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Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 (Angels & Dæmons)

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Available in 1080p HD McQueen's posthumous collection inspired by Flemish painters and the Romantic Gothic. "I relate more to that cold, austere asceticism of the Flemish masters, and I also love the macabre thing you see in Tudor and Jacobean portraiture." "For me, what I do is an artistic expression which is channeled through me. Fashion is just the medium."
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Golden Glove (7 days ago)
the prints Gary James did of Geronimo Bosch are exquisite....this collection is so grand and expectacular.
Mhiesilhousie Meyase (14 days ago)
Paco Moreno (1 month ago)
Milena Szcześnik (2 months ago)
This is pure art.
Ashar Fariz (3 months ago)
Women with flash so disturbing. Hate it.. dont have attitude..
Мия, это Вы же 1-ая модель?
camaleon9 (7 months ago)
If the death of McQueen left this wonder, imagine if the collection had been fully developed.
Details Studio (7 months ago)
09:05- 09:12 instant orgasm
Simon Davies (9 months ago)
The music is so beautiful. Really compliments the clothes and the mood in the room
Очень жалко.
Vicky Alba (10 months ago)
@7:21 - I want that jacket! Absolutely stunning.
bardac 520 carbajal (1 year ago)
Yo veo belleza en todo lo q algunos podrian catalogar como feo yo puedo usualmente ayarle su belleza. McQueen
Enfant de Ducasse (1 year ago)
The art of Alexander mcqueen i like it 😍
craig harrison (1 year ago)
Always missed Lee!
Celadon Jade (1 year ago)
this show is INSANE..wow..
SPACEY DAZE (1 year ago)
this collection is so breathtaking and so beautiful, it makes my heart stop. and the fact that it was presented in the old school way of showing one piece at a time and very slowly so you can appreciate every detail just adds to the elegance. this collection is on another level.
Iskander Valishin (1 year ago)
super!!!!! very sexy!!!!!!охуительно!!!!!!!!
Camilla Blue (2 years ago)
I'm speechless...out of words..
Eragon Fox (2 years ago)
donglabong (2 years ago)
the shame is no one at McQueen now seems to dare to send something out looking so imaginative, so creative, so tailored to perfection- it's all just ruffles ruffles and more ruffles since the day he died. If you look back at the first collections for Givenchy, and the seminal collections under his own label, the brand has lost its identity. It's nothing like what it should be... all for a Gucci profit?
Katie Smith (2 months ago)
They really can’t copy his looks. No one can do what he did. No one. That’s what was so beautiful about his pieces. He was truly unique and one of a kind. What would it say about them as designers if they tried to copy his look? The label didn’t need to die with him. The line is still unique and different, but no one can do what he did.
David Roddis (1 year ago)
There's no replacement, it must be hell for the designer chosen to continue the line - they have to maintain the "look" of the house, yet be original ... it's an impossible task, surely. They can't win, whatever they do...
三上総一郎 (2 years ago)
マックイーン本当に好きだった。このコレクションこそ、最高にして最後のコレクション モード界の帝王ここにあり! アレキサンダーマックイーンのご冥福をお祈り申し上げます
Rutger Von Heidemberg (2 years ago)
Really touching. And of course awesome just like any McQ fashion show. What the fuck, Alexander, we miss you.
Tyron Winter (2 years ago)
karlie is killing her walks
K Challo (2 years ago)
LetMePlayWIthIT Bro (2 years ago)
whitest collection ever. i mean wtf
Bey Zee (2 years ago)
Just look at the audience when Karlie does the walk. She came out twice, and captured the attention of the audience TWICE! That is modeling- a model becomes the clothe. 👊🏼
James Saunders (2 years ago)
3 times.
Pedro Carrazana (2 years ago)
my favorite collection from him, I also loved the horn of plenty and atlantis
Ashar Fariz (3 months ago)
imanii moore (1 year ago)
I agree
orangewedges (2 years ago)
All my favourite collections, as well as Widows of Culloden...and the Girl Who Lived in the Tree...and Voss...and, oh heck, I loved all of them really!!!
Yuexuan Zhang (3 years ago)
This is an amazing show! Is Mcqueen died before or after this show?
