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Marelent FMCG Products (Basmati Rice)

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Moonglow business pvt ltd. was established with a though of changing lives of both rural and urban people. the company is not only an organization but a thought of improving life style of people though providing option of better hygienic and quality product s for daily uses quality product propositions and technological invocation have made “marelent” in a position to achieve market leadership in categories it is present our effort focus on environmental protection as well as social responsibility to help develop the communities we operate in leveraging our global reach and inspiring people to take small, everyday actions we believe we can make a big difference to the world, by combing our expertise with deep roots in diverse local customer, we are continuing to provide a range of products to suit pocket of consumers we are also strengthening our strong relationship in the emerging markets. We believe will be significant for our future growth. We are much expose to challenges that world faces daily basis in their life. We try to make positive contribution to them we are committed to take ancient Indian culture and lifestyle using Ayurveda, organic agri products, religious beliefs to the rest part of world.
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