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TEST: TURTLE WAX magic color

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TEST su graffio poco profondo...vedrete il risultato...in ogni caso meglio di prima...
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Trevor Woodsmonkeyboy (13 days ago)
RTFM Read The Fucking Manual
Larry M. (1 month ago)
And the scratches are still there!
Joshua Nicholas (7 months ago)
That's a gouge, more than a scratch. If anyone could expect to pay around £10 to repair a gouge like that and expect near perfect results, body repair shops would go out of business.
Louis Russo (11 months ago)
Lol ,someone get him a coloring book, that’s more his speed....
Azrin .A (1 year ago)
Dude u got the wrong product..u shud use scratch remover not colour cure..and the way u use the chipstick are wrong..its shud be rubbed against the line not follow the line. Ive used this product before and its works great.
WakingCobain (1 year ago)
This was just bad. However. He did what the instruction said, no? Clean, apply chip stick, apply wax, clean it of. And the result, although it is less visible, is still bad.
Very Good (2 years ago)
WOW it looks like a lighter scratch!
Carlos Fandango (2 years ago)
Use a pencil crayon or even a cheap wax crayon and you will get a far better result.
Drew Scott (3 years ago)
Hmmm? I don't think the end result is that great.
Spac8 (3 years ago)
whaat are you doing? you have no idea how to use that!
Big Nick (3 years ago)
the product is chap and does not what they say I waxed and pen a scratch on my car 10 times and it still showed. even if it does work apparently after ten car washes you have to do again they are plenty scratch dent places that will fix for less 100 pounds
Tomer Tzur (3 years ago)
so it worth to buy this item or not?
yvonneost12 (3 years ago)
have one of these kits in red , complete with instructions and none of it is in bloody english , hence we watching this vid.
Jocko Gam Ble (3 years ago)
Sure would have worked better if he had followed the instructions rather than just smearing it on any old way.
Ty Buchanan (4 years ago)
As with all "repairs" - you still know it's there because you did it!
Julián S. Montoni M. (4 years ago)
I recommend you to read the instructions.
Vatsaper (4 years ago)
Хуета южноамериканская! Хуже китая!
MrAlexUssR (4 years ago)
обычная предмет. А для долбаебам, которые не понимают, что глубочайшие царапинки устраняются лишь перекраской, эта штука не поможет.
Fedor Meinhardt (4 years ago)
Lars Dahl (4 years ago)
Or you could just bite the bullet and do it the right way. i.e. have the damage repainted. A scratch that bad can't be "fixed" with any kind of magic wax (no scratches can).
Adolf Alienowski (4 years ago)
+Ty Buchanan Exactly
Ty Buchanan (4 years ago)
Yeah, if you are made of money.
stikrulez (5 years ago)
this is the best product ever, i use black in my car and its perfect... but you gotta love your car man... as it was said before, you must wash it well before, remove all the water with a dry cloth, and only then you apply this. some tips i can give, apply the color and remove the excess slowly and in the oposite direction of the scratch, and use polish only after you remove most of the product, if its a big scratch you must use a machine to polish, that scratch is easely removed with this product. apply in a shaddow place, not in direct sunlight. do it right and its gonna look perfect. 
Ty Buchanan (4 years ago)
I have a Mazda which is a very dark green/gray/black/metallic.  No color polish matches it.  But I did find the old WD40 trick worked a treat.  It puts a darkish gloss over a chip and somehow makes the chip blend in whether it is white (very deep) or black (shallow).  Remember if you polish too hard you can get down to the plastic.  Some of the Mazda guards are actually plastic.  It is the paint that makes them match the steel sections.
criss andrei (5 years ago)
Sorri but in my opinion you should use black kit........ i see is whiteon black paint...... true?
bubins86 (5 years ago)
No,it isn't black...it s orient blue!
Misterkidkool (5 years ago)
Konrad KCN (5 years ago)
Konrad KCN (5 years ago)
Do you ever read the instructions? Just follow steps and you will get results not after your sloppy work
Kevin carter (5 years ago)
That was a fair old scratch
M77A77 (5 years ago)
Thanks for the test. I always wanted to buy that but now, i give up.. Thanks fır sharing with us.
mo zo (5 years ago)
You did it wrong. It says on the bottle to rub across the scratch not following the direction of the scratch. And do it slowly to build up the wax level in the damaged area to level with paintwork.
A li (5 years ago)
bubins86 thanks for this video
Prabhjot Singh (5 years ago)
What's the pink stuff
Kosara2 (5 years ago)
No wonder u got scratches! Polishing without cleaning!!!
bubins86 (5 years ago)
Thank you for watching it...I agree: the result is not good but it's better than before!I just wanted to try a cheap way to remove this scratch, and this product is cheap ;)
chardey (6 years ago)
you rub the dust off your paint... dry?? That nearly hurts to watch
bubins86 (6 years ago)
ok...thanks for your help!
Metalunique (6 years ago)
The best way to fix that is to lightly fill it in with putty(just enough to fill in the scratch) let dry, lightly sand with 2000 grit and airbrush with the color match.

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