ImanniShows (1 year ago)
this collection was presented just few days after his death.
nicolas icard (3 years ago)
+Yuexuan Zhang this collection are the last drawings Alexander did before committing suicide
paranoidandroid1997 (3 years ago)
i've always had this thought that if i were the casting director for this beautiful show i'd book: Natasha Poly Sasha Pivovarova Raquel Zimmerman Magdalena Fracowiak Gemma Ward Edita Vilkeviciute Lily Donaldson Jac Jagaciak Karlie Kloss Frida Gustavsson that would even be more perfect at least me.
Andres Moreno (3 months ago)
+Prince Viejo I know, an underrated muse and model.
Prince Viejo (3 months ago)
I think she was also a mcqueen favorite during her early years and she loves mcqueen so much
Andres Moreno (3 months ago)
+Prince Viejo few models are as high fashion as her.
Prince Viejo (1 year ago)
Tanya Dziahileva too
214Juan (2 years ago)
I def agree with your casting. cast the models he seemed as muses
Javier Osorio (3 years ago)
Happy Birthday Alexander McQueen
Sophie Barker (3 years ago)
karlie kloss
Stay Fabulous Sing (3 years ago)
llopizcruz (3 years ago)
ed (3 years ago)
now i feel like BBQ chicken on sale
Tina Rider (3 years ago)
Magic Alexander..the great forever..,,.
orangecounty56 (3 years ago)
The lady in the grey needs to get off the phone IT IS SO RUDE!!!!!! Have some respect for the dead you vulture!
Ashar Fariz (3 months ago)
The flash so disturbing. Hate it. Don't have attitude
Reno Afriano (9 months ago)
orangecounty56 its camera
Justin Hopkins (2 years ago)
+Jermyn Matthew Bosses aren't immune from criticism. They're humans like anyone else. If they're doing something idiotic, say it.
Vendatta Xman (3 years ago)
Fashion is an instant language
Glamazonprince (3 years ago)
First about legend status, if you can find a more iconic show than Galliano spring 95 ill eat carbs.this is the Most boring dull fashion show ever and the styling my god they all looked like Joan of arc after the fire.McQueen was a rebel I mean if you call going out with a ode to the middle ages breakthrough.more history than fashion,lucy worstly makes a better presentation than this. sorry but if you can say you'd rather wear this than an iconic safety pin Versace number or a bondage dress ,versace was all about beauty sexy fabulous ,models when they were super. excess is  beauty not a boring old smock at Calvin Klein and not a cross between a Christmas tree and queen Elizabeth without her wig.when did  making women as powerful and sexy as possible become passé.why is McQueen admired more than Valentino.I guess same reason James dean who made what four movies is more iconic than brando.death.i mean versace may of been an old bear bu he wasn't always and  appreciated and strived for beauty,i mean can you beat sending Linda Christy and Naomi together down a catwalk in bondage couture,fuck no.i think mcqueen knowing he was fat and ugly not mean just being real, and he was  never gonna get a hot guy without paying for it decided to basically be like lee bowery.if hed lived another year we might of had feces just spread on skin in a bowery homage.if  bjork is a muse I'm sorry not my idea of fashion icon. guess I like pretty.I dont get it admit I don't get why  tilda Swanton is a thing she shouldn't be known except as an exhibit .i don't think women want to wear oragmi I don't think there's anything great about spraying a white tree skirt he calls a dress black and call it fashion.McQueen designs  ceased to be pretty when he left Givenchy manta dress my ass, its an acid trip.. McQueen quest for the golden fleece collection for Givenchy WAS gorgeous and sexy, maybe this was supposed to be what this was a funeral dirge.I miss Kevyn aucoin I miss Linda being in every show Im sad mizrahi is on QVC ,I miss when you could go to a fashion show after party and scoop cocaine out  of a bowl and chat with a geeked donatella,I miss when male models meant hottt not a pale skinny boy with no discernible features.ill go watch a Mügler show and remember when things were pretty and people knew Nadja auermann
TheThelandofsmiles (1 year ago)
Glamazonprince get therapy. you'll be old and crippled with anxiety before you know it
Beth Morgan Valvo (2 years ago)
It must be taken into account that this collection was 80% complete at the time of his death. This is a tribute and an interpretation completed by his peers. It's not fair to judge his work by viewing this only. I believe his true last show was Plato's Atlantis which is jaw dropping in its effect. To me, this shows strongest drama exists mostly in the sad details of the surrounding circumstances.
