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Leonard Nimoy in Bonanza (1960)

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The Ape (Season 2, Episode 14) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0529670/
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Text Comments (44)
Tucker Carlson (4 months ago)
Spock shows emotion
Shannon Roylance (7 months ago)
Love Bonanza This Is One Of My Favorite Episodes!!!
Yann Schonfeld (1 year ago)
Je regarde tous les extraits de séries, de films, de reportages etc. pour remplir le vide depuis que Léonard nous a quitté. Merci pour le téléchargement.
Alfa Won (1 year ago)
Wow hes full of Emotion !
Mowac (1 year ago)
Several 'Star Trek' regulars had already been on 'Bonanza'. Leonard Nimoy, DeForrest Kelly, James Doohan, and Majel Roddenberry.
jfryza (1 year ago)
Quick, try fal-tor-pan to see if it might work on a human.
Marc Ziegenhain (1 year ago)
The