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The blindman goes the right way... Well almost. L'homme est un aveugle qui va dans le droit chemin... Enfin presque. Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/ouiremi Like on Facebook: http://bit.ly/remilike Follow on Twitter: http://bit.ly/remitweet More Rémi: http://www.nimportequi.com/
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Text Comments (4914)
Ilias B (2 days ago)
Hahahhaha with the car the police dindt stop him
С автомобилем вообщем РОФЛ😂😂😂😂😂
Erik (3 days ago)
Birdbox be like...
Drakov Yerno (3 days ago)
Putain la bienveillance de ses gens ^^
Edson Granados (4 days ago)
Gigantic Wang (4 days ago)
Even Stevie Wonder would crack up after watching this!
nono agri 39 (5 days ago)
Alize96 (5 days ago)
1:33 best part ahahahahahahaha
Super.Fly737 (7 days ago)
fais une video asterix
Rémi Gaillard. The only real prankster on youtube, he made history
NATEDOGG175 (8 days ago)
Frank Connors (12 days ago)
igor novak (13 days ago)
blind people disliked
Hullo I'm Scott (14 days ago)
This guy would live through birdbox for sure
Jorge López (14 days ago)
Jajaja como me hizo reír cuando llega ala gasolinera y le saca un pedote ala señora 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤪😎
La ferme guémarienne (16 days ago)
Miff Miff (16 days ago)
I feel dumper after watching this. Thanks
German Pintos (16 days ago)
1:33 that was epic 😂
Kevin Yeoh (17 days ago)
Me after watching Bird Box.
Aymar Galloo (17 days ago)
Bien joué au deux monsieur
Amine Raika (18 days ago)
2019 ❤
Remembered (18 days ago)
Stevie Wonder is going to die now just so he can spin in his grave. :(
Thomas Liddy (19 days ago)
White people be like
Cardhu Glenfiddich (20 days ago)
Le bon de la dame a 1.34 je suis exploser
Vyko (20 days ago)
2018 😭🤣?
Hasson 35 (21 days ago)
Wait until blind people see this
TheBlaggert (22 days ago)
The world's best prankster
jsn (24 days ago)
after watching bird box
Jackie (25 days ago)
Menos mal que no hay ciegos para ver esto
Ilan Flores (25 days ago)
Who came here because of bird box
Skjdo Parodie (27 days ago)
Comprend pas ceux qui dislike c vraiment pour faire chier
Витя Дикий (28 days ago)
Ты тоже ищешь российский коммент?😂
Adas _ (28 days ago)
Tu est dans ma région poto
Swewsa (28 days ago)
Very good work, Rémi! :-) I love yours and Adam Wardega's jokes. Is it possible for you contact him and make something extraordinary? One common think? Greatings from Czech republic. ;-)
Marcus Källvik (28 days ago)
haha at gas station :P
Diego Estrada (28 days ago)
1:38 she is so confused! OMG xddd
4exgold (29 days ago)
when he passes the cops, the traffic offender's like "you pull me over for speeding and yet you're gonna let the blind guy keep driving?" :D
Unknown Guitar (30 days ago)
acid drinkers!!
Veery Laly (1 month ago)
what a retard stop dangering people this is not even funny
skudaaron1986 (1 month ago)
Stupid, dangerous and revolting. How can you say you are a comedian?
1000 SANS ABONER (1 month ago)
Les Fr
Marigo Marigo (1 month ago)
Crazy man lol
Oskar W (1 month ago)
Acid Drinkers playing in the background *perfect*
st del gor (1 month ago)
who waching in 2018
Ersiin Apx (1 month ago)
Mdr j'ai cru qu'il allais faire sauter la station service 😂😂
Samuel Peña (1 month ago)
Jajaja jajajaja q puto amo jajajaa el mejor de la historia jajajjajaajaja
Bassmaster3250 (1 month ago)
0:45 the older generations were so much better than ours... 99.9% of millennials wouldn't even notice this guy, let alone go out of their way to help him.
Kevin Hernandez 8598 (1 month ago)
this is a prank
Joe (1 month ago)
That's we should respect eldery
The Master Tanker (1 month ago)
That Metalic cover of Hit the road, Jack is totally awful. You can clearly see these are amatures. They cant create their own song, then they make a horrible version of a 1920s classic
S T (1 month ago)
The subtitle is on swedish
NayCart (2 months ago)
1:33 lol i laughed so hard at this
Infamous king (2 months ago)
Actual pranks that are funny😂😂
PCblog (2 months ago)
The police part is very funny.
Matthew Müller (2 months ago)
The woman at petrol station. Hahahahaah
Agent. K. (3 months ago)
1:27 as always police never stop the people they have to stop...
Sebastián Alburquenque (3 months ago)
2019? :b
Jonez (3 months ago)
driving a car blind is against the law
Necrotomista ™ (3 months ago)
Essas pessoas merecem meu respeito!!
محمد العوامي (3 months ago)
Anton (3 months ago)
Excellent !
Jean Ditou (4 months ago)
Mdr 😂
chezy pizza GamersXX (4 months ago)
tu es un genie ou quoi ?
chezy pizza GamersXX (4 months ago)
tu es un genie ou quoi ?
Diego Diaz Macias (4 months ago)
Jajajajajajaja eres único remi gaillard !!!!! Como tú no ai ningún youtuber!!!
Frederick (4 months ago)
need this soundtrack.
tornendo 34 (4 months ago)
Tout les Montpellierain reconaissent les endroits dans toute tes vidéos
Gapsa channel (4 months ago)
jared schwartz (4 months ago)
Doge (4 months ago)
Ils sont gentils les personnes âgées
JACEK MAGICAL (4 months ago)
1:35 XDDD
Apple Man (4 months ago)
0:22 music name?
Bruno Balducci (4 months ago)
nostalgic nono (4 months ago)
Fuck the theme music
Magnus Wettermark (4 months ago)
Hahaha...so good! The king on pranks..
セーリング野郎 (5 months ago)
NANI!? blind attack!?
The DJ (5 months ago)
davidbuchanan 1776 (5 months ago)
hell yeah !!!!!!! that's good shit !!!!!!!!
TrainFaner 569 (5 months ago)
#best prankster ever
Anderson Mauricio (5 months ago)
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk iraaaaaaaaado😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
THUNDER SLAYER (5 months ago)
0:27 lol 1:22
nobody important (5 months ago)
voice of truth (5 months ago)
We all are blinds. That's the symbol.
ABDULRHMAN (5 months ago)
Okey this is insolence but funny
FIFA MOBILE Zahin (5 months ago)
I can’t watch this video because I’m blinded.
Alex Foster (5 months ago)
0:45 those guys were really kind.
Léo N.Reis (5 months ago)
2018 ?
Sona Falk (5 months ago)
You on the roundabout killed me.
Goatvarro (5 months ago)
Remi is the real deal
Jean-Modmath (5 months ago)
маладесс супер клип
Władek Gamrot (5 months ago)
1. 32 is the best
Doğukan Che Che . (5 months ago)
Oha amk
OpenYourMind (5 months ago)
Moderne Charlie chaplin
Akin (5 months ago)
I ❤️remi
Robertas & (5 months ago)
Robertas & (5 months ago)
Robertas & (5 months ago)

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