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TWINS TRY Working on a Farm

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In this episode, our producer sets us up to get dirty and work on a farm for the day. We've both never done physical labor in our lives! Watch us get down and dirty grooming horses, shoveling poop, and cleaning buckets! Episode 3: Twins Try Working on a Farm Episode 2: Twins Try: Having a Sleepover in a School: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3DOC9YvMjE Episode 1: Twins Try Teaching 8th Grade: https://youtu.be/eHnN9l9kLVA Welcome to the third episode of our series Twins Try! Our haters call us the diva twins because they claim we're dramatic, and high maintenance, so we figured we would make a series around that. In this series, our producer sets up something for us to try without us knowing, and plans for us to be in uncomfortable and unusual situations. #twinstry #twins #farm If you see this, comment "she got poop in her boot!" only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;) Editor: @Lolitslea Videographer: @Thenatewest Producer: @Erindeangrams Listen to our music! ‘INDIVIDUAL’ ep: http://smarturl.it/PresaveINDIVIDUAL ❂ SOCIAL MEDIA ❂ NIKI ➤ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/niki ➤ twitter: https://twitter.com/nikidemar ➤ spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/nikidem... ➤ snapchat: nikidemarrr ➤ VLOG CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/nikidemar GABI ➤ instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gabi ➤ twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gabcake ➤ spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ky35... ➤ snapchat: fancysnapsbygab ➤ VLOG CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLGe... ❂ BUSINESS ONLY EMAIL ❂ ➤ [email protected][email protected] We’re Niki and Gabi! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like for a week, style, beauty, lifestyle, swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, shopping videos, music, and more!
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Text Comments (5076)
x o (6 hours ago)
And yet I expected Niki to love it and Gabi to hate it. Guess it was the other way around! SHOOK.
BriGaming YT (8 hours ago)
You guys did good. But, Niki your hair didn't. Check 10:51 and keep watching from there.
Kara Clark (1 day ago)
I’m proud of gabi
Susannah Brenyo (1 day ago)
Sorry Niki I am sorry but gab kicked butt .I'm so jealous I love horses!!!😍😍
PLAYING WITH A NOOB (2 days ago)
I love horses and I'm a animal person and I go horse riding 🐴🐎🐎🐴🐎🐴
Spring Lingle (3 days ago)
You did succeed
Spring Lingle (3 days ago)
I love twins try
Kaylinn Ford (3 days ago)
Gabi did good Nicki did a bad job
Anna Hall (4 days ago)
I have 7 horses soon I am getting 3 more. Btw horses are so much fun, but in the begging it looked like you didn’t want to do it. But it’s so worth it!
Mille Mor (5 days ago)
I love horses I’m actually thinking horse riding lessons. You two should try it ((:
Kimber Cluff (5 days ago)
I have to do that stuf every day
Jade bill (5 days ago)
I was cracking up 😂 when the horse farted
Hayley Crase (6 days ago)
I have horses
Ricardo Ramon (6 days ago)
I love how Gabi was so in to it I would do the same and Niki was like nope btw I'm a girl this is my cousins account
Olivia Smith (6 days ago)
I thought that Gabi would be like eww and Nikki would be like aww but it was the other way around lol
Suhana Basson (6 days ago)
U definitely succeeded my best pretty princess
Suhana Basson (6 days ago)
U guys are the best YouTube channel I ever watched u guys are so pretty and Lilly and every single pet u have I ❤u guys
Clara Nunez-Regueiro (8 days ago)
Gabi did way better then niki
david vancamp (9 days ago)
your videos help me get throw the week end and today I am sick and I am a girl btw can I get a shout out plzz : )
UntalentedPanda (10 days ago)
who else thought niki was going to be the one to love this
Crazy coop Lorena (10 days ago)
Can we get more please
Michael Lyons (10 days ago)
Gabi did great but Niki did kinda bad
Pineapple World (11 days ago)
Idea for a video Shop at party city for a week only allowed to get food clothes there everything!
心悠 陳 (11 days ago)
Wowwww i thought niki would love it and gabi would be like “ewwww i need to get out” but surprisingly it’s totally the OPPOSITE
心悠 陳 (11 days ago)
I already told sssniperwolf that she offended you and if you go to that video you can see i typed a WHOLE chapter heheh you”re welcome
Heart Gacha! (11 days ago)
Jaycie Equestrian (12 days ago)
Not to hate but are any other equestrians triggered😂 but to be real I really loved watching this it was so funny
Shivalaya P (12 days ago)
You both did great
Ava Logan (13 days ago)
tbh i pictured gabby being afraid of horses and niki loving them but i was completely wrong
Ava Logan (13 days ago)
yo erin is so pretty tho
Ava Logan (13 days ago)
roses are red violets are blue i'm on a niki and gabby marathon and so are you
Caliyah Gamble (13 days ago)
Niki did bad Gabby did good
1247Mack (13 days ago)
Ok, you guys did not do to bad. When I first clicked on the video, I did not think that you guys were going to do to good at it, being city girls and all.
Andrew Green (13 days ago)
Niki isn't willing to learn anything about these horse AT ALL
Brahmasree Srinivasan (13 days ago)
Niki looks soo cute with the earings and the braids
Cara Wilson (14 days ago)
Kia so rude to that precious horse🐴🦄horses r beautiful
JugheadJonesFan 17 (12 days ago)
Cara Wilson who’s Kia?
