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Billionaires Top Security Systems - Documentary (2018)

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TradingCoachUK (1 year ago)
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Marcus Dandaneau (6 days ago)
I want the same thing the guy on the twenty dollar bill would want and that's to sink that damn island once and for all; the one all the people on here talking come from. Gabriel and Michael; any help?! It's like Sodom and Gomorrah all rolled into one. Money and fame are fleeting desires. I want the good stuff. See you all in The Fire. It's not the pits. It is The Pit. The Pit is It. See ya!
toomanynames (8 days ago)
In a way you gotta hand it to folks like Justin Bieber who still travel around "freely" without entourage, like one friend to the coffee shop (even tho people still fuck w them). Although I doubt that will continue once (if) he ever gets kids, etc. It's a shame, really.
toomanynames (8 days ago)
"Made-off.." Really people--MADE OFF?!?!
toomanynames (8 days ago)
It's no coincidence that these rich women, though ostensibly "terrified," still obsess (i.e., fantasize) about becoming a "bag lady." It's bc secretly, part of them *wants* exactly that.
toomanynames (8 days ago)
Having this much money would be fucking terrifying.
scoobs idoo (8 days ago)
If i ever came up with an idea that made me rich there is not much you can do about the fact that people you know and dont know your now a rich person,On the other hand if i were ever to win even a million on the lottery i would not tell anyone especialy my girlfriend ,if i won big on the lottery i would;nt even tell myself coz you can NOT TRUST anyone these days but i would definately MOVE HOUSE PEACE x
super skengman (10 days ago)
Oh what a burden..! 😒😒😒😒😒
Be Nice Be Nice. (13 days ago)
Not worth the hassle
Rebecca Duncan (14 days ago)
they know the era of the guillotine is coming back soon, and their bourgeois dream will come to an end
I played Hitman on pc. 42 security guards are nothing.
so much stuff you can do to hack all these devices, a decapitated finger may not have blood circulating, but what if you attached it to a device which circulates blood through it?
Sil Marillian (18 days ago)
Big crocodile tears for those poor lonely billionaires
Mad Penguin (20 days ago)
BS. Generations of kids out there who've done nothing and just spend parents money from dodgy world deals.
MarkH10 (21 days ago)
In addition to this 'misperception' this video sells about 'percieved' dangers to the rich is their personal experiences that FORCED them to realize that they ARE, INDEED targets. I recall back home a name we all know, and own products from whose wife was home alone while he was traveling. A high end only burglar specifically came to town to specifically go burglarize his home at night not knowing he was gone. The maid stayed over with the wife, and they were forced into the laundry facility, and trapped and threatened. The 4 year old daughter suffered nightmares for years. When, 12 years later, I met an individual whom had supplied something in their home, she told me just to go there in my profession, like the wedding planner, I would have an FBI background check. I would have an interview, and other investigations. Upon arriving I would be assigned a dog. Do not approach, as the dog will move away, and maintain an 8 foot distance, do not speak to, or feed the dog. That dog will stay with you the entire time on premises. That dog was a camera drone. He would have a saddle, and headgear with various cameras, and a 2 way speaker system to security control. Keep your hands in view as much as possible. Follow instructions, and ask questions if an operator interrupted from the equipment on the dog. That was all 15 years ago. But recall the psychosis of the Unabomber. Computers bad, Tech bad, Development bad, and he was willing to kill, not confront, just kill on that basis. The man I am talking about gets all kinds of inbound communication; He is Jewish. He is politically active. He is wealthy. He is in high tech. He gives only to targeted charities or causes. He won a tax case based on Government targeting him, irrationally, illegally. He had to cut thousands of jobs at his main company. He bought and assimilated other major companies. (I figured out his wealth gain. Working just like you and I, 2000 hours a year, he made $1,000,000/hr EACH hour for over 20 years.) and more. Each category has crackpots who can potentially kill just because they don't like that. You are NOT Paranoid if someone actually IS trying to get you.
