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Joe Rogan tells Funny Stories from Growing Up

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Joe Rogan and Greg Fitzsimmons tell funny stories from when they were growing up. Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #941.
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FBI real (1 hour ago)
That dog story tho
Tabitha Urukai (18 hours ago)
I had a similar upbringing, and he is so right about the lack of parental focus leads to a lack of focus for the child. It took me years to figure out why it was so hard for me to be motivated or excited about anything, and it's mostly because as a kid, I just fucked around all day and watched tv at night. No one taught us to care.
VAPHAROS (3 days ago)
21:49 "If a girl doesn't take care of her toes, you can't trust her with her pussy"
Hiizo Haram (3 days ago)
What kinda dumb as kids spray each other with shaving cream
Jack Greene (4 days ago)
The first two min of this video is just weird flex but ok
scumbagNATE (4 days ago)
That dog story though
D B (5 days ago)
Anyone else see the butt on joes forehead whenever he frowns? lol
Ari Zei (6 days ago)
Uh.... i just realized that "have to be the crazy friend" thing is so true. It put you almost on the same level of the leader of the group and everybody want to be with the crazy one, because of course no one will mess with you.
perennial.peach (6 days ago)
I really love Joe Rogan and this podcast, but I thought it was super weird how they were talking about the girls. Was I the only one? I don’t mean to sound sensitive or offended, but I expected better from Joe.
sounds by sami T sosa (6 days ago)
His dog dying FUCKED HIM UP 😢
Ryan Pevoto (6 days ago)
Greg “lil plump Italian” Fitzsimmons
Burnich (7 days ago)
Great podcast but a bit misleading title
Jesus your title for this video is on point , dogs dying was the funniest part of his story ... good job JRE CLIPS you dick 👍🏻
Cutie ™ (8 days ago)
wresting made me have to switch school cuz my grades in hs
Harold flowers (9 days ago)
21:21 have a seat
Harold flowers (9 days ago)
3:30 nani?
Drew Muñoz (9 days ago)
Im from Tarrytown NY and i know tht lake and the halloween traditions 😂 goodtimes
David Lucht (10 days ago)
Mugsy Malone has to be the fakest name in a story I’ve ever heard lmfao
Chris M (10 days ago)
Joe “sad shit” Rogan
Oscar Neri (10 days ago)
lil big Daddy (13 days ago)
Lol I like too fight ! I love to road rage!
Gavin Quinn (13 days ago)
Nhudi (13 days ago)
How many time u hit her😭😹
Sus Boi (13 days ago)
That guy is creepy as fuck
Jason M (13 days ago)
Jesus Christ! Joe Rogan you really know how to set the mood and bring a mofo down with the dog story
MagnaCarterBCE (14 days ago)
I love hearing the stories about Newton MA
Aaron Carroll (14 days ago)
Fuckin’ Chris Spencer!
Music Loops (14 days ago)
Greg sounds like he grew up like that nigga jimmy from bully
Zack S. (14 days ago)
Shut up with that Mugsy shit!!
Levi Hopkins (14 days ago)
Cameron Saxon (14 days ago)
I'm bored and I have internet and I'm 16
Felix Walpole (14 days ago)
that rink sounds like a dream
Anoura Logan (15 days ago)
The university content://media/external/file/138443 Its which one i worked at.
PRIMOSUX (16 days ago)
“funny stories from childhood” “yea my dog got hit by a car....”
