Anderson (3 months ago)
Maybe a cap should be put on insatiable greed so that everyone can have a better life.
John Love (3 months ago)
there are warcriminals in the world, all Operate similarly, have similar stories, etc, make themselves common and steal every penny, the oldest bank in America was overthrown $400 trillion in cash, a portion previously offered to White House
John Love (3 months ago)
solve this one, $400 trillion XS 9!
John Love (3 months ago)
Project Alice, RE, Nightmare, Voorhees, to defend against threats
polygamous1 Sozou (3 months ago)
So basically the truth is they do anything they can to become super rich n live in a luxury prison Is it worth it? hell NO
Dula wnRp (3 months ago)
' yeah 2019, right -_-
Harold Naples (3 months ago)
They worry that we hate them, and a lot of people do, rightfully so. It's been a while, about time to clean house and dust off the guillotine. Let's not make the same mistake again however and this time lets start with the "wannabees".
K D (3 months ago)
not sure what the '2019' designates but this certainly isn't a recent documentary
Harshal Sharma (4 months ago)
I am a billionaire I have a billion neurons in my mind 😂😂😂
The Mysterysuk (4 months ago)
The Rich are always with us
RK (4 months ago)
"MONEY" is the driving force of progress and will enhance quality of life! The ones that made it to the top, deserved the monetary rewards as it was achieved based on their merits.
Brian (4 months ago)
you reposted someones else's video and then tacked on 20 minutes of time that says "end of video" Why?
Tyler clark (4 months ago)
My mentor was rated as the top 10 wealthiest person in my state. You would never know he was a billionaire! He blends in with society. It just goes to show you, you don’t need to pay for all the guards and security teams. Just don’t be overly showy!
Good Golly Miss Polly (4 months ago)
When you've given up all possessions to seek true Enlightenment, this seems silly and irrelevant.
Urban Observer (3 months ago)
Hope enlightenment is paying your bills
Frenchy Alicea (4 months ago)
Funny...most people we know would start saying "if I had millions id buy xyz and have xyz..." etc etc. Yet if the super rich buy things...their fueling or filling some void...so basically everyones filling a void!! Doooh! Genius! !
Anju (4 months ago)
why the extra 20 minutes
Ghost (4 months ago)
What about the poor trillionaires though cant forget about them
Hannah Juicy (4 months ago)
I think they are saying a lot of this to make the low income families feel better... I fail to see how they can be unhappy with that much money
Worldwide Ghosts (4 months ago)
"New information has come to light. She kidnapped herself!"
Sam Malone (4 months ago)
This settles it. I am staying poor.
John Diaz (3 months ago)
Staying? You have no choice dummy.
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Wealth, just an idea. What did you change in the World today, for all of us?
John Diaz (3 months ago)
The cell phone in your hand to watch your YouTube videos dummy.
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Having seen any counseling for being poor lately?
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Finally. Vindication. :)
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Just a joke, isn't it. Be normal. Only one life!
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Make me sad, to be Human. :(
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Meanwhile, we die for Adult Minimum? All of us, have the same ability to create and bring value? :) :(
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
No life if you are living it in the fear of dying!
John Diaz (3 months ago)
Shut up. Your stupid.
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Poor them. Just proves it is all. Material! $2 million in the average person lifetime. Get rid of Hierarchy I say. Opps. Just destroyed, Human History. - No One Special.
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
The Epitome' of the Web, Facebook. The more it brings you, the less you want it too! :( Groan, it's always a numbers game!
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Because so many rely on them, so many influences it. Circle of influence. Just silly, used to be a gun. :(
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Reminds me of a certain, syndicate. Not smart, are they? Death, the worlds number one killer. No amount of money going to fix that! :) :(.
Stephen F Wadsworth (4 months ago)
I would like to cry, but just really how many they can get to tag along. Not much has changed since Tribalism, has it! :(
zan antel (4 months ago)
They are nothing but crooks and criminals, that's why they are so afraid of their lives because they are responsible for the murder and horror of the poor working class all over the world.
Irene Nabitaka (5 months ago)
I have seen bill gates money working in Africa. He has given too much money to every poor African and also he is eliminating malaria. Credit to Melinda and bill. God give you more money.
Charlie Tonkin (5 months ago)
Does lindsey stirling know your using her music on your video?
Linda J. Clarke (5 months ago)
Do they really expect anyone to cry them a river? If you're that miserable, give your wealth away and live a simpler life.
