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10 Unusual Models In The Fashion Industry

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10 Unique and beautiful models who have gained worldwide fame over the years. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Videos you might like: 10 Ugliest Pairs Of Women's Shoes Ever https://youtu.be/1MBdghYAPw8 10 Biggest FAILS On The Fashion Runway https://youtu.be/Hb5yC68LJBA 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads https://youtu.be/sQmV6cKsYRY 10 Presidents Who Had Affairs With Famous People https://youtu.be/MXvLQdmskok Description: Catwalks can sometimes look like a parade of identical people, but then along come the most unusual models in the fashion industry to shake up the norm. These men and women aren’t the typical model type, but they’re walking in plenty of shows, scoring magazine covers and starring in TV series and music videos. These unique models are different shapes and sizes to what we usually see on the runway, and have conditions and disabilities that set them apart from the rest. Discover their fascinating stories in our video about the 10 most unusual fashion models. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (5362)
unia pakhomova!!! She's beautiful and the girl who carried her own head on gucci
Shiny Spark Msp (5 days ago)
Honestly I find most of the models faces extremely unattractive sorry but like they are all ugly
Stephanie C (5 days ago)
Wow, l got scared. Ugly
Sara Roberts (6 days ago)
And being 300 pounds is not sexy. It’s gross and unhealthy.
Sara Roberts (6 days ago)
Trannys are a true abomination. Going against what God made you. Sick.
Kenley 1234 (7 days ago)
I think their beautiful
N B S P (8 days ago)
#2 looks more alien than the last one. The last one looks like an elf. #2 is my fave.
tallboywitshortpants (9 days ago)
This is some interesting stuff!
Kateryna Morozova (9 days ago)
Tess Holiday - it is not healthy, it is a problem with health
MILAN MEDIA (10 days ago)
ugly, some monsters :-/
Dana Lowder (14 days ago)
The catwalk will only get it right when the same outfit is fitted to each body type and strutted...we all know what a size zero dress looks like on the hanger...the anorexics being the hanger...not asthetically pleasing to the eyes...this industry has such poor advertising technique
Galaxy Wolf (14 days ago)
Did i hear that right Bosnia Mah home county
Dana Lowder (14 days ago)
When people tire of anorexics draped with rags, that'll be the most significant change in this worn-out industry
B Cardi (14 days ago)
Honestly I’m great for that girl with anorexia but it’s unhealthy I rather see healthy models walking on the runway than an unhealthy one
Julianna Butler (14 days ago)
RIP zombie boy
Saumya Tripathi (14 days ago)
Australian model with down syndrome was most inspiring.....a blessing in disguise.
Merita Islami (14 days ago)
Regina Marie (15 days ago)
I wouldn’t say unusual but unique
Lynette Scribner (16 days ago)
It's great that anyone can model these days, but sadly these types aren't able to sell clothes or makeup as well as classic beauty does. People buy stuff because they want to be beautiful like the models wearing it. These types are interesting but none would be an inspiration to me to buy what they wear.
ella-rose (16 days ago)
There's ugly, obese, transgender even with down syndrome models but no short models.
Smileyrie James (16 days ago)
Shame that Winnie is an ugly person on the inside.
Alli White (16 days ago)
writing bair but pronouncing blair!?
Karla McCaig (16 days ago)
Freak show
Classy Cell (17 days ago)
SpiceFancy Cepeda (17 days ago)
Some of these people make me wanna vomit! ...Not attractive at all!! ...Very Disturbing
Angelique Rey (18 days ago)
These people are art
Rudolph Reindeer (18 days ago)
Winnie is being exploited.
Raya B (18 days ago)
People can be so mean to fat, different, short, ect models. Let them live
Jenni Harner (19 days ago)
There is beauty in everyone stfu
Jaymarc Lorenzo (20 days ago)
Thierry Mugler (moo'gler)
Harley SSC (22 days ago)
Molly Bair is actually really pretty .
Transgenders are sick they need Jesus Christ if your born a women you willaways be a women if your a man you will always be a man period ....
Trinity Floyd (27 days ago)
I love winnie harlow💜 my idol because i have vitiligo
John john (28 days ago)
QR Andrea (1 month ago)
Sick world
ViGi Aura (1 month ago)
Fat is unhealthy, and unhealthy is not beautiful
Zoink (1 month ago)
Rest in peace, Zombie Boy
blueeyedbutcher 555 (1 month ago)
I appreciate all the models besides Tess Holiday.... She's completely obese.... And it's sad
_teo .o.c.b (1 month ago)
i love Winnie
Honey Dyo (1 month ago)
That albino model is sexy and stunning hshsjsjjs
Νόμιζα ήταν η Ερμίδου στο thumbnail.
Mariam Margaryan (1 month ago)
Melanie Gaydos went to a Greek show for interview in past!
Mariam Margaryan (1 month ago)
+Stereo Cassette Yeah maybe! Well I don't really watch TV shows so I don't know clearly what show she went! I only saw it on YouTube!
Stereo Cassette (1 month ago)
Tatiana's show!
Pooyie (1 month ago)
Don't let those 'perfect girls' bring your esteem down. You're beautiful on your own way. Be your own kind of beautiful.
babycaaakes (1 month ago)
All these people saying how Tess shouldn't "glorify obesity" and it's "not healthy" , etc....true that it's not, but that's not the real reason. You're all just body shaming fat people. I mean, how many "normal" models are actually "healthy" with drugs, anorexia, etc...being so common in the industry??