My Name Is a dead Man (21 days ago)
I rather eat out the garbage and sleep on the streets than to live like these maniacs...
toomanynames (8 days ago)
There's surely some truth to that. It's no coincidence that these rich women, though ostensibly "terrified," still obssess (i.e., fantasize) about becoming a "bag lady." It's bc secretly, part of them *wants* that.
cliotrophy230 (22 days ago)
terry hollands (23 days ago)
I can't believe I watched half of this video, this is what I gathered so far. I have concerns for my personal safety, financial future, well being of the people I love and so on, just like the rich.
Freaky Dee (25 days ago)
If you watch this with captions on, at 24:20, they confess that billionaires vacation at "Member Island which is a private asshole at Zanzibar".
Davrod Watto (25 days ago)
They seem to be looking over their shoulders to keep out people wanting their money. There is enough in the world to give what everyone needs. There is not enough to to keep off the need for greed.
Master Damien (29 days ago)
bullshit !
David Anthony (1 month ago)
You don't need a million dollars to do nothing man. Take a look at my cousin, man. He's broke, He don't do shit. - Office Space https://youtu.be/0QCBBDDd3AM
David Anthony (1 month ago)
Arrrr, I'm a Pirate, lol ...The trick is to have someone already in the panic room, before you invade their home. Maybe a repair service or construction crew man that stayed behind on a previous visit.
Statist0815 (1 month ago)
Oh these poor billionairs. I'm nearly crying. Where does the money comes from? Hard work ?
alfonso davila (1 month ago)
Excelente vídeo saludos
Trey Troy (1 month ago)
Like immortal technique said, I’d rather be rich and unhappy than broke and miserable
VAMPYR ENGEL (1 month ago)
Fuck Them they wanted stop a lot of upward mobility from the 80's using some disgusting politicians and governments especially in the UK so fuck them up the motherfucking ass. People hate you now and want to rob you? Fuck you this is the world you wanted to create now live in it shut up and do the motherfucking time And if you don't want it give it away then give some to me then ( WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED) Yeah you WON'T so its all LIES
Michael I (26 days ago)
VAMPYR ENGEL Poor grumpy, foul-mouthed, jealous Fool. For a moron, you are particularly stupid. To believe a video that is so full of bullshit just proves you will always be a nothing. Poor, poor nothing.
King Prospect (1 month ago)
Maybe not flaunt so much and people will not know how much you have......be a secret Billionaire; it can be done. This also mean that you will have to have people around who aren't seen as security while you live a normal life style like a poor man without the big house or fancy cars and expensive things. Get a big complex that you own, under secrecy, pay a monthly rent at the low cost, 700 - 1500 dollars, and have the other units around you occupied by your security where they can access your home/apartment if something should happen. You make money then to only do for others not mainly for self but to operate as you must while staying grounded. Try it those who are unknown Billionaires that don't flaunt it but use it to stay normal not in a exclusive bubble out of touch with reality. This is how you stay happy and not off to yourself battling your inner thoughts to a point of break. Interaction with others is needed to an extent even if you are a Billionaire and no one knows it. To be that wealthy and not known is easy just have to make it harder to find out who owns what and it is under a blind trust or some form of a company structure where you aren't known.
King Prospect (1 month ago)
They outsource everything to other people to completely do and out of touch on what it takes because they suck at managing life.......once you are wealthy operate at a place of comfort then you can life.
Stan Churkin (1 month ago)
I could use some money. 😟 that would solve 90% of my problems. Hmm... sometimes I think what's the point I work hard just so I can buy food and get to work and not making any progress on bills. Don't even have a home living in a car. Worthless life.
Tink123 Tink123 (1 month ago)
staninjapan07 (1 month ago)
A huge amount of repetition and stating the obvious. Not at all a well made documentary. Not a documentary, really. Just a voyeuristic experience.
Abba Dabba (1 month ago)
Not meaning to be rude or anything, but did Mr. Kampfner's book not sell well enough for him to be able to get those horrible floppy ears of his fixed? Egads!