Adrian Pascual (2 years ago)
OMGGGGG SATAN i've finally found you!!!! I'm your biggest fan you don't even know me but OMG HAHAHAH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
ravel111 (2 years ago)
+brandonlalmond73 Go see a psychiatrist.
Glamazonprince (2 years ago)
orangewedges I've lived far past 23.ive spewed more vitriolic and demeaning rhetoric to servants before my leve'e than most have in a lifetime. I was raised hermetic.we are taught we are living gods.at ten I was passing the keys of Solomon at 18 I walked through the abramelin at record time thus assuring me that id forver be as Antonius.forever in a state of life just as the clouds hide the sun.i belabor what I don't like I avoid which I hate what opposes me becomes my payment for my gift of the eternal spark .there are many muses and powers that govern all aspects of humanity and all with equal fevor.is it no wonder that Azazel taught the art of war and the use of antimony and ornamentation to illicit desire for is beauty no less powerful than a sword.to those who posses the gift of beauty and the skill to call forth from the veil any creature that the adept so chooses then this plane of existence poses no threat but it does amuse an adept to play with a simple beasts mind.i feel this beast is of the dog class of humanity.i will council the spirits but Mumbai is where my fury wishes to cast itself it's almost the day when all spirits walk freely into this plane and the exact location of this beast will be revealed
David Roddis (3 years ago)
+Abigail Lee The music up to 14:57 is the first movement from the Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 73, by Brahms.  Beautiful choice for this show.
River Runs (4 years ago)
A labor of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not to be easily understood, nor mis-understood just the same.  The capacity one's mind/brain is sublime!  He IS a genius par non!!!!!!  I will miss his take on post-Mod era!!!!  Romantic GOTH!!!!!! -LEONARD E. TAYLOR/PHILLY  
Jordan Cumberledge (4 years ago)
Beautiful!! Love the designs!
Abigail Lee (4 years ago)
Can someone please tell me what music is used here? Please..
jayc gylsen (4 years ago)
Is this Lee's final work, Shakespeare said once, to or not to be? Since he passed away, think Mcqeen style is in a glass bubble theses days, it hasn't moved forward, need a new designer at the helm, looks same old same old, really loved his style of work, romantic and dark at the same time...was lucky enough to have a interview at his design studio, all I can say we miss him so deeply, god rest his soul, x x x
imanii moore (1 year ago)
yes I'm sure Sarah Burton finish it this collection is beautiful but as lately McQueen collections are horrible
Adrian 1996 (4 years ago)
i think people look sad because it was the year alexander mcqueen had passed away.
Miriam Forrester (4 years ago)
The people watching this show really didn't look like they realised they were watching such an iconic moment in fashion history... 
orangewedges (1 month ago)
No, they fully knew. This collection was McQueen's final bow and they were well aware of it. Only a select few people were invited to this show so I would say they knew more than even we did just how important this was.
Brooks AdaLioryn (2 years ago)
Angel, McQueen had just died.. Weeks prior to this show. They look sick. Their friend has died and they are seeing what he was going through before taking his own life. They knew.
nicolas icard (3 years ago)
+Miriam Forrester oh trust me they realized how important this show was...sometimes you can't observe emotions on other people's face, but it was such an important show, suzy menkes was in tears when she walked out of the show
Y.K.B (3 years ago)
+Miriam Forrester Agreed! <3
Miriam Forrester (3 years ago)
+SpacePyramid I in no way, shape, or form meant to cause offense lovely. It was simply an observation based on the hindsight of knowing the legendary status and influence this show would come to hold. It wasn't meant to undermine them, nor suggest that they should've been able to recognise that fact immediately. Xx
ImanniShows (4 years ago)
Great collection
Jeff souza (4 years ago)
Karlie kloss encarna stylo mcq..amazing
ganderson4be (5 years ago)
Joseph gonzales (5 years ago)
karlie kloss
Thrillingist (5 years ago)
who is the first model? She is amazing.
Edify Nika (8 months ago)
Thrillingist Karlie Kloss
jr secote (5 years ago)
excellent patterns and prints....!!!!
Lucio Chiné Alvear (5 years ago)
maravilloso, emocionante y triste
A Jones (6 years ago)
The Irony
Mimitalks (6 years ago)
Francois Hr (6 years ago)

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