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Text Comments (4814)
BigDawsTv (6 months ago)
Happy Holidays to all :) Follow my Instagram to have a chance at the apple watch I'm giving away on Christmas :) - http://instagram.com/bigdawstv
Slime Lover!!! (3 days ago)
He is cool
Da Boss (9 days ago)
BigDawsTv god bless you
Saurabh Bhatt (12 days ago)
DawSon My Man ❤❤😍😍😍😍😍
Archana purohit (14 days ago)
Give it in india
Harshit Raj (1 month ago)
BigDawsTv I want to be that stranger whom you give iPhone 11
aakash hiwale (11 seconds ago)
aron asuncion (2 hours ago)
You'r wasting your money bro give it to me
Rahul Gujjar (10 hours ago)
Indian ..love you
Jesse Melendez (14 hours ago)
The people that dislike are jealous
NOCloutpumps HCT (15 hours ago)
Plot twist I has a tracking device in it
trend you (16 hours ago)
Help me my name is varun I have gallstones need surgery I want money call918179431238
The Emraan Vevo (20 hours ago)
I can't believe
Basit Mirzada (20 hours ago)
sand to me one apple watch please
Hm SAIFUL (21 hours ago)
praveen kumar (21 hours ago)
Malik production (22 hours ago)
Ps4 slim or my name is ahsan
Rudjard Duray (23 hours ago)
God bless you more and more.
Afsheen Asif (1 day ago)
Hey man I like ur videos but u should also help poor people so u can make their day too have a good life
Simran Sandhu (1 day ago)
J. DINESH (1 day ago)
Naveed N R A (1 day ago)
Nice viiiiiiid
Vihanga Vilochana (1 day ago)
Leqit4Ever (1 day ago)
Soo cool😊
Horse Girl502 (1 day ago)
Nah bro
Aries Throttle (2 days ago)
See? Even if you give people something,... there's still some people who dislikes it....
Tul Pun (2 days ago)
Please give to us also.
Aria P74 (2 days ago)
That is a lovely Video!!!!
Pallav Rahul (2 days ago)
It feels so good, after watching the video.
PRAKHAR PORWAL (2 days ago)
Kash India mai bhi hota
3meal 10egg (2 days ago)
"If you help others, God will give you double. Always."
Aria P74 (2 days ago)
Never it happens
Ferdinand Pane (2 days ago)
Where i can get Instagram of the women on the last clip dude?
Ferdinand Pane (2 days ago)
@KaydenJones220 typo dude
KaydenJones220 (2 days ago)
I've never heard of intagram
NUNGA Sailo (3 days ago)
Good guy oh
Slime Lover!!! (3 days ago)
Slime Lover!!! (3 days ago)
U are the nicest person I ever knew
annonymus anno (3 days ago)
even i want
Mohiu Deen (3 days ago)
Good Deed
Sangraj Mishra (3 days ago)
*and life*
faisal akbar (3 days ago)
Whay the people is jealous
onuralpenes04 (3 days ago)
where are you come here you fucking best dude
Tamik Debbarma (4 days ago)
I wish I meet you
Abbas Rizvi (4 days ago)
m dyler (4 days ago)
mechul (4 days ago)
Yoh hamına
An1moF2NSD LeAga (4 days ago)
salute bro god bless #philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Yusely (4 days ago)
First girl was cute
sassy made (4 days ago)
brooooo, ur rich as heck!
ArdaEzzYouu (4 days ago)
How to become hugs ahaha
cursed (5 days ago)
perks of being a stranger
I wish I had a lot of money so I could do this
Mark Samuels (5 days ago)
This dude is really cool and nice for giving out Apple watches
*#HaSoN* *#TuP* (6 days ago)
*#This** is the meaning of humanity...pro*
Aman bhandari (6 days ago)
Bigdaws - Do u have any apple watch Stranger- No i don't Bigdaws - You do now This makes me smile 😊😊
Crimsony (6 days ago)
The new mrbeast
Moosa Iqbal (6 days ago)
Dawson : do u hv an apple watch? Me : no... Dawson : now u have one..take this.. Me : i don't have a Lamborghini too...
Ferdinand Pane (3 days ago)
This is funny af dudeee....