Hadas Ben Shalom (5 months ago)
I wish they would choose to invest it in fair trade companies out there -- so much change these folks money could create. I hope they choose causes wisely as they take a macro-perspective for the next generations to come - fashion industry is killing us so far , with pollution and bad wages and conditions, making femininity cheap and unfruitful
JesusMySavior (5 months ago)
George Soros giving away money for philanthropy...lol, yeah right.
JesusMySavior (5 months ago)
Money isn't the root of all evil -- the LOVE of money is. When you idolize it and worship it and can do ANYTHING for it. Not sure why there are so many hate comments; I don't dislike anyone for being rich lol. The problem I have is when the super elite go have closed door meetings with policy makers, the Federal Reserve, Treasury and giants of Wall Street to destroy our country, gut our middle class, gamble with our bank deposits, build on incredible amounts of debt that leads to printing of fake fiat and currency debasement. And WE have to foot the bill for their lunacy. WE have to lose our homes and jobs for their greed and power thirsty ponzi schemes. That's what I have an issue with.
100perdido (5 months ago)
Anybody with so much money they can't go outside without guards might ask themselves if they have too much money for their own good.
EDDIE LEAL (5 months ago)
Ok wealthy people! If you feel so burden by your wealth we would be more than happy to help you take some of this burden of your shoulders ;) We live in Tampa Florida in a 900 square foot apt. Rent takes all of my retirement pay so I am having to work as Uber/Lyft for additional income in order to pay the rest of our bills. Wife's parents are elderly/ill. having to support them as well. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. ;)
EDDIE LEAL (5 months ago)
Trump kids must have gone through hell. lol
EDDIE LEAL (5 months ago)
So there is a down side to being mega rich. lol!.Worrying about people taking it. Just goes to show that there is no real peace of mind even for the affluent. Always having to worry about people taking their property. In my opinion the threat the rich should be more concerned with are not so much the shady people that may be casing their homes but the very people that say are their friends. Especially those significant others. They are usually in a better position to cause the most damage/harm. They are called ex-wives or husbands. ;) Mostly ex-wives though. They will clean you out! Even their own children have been know to take them out. Don;t get me wrong folks. Speaking from personal experience I also feel there is no glory in poverty. It's what you become at the end of your life that should be peoples goals. What kind of world will you leave behind having had the power to make significant changes where possible. Cheaper to keep them you say? Not always. Then again they are not pets that you can keep or toss out with the rubbish are they? They have free will and will leave once they have what they want from you. Like a leach they will extract as much as they can before you realize what they are doing and pull them off of you. Only this leach has a team of attorneys and may bleed you to the tune of a couple of million or billion depending on your net worth. lol! Many people disagree on this point but I feel money may run the world but it will never buy true love/happiness. There are of course some people out there that could care less. They are in love with only one thing and that is MONEY! As long as they have their wealth they will go from companion to companion without ever really knowing if they sincerely care for them. I feel most super rich people will more than likely live lonely superficial lives in constant fear of losing their wealth. May end up dying in beautiful mansion surrounded by only the people they pay to look after them. Sad really. But who am I to judge. I tend to envy those SOBs. lol! Guess I'm a glutton for punishment. ;)
Chris Mccullough (5 months ago)
"Having to much money" would be a nice problem to have....It seems some people dont realize how blessed/lucky they are to not have to worry about not being able to pay rent or just to survive with food/shelter/clothing
Eugene Yeo (5 months ago)
"What does it profit a man if he wins the whole world but looses his own soul !". When you have too much the best solution is to give them away!
Productions CEO (5 months ago)
Come on people! All is in YOUR MIND, change your mind, change your life! Money is good, give you choices, and you can help so many people. Roots yourself in some type of spirituality, have great friends and great values, and enjoy it! I dont believe this vid at all. MONEY IS GOOD YOU ALL!!
whousay Iam (6 months ago)
What's Funny is the only people that would harm or hurt Billionaires are other billionaires. You don't have to worry about average people it's The above average people who are the Crazys, Although I have fantasized about Kidnapping Myself and demanding One Million Bitcoins or Else I would make 1 Collateral Call everyday until I owned it all Than I would Donate it all back to those who enslaved me in the first place just to show them I could but I just go on playing the game for now. I like letting people think they are all powerful it gives me great pleasure to watch Earthlings Play the Role as Master over us poor animals yet to evolve into Humans. lol
Capital Buyers, LLC (6 months ago)
I just want enough to buy what ever I want but not need anything.
HopperRox (6 months ago)
Affluenza should be treated as a sickness and disease of the ultra wealthy..

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