1974RCD (14 days ago)
. Poor Gabi
Anya Eventing (14 days ago)
Don't worry Niki horses are my best friend there safe
Anya Eventing (14 days ago)
Ok I just wanna say I'm SHOCKED because there's horses from my fav YouTubers and I'm a horsey person because I have my own pony!
foxy Queen (14 days ago)
Gabi worked harder then Niki for sure
Allie Daisy (14 days ago)
Niki did not want to do that at all and Gabi was like yaaaassssssss queen
Thylynn 2726 (14 days ago)
I love you gabiiii💗💗💝💝
Keeleys world (15 days ago)
Kk Puff (15 days ago)
Kk Puff (15 days ago)
Ashton Busse (15 days ago)
why do you not like horses Niki
Katie Lynn (15 days ago)
Simple life vibes with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie 😂
Cassy Weaver (15 days ago)
Gabi did GREAT 💖 Sorry Niki you did okay, but it was your first time! ☺💖
Lily wondergem (15 days ago)
Gabi you are going to be a great mom
mrs. meleannie (15 days ago)
I loooove gabi
Tossi (15 days ago)
I'm an equestrian (someone who rides horses) and this was so fun to watch! I love how you worked so hard and enjoyed it x
nyna k (15 days ago)
Is that really gabi
Lena Bree (15 days ago)
I was the bigest niki fan and niw i hate her sooo much
Shay Williamson (15 days ago)
Lena Bree why?
Paisli Hamand (15 days ago)
Don't get me wrong I like the biggest fan in the world but Gabby did the best Nikki kind of just sat there and was there I don't understand why they can't just get dirty once in awhile if I had that opportunity I would be hands in hands down
Danielle West (15 days ago)
I live with horses at my house and what you did was easy work. (not trying to sound rude or anything but having horses is hard!!!!)
Lateef Adepoju (3 days ago)
Danielle West yoruba move
Saylor Katherine (16 days ago)
This is so weird because I've ridden horses for 4 years so it's funny to see them do this😂🐴
Lola Leopard (16 days ago)
Gabbi worked hard but Nikki didn’t
Silke De Jong (16 days ago)
I litterally live on a farm😂❤️
بنوتة محششة (16 days ago)
My name is Jannat, I am from Iraq, I love you from the first video, I love you so much😍😍😍😙😘😻❤
Nilla (16 days ago)
I'm so surprised that Niki didn't want to be with the horses
Alphy The weirdo (16 days ago)
Y’all did NOT pick up slit of poop AT ALL
C and J unicorn (16 days ago)
I am super shook that Gabi actually really enjoyed it and Niki was like wow what is this
horses/Megan 101 (16 days ago)
When ever I do horse shows I will get the hose and drink out of it
Geneva Carpenter (16 days ago)
You did good
CAMERONTWO2 (17 days ago)
Are your real names Gabriella and Nichole
Gracie Wade (17 days ago)
I live on a farm :3
MahHeart MahSoul (17 days ago)
N K (17 days ago)
Niki=Cringe Gabi=pretty good
Brayden Jockel (17 days ago)
They are so dramatic they are so dumb
Sharon Kiely (17 days ago)
You did good
Eniyelis Peña (17 days ago)
I'm starting to like this good job
Jennira Vidal (18 days ago)
You guys did great
The Random Horse Girl (18 days ago)
I love horses I go horse riding
Tasha Ruddell (18 days ago)
being a horse owner this was funny cause I do this every day of my life
Zenon Marcelino (18 days ago)
yes you did
Sophia Hammond (18 days ago)
I have horses
O & T equestrian (18 days ago)
Why did you do a moo when there was a horse picture
Elizabeth Parker (18 days ago)
i can not believe Nikki was wearing a white shirt and did not get it dirty
Xiomara Martinez Munoz (18 days ago)
i always wanted to work on a farm but not that much know
Galaxy Grace (19 days ago)
I don’t mean to be offensive, but I really thought that Niki would be the All In, ready to play girl, and Gabi would be more of like the gentle timid one who is scared. But wow! This surprised me! Again, not supposed to be rude
Trinity Murchison (19 days ago)
Niki: "their cute but they scare me" Gabi: "Awww baby".
Łia White (19 days ago)
6:42 Gabi just casually wearing Chanel at aa farm🤣
Sarah Lobato Faria (20 days ago)
you did good
I basically live on a farm, I don't have as many animals as I used to because I moved and then moved back I have bunnies, chickens, a rooster, dogs, and a kitten. I used to also have turkeys, quail, ect. And I take care of other horses at other places.
Jazzy vlog Channel (20 days ago)
Wow niki acted more girly girl then gabi 😂
•Daily Corgi• (21 days ago)
lol wow gabi is really gud at this
ASMR with Alexia (21 days ago)
I was eating and then niki was like “he farted” i got rlly disgusted
1230es (21 days ago)
Anna Klemstine (21 days ago)
Horses are a passion of mine. Taking care of them doesn’t even feel like work.
Avery Baker (21 days ago)
Who else is watching this after getting home from the barn👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️
Ríoghnach Mc lolz! (22 days ago)
Wth Niki's wearing pink omg lol
Jen Vincent (22 days ago)
You did so well Dont even worry cat
nolka bolka (22 days ago)
Niki didint
minnie babyy (22 days ago)
Niki was always my favorite UNTIL I seen this.... Gabi your my favorite now. You girls showed your colors.
PHOEBE W (22 days ago)
That seems so fun
Elizabeth Arellano (22 days ago)
2019? Anyone
Hannah Reid (23 days ago)
Gabi did good but niki didn’t do good btw I’m a horse owner
Amira Lopez (23 days ago)
I ❤️💖horses 🐴
Ana Xundadze (23 days ago)
I love ya guys Soo much. Can you please make a video where your boyfriends are working in farm. Pretty pleaseeeee♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
dark devil (23 days ago)
Gabi wins beacsus she did more work I feel becsus she like did it and Niki just staned there and Gabi likes them and thing they are cute and I do to

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