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NuWave 3 Qt. Brio Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer on QVC

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Ken Johnson (5 months ago)
She repeatedly couldn't get past that you don't need oil.
Jonn Porter (3 days ago)
She was stoned and the cue-card guy was just screwing with her by holding up the same card over and over. lol
DRACO 1066 (6 months ago)
He used the same tongs from the beef to the salmon. Would that be cross contamination
Jonn Porter (3 days ago)
Cross-contamination is when you use the same utensils on cooked meat that you used on the raw meat (without washing them). All their food was cooked. They should be ok.
Ciji Gil (5 months ago)
Maya Lesovsky His purpose was to show the food made by the air fryer. Common sense would dictate that the consumer would know better and use best practices.
aroldo arrieta (7 months ago)
*This air fryer is amazing.>>>**t.co/570XuedGiG**    The food is amazing. I find myself using it like 2-3 times a week I love it so much. Easy to clean easy to use.*

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