Adam Estrada (19 days ago)
Shit I wish it was still like that, now we cant wrestle unless we had a 3.0+ 😂
Milly Operan (20 days ago)
This has gotta be the funniest Joe Rogan podcast ever, tears were literally coming down my eyes because of laughter when I first watched this😂😂😭
Robert Isola (23 days ago)
Holy shit I pass that reservoir every time I go upstate
Fouronesix 82 (23 days ago)
"Aidsy punch " 😂😂😂😂
Robin Dekeyser (24 days ago)
This podcast is also hilarious: https://youtu.be/VRXTQQ98oXI
James Burgess (25 days ago)
On his point of discomfort during a wrestling match I can attest to that. I broke the bone before my pointer finger began in two different spots and still wrestled three matches winning one of them after a minor asthma attack. I didn't think it was broken honestly, maybe just hyper-extended then it swelled to the size of a small cantaloupe... Didn't feel anything at first because the bodies automatic adrenal response
Rebecca Dee (25 days ago)
13:36this sad tale sounds like my life...I am slipping away into oblivion, at the age of 27..i became comatose by working with one paw in the bloody grave...or not...thanks for sad stuff, here on JRE Clips...!ah plus the #{number symbol} 3/941 or pound or now a days hastag...16K...good luck~sorry Mr.rogan or Joe, 661thumbs down over a million views...thank you, rey habib williams
I don't Know (27 days ago)
Doug stamper how u doin
Parental Advisory (1 month ago)
I loved this entire thing except for the end What the actual shit happened at the end there
Indira Gutierrez (1 month ago)
If you're going to community college don't be discouraged. I went to community college, 2 years later I got my associate's degree. I then Transfered to a state college. Now I'm getting my BA in polisci this May. Looking at law school next. Love these guys, but their story doesn't have to be your story too.
SaltyBrains (1 month ago)
@ 21:51 "a girl doesn't take care of her toes... can't trust her with a pussy" LOL
Matt Speidel (1 month ago)
More proof People from New York are Assholes
Tyler Spencer (1 month ago)
“If a girl doesn’t take care of her toes....you can’t trust her with her pussy”
Dallas Boring News (1 month ago)
Holy shit bill burr isnt being an annoying shit today
Big Daddy 7Toes (1 month ago)
The story joe told about college word for word was what I did and I had a college professor do the same thing to me. And now I’m doing alright. But crazy that I’ve found this more then a year later
doban (1 month ago)
"joe rogan tells funny stories from growing up" joe: I watched my dog die in front of me
Sam Roberts (1 month ago)
Borderline rapey
Seth Was Here (1 month ago)
On my birthday my mom came to school to give me lunch. So on her way out she sees my friend and later on she told me that he looked like hell. All he was eating for the week was slim Jim type shit.
Isis Antelo (1 month ago)
This was hilarious. My fave so far!
That dog accident was NOT a 'FUNNY STORY'!
Brandon Bye (1 month ago)
wrestling is the best sport in the world
The Empress (1 month ago)
I feel like I need a dog and a schematic...and maybe some loks. 🗽🏭🏭🏬🏫🏣🏥🏭🏭
kai russell (1 month ago)
I had a friend just like Kenny lol. His first name began with a g, his last was lynch. We called him Grinch and there was barely anything positive in the kid. He used to ball tap random people, (usually adults) to start fights with them. He wasn't big but he was lanky and tough as shit. He's in jail, for ever now. Got charged with something that sentenced him to 7 years. Then he got into a real beef in prison and got stabbed over it. He had a knife too at the time he was stabbed, and he ended up killing the guy. He won't ever be coming home but its probably for the best. Dude was just a troubled kid, and grew up to even more troubled adult...
Skerpy Shmeap (1 month ago)
mikes a sick fuck he likes a quick fuck
Brady F (1 month ago)
I did wrestling for the first time this year and It fucking killed
Super Skyler (1 month ago)
Joe "it's a weird thing" rogan
Impulse_blur (1 month ago)
saying fucken every ten seconds is not funny
talk is overrated (1 month ago)
4:15 whats a farhead
Humilis Receptio (1 month ago)
Joe Rogan tells Funny Stories from Growing Up "my dog got hit by a car and slowly died right infront of me."
Santiago Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Why is this the most accurate podcast ever, sad to know that my childhood sucked compared to these guys
I fight my fate... my fate already defeated me before I existed... I still try to fight it... Well, I resemble a madman because of it. I always mock my teachers by telling them facts I know they are to dumb to do research on whenever I can.