Akoni Crawl (1 month ago)
never thought of it like that it must be very stressful would be nice to not have to worry about food though still no hit man in rose bush and no fear of anyone likeing me for money ..wouldnt mind a holiday though looks nice x
Leonora Dompor (1 month ago)
Rothschild are rich but Don't have a beautiful face genes because they are incest and interbreeding their cousins and uncles the result they don't have pretty faces and handsome faces
Leonora Dompor (1 month ago)
You billionaire make chat with poor people in social media but disguise yourself as poor and ordinary to make you happiest and not lonely
Leonora Dompor (1 month ago)
Leave your palaces and disguise as ordinary people and you will be the happiest!
Leonora Dompor (1 month ago)
You rich you disguise yourself to be just ordinary and enjoy the company of poor masses and very happy experience
Leonora Dompor (1 month ago)
If rather be poor and very free
Leonora Dompor (1 month ago)
Haha haha foolishness
michael c (1 month ago)
the rich steal the poor the poor steal the rich, it normal
Webster Fillmore (1 month ago)
Normal people also have to worry about getting mugged or robbed or raped. The difference is that normal people can't afford full time body guards. So Go F#@K yourselves!
Leonardo (1 month ago)
True, but the chances of a billionaire getting robbed are a million times higher than a normal person walking on the street.
Stonehouse Guitars (1 month ago)
This doc really seems to stress that being rich must be horrible living in paranoia and fear and with a target on your back but I bet rich people are getting killed and dying a lot less than poor people because they can afford all that security.
Mariusvik69 (2 months ago)
- Documentary (2018) Publisert 13. des. 2016 lol
vcoronel (2 months ago)
What us the sound track that starts at https://youtu.be/2eqV_F0r05k?t=775
lchurch01 (2 months ago)
3:10 "I'm a wedding planner, your client is...there is no danger to this person whatsoever. You really don't have to stand and guard me like that." That's exactly what an assassin would say. :)
Leonardo (1 month ago)
lool, imagine her being hitman disguised (from hitman game on ps4)
hardleecure (2 months ago)
George Soros gave away 10 billion 'to good causes'? Surely you jest. That greasy mofo has been trying to destabilize every country in Europe. I'm glad the central and eastern European countries have wised up to his game.
blake knight (2 months ago)
most people think ones they have money there stress and worries get less does for a bit but you just worry about different things and trust no one
Nadejda Schmidt (2 months ago)
if someone did win my trust and call me he's friend, and he did try to blackmail me after, i will kill him, or pay someone to kill him, if it was my own friend, i will for sure punnish him for days before i kill him. i punnish him for week's and cut he's arms and legs of, and frow him on the street. do not fuck with the Wongs i will tell him.
David Wilkie (2 months ago)
"The ability to make choices", if, along with a sense of proportion, you have the ability to discriminate intelligently.
Eric Seaton (2 months ago)
These people are absolutely what's wrong with the world. Yet what can we do but sit and watch as they strike a match to the world and set it ablaze?
Zhe Black (2 months ago)
I wish them only getting worst.
I think almost all people will trade their poor man problems with rich man problems :)
Ben Waddington (2 months ago)
Can't believe I've just watched a documentary about billionaires throwing pity parties for themselves.
Leonardo (1 month ago)
Lol, i just realised it after watching the whole video
ebiros2 (2 months ago)
If you come into money, buy all of the things you'll need 'til the end of your life and just live off of that, then you don't worry about money for sustenance
ebiros2 (1 month ago)
I agree that Cancer and greed seems to have a relationship. Suggest looking into a substance called "sour honey".
Leonardo (1 month ago)
This comment gave me cancer...
Brian Warner (2 months ago)
I thought this was going to be a normal documentary or show about security. Instead it seemed more about poor people personal opinions of the rich people who need the security and how the poor people make fun of them for it. So strange how all people even ones who are well off make fun of and hate on anyone with more than them. Immature haters!!!!
