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Oracle Identity Management Advanced Integration

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This demo video walks through the steps of user self-service registration, a workflow approval for account creation, and the advanced security registration (including OTP) process. ***Please change the video settings to 720p*** The following systems are used during this demonstration: OAAM: Oracle Adaptive Access Manager -- Advanced authentication and fraud prevention OAM: Oracle Access Manager -- Single Sign-On, authentication services, and web services security OIM: Oracle Identity Manager - Role based provisioning, user self-service, complex workflow, and permissions attestation OVD: Oracle Virtual Directory -- User source consolidation, data transformation, and DSML gateway OID: Oracle Internet Directory - LDAP V3 repository, highly scaleable, and user record storage User Self-Service Registration Allows a user to request a new account for themselves within OIM. This offering can significantly reduce the cost overhead associated with manual user creation. Workflow Approvals Provide a streamlined approach to approval and user account creation. Once a user performs a self-service registration, the approval will be sent to the appropriate person(s)/department(s). The approver can review the request and approve or deny. If approved, OIM can be configured to provision the account immediately, as well as to any other downstream applications that are needed. In addition, multiple approvals can be implemented based on the needs of the organization. Advanced Security Registration Once a user account has been requested and approved, an advanced security registration process can be put into place. This registration is handled by OAAM, and can provide anti-phishing and anti-fraud capability to the pre and post authentication process. This is done through the use of a security image and phrase only known to the customer, knowledge based authentication questions (KBAs), and a password. The OAAM system can also provide two factor authentication by the use of a one time password (OTP) sent via email or SMS.
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