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Best Documentary of the Housing Market Crash (of 2019?) | Inside the Meltdown | Behind the Big Short

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MELTDOWN - The Men Who Crashed The World - 2019 The first of a four-part investigation into a world of greed and recklessness that led to financial collapse. In the first episode of Meltdown, we hear about four men who brought down the global economy: a billionaire mortgage-seller who fooled millions; a high-rolling banker with a fatal weakness; a ferocious Wall Street predator; and the power behind the throne. The crash of September 2008 brought the largest bankruptcies in world history, pushing more than 30 million people into unemployment and bringing many countries to the edge of insolvency. Wall Street turned back the clock to 1929. But how did it all go so wrong? Lack of government regulation; easy lending in the US housing market meant anyone could qualify for a home loan with no government regulations in place. Also, London was competing with New York as the banking capital of the world. Gordon Brown, the British finance minister at the time, introduced 'light touch regulation' - giving bankers a free hand in the marketplace. All this, and with key players making the wrong financial decisions, saw the world's biggest financial collapse. Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Text Comments (1957)
Dale Slover (2 hours ago)
13:24 to14:00 unbelievable!
Jai Shetty (17 hours ago)
I pity the younger generation that borrows to buy a house. They could just save up instead, invest wisely, and live peacefully until they can afford that house cash down. it would cost much less, and there won't be any threats of repossession too.
John Holmes (1 day ago)
The Federal Reserve boys are responsible for all this crap.
TAX COW FARTS (1 day ago)
Blame whitey.
sami ijaz (1 day ago)
Fuckkkkk!!!! I’m going crazy!!!! I’m tired of being a salve to these people!!!! These evil people live off of our misery. When will we the people will win?? We 99% have so much power but don’t do anything with it. People can’t buy a house but they’re born in America whereas people oversees come here on work visa and buy houses. Fuck the system
Life Stinks (1 day ago)
Wealth was taken by force not lost.
Everyone has access to capital, but few know what to DO with that access.  With a $100 stock option you can control $10,000 worth of stock for a month, even if your credit-score sucks.  If you are good enough to find options that pay off you can turn that $100 into millions (as several have).  "Anyone who is winning now appears invincible," but another thing about money is that those who can get rich don't stay poor so the ones who are poor aren't likely to get rich or they'd have done it already.  Still, if one has a roof over their head, a place to sleep, and can afford the basics, any extra money is just peace of mind, as it's not really DOING anything other than sitting in an account somewhere.  When rich people demand my time (especially on a chessboard) I usually ignore them because they have time to waste and I do not.
Ernie Mackinnon (2 days ago)
i enjoy watching this...with .31cents in my account.....I`m not that broke......
Carlos Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Your money and retirement isn’t safe in a banks
Carlos Rodriguez (2 days ago)
They give kickbacks to politicians,that’s reason no one went to jail
Mr, Boo Boo 1972 (2 days ago)
Alister told Hank.. We Don't Want Your Cancer. I don't blame the British. I won't blame them when it happens again......Soon.
Mr, Boo Boo 1972 (2 days ago)
Yeah... Hank for Lehman Brothers and their stockholders.
Luke Z (3 days ago)
In last couple of years the houses in Amsterdam went 64% up 🤔
shipoopeeeeeeeee (3 days ago)
The love of money truly is the root of all kinds of evil.
Sheila Pasquini (3 days ago)
The reason none of these bankers were ever prosecuted is because our politicians were accomplices,. Fat contributions to their "re election campaigns", along with fully paid trips hither and yon and walla....unsecured loans. It was a recipe for disaster and all of those at the top of the game knew it. Lehman Bros CEO walked away with over 4.6 million dollars in bonuses while investors and employees went broke. These people should be hanging from Times Square. Once again, the folks got screwed.
The Conclave (3 days ago)
Stay calm and buy #bitcoin.