LackadaisicalE (1 month ago)
Not really, I found it to be more about the sum of worries being constant, whether rich or poor. The people interviewed are in the know, unlike you probably, and they state that is can be a bit of a circus, that it is part status symbol, that it is about the super rich needing a feeling of being unapproachable, etc (all citations from the movie). And how often do we hear about super rich being attacked? Not very often compared to how many there are and how much press is focussed on such things. So I'd say you are totally wrong.
Jai Nepal (2 months ago)
Warren Buffet, Soros, Gates, all complete sociopath scum, all their philanthropy is pure narcissistic endeavors based on controlling the minions in their eyes , too stupid to control themselves....Population control through eugenic schemes dressed up as vaccination programs etc etc..These people really believe they are "godlike"...
Jai Nepal (2 months ago)
Where is the highest levels of crime, Hackney or Kensington? This is arrogance and guilt, fair game..
society lady (1 month ago)
Hackney of course. only people high-class  live in Kensington.
kevin m (2 months ago)
how can a church lose 2 billion pounds with Mr madoff?... i thought they are poor ..that's why they hand the plate out every sermon for cash donations or why they beg the public to find the heart to donate and pay for their leaky roofs lol
Be ta (2 months ago)
Lol, that's what happens when you live a rich and greedy life. These people live in fear 24/7
Nicholas Williamson (2 months ago)
if you have billions of dollars, and you are not working to pump that money back into the very individuals that helped you get that much money, you should not have that money, you simply do not understand nor deserve it. No one has ever "Earned a billion dollars", ever. Many people have gotten billions of dollars through business dealings and such, but, ultimately, those billions were "earned" by hundreds, thousands, of individuals working feverishly, most times, simply to make ends meet, and in my country, America, all too often, working 50+ hours a week simply to fall behind anyway while making their employers richer. Screw all that donating to a good cause if your not taking care of those that provide your ability to donate in the first place. What a strange system we have allowed to enslave us all. Rant complete.
Larrythebassman (3 months ago)
Oooooo Yes …giving away billions sounds good to me ……… sign me up Mate 🌪⚡️💥🔥🚀💺🛸
L V (3 months ago)
These rich people live in a state of constant hell of paranoia.
Mike Arnett (3 months ago)
i feel like they just said the same things for 50 minutes and called it a documentary. Lammmeee. (who can you trust)
MarkH10 (21 days ago)
I've paused twice to take a nap or do some work, and think I am done. I open the YT page where it si paused, and it's 14 minutes in. They have shown, but not named 3 Russian Billionaires on the outs with Putin, living in London. Try to tell me these men don't need security. 4 Saudi Princes have been kidnapped and killed by the Saudi Government. Clearly they needed bigger security than they had.
Charles Iwenjiora (3 months ago)
You can live with paranoia and distrust with no money in you pockets. Better to have the cushion of wealth, than not because you can have the same problem at a smaller scale without being a billionaire
videonaj (3 months ago)
Its funny a lot of people don't even know how most of them became a billionaire. Would you like to know? They came up with a business idea that helped hundreds of millions or billions of people and charged them money for that service or product. Its that simple. How many billions of people have a computer with Microsoft Windows on it? How many people have a bumper on their car made by that Chicago billionaire? How many people use Amazon? or Facebook? Want to become a billionaire? Figure out how to help 1 billion people and charge $1 for it.
MarkH10 (21 days ago)
I moved to Ausitn, Texas, and later found out I moved there 60 days after a college student. Michael Dell. You are right about making a product everyone needs and wants. I might point out, the computer industry had major, major companies at the time. Like IBM. Innovate and grow bigger than these dinosaurs. IBM alone let Bill Gates have Microsoft, Michael Dell have computers, and EDS have the service sector. Now, IBM is a 'me too' nobody in computers. So, just because an industry is big does not mean it will stay in the hands of large corporate behemoths like IBM.
Leonardo (1 month ago)
It's not just about figuring out an idea, but you have to put in many hours weekly, sometimes it can take years of hard work. Most people are too lazy, they just want a monthly paycheck and TV when they come home after job.
