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Girl Making Out With Dog and Almost Rips His Tongue Out !

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Horrible just horrible....
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Gabrielle Shand (4 days ago)
that’s animal cruelty. Pls report
Squeaky (6 days ago)
her @ is @txisten
Flex Kloutzy (1 month ago)
Look at the dogs eyes 😥 I feel bad
I aM SpEsHaL (3 months ago)
I’m slash her up and cut her tongue off !!!😭🤬
nyleen the queen (4 months ago)
Agatheanujin Gatchamaker (4 months ago)
WTF!? Is that girl crazy or what!? she’s like oh I’m making out with mah dog and just pulls when the dog starts to panic!! Man I’m calling da police
Shane Shipley (4 months ago)
Chubble (5 months ago)
monsterness (5 months ago)
Now its on YouTube,.. ..foreverrrRRRRRRR
Karlie Shelby (6 months ago)
Tristan didn’t do anything
Lol (6 months ago)
Hope the girl dies!
kevin nguyen (7 months ago)
What’s her @?
kevin nguyen (7 months ago)
PeytonReigh thanks bro y is she even famous? Lmaooo
PeytonReigh (7 months ago)
Txisten I’m pretty sure
Anna K (8 months ago)
i’m not proud of being a human rn
Marcus Walker (8 months ago)
go look at the other vid. it has a song with it and it's lit..it's called. girl pulling dogs tongue gets fired from job
Vasilikipapadopoulou (9 months ago)
I literally screamed loud when she was going to pull the dogs tongue like wtf is wrong with her
Don Dada (9 months ago)
Id still smash
Jenna Dublo (9 months ago)
Why would she do that AND POST IT TOO?
Emerged Canine (9 months ago)
Lowkey just saw this vid because I saw an ad on insta for a teeth whitener and she was the one using it and some people were saying she was getting ready to make out wit the dog 🤣
Maddy ! (1 month ago)
Emerged Canine samee😂😂😭
Christian Lowe (3 months ago)
M3ssym0nday posted the teeth whitener and I thought I knew the girl.
BonkChoy (6 months ago)
Same bro
Idk _ (7 months ago)
Lol same
Juju Crossiant (9 months ago)
The fire tuck wrong with that bee
Jose Pacheco (9 months ago)
Who is she ?
Zanusssi Dokazano (1 month ago)
She is beach
Luana Chan (9 months ago)
hi what the fuck
bekka love (9 months ago)
what. the fuck
Licy Luv (9 months ago)
Who else almost tried to press stop when it popped up
A_Sad_Sailor (9 months ago)
Ok, yes I have a few questions. first of all- what the fuck?
alpha Wolf (9 months ago)
I really wanna fucking puke
Babygirl Depressed (9 months ago)
Calista (10 months ago)
that's disgusting but still people are so overdramatic wtf, she posts vids where she sneezes, she's a comedian. If you don't think it's funny that don't bother to look at it or even comment bullshit. On her instagram are a lot of vids with just her and the dog having a good time. so stfu the dog is okay.
Tiana (11 months ago)
Whew chile the whetto
jess (11 months ago)
This is so disrupting
woooudo (1 year ago)
That was pretty terrifying or what almost happened, Blood everywhere and that poor thing writhing in pain. Dont fuck around with lives like that.
Sophia Sucks (1 year ago)
Yes officer this video right here
Peter R. de Vries (1 year ago)
Ivy Girl (1 year ago)
"White people add it again, I'm calling the cops"
Xiaxci (4 months ago)
she aint white bro. shes latina or jewish. most likely latina.
Oof Oof (5 months ago)
Bitch me too 😭.
Calojano Clemmons (1 year ago)
Man shit nasty but she fine
Capricae (1 year ago)
its achild
Tianna Lovell (1 year ago)
poor poor baby i feel so sad for that dog
Jupiter (3 months ago)
What's her @ on instagram doe
Emilee Ann (8 months ago)
@Clorox Bleach hhahaha taffy
Clorox Bleach (8 months ago)
Ashley Trippp doesn’t explain why she was snatching his tongue up like it was mf taffy.
Ashley Trippp (10 months ago)
Tianna Lovell actually there was no harm done to the dog. She still has the dog and she treats all her animals very well. If you follow her on Instagram you’d know that her dogs are just as happy and well treated as a little kid.
Zaybien Nice (1 year ago)
Not my proudest nut...
Zive Petrovski (6 months ago)
Arianna Cognito (10 months ago)
Softy YT (10 months ago)
Zaybien Nice whahaahahahah
bruisedbabi (10 months ago)
Lindsay Madrid (1 year ago)
Your wrong for that stupied
Lindsay Madrid (1 year ago)
unimoo 39 (1 year ago)
Wtf is wrong that girl bruh😭😂😡

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