Life Stinks (1 day ago)
Nothing more than a beta test for a government owned cashless system.
andrew domenitz (3 days ago)
All these smart people cared about were their commissions, fees, and bonuses. The future defaults of the indebted homeowner and non-performing bundled mortgages were going to be someone else's problem. On advice from my sister in law, I bought waterfront property in 1998 with a sea wall right on her street for 30,000. By 2002 I had a house built on it with the total cost of 250,000. In 2005 I sold it for 520,000. The real estate mania was just too good to be true and I knew it down deep in my guts. My feelings were right. by 2009 the house was down to 325,000 and the owner had lost his whole down payment when he let it go. This was just good luck for me and bad luck for the world.
photon britside (4 days ago)
Maxine Waters stfu you hypocrite...you were part this scandal too!!!
DJay MD (4 days ago)
I have a question: Why the hell is never mentioned that one of the leading attorneys...Barack Obama, with ACORN, sued the banking institutions for not lending mortgage money to unqualifying people? Wasn’t he that caused, then President Bill Clinton (1997), banks to lower the bar on loan-qualifying requirements? Then the people had to default on their mortgages, because they could not pay!! Yet, and like Pilate, Obama washed his hands and blamed Bush, because it happened during his presidency (2008). By the way, wasn’t this same Obama who added a 9 trillion-dollar debt to the deficit?! Educate me, please!
Kyle (4 days ago)
Don’t blame the “evil scary bankers” blame big government and THE FED. They are the ones perpetuating this massive house of cards
Nick V (4 days ago)
Follow Deutshe Bank. Its happening again.
James Pappas (4 days ago)
They chummed the waters real good for this long con. They grew fat off the excess and dumped their losses on the tax payers.
jage (5 days ago)
Nope. I never fell for it. Here in California homes and subdivisions spring up overnight. But you couldn't pay the mortgage and no FHA? Forget that. Knew Banks were giving ppl loans they couldn't afford and what about after 3 years the mortgage would reset from 600 to $3,200 a month. No one can afford that. Told friends but no body listened. They called me a fool for continuing to rent. All lost their homes. Been in my apt since 2006. Oh well. Bank loans stink
The American people don’t realize that central banking controls everything in the world including their money we print the American people’s money we control it will loan it and we give it to the bank to loan it with the stroke of a pen we can set the America back to 1929.The American people don’t realize but you’re in a great bubble that will make 1929 and 07 look like child’s play, brace yourself America
The Traveler (5 days ago)
...let's gut the regulations and then more people will come. Yes. But they are all thieves and criminals in suits. Who loves regulation free banking more than those who have been rigging it before and now their job's been just made easier.
The Traveler (5 days ago)
To find out what really happened to to help them get away with it?...
Robert Doell (5 days ago)
And I am struck by the lack of questioning of former CEO James Cayne and confronting him with the actions and ramifications of their actions. Political Action figure dolls or on strings as puppets being directed not to ask the pertinent questions.
Goran Trtanj (5 days ago)
Watching this in 2019 ... house prices still at all time high
madafakaniga1 (3 days ago)
Beograd najskuplji u Evropi u odnosu na primanja, ako je verovati ovoj statistici. https://www.numbeo.com/property-investment/region_rankings_current.jsp?region=150
Robert Doell (5 days ago)
Subprime loans were not the problem. Packaging them in CDO's as AAA risk were the problem. And the Credit Default Swaps betting on them were the problem. Accelerated interest rate mortgages which increased on the mortgagee over time making payments impossible, were the problem.  The MORAL failures due to belief in Evolution and turning against GOD/JESUS and the Judael-Christian work ethic for reward paradigm IS the PROBLEM.  LIARS, GREED, Cheating, Stealing, Not caring for Others, Selling garbage as it were Jewels is GODless and selfish and Evil.
Life Stinks (1 day ago)
Robert Doell (5 days ago)
Everyone wants to blame the Big Banks which rightly deserve much condemnation. However it was Individuals who LIED on mortgage applications and others who speculated that housing prices would continue to trend upward that contributed in a large measure to the undermining of the Financial Structure. Most Moral Americans understand that housing should be for family and not a means of speculative investing in multiple homes onwhich to get rich.