SRV. 123 (3 months ago)
Who do the billionaires need to worry about most.? Other people of their stature. Especially those with military connections who force their will on them. All this hoopla didn't save Princess Diana and Dodi. Because Charles got merc.s to bump her off. Can't have Muslim half brothers or any half siblings to the Royals.
bill frost (3 months ago)
meh heh hhe heh rrrrr be afraid heh heh heh be very afraid meh hehe hehrrrr
waldroj01 (3 months ago)
these people and their children should be shot///itsreally simple world.
berhane gebriel (3 months ago)
Most financially or materially rich live in fear. The reason for that fear is because they didn't earn what they possess the right way. Especially those who gained so much money from The Continental Africa, the so-called Middle East, most part of Asia and The Americas like Guatemala, Venezuela, .., El Salvador and Chile.
Wim van de Sande (3 months ago)
They clearly dont care about there co2-footprint!
Amin Akhmadi (3 months ago)
I love when poor people give advice on money, or trying to tell how is it like to be super rich. How the fuck would you know?
omaghphil (3 months ago)
watch out for the doseding
Nubie Bob (3 months ago)
I feel the same after I have a joint and I have fuck all. I dont even have a wallet. :-)
Stan oliver (3 months ago)
The LOVE of money is the root of all evil - not money.
gerald828 (3 months ago)
I want that burden,bcuz poverty sucks !!!
Oxford Trenter (3 months ago)
UBI 2020! Andrew Yang as president!
Irina Miklashevskaya (3 months ago)
For ever grateful for youre help <3 36:44
evil Duck (4 months ago)
When you're super rich, STAY AT HOME.. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE.....EVER And leave the rest of us in peace
willyF (4 months ago)
Why would you change the date... sorry, that's wrong
krsakil (4 months ago)
Uploaded in 2016 and it state that documentary is from 2018... oh LIES, everywhere LIES !
society lady (4 months ago)
IT is most unfortunate that the upper class, beautiful wealthy  people have to have sufficient protection for themselves and there beautiful processions   from jealous low life's.
Roy (4 months ago)
I felt sorry for the therapists, they had the most pointless existence as they couldn't figure out what they could do to help.
He said cutting somones finger off won't work but the criminals will only find that after the fact. I see a flaw with this.
I could cry for them. Does anyone have a really small violin.
mike brown (5 months ago)
*Say that, to the poor people who, are hungry around the world. who are sleeping on the streets or haven't had food to eat for 7 days!! Tell them how you don't want to be a billionaire. this whole world is a materialistic world. you can't do anything without money!!*
Lee Westlake (5 months ago)
Instead of buying a super yacht, why don't they buy a destroyer?
Esben Solgaard (5 months ago)
WIFIGHOST CRUISER (5 months ago)
Don't watch this video. It's not about all the cool security stuff that you think of this. It's just a 50-minute long psychological profile on rich people!
Matthias Okoye (5 months ago)
I will love to be a Billionaire. It’s great. Money is a good thing to have.
Thunder Garcia (6 months ago)
Giving money away is the stupidest thing ever
Meyaka Brown (6 months ago)
These people deserve the anxiety and stress they go through. Karma bitch. You are terrible fucks. The ultra rich are the lowest of the low.
Brisdad53 (6 months ago)
And the pettiness and the bitterness and the envy of so many of you is WHY the rich need extreme security.
toomanynames (8 days ago)
Pretty sure that was stated multiple times during the clip :P
Critical Unity (6 months ago)
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Hackers Potter (6 months ago)
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christos karagianis (6 months ago)
sick world why you need more than what you need to control but in reality you control nothing
Mike Jones (6 months ago)
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Most Wanted Tv24 (6 months ago)
Coll think ever.Biswa Zaker Manzil, Atroshi, Faridpur. Zaker Party.
sabre0461 (6 months ago)
It's actually"money is the root of all kinds of evil"

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