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2019 Worlds Billionaire Top 9 Elite in Travel and Tourism and the most secret wealthy empires.

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SECRET DYNASTY REVEALED AND CONFRONTED. We will welcome any Q&A... Hope you liked the TOP 9 ELITES IN TRAVEL AND TOURISM, if you are interested in the subject matter, please be kind and let a comment/like or share on facebook/twitter. Much thanks. SUBSCRIBE NOW: https://www.youtube.com/c/Top9WorldsEliteStories?sub_confirmation=1 Join us as we travel through the worlds top 9 industries, detailing to you the best content on the top 9 dynasties, empires, families and organizations within them. Created by Steven Gillen & Klepsch Bruno N. Secrets of the powerful Elite.Eighty-one videos in nine playlists going behind closed doors on the nine top global industries: describing the journies, lives, methods, and strategies of the most powerful nine entrepreneurs within them industries. We at Elite Innovation have for months been developing a new mobile e-commerce application that will aid the progress of these industries, and this is our introduction to the dominating people behind them. Top 9 World`s Elite: 1. World Finance Episode 1 / ROTHSCHILDS FAMILY SECRET DYNASTY, WORLD FINANCIAL ELITES IN BANKING. 2. Retail & Merchandise Episode 1 / WALTON FAMILY SECRET DYNASTY, WORLD ELITES IN RETAIL & MERCHANDISE, SAM WALMART EMPIRE. 3. Travel & Tourism / SHELDON ADELSON SECRET DYNASTY ( FULL DOCUMENTARY ) WORLD ELITES IN TRAVEL AND TOURISM 4. Internet,New Technologies & Telecom 5. Vehicles & Transportation 6. Real Estate 7. Health & Beauty 8. Organic Food 9. Film, Music & Books
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