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Happy Wii U Day!!! Wii U Unboxing!

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Just got my Wii U today!!! Really excited! Also, I just noticed after I made the video that it doesn't come with any Wiimotes oddly enough. So if you never had a Wii...you may need to go out and buy some controllers, however, I do own a Wii and have all the accessories.
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Glass Eye Gaming (2 years ago)
Great unboxing! :)
Paul C (2 years ago)
good review do more
Ahmad 3D (6 years ago)
What's your ID?
H.Brandt (6 years ago)
Almost the same size as the fat PS2 model.
hola , desear mi amiga en miniverse :) , pero tiene bloqueado para solicitudes de amistad
jacktsang05 (6 years ago)
I wish i made a video of my unboxing since i got it on release date as well. Owell. PS: I love your fashion
TheThurak13 (6 years ago)
Do you actually play it? good video by the way
Losttouchjs (6 years ago)
I don't think there going to be as hard to get as everybody saying, because I just seen three white ones and three black ones at Best Buy today.
Daniel Taylor (6 years ago)
Great video :) But i am so jealous, I still have not picked on up yet lol but I hope yours brings you plenty of gaming fun :) you made an unboxing video exciting....go you!
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! :) That's quite the compliment as those guys are awesome!
MetroidFREAK21 (6 years ago)
Pretty :)
HAHA HAHA (6 years ago)
She's a poser..No need to go easy on her just because she's a girl. Girls can be frauds too and that's what she is.
XxDrJewxX (6 years ago)
Well you d have a very valid point, people do need to research something that they are going to buy, like cars or anything electronic, better make a good investment on something that is probably going to last for years instead of months. But i wouldn't call them idiots and make snarky comments about "Casuals".
ewidlingphoto (6 years ago)
If someone has been an avid follower of a certain brand, there comes a point when they'll continue buying their new products regardless of research. I don't see why you have to throw insults at people just because they don't do things your way.
Llanfabon (6 years ago)
haha, that's cool. Your opinion. ;)
BLACK ROSE WAR (6 years ago)
I don't know about you, but there really isn't anything to worry about in her case. She obviously understood the basics, so I don't think she walked in blind, besides, that has nothing to do with if she is casual or not. xD
HAHA HAHA (6 years ago)
The people that don't are idiots. (Always do research before you get yourself into something you know nothing about.)
BLACK ROSE WAR (6 years ago)
Knowing nothing about a new system does not make you a casual, not everybody researches everything before they buy. xD
HAHA HAHA (6 years ago)
I only seen this video..I didn't bother looking at the other videos..That'll only give her more views which she doesn't even deserve. (Casual)
Llanfabon (6 years ago)
Lol, she seems quite knowledgeable in her other vids...
Martin Christensen (6 years ago)
Nice vid!
HAHA HAHA (6 years ago)
You could tell she knows nothing about Nintendo.(Ugh Casuals)
DeckardBR09 (6 years ago)
Your so cute! Just found your channel. You should check out Epic Mickey for wii u
reemCGR (6 years ago)
No problem =) Personally I liked the name GameCube much Better I'm glad They chose GameCube Instead of The Dolphin :)
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Yeah, it's actually really awesome! I actually didn't hear about people getting their pre-orders cancelled! That's horrible!!! I wish there more launch titles for it, but then again, I have enough on my plate, so I guess it's okay!!! Really enjoying New Super Mario Bros U actually, it's quite good!!! I'll make a first impressions video on that and Nintendo Land soon!!!
The Laggy Gamer (6 years ago)
Glad you were able to get yours! With all the horror stories of pre-orders getting cancelled by the stores I was hoping you wouldn't be one of the ones to get shafted! Enjoy your new system :)
Joey M (6 years ago)
Cool vid, you should do a gameplay / impressions vid on the wii u & mario, i'd like to see that :)
LGC GAMING (6 years ago)
awesome, watching your vids have put you on the top of my list of favorite youtubers. like avgn,nes complex, arcade impossible!
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Thanks! I am really excited to do it too!!!
r0b0m1r0 (6 years ago)
Thanks for the video. Super Merio...LOVE IT!!!
femtrooper (6 years ago)
I want Zombi U too!!! It looks so cool! It has been added to my list of games to buy...le sigh, too many game wants! :( haha
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Totally worth it!!!
femtrooper (6 years ago)
I really looking forward to Zombi U actually! It looks like it would be a lot of fun. That is also a sweet deal at Old Navy, I may have to check it out even though I already picked up NSMBU. In general, there aren't a lot of launch titles I'm stoked about, but I know there are going to be some great titles coming soon.
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Well hello Netherlands! You will definitely going to enjoy the Wii U, I am loving it!!! I don't often play games online though, sorry! :)
femtrooper (6 years ago)
I am really enjoying it so far!
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Nice! I am actually kind of wanting to get ZombiU, it looks really cool!
femtrooper (6 years ago)
Thank you!!! I totally forgot what it was called, but remembered it was ocean related, haha.
reemCGR (6 years ago)
The GameCube Was Gonna Be Called The "Dolphin" =)
BLACK ROSE WAR (6 years ago)
Someone is popular for all the wrong reasons xD Have to say, loving mine, Nintendo land is way more fun then I thought.
thehumansilversurfer (6 years ago)
Cool video , i cant wait till i get paid at the end of the month to pick mine up.
Initial J (6 years ago)
I got my deluxe this morning along with the pro controller and Zombi U. So far from what I've seen of Zombi U the multiplayer isn't so great but the single player campaign looks really good, the lighting and textures are really really good. I'm waiting in CoD Black Ops 2 in the mail and getting Super Mario Bros U on Black Friday at Old Navy's ((spend 40$ get Super Mario Bros U for free)
Remy L (6 years ago)
Femtrooper, you are an amazing girl, and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't want for you to be my girlfriend. I'm so glad that you picked up a Wii U. I will get one too, but it won't be until the 30th, since I live in Europe... Do you play games online? Because if you do, I'd love to play with or against you sometime... Greetings from the Netherlands! :D
xboxpalcollector (6 years ago)
I have some high hopes for this console... I really love the idea of the controller and hope it's everything I want it to be. I hope it brings you heaps of fun and please share some of that with us in future vids (like I need to ask lol)
huskiesghost (6 years ago)
:) It's amazing
SNESmapper (6 years ago)
Nice. I got a deluxe set as well and I'm waiting for the games I ordered in the mail.

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