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Flattened Bubble Braid Ponytail

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This flattened bubble braid is a great style for short and long hair as you are only using the front. By pulling the hair out on the sides instead of the top like a traditional bubble braid, you get a flattened ornament type look, it's really cute and funky. This style is simple and should only take 5- 10 minutes to do. Detangler used in this style: http://amzn.to/2yCoh7W Flarisol Spray Bottle: http://amzn.to/2gUZkvc (aff links) Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe! Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/easytoddlerhairstyles Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/easytoddlerhairstyles http://www.easytoddlerhairstyles.com
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Text Comments (30)
Sumeyye Ergul (30 days ago)
Selamlar ben turk
Rouane Ouail (4 months ago)
من لاحظ كتابة تبدو عربية في الكتاب الذي تحمله الطفلة جزائرية مرت من هنا
BlingandBeef (6 months ago)
Just did this for me daughter’s school pics. It was SUPER easy!! Thanks for another great style tutorial!
Easy Toddler Hairstyles (6 months ago)
You bet. Thanks for watching!!
حياة فاتن (1 year ago)
mervenur kerti (1 year ago)
thank yov
arlene soto (1 year ago)
Nice love it
oooh19 (1 year ago)
Not just kids but adults too!
NAİLE svrn (1 year ago)
Heir isvery beautiful
Nisa Erhan (1 year ago)
ablacım ellerine sağlık çk güzel olmuş çokk birde kızınız çk tatlı maşallah 😊😊😊😊😙😚☺😙😚🤗🤗🤗🤗
Nisa Erhan
Yam Bf (1 year ago)
Carina Cândido (1 year ago)
Yam Barrera c1
Very beautiful 😍💖
روعه مبدعه
erika ochoa (1 year ago)
Hi ware do u get the bows?
Erika Rivera سمر ياسر حيسن
Sambreen Khan (1 year ago)
Very nice hair style
Noor Karim (1 year ago)
ممكن سوال شنو هذة لي جاي ترشة
كرما كريم (1 year ago)
Noor Karim تقريبا اسبراى لتثبيت الشعر
karinna1813 (1 year ago)
What leave-in conditioner do you use also what's Water-gel?
The Giffin Family (1 year ago)
Thank you I been trying different styles of hair for my daughter she loves when I do different styles
GABITCH Cárdenas (1 year ago)
أنملة ززنننمككدظةةىىىىةتنننمخخة ناعلزظدطكتنالببيسشذءؤرىةوو ز
Yaisha Diaz (1 year ago)
Such a cute style! Just in time I was about to do my daughter's hair.
Beatriz Cruz (1 year ago)
Yaisha Diaz yasihadiaz
Kahina Ritaj (1 year ago)
Macks Lunches (1 year ago)
Love this style so cute
{Nono } (1 year ago)
I love you so much ❤️

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