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Walmart Great Value milk expiration

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NewsChannel 15's Rachel Russell reports.
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John Kemper (29 days ago)
I have the opposite problem. Many years ago I used to deliver milk, cottage cheese, just every dairy product to homes individually. Yes, I was the milkman. It used to be the fear of the product getting too hot before the customer could pick it up from the icebox out on the front porch. Then the convenience stores came along and people could stop off and pick up their milk cold with a pack of cigs. Today Wal Mart is selling what I call (FRANKINSTINE MILK) which doesn't even blinky for almost two weeks past the date on their milk. I don't know what they are putting in their milk but I sure wouldn't give it to my baby or anyone I know. Does anyone know where you can buy fresh dairy or just any food product that not has an expiration date on it? So I know I am eating healthy "non-chemical-cramed" dairy product? Or has those days gone with the courtesy of picking up your neighbor's paper when you go out and get yours and toss his up on his stoop? Yeah we used to do stuff like that. It was called being neighborly or just plain decent to each other.
JaCky,SuIOx Lest (3 months ago)
They lowered the GV. milk whole to a $1.45 now . Something's wrong it's not making Kieffer anymore it doesn't taste like sourish probiotics flavors anymore since the lowered the price. Guess will have to buy organic or another brand or just get at another store PET brand is good.
Victoria Butz (4 months ago)
I think it started happening when they switched to the new jugs. Never had this problem with the old ones.
Miss Infinite (4 months ago)
Wow! I see it’s not just my family who’s been experiencing this issue! So much Great Value milk we buy goes to waste because it spoils way before the expiration date!
Rei Lea (6 months ago)
Just do what I do...take it back with your receipt and get your money back.
JaCky,SuIOx Lest (3 months ago)
Whole milk gallon size is $1.45 now . It won't Kieffer anymore. Check Kieffer it doesn't taste or set right since price drop.
Samantha Monaghan (8 months ago)
I miss going to my farmer and getting fresh cream. Illegal as hell now though where I live. Never went bad.
JaCky,SuIOx Lest (3 months ago)
We should be able to have fresh if we wanted it. Everything else makes us sick the fake junk food's otherwise why is everyone I've know in the last few decade's died of cancer.
Samantha Monaghan (8 months ago)
If your wal mart does not have a back room dairy cooler (mine has refrigerated shelves) the milk could be out on the floor for too long, milk left out like that will go bad quicker.
JaCky,SuIOx Lest (3 months ago)
With making Kieffer you leave it out in a jar letting air for ,2 day's it turns out like sour like butter milk loaded with probiotics. Since the lowered the price about a week ago it just thickens and a rot like scent to it doesn't taste good at all the formula or someone has changed. I've used it for Kieffer all year till now it doesn't work anymore so .
Dark Star (8 months ago)
You buy gallon of milk for a dollar instead of $3.50 gallon then you complain just like going to aldi for food sometime I spend $500 month at aldi but sometimes I get few iteams that are bad but I save %30 on my monthly food so at least we have food for the month
Lee N (9 months ago)
Lee N (9 months ago)
Great value my butt....
jamie bostick (9 months ago)
It's happening in Texas-my milk ALWAYS goes bad and tonight I decided to see if others on WalMart milk feel the same and low and behold! I was making cereal, my milk expires on 9/8... it already smelled BAD. I have dumped too much down the drain, now going to finally take it BACK!!! Glad I came across this video! BTW-love the ladies back yard!!
Kimberly Plus2 (9 months ago)
It's happening at crestwood Walmart in Birmingham
Sherry Messer (10 months ago)
Well I know one thing, we milked our cow every day. The natural milk would only last a week. Where now with all the preservetives added, a gallon can be bought say like on the second day of the month, and the experation date is set to expire between three or more weeks later. I say if Great Value Milk is souring before it's due date... maybe they for got to add the cancer causing additives that is mde to perserve it longer than nature intended... Hey who knows right???
jamie bostick (9 months ago)
That would be awesome, but at least don't add a date that is not correct. Right?
Humanity Life (10 months ago)
It's not Walmarts fault bitch

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