Blockminer10 _ (5 days ago)
Chris Johnson (6 days ago)
The Iceland segment could have been referring to Australia...same same :-(
MaKsOZ (6 days ago)
the guy at 33:02 has the same voice as Steve Jobs !
Scott MacDonald (6 days ago)
When my wife and I were getting are lone to buy are house They told us that we could easily afford to take out $250,000 lone. We looked at each other and laughed and we said no way. And that happen in 2004.
Scott MacDonald (6 days ago)
Their are people in prison for life on drugs conviction. That only hurt them self but CEOs of these Banks robbed ordinary people of everything. And almost everyone them served no time in prison.
TRICHOMETRIST (6 days ago)
Deutsch bank going down, is this the last stop on the bus?? The biggest short
jage (5 days ago)
Funny... That bank fell 18,000 let go same day as Epstein arrested. I think he's also laundering drug cartel money. And worse. It's gonna be an eye opener. Lots of big business and govt officials will be exposed.
Jon (6 days ago)
Actually the Wall Street crash of 1929 did not cause great depression. Both things happened because of market conditions, but one didn’t cause the other.
david mccallum (6 days ago)
Genius is measurable, but stupidity is limitless. Your not going to read this anywhere else. In the investment banking deregulation that began in the 80's in places like England, everyone was getting into everyone else's business. It was diversify or die. In mortgages only, there were 64 mill in mortgages involving a fraud of 400 million in the US alone. Institutions involves the likes of Chase, City Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank Of America... for the fraudulent mortgage contracts and was discovered by SYNTAXING the contracts. A cash cow for the US govt. but deadly for the coming cashless society, in a way that extremely few are aware of. More on that for enquiring minds. Essentially, the same kind of scam has been used on a world that communicates at a grade two level, and as in the case in a court of law, the defendant is ignorant of their position. One question to ask is... Can I see the CORRECT sentence structure parse syntax grammar for the voidence of the perjury? Example; The officer stated" the defendant went through the stop sign." (#1. This is physically impossible.) This means fictious conveyance of grammar for false and misleading statements. This statement in the officers report, voids the charge and the judge dismisses the case. WHAT'S THAT GOT TO DO WITH THE MORTGAGE MELTDOWN? GLAD YOU ASKED. On mortgages, banks claimed the houses even though they had not signed a contract, the claims were confessed too in courts, trying to take properties by a law suit. The judgement is, the banks pay a penalty of 25 million to the justice department under penalty of law. The justice dept. gets 17.5 mil. of the penalty, the whistle blower gets 7.5 mil. for each confession, ( legal lawsuit before courts to take properties). The whistle blower signs a contract to pay the homeowner between 500,000 to 2.5 mil. ( value of a property), of each of his 7.5 mil. he collects and he has to buy a 7 mil. certificate of deposit at the bank that just screwed you and paid a 25 mil. judgement to pay the justice dept. What happens when you buy the 7 mil. CD? The bank can use fractional reserve for loaning the money, at 10 to one ratio making 70 million, selling it to master card for example at 18% interest. In 9 months, 25 mil. is all paid back with interest to mastercard. Now the bank realizes the big picture, walks into the law office ten days later and says, we have a cheque here for 26 billion. We would like to settle this law suit. So, the homeowners get their 500,000 to 2.5 mil. March 6 2012 Ten days after the bank meeting to settle the suit. Banks went to a law office ( name with held), got 19 billion, the US govt. took 7 billion, the law office hired a staff for the huge stacks of applications to deal with. The bank is waiting for their deposit of the 70 mil. for every 25 mil. they paid out in penalties. Now they assemble 22 mil. foreclosures in the US to deal with hiring some 4,000 attorneys divided by 22 mil foreclosures and it's going to take a while. This scam, brings 8 trillion as a winfall for the govt. that functions on a 2 trillion annual budget and only collects 500 billion per year in IRS revenue in a system that the public in complete ignorance of, volunteers to pay, since it's a code and NOT A LAW to pay taxes on income earned. So this becomes a 16 to one payback by correcting all these mortgage contracts that have been syntaxed. It will take ten years since more attorneys were hired, before the administrative mess is corrected. There are a lot more areas of business and industry to use syntaxing of contracts.