Ferdinand Pane (3 days ago)
Mahendra Ojha (4 days ago)
Prashant Gayki (7 days ago)
let me please have that Apple watch too Bro
ashok ashok (7 days ago)
Instead give to poor people
Prasanna Jayalath (7 days ago)
U so cool man love u😀
Big Boi (7 days ago)
All the rich white girls.....
Ki Run (7 days ago)
U r really an amazing guy....
Ramadanni Elman (7 days ago)
this girl 3:30 is so beautiful, I like to have her Instgram maybe
Naveen Kumar (7 days ago)
Apple watches r expensive but the smile on their faces is priceless... awesome bro.
Motor oil TV (7 days ago)
What about giving shit to strangers?
Kloe Gaming (7 days ago)
This is why I need to get outside more
cgletts (5 days ago)
no ull run into russian hitman
Alan Abraham (8 days ago)
Can u give me any phone old 😫
k20052 (8 days ago)
3:39 anyone knows this girl's IG?
Mohamad Miari (8 days ago)
FairTO_Midland _ (8 days ago)
That lightskin girl was beautiful fr
pukhashe Zhimo (8 days ago)
I wish I have too
Merlita Templa (8 days ago)
You're such a good person because your sharing your blessings keep it up
Harsh Arya (8 days ago)
Hey you forgot a kind person ,who is commenting here 😉, reminding just in case you didn't remember.
Pihu Prashad (8 days ago)
U should make poor nd needy people happier by your money.... That is God's purpose he made us rich by his love..nd we have to spread it.. In the name of JESUS💫 ...AMEN!
Darren Fuerst (9 days ago)
This content should have the most views on youtube
dark boi (9 days ago)
These make me happy when i watch these
Dinesh Daniel (9 days ago)
A man with a golden heart 💞💞💞
Purv Makwana (9 days ago)
Appreciate you
Purv Makwana (9 days ago)
I love u bro
hardware collection (9 days ago)
hi can give me one please
samantha Comer (9 days ago)
Dang im so jealous that girl has a pic of him on her phone
Ziyad Bholah (9 days ago)
If this was a Muslim no one would accept it hahaha
Dontai’s Hat (9 days ago)
He went from small daws to big daws
Zack (10 days ago)
1st girl is cute!
Arnab Das (10 days ago)
Awsm video, that's really kind of u,u r great..i watch your show everyday.Thank you for making us laugh ,thank you for doing the best YouTube videos ever. Thank you for making people laugh, thank you for makng people happy,u r awsm,u r the best..i dont even hv a good phone,but u keep us happy always with your videos ..thank you.u r great, awsm.
muhamed tanvir (10 days ago)
Love u dude
rudr'a rajput (10 days ago)
Love your video from India.
Itz.Kiki.Stories (10 days ago)
Bain Nah (10 days ago)
Ur great dawson..god blessing u..
Ostdeutschland (10 days ago)
Oh shit the first girl was a dream
Adik Miezan (10 days ago)
You are best man i ever see dude, keep doin a good thing to people brothaa Peace from me from -Malaysia- :-)
σяgαи σяgαи (10 days ago)
please give me a iphonex dude (hahahahah)
PIXEL GAMER (10 days ago)
Anybody else from malaysian
熊本ジョー (11 days ago)
Worry KING (11 days ago)
make a video about poor people give them a bunch of food i will be thankful if you make this video
Patrick Junior Eze (11 days ago)
I pray I become so rich one day so that I do this to strangers.
K.R. Plays (11 days ago)
Rip android users🙏😂
Aiyana Gurung (11 days ago)
Really crazy!!! Apple watch.. Wish u could gve me one too..
Sachin Kumar (11 days ago)
So amazing. Kind hearted.
Tim Wilderman jr (11 days ago)
That was awesome and the best part for me was how every one of the people you gave one too was so appreciative and thankful for it.. good job..
Arvind Raut (12 days ago)
Wtfff its reallly gives
MSP (12 days ago)
I respect for u bro 👍👍 u good
Dhru Chavan (12 days ago)
Plz plz plz plz plz.plz.plz plz.plz give me
SHAHID PARWANA (12 days ago)
Pls give me watch
SHAHID PARWANA (12 days ago)
Kurt Liam Magsumbol (12 days ago)
Daws: this is for you Them: omg thank you!!!! Daws: oh, no, I'm actually like selling it to you for like money. As in you like pay for it. Them:
peace world (12 days ago)
no way after that Video Maybe take it back
Parshant Ray (12 days ago)
Bro you have really big heart

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