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Text Comments (4127)
BigDawsTv (3 months ago)
Happy Holidays to all :) Follow my Instagram to have a chance at the apple watch I'm giving away on Christmas :) - http://instagram.com/bigdawstv
DSGRT. TV (1 day ago)
Give me macbook ☺
Vshjshs Fzhsjg (1 day ago)
Me please 😍😍
BigDawsTv it’s merry Christmas not happy holidays
IllIIllIIllIIllI (1 month ago)
And i :(
Babin Maharjan (1 month ago)
I also want to have a one Lucky peoples
King Of Fortnite Clips (6 hours ago)
Where are you? I want to meet you one day..
foxxies gym ug (8 hours ago)
Reason I subscribed to his channel good heart man
vishnu kumar (9 hours ago)
Good job, you make people happy. That's feeling was really awesome
What’s happy holidays it ‘merry Christmas ‘
Shaun Cross Music (21 hours ago)
lol this is sad man
Dr.Derp (1 day ago)
And they say money can't buy happiness
Muhd Shuhairi (1 day ago)
Giving girls bang bang.
Skengman Willi (1 day ago)
Give it to some homeless people mate. that would be better
Daniela Luna (1 day ago)
You are Santa junior
I’m jealous
Michael Bryant (1 day ago)
One time I gave a stranger herpes.
DEATH' ROSES (1 day ago)
can you give me hahahaa
Pubg Warioor (1 day ago)
can u give me one of yours old phone :(
Devaraj B (1 day ago)
U r awesome
Shakira Monica (2 days ago)
Oooo my God am jealous 😢
Fabian (2 days ago)
Nice campaign Apple
Deepak Tiwari (2 days ago)
I need as well.... please
Chari Yuvi (2 days ago)
Dawson can u gimme something like that man.. That's awesome.. Im stil a stranger to u😋
celifacejones (2 days ago)
Should do this at community college campuses. I assure you they need it more. Hell, most would be ecstatic for a 6mo bus pass.
Jonathan Longoria (2 days ago)
I wonder how many of them sold it haha.
Mu Sa (2 days ago)
I feel bad for the people watching at the place giving a Apple Watch to other people
Russel Westbrook (2 days ago)
Why can’t one of these people be me
Abdel Lahmar (3 days ago)
You have a GREAT HEART♥️😍!
S D (3 days ago)
Can i get one😔
MrTIGA (3 days ago)
In germany we called this "ehrenmann"
21st Century Racoon (3 days ago)
didn't work on Android sold it
Shakir Ahmad (3 days ago)
Loved it
Tegar Prakoso (3 days ago)
I am poor guy bro.
aasin sheikh (3 days ago)
good job bro.god bless you
sudheer rahiman (3 days ago)
Iam indian pleas replay hi
sudheer rahiman (3 days ago)
Hey bro iam from india .Iam yours vedios all follows
Haren Mark (3 days ago)
are u serious?
ZENZY r e v i e d (3 days ago)
Man I really want a Apple Watch I’m never gonna get one
Gaidan Ng (3 days ago)
Making people happy... Wow
Making smile to everyone is good job keep it up brother
Hey Keev (3 days ago)
The first girl is sooo pretty 😍
KoShiXX (4 days ago)
If only he was muslim ...
Shubham Manna (4 days ago)
This is here u regret having a android phone 😂😂
sonu singh (4 days ago)
Giving cash would be much better. They can use cash to buy something that they actually NEED. An smartwatch would not add value to anybody's life since they already own a fully functional watch.
IIExhibitAII (4 days ago)
No wonder I couldn't find a new Apple watch last Xmas!! 😂
astro_mihir (4 days ago)
Hey .. stranger here
Moussa Cisse (4 days ago)
Bigdaws send me my apple.I live in Russia.
Tarun Tomar (4 days ago)
You seriously a good guy i want to meet you brother
saidur islam (4 days ago)
Help the homeless in ur area,it will much better
Fabian (2 days ago)
saidur islam i think this video made by Apple endorsement for their campaign, did you realize all those people using iphone? They want us to think everyone uses iphone now. Best campaign apple made so far.
Virtual Gaming NL (4 days ago)
I want to
Aleksandar Kostadinov (4 days ago)
thought it's illegal to hook people to harmful drugs...