Darren Sice (6 days ago)
Isn’t it good how these elite scum just see the workers as their cash flow. Almost makes you wonder who is really in control and with all this dishonesty and the way they hide their scams you would have thought why hasn’t North Korea and Russia had these problems only seems to be countries that are under the federal reserve/banking whatever it is called in the number of countries controlled by this financial sector
lobotires lobo (7 days ago)
this strong hand shake @ minute 21:10 brought the already powerful man to greater powers
star flam (7 days ago)
Think inflation is bad? Wait until hyperinflation comes around...
ed rod (7 days ago)
The Whole System is a Scam take a look at the creature from jekyll island to understand who and what this is all about so scrap this video its really pointless.
Aaron Flynn (7 days ago)
I love how politicians and bankers talk about 'ending their holidays early' or 'working through the weekend on capital hill' as if they only do this kind of thing for 'real emergencies' ...meanwhile hundreds of thousands of people are losing their homes and retirement
170$ to 2$ a share ??? Dick Fuld took down a historical bank !!! Greed & deregulation
Robin R. (7 days ago)
The banks would never have made such ridiculous loans if they had not been encouraged and enabled by the government. In their desire to make housing (mortgages) available to lower income people, the federal government during the Clinton administration offered to underwrite (guarantee) loans through Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. This "investigation" purports that it was the banks and Wall St's greed and recklessness that caused the mortgage meltdown when in fact, the financial institutions were accommodating the desires of the government. Go back before the low or no cost loans, before the creation of derivatives and before lenders stopped asking browsers prove they could repay a loan. Just as today, lenders required proof you can repay the loan before they would make it. So, what happened? Why did the banks start making loans knowing full well that the browsers could not repay the debt? , only because the government underwrote the programs.
Hector Lalalala (7 days ago)
These channels are terrorizing people. We’re in 2019 and we’re still going strong. I guess fear does work
Eddie Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Begging the question? What caused the 2008 Meltdown was SHEER GREED!
J S (8 days ago)
Hysterical to me that, of all the horrible things these people did, pot serves remotely as a lightning rod.
Justin Wallace (8 days ago)
I was stationed in Arkansas in August of 2008 and purchased my first home. 1 month later it dropped almost 10k in value and I lost about 6k out of my 401k. Keep in mind this is in the south central US where the cost living is not very high and I was fairly young. I couldn't imagine the amounts of money lost with older established working Americans.
Patriotic American (8 days ago)
Killing them is not enough pain to balance the pain they caused.
Life Stinks (1 day ago)
sentence them to 50 years of extreme poverty seems a more fitting punishment.
ro Last (9 days ago)
The real seed of the 2008 housing crisis was the 'weak sheep', the people who went into the 'Fox's Den', the banks and mortgage company's. Millions of these weak sheep borrowed money and used their homes escalated equity value as ATM machines to buy new cars, boats, vacations.... and even new breasts for the wife, stuff they couldn't  afford! IF these people did not borrow money for their selfish wants the 'Fox' would have gone hungry.
Meraxes Rex (9 days ago)
DJDonkeytron (9 days ago)
So im waiting to see how there's any connection between that bankers weed smoking and a global economic meltdown. SMH
AJP (9 days ago)
Fuck any and all these "government officials" interviewed. Trying to pretend they were shocked about what happened and are now on the side of the "people". They are all on the take including big business/banks. Then the elected officials voted for the bailout to save their own financial asses after they had been raping and pillaging just like big biz. They are one in the same. All good though cuz we are headed for the economic end. No coming back from what is coming. Good...!
Plutarch (9 days ago)
This was caused by William Jefferson Clinton. Who took a Peanut Farmers legislation and put it on steroids. It was called the Community Reinvestment Act
RandallFlaggNY (9 days ago)
J.P. Morgan himself hauled in to the Pecora hearings? Uh.... J.P. Morgan died in 1913. His son was subpoenaed.
Levi Strauss (9 days ago)
it's good for the economy lol
Philip Hoskinson (9 days ago)
Complete propoganda...no mention of the Barney Franks and other Politicians that set quotas REQUIRING banks to give subprime loans, then establishing the government backed Fannie and Freddy to insure them ( facilitating the market)
j s (9 days ago)
That title said of 2019 lmao yeah I see a crash happening this year how stupid
Pearl White (9 days ago)
Excellent piece. Thanks so much for posting. It helps everyone understand what's coming.
jdsmith556 (9 days ago)
They won’t be held accountable and they won’t go to jail. You can bank on that! 😉
Flat Foot (9 days ago)
Sorry, but where was this lying self-centered liberal lunatic Maxine Waters when those ghetto dwellers were signing up for those unbelievable loans? Besides, they are ignorant, lazy, uneducated idiots and deserved to get screwed. They went in having nothing, got to live the high life in white neighborhoods where real hard working people went to school, didn't do drugs and made good choice in life lived but then the floor fell out and they lost. Nothing earned, nothing gained.
Flat Foot (9 days ago)
This ahole Angelides actually had the balls to say he was HNORED" to welcome people to this hearing about scumbags bankrupting thousands of people and businesses?! WOW!!
Mike Mike (10 days ago)
It's not theses landers, the stupid people buying houses of any price.
Philo2020 Pommier (10 days ago)
They give loan knowing the incapacity of paying ,take the house back that was paid in part sell it back with profit ,its a world rotten by dishonnesty,but most of the time they are not honnest.
Philo2020 Pommier (10 days ago)
Easy,rich richer,poor poorer
Philo2020 Pommier (10 days ago)
Medical,justice and real estates what a way of making money disgusting.
Charles M Rinehart (10 days ago)
Greenspan should’ve been put out to pasture long before 2008.
OH Yeh! (10 days ago)
Ocwen mortgage is the worst
Michael Petty (11 days ago)
2019 ?
Bob Olson (12 days ago)
I knew everything was going to crash when a friend of mine went and got approved for a loan of $150,000 when he was only making $25,000 a year the estimated mortgage on his house was $1,100 he brought home $1,200 so basically he had enough to make the payment for the house everything else he didn't have money for but he had a girlfriend that lived with him as well but she was not I repeat she was not on the the deed for the house so it was basically all him and all his income and he was like I said $25,000 a month pre-approved for $150,000 house that tells you right there the numbers in that up and I knew do you know what was going to hit the fan and that's why I didn't buy anything around that time
Life Stinks (1 day ago)
PMSL, funny how people, more often than not broke claim to have known beforehand. Most oh so knowledgeable couldn't afford a tent either then or now.
Raymond Caylor (12 days ago)
Maxine Waters 7:19 her district has more homeless people than 39 entire States in the Union. It is the poorest district in California. She is no champion for the poor.
Richard Dixon (12 days ago)
She’s the slave master
Cryptosilver Loverboy (12 days ago)
maxine waters is a criminal cunt, anyone who takes out a loan and is too fucking stupid then it is his fault so fuck them, oh the poor people, bullshit, they are greedy and thought they where ripping off the bank sometimes until the banks fucked them.
Fish Sandwich (13 days ago)
So at the end of this video there will be one question to ask. Are these people dead yet? Have they been slaughtered for their crimes? Were they properly publicly executed or do these clowns still draw breath? If they still draw breath why have they not been slaughtered in public for all to witness because of their crimes? Why is America so f****** worthless when it comes to acting appropriately and holding people accountable? How long until Americans stop being worthless worms and start being people that deserve the skin and oxygen that they waste daily? These people during this hearing should not have had the chance to speak. They should have been strung up by their ankles and sawed in half from their crotch to their face. f****** cowards everywhere and it's disgusting
Life Stinks (1 day ago)
They shared out the public's bank "bailout money" for bonuses here in the UK.
Fish Sandwich (11 days ago)
Richard Dixon I'm going to need to know your mother's address so that I can slap her in the mouth for ever pulling a turd like you out of the toilet. Just because you were kicking and splashing that bowel movement doesn't mean she should have pulled you out, dressed you up, and sent you out into the world to be one of the worthless fucks that will talk, but there's no walk. Just another coward. Keep your facial menstration quiet and to yourself little girl. You're embarrassing yourself. And what does anyone else being involved have to do with these people answering for their crimes? what a dumb fucking comment. Does mommy still feed you and wipe your own ass since you seem too stupid to be able to handle things like that on your own? In fact let me guess it was either your mommy or your sister who typed this in for you? Because it definitely sounds like a woman's response.
Richard Dixon (12 days ago)
Fish Sandwich poor people like you are too stupid to know that exponentially more poor were involved criminally. But you are funny. Dipshit
Alexandre Palazzo (13 days ago)
Wanna break the system? Buy Bitcoin. Buy silver and gold. There’s no way to make things right using fiat currency, the weapon of the enemy.
Richard Dixon (12 days ago)
They will make movies about the bitcoin bubble too, just like madoff
Zoomer30 (13 days ago)
"If you couldn't pick a P/E ratio from a police lineup, we want you on our investment team" -Barings Bank 🏦
Zoomer30 (13 days ago)
This is one thing Republicans just don't effing get and never will. They believe in small government and low regulation making it too easy to cheat. They assume people will play by the rules and not take huge risks. The problem is, when no one is watching, people start to do stupid things. It's no coincidence that fuck ups like this happen after a long period of Republicans running the show and gutting the regulations. The Republican Party are the "useful idiots" for the business and banking sector.
Zoomer30 (13 days ago)
It's a fair bet that a guy named Dick Fold probably doesn't get a lot of women.
Hep Static (12 days ago)
He was worth a billion dollars at some point of time. Just saying.
Sonny Nguyen (13 days ago)
Weak documentary
Ricardo Miranda (13 days ago)
Ricardo Miranda (13 days ago)
They are alll GeorgeBUSHS GANG.0
Ricardo Miranda (13 days ago)
Their all fucken liars
walter allen (13 days ago)
Sweet Maxeen was screaming racism when minorities were not getting mortgages and she screamed greed when they did.
Alexander (13 days ago)
Lol, interviewing Maxine Waters? Are you fucking kidding me? The best thing about her is that she is low IQ. A corrupt, angry, idiot who only gets elected because of blacks voting along racial lines. Lending her credibility, or at least trying to, is a disgusting act.
Life Stinks (1 day ago)
Worked for Obama.
MR ME (13 days ago)
Pot brought down Bear Sterns ????
Jay Schmarje (14 days ago)
Ah- so INTER- dependence written in the communist manifesto. Let's look at November 30 , 2007 in a Methodist Church POTUS 43 GWBUSH quotes Deuteronomy 30 : 19 " I set before you Life and Death , therefore choose Life . The Great Recession begins ! And The SHTF on Sept. 15 , 2008 . The book of Job 41 : 4 ... will he make a covenant with you ? Ah- so 11 years later on the 30 th of November 2018 GHWBUSH dies !! Spiritual Wickedness revealed in high places . Oh GWBUSH your Leviathan " door " Is open .... Babylon is Fallen falling...
Joe Ellerbrock (14 days ago)
The housing bust was not a sin of the Lender or the Salesman, i.e. the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. The ultimate Sinner was the stupid and financially irresponsible Borrower (Eve & Adam) who signed a pact (mortgage contract) with Satan (the Lender) to dutifully pay off their debt in accordance with the agreed upon terms and schedule, and who broke that contract. BEWARE: The greatest credit bust in history is yet to come. There are just too many Americans today who will not be able to pay off their debts when the Day of Judgment comes and Satan returns to take their homes away. Chaos will erupt before 2069, so sayeth the Profitable Prophet. And may Justice be done.
Life Stinks (1 day ago)
Yawn, STFU with your ever irrelevant religious bile.
Jay Schmarje (14 days ago)
Take a look at Deuteronomy 15 : 1 , 9 .. every 7 years is the year of Res lease. .. so from Sept. 11 , 2001 ( Rev 11 : 13 , 14 the human sacrifice) Plus 7 years is Sept. 11 , 2008 . And behold Lehman Brothers goes bankrupt Sept 15 , 2008 . And the evil eye and wicked heart are revealed.....
MrRex2U (14 days ago)
While The Holy Bible rightly says that the _love_ of money is the root of all evil... it should have included that the *_LACK_* of it is right up there with the love... hence, The Holy Bible also says we can't serve two masters... we either decide to love money - whereby forsaking God, or love God and forsake money...
Respect My privacy (14 days ago)
This is coming all over again
De Corium Johnson (15 days ago)
So they pretty much robbed the people and banks through the system paid the fine did the time come out uber rich hmmmmm I got it
Carl Collicott (15 days ago)
The untold story, in the run up, the inclusion of Bank of America, Chase, CitiBank, and last but not least,Country Wide. The passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, did not, much to the surprise of most, if not all, create a "national banking system". The National Banking Act, circa 1860's, amended in 1909, again in 1913,(The Federal Reserve Act), added a new chapter, chapter 6, regulating "foreign banking", with no application in the several states, further restricted to transaction between foreign banks. The Act was amended in 1919, with the passage of the "Edge Act', which permitted "foreign banks" to create "corporations" for similar transactions, in insular possessions or territories of the United States. These corporations were never permitted to contract with a citizen of the several states, or accept a check or deposit, they could own a bank building, but not the land.So in light of the limitations, Bank of America, was formerly known as Bank of Italy, and is an Edge Act Corporation, Chase is actually domiciled in London, same corporate status, CitBank is domiciled in Ireland, same status. The exemption being CountryWide, a Federal Savings Bank, created under the auspices of a 1933 amendment to the Home Loan Bank Act of 1932, restricted th "advances" to member banks", not permitted to contract with the general public.There are no banks in the several states.
Ryōan Nazuk (15 days ago)
The fact is no one "Owns" property. It is either debt from a bank or a liability on lease from the government.
Phone One (15 days ago)
" wheres my fucking bailout?" best thing i ever saw
Laura Gadille (15 days ago)
And if Trump is reelected we will have another Recession and I don't see us getting out
Laura Gadille (12 days ago)
@Fish Sandwich your so full of shit
Fish Sandwich (13 days ago)
Laura Gadille so you're telling me that Trump is going to be the cause of a recession even though he has made it where there are more jobs in America than people to fill them, we are seeing a consistent 3 + percent growth in wages every month, we are seeing a 3% GDP growth every quarter, he has renegotiated all of the horrific deals we had with other countries where we were getting our ass handed to us and being raped because Obama hates America and did everything he could to weaken us and our allies while strengthening our enemies. What in the hell possible evidence or Reason could you have for pretending that Trump being re-elected would have any affect negatively on the economy ? every single thing he has done out of his over 300 + accomplishments since his inauguration has done nothing but improve life and circumstances in America and for Americans. Record employment for women, African Americans, Latino Americans, and in fact all Americans. What in the hell are you talkin about? People today are so f****** worthless and stupid that they have no problem making the most inane and asinine comments imaginable while having nothing to back it up in terms of legitimate information. how about this, stop menstruating out of your face twat until you have something useful to say. And I thoroughly expect a full explanation of your dumbass comment. Otherwise shut the fuck up.
Charles McKinney (15 days ago)
I wouldnt trust anything that aljezera says.
Charles McKinney (15 days ago)
Barney frank was responsible for this.
Rochelle Pratt (15 days ago)
Were on our way,  Trump is the first president to befriend  and trust our enemies.  Greed and look who you see  uhm
whatsthebigfndeal (15 days ago)
Lol, what?
Eva Padilla (16 days ago)
The banking system will experience something similar due to high interest, it will become overwhelming to those that can't find a way out of debt.
Winston (16 days ago)
I thought that meeting Paulsen called was really to see if Goldman was going to schtupp AIG, who had been paid for insurance guarantees on derivatives without putting up collateral and with no intention to pay. To get that collateral, goldman took all the stocks aig's other wing had lent them and returned them, knowing they had not bought safe treasuries but derivitives, bankrupting them in cold blood.

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