Frepa Gioerne (1 month ago)
Molly Blair has Obama's ears! No wonder she's a model :)
Lisa Ramos (1 month ago)
God bless them all
dana abdullah (1 month ago)
He skull trooper ;S
THE IRS IS WATCHING (1 month ago)
Of course the second girl! Amazing work
Sarah Leach (1 month ago)
Zombie boy died i heard
Maya Winicale Drealino (1 month ago)
ok so I support body positivity, but if you are overweight or underweight to the point where you are unhealthy, it's not good.
Neha Rawat (1 month ago)
It's fake
i love wwe (1 month ago)
Different is more beautiful than the classic
Brian De Bradzinar (1 month ago)
That alien/mantis girl is beautiful she is streaming hot
Poker face (1 month ago)
R.i.p zombie boy..
maria k (1 month ago)
So proud
ajburgdorf (1 month ago)
Vitiligo is gorgeous!
Mya Papaya (1 month ago)
these comments are horrendous.
Claire Rivera (1 month ago)
4:54 this girl is really beautiful actually, she doesn't look like alien. In my opinion by the way.
athira s (1 month ago)
The girl with white patches.. For me she is gorgeous and most beautiful women in the world
Αρετή Τσ. (1 month ago)
R.I.P Rick Genest
just forfun (1 month ago)
Εδώ είναι το νεχτ τοπ μοδελ μπειμπε
*squeak* *squeak* (28 days ago)
OOF vicky eidwlo
Cece Parks (1 month ago)
the power in confidence
Kervin Lopez (2 months ago)
4:41 its jinx
The last girl is so freaking beautiful
Thư Lê (2 months ago)
every model on this list i agree, they all got an uniquely artistic beauty about them, except the down syndrome girl. nothing against her, she is just not suited.
Elwira (2 months ago)
FABZZZ (2 months ago)
Modeling is trash...being unhealthy isn't something you should look up to....also no short models...
Non Believer (2 months ago)
Worship of bizarre is always sign of decline. Society has failed once again.
Ohio Girl (2 months ago)
Tess holiday is beautiful but she needs to revaluate what she’s doing
omegapointil (2 months ago)
Gee, how deliberately unconventional of somebody. Its like what passes for Art today. Who decides? Christies and Sothebys I guess. Relativism; limbo equivocation.
Chinemere Ezenwanne (2 months ago)
I hope to become an unusal model too with acne. God help me
beautiful face, disgusting body😢😢
tranlanga mingo (2 months ago)
Applause for the weird
Go J wantTV (2 months ago)
Watch this https://youtu.be/jWtqB-gM2rE
Jody Johnsen (2 months ago)
How is painfully thin or obese variety? We look all different ways, all different sizes that are healthy and look it. Why isn’t that one of the varieties?
Mike Lee (3 months ago)
I’m sorry if your a model you shouldn’t be 300 lbs you shouldn’t be looked up to because your fat, I’m not saying everyone should be skinny because I’m not skinny, but should that make me a model? No it shouldn’t, this world is too damn rewarding
oof Asion (3 months ago)
U r all losing your minds. I know what beautiful is and this ain't it. I want to puke.
AnTe SHINE (3 months ago)
The skinny last one 🍓
Majamychi art (3 months ago)
I think I screamed inside when I saw that andreja is from Bosnia
Kunal Mazumdar (3 months ago)
That thumbnail reminds me of Lord of the rings movie.
LJ Kaz (3 months ago)
RIP Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) :(
lisa starves (3 months ago)
I have a channel on YouTube im New😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
lisa starves (3 months ago)
Im 41 and i look 21.. for real.. i want to be a model... LOL
Almu De A. (3 months ago)
Davida. Martinaz
astroalex19 (3 months ago)
kind of freaks.....new world order satanic "beauties"....
requiem for a dream (3 months ago)
2:16 is erika linder
RISS ROSE (4 months ago)
You dont know anymore who is woman who is man this days are crazy
Ralf H (4 months ago)
To me they are all freaks somehow.
Emma Andreasen (4 months ago)
RIP zombieboy😞
beanqin (4 months ago)
T (4 months ago)
It's Madeline Stuart, not Melanie Stuart, I guess you don't even read your own captioning.
Papillon Studio (4 months ago)
Respect for those who make a difference as inspiration for anyone born different, because they, too, were born different. The others? Not so much.
Amna Khan (4 months ago)
So unique
J M (4 months ago)
They are insperational... Apart from the fat one 🤮
Leona Brawne (4 months ago)
Tess is bigger than a 22... that's some bullshit.
Leona Brawne (4 months ago)
ugly ppl
Sharon Newman (4 months ago)
When they exchanged truth for a lie and worship Ugliness over beauty thats when the world is in a mess
Sophie Mitchell (4 months ago)
If you're born a female, then you're a female. If you're born born a male, then you're still a male and always will be what u were created to be. Calling yourself a trans is lying to yourself and everyone else
Melanie Austin (4 months ago)
Caitin Stickels who wasn’t showcased here, has the best story and success story to tell!
Sylwia403 (4 months ago)
They are interesting people. I like it-as many us as many differences . This is making world more colorfull☺

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