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Theme Song to Sea Hunt

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Song from the CD: Televison's Greatest Hits Volume II See video for copyright and ownership info. More theme songs to come! Thanks for watching! Bye!
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Sabbath maiden fan (1 month ago)
Sounds like Perry Mason
Robert W. Paine (1 year ago)
A different version of the same instrumental theme of radio’s Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Roy Rowan speaking.
robert szvetics (1 year ago)
i have the whole series on dvd mike nelson is the man
Ric Scott (2 years ago)
IN 1959 I was living in Santa Monica. on certain days of the week my dad would drive me in his car up Pacific Coast Hyway and I would watch the two barges transporting the Keing lightsabout a1/4 of a mile out while they were shooting a show. Actully,they were out there all week long. looking back I think my dad got a kick as well watching the crew. a long time ago,but it seems like last week.....wow
gasfarty2 (2 years ago)
Weirdest fucking theme for a TV show. It doesn't sound nautical and it's depressingly dramatic -- like something from a bad soap opera.
robert szvetics (3 years ago)
awesome theme song
fjbutch (3 years ago)
Love this theme...takes me back to our little lounge room back in the 60s
tranquility (3 years ago)
The actual recording taken off the television is also on youtube..this is marvelous but definately a little faster..the other is drawn out in a slightly slower tempo and with so much more drama and feeling..I am assuming this recording was done more recently..not from the '50's? Thank you for the post..I am almost surprised this piece was not done by Bernard Herman. It is that good albiet too short.
Richard Hill (3 years ago)
Certainly a very clear recording here. We know this theme as written by David Rose. David Rose also did the 1955 "Highway Patrol" theme and "The Stripper" theme from the 1960's. Of course, we know also the "Bonanza" theme and "Holiday For Strings" as by David Rose. I just finished up transcribing the "Sea Hunt" theme using the original TV audio. I can say that although the melody on this version is correct, the lower chords (root notes and chord choices) are not always what David Rose wrote. The arranger took a few liberties here and there. And the drama from the 1950's version is missing here. It's the players and the conductor that made the original so special. It does not need be recorded at 96k/24bit to sound "good to the ears". Anyhow, we love these themes, for sure.
Allen Moore (4 years ago)
It's nice to hear this music in full fidelity. The version used on the show sounds like it was recorded off of a cheap record player of the 50's.
Vic Glazer (6 years ago)
Thanks for this post. But you should have at least given the composer of this theme credit. He was David Rose!!
skirts365 (6 years ago)
Jeff Rush (6 years ago)
Mandlebaum... Mandlebaum....Mandlebaum... Mandlebaum....Mandlebaum... Mandlebaum....Mandlebaum... Mandlebaum....
i love all the bridges..
glasscitadel12 (6 years ago)
When i heard this, it took me right back!
Haksorz (7 years ago)
I have failed you Marty
Dudley-Dip (7 years ago)
Thanks for the upload!
timothytech1 (7 years ago)
I love this theme and wish to use it on my YouTube underwater videos. Is there a problem with copyright? I see it says standard YouTube license. Does that mean it's open source now?
tunapup1 (7 years ago)
@dennisconnolly1 You're welcome! =D
Dennis Connolly (7 years ago)
Very Cool, Thank You!
tunapup1 (8 years ago)
@johnhofi You're welcome! =D Oh and I believe you're probably talking about WWII.
tunapup1 (8 years ago)
@lenpey Sorry. It came from a CD that uses botht he actual versions and if they can't get the track they record a copy themselves. I guess this was a copy. Again, I apologize.
lenpey (8 years ago)
This is not the actual track recorded or the series. This is a knock off. See the post from jeff1969z for the real McCoy. Thanks, jeff.
friscosound (9 years ago)
tunapup1 (9 years ago)
@mooseydeucy Oh, I'm sorry.
tunapup1 (9 years ago)
@casualsbucket Glad to hear that.
Cafe` Skype (9 years ago)
i doubt this is the authentic version...because it had musch more pizzzaz and was more dramatic than this copy cat is.
tunapup1 (9 years ago)
@casualsbucket Glad to hear it.
tunapup1 (9 years ago)
@THEBLKSTANG I'm glad you love it so much.
tunapup1 (9 years ago)
Glad you like it.
fjbutch (9 years ago)
Terrific !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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