WishingPole (1 month ago)
"my dog died" FUNNY HAHAHAHAHA
Kelly T (1 month ago)
That first and last encounter he had with the only girl who he says liked him.........ummmm....ok ,was in grade seven ....creepy that he even still remembers that, let alone having as a go to story.Then there is Joe who thought the highschool wrestler was a rebel,toughguy,gangster because he puffed on a few cigs.
Link The Ripper (1 month ago)
made me remember my cat, had her for like 5 years. she had eaten rat poison, that the landlord had failed to mention was under the house, and got really sick. i tried for a couple weeks to get her better but on valentines day in 7th grade she choked on the medicine and died in my arms. it was hard but i think she did it to herself looking back. i still love that cat.
Goof Ball (1 month ago)
Someone tell our teacher @joerogan
ALOW LowTana (1 month ago)
Why the other dude started sounding like a pedophile towards the end
Captin Fuck You (1 month ago)
The wrestling thing is so true
IdriveA Challenger (1 month ago)
Kaj Jak (1 month ago)
Moral of the story, women love being our on their place
Alexander Stewart (1 month ago)
This guy is beyond creepy.
Mr Potato Head (1 month ago)
José Marcelo Alquéres (2 months ago)
"Aids punch" XD I dieded
quint frampton (2 months ago)
I have a Boxer German Shepherd mix, sweetest animal I’ve ever encountered. Shit broke my heart to hear that story. But it was pretty cool to hear Joe had a breed that I never thought anyone else would have.
Thain Meister (2 months ago)
Damn, Joe was a small kid. I'm 6'2", 200 lbs
Thain Meister (2 months ago)
And I just turned 15 a few days ago
lorddiosliving (2 months ago)
When turned into purple tits and flip flops? Duuuude
lorddiosliving (2 months ago)
I'm waiting for something funny
Kevin Bolger (2 months ago)
UMass is a joke anyway
De pression (2 months ago)
When I was like 13 in 2013 even before that me and my friends were like that. We didn't have no phones our parents were to cheap to buy us one. I only had one friend who had a phone and the only thing he used it for is either to listen to hopsins ill minds at the take there was only 5. Or to watch epic rap battles of history and that was rarely he never had his phone on him when we went out to go do stupid shit. We were always outside doing something. We always had wrestling tournaments man I miss those days. Did a lot of stupid shit tho.
emani donaldson (2 months ago)
Started funny..
MikeyAtlas (2 months ago)
Rogan is the reason I Wrestle
MushFbTeam (2 months ago)
If women don’t take care of their toes, you can’t trust em with their pussies
Silverbacc (2 months ago)
Joe's description of wrestling training reminds me of my breakdance training :)))
My dad grew up in the same area at the same time as joe they could’ve met each other at a party or some shit and not have known it what the fuck
Cnel 003 (2 months ago)
Cross country is pretty uncomfortable
Angelo Martinez (2 months ago)
The good old days when smacking bitches was no big deal.
Nonye (2 months ago)
21:20 WTF Joe? xD
742617 000027 (2 months ago)
So true, my grades as well went down stream every wrestling season
Jacobcisbeast mma Yea (2 months ago)
Love that he respects wrestling
SpicyMeatball ? (2 months ago)
7th and 8th grade drinkin beer. man, my parents are right, it was a totally different time then.
Rick Sanchez (2 months ago)
Joe “yeah it was a weird thing man” rogan
Rudy Orta (2 months ago)
Joe "i used to be into feet" Rogan lol
king hippo (2 months ago)
Joe "Aidsy Punch " Rogan
Nugsy Malone (2 months ago)
He said "Mugsy" right?
Montje JWZ (2 months ago)
Lmao " If a girl doesn't take care of her toes, you can't trust her with her pussy!" Life lesson.
Fact Rant (2 months ago)
I knocked her around a little 😂😂😂
mudonja 0854 (2 months ago)
I have never related so much to someone as i relate to greg in this video

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