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Let's Play Don't Starve Episode 1: Let the Journey BEGIN |PSVITA|

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Let's see how my journey goes in Don't Starve for the PlayStation Vita. Visit thevitalounge.net for everything Playstation Vita, whether it be reviews, news, rumors, or giveaways, The Vita Lounge is the number one Playstation Vita site there is! Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and visit the site take care! Thank you for watching! Please remember to like, and subscribe for future videos and giveaways! Also come find me on Twitter @MrPsVitaReviews Music by Kyle Von send him an email if you're interested in getting some music made for your videos! [email protected]
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Text Comments (17)
Metoděj (3 years ago)
How do you record on the Ps Vita ?
Noah Andrew (4 years ago)
I just got this game for my Vita and its awesome! So far my record is 18 days (I'm pretty new to the game still :b)
Kris Valdes (4 years ago)
Lol this game is like a 2d version of The Forest
Lavender Babies (4 years ago)
But came out before the forest so no.
JC Troncoso (4 years ago)
im still tempted to either buy this on PC or the vita. 
+MrPSVITAREVIEWS yes its hard. if pc can also be portable
Tyler Olthoff (4 years ago)
Depends on what you think you would get more value out of I think. PC will probably be cheaper but the Vita is portable haha. Its a tough choice. Me personally I will always take Vita over PC for Indie games :)
GadgetGirlKylie (4 years ago)
The thumbnail <3 I tried to play this game but I wasn't careful enough and just got killed a lot, I much prefer watching people :3 Going to enjoy this series.
Tyler Olthoff (4 years ago)
oh yeah I know that feeling well if you ever wanna play something together let me know :) add me on PSN ImSoHappy77
GadgetGirlKylie (4 years ago)
+MrPSVITAREVIEWS Yeah, i need to get back on to Soul Sacrifice Delta. But just got so much to cover right now and games due out!
StepNines (4 years ago)
Kylie you play all the best games tho!
Thulsa790 (4 years ago)
If you go into the world settings before you start you can tone down a lot of the stuff that can kill you like the hounds and even turn off the night time etc.. It's good to do this so you can play for longer and learn what you need to do to survive on the harder settings.
Chris Pieters (4 years ago)
+1 new subscriber, thanks +GadgetGirlKylie
javaispasprévu ça (4 years ago)
This game is amazing :P
Larry Medina (4 years ago)
I really tried to get into this game! I just couldn't make it passed the first couple of nights! A bit of a longer trial and error type.
Tyler Olthoff (4 years ago)
Yeah its not easy man Im still struggling to make it 5 days hahaha I am better with the girl though since she has a lighter and fire makes her sanity rise.

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