Zunel Mhrz (5 days ago)
giving same empty box again and again to stranger. 2 min silence for those who think this is real.. "people just don't accept the free gift from stranger"
TRAPPEDMSC. (5 days ago)
3:36 who this girl :)
ccat pussy (5 days ago)
U got a bag full of em huh☻☻
Azhar Mahmood (5 days ago)
Can I have too??
kakek shugyono (5 days ago)
1:06 omg she's cute
The19pumas (5 days ago)
If you want to do something nice like that to people do it off cameras youill feel much better
davi mariano (5 days ago)
Da pra crianças um Yeezy plese
Omar Mohamud (5 days ago)
You are so nice man new subscriber❤️
Liverpool Gerrard (5 days ago)
At the end you have to say its social experiment and you have to return it
Jyoti Singh (5 days ago)
Who are you? What, I'm stranger too.
lovepreet kharoud (6 days ago)
Sir every video every I have watched
Shufkat Ali (6 days ago)
May be scripted!
MUHAMMAD WAQAR (6 days ago)
BROTHER please give me one apple phone .. ۔....if u give me then i always pray for u ...
Ghazanfar Ghazi (6 days ago)
you give real happiness for surprise gift good job bro
Sai Kiran (6 days ago)
I think dislikes are from galaxy user's
What happen BigDawn you look like 50 years old.
Drizzy (6 days ago)
First girl of this video😍
Lil Paddie Paddie (6 days ago)
I wish I could meet u guys one day. that's ever impossible thou... I'm in Ghana
Uhmmm....can I get one was no nvm make that 2
Cocktail Gaming (7 days ago)
You gave people those watches and didn't even ask to subscribe your channel. You are really very kind!❤
Donald Trump (7 days ago)
Plot twist: There was only an apple in the box.
Nudrat Butt (7 days ago)
How cool if u made it a video where u gave poor people something really nice
Chief Clashofclan (7 days ago)
Plot twist: Every hug he gave to a stranger he stole their phone
MR SWAYAM (6 days ago)
Hudson St Fleur (7 days ago)
I need one can i have one please this is my adress 1324 power D orlando
Jin Park (7 days ago)
I did this with iPhone Xs
Satyam Roy (7 days ago)
I want to
yasmin emam (8 days ago)
can you give something to homeless people because they deserve them more than anyone.
Stīvs Stīvais (8 days ago)
Im just giving free apple watches Really? Yeah... Daaaam
Reverse JC (4 days ago)
You ur joking
Reverse JC (4 days ago)
No way
Stranger Nation (8 days ago)
I wanted one
Ethan Lim (8 days ago)
Samsung Users: OOOOOF
Blair Solomon (8 days ago)
titus raju (8 days ago)
operate Tamil (8 days ago)
I do not even have it, so will you send it to me too?
Ros Darliah (8 days ago)
Where is Mine ....?
Sandeep R ramesh (8 days ago)
instead of giving to one who has ,give it to one who doesnt
eddy 90 (8 days ago)
Haha ha ha Lol Big Daws Tv Send me One too on My Address
Woofles (8 days ago)
When BigDawsTV Breathes, Everyone succeeds.
Ocean Bunny (8 days ago)
Though the holidays has passed, this still warms my heart.
Soby Sunny (8 days ago)
If it's a Car I would be ok what is this apple watch ... Does it have any basic purpose
GotBangtan !!! (9 days ago)
I think your dad is Steve Jobs 😂😂😂😂
GotBangtan !!! (9 days ago)
Yes take it home and unbox it You will find the box empty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
45 % (9 days ago)
Im a stranger who don't have an iPhone nor an iPhone watch :))
M. L. T. R. (9 days ago)
After few seconds asking to return😉😉😉
Qu1ck Lynx (9 days ago)
this is the kinda guy i aspire to be, giving away free stuff to people in the community.
Swasthik Shetty (9 days ago)
I expected more reaction from stranger
KXDVEVO (9 days ago)
i love you bro.
KXDVEVO (9 days ago)
(no homo)
I don't care anymore (9 days ago)
What I like was he just gave it to all multicultural no race difference ☝️✌and all over from different backgrounds
Azeem Khan (9 days ago)
0:52 that ass is bigger than my dreams :/
Marcelo Santana (9 days ago)
I really aprciate tis video
steven kharsahnoh (10 days ago)
Why dont he give it to the poor
John Paul Candelaria (10 days ago)
1:05 CUTE ❤️😂🇵🇭
Haris Taousidys (10 days ago)
Come on man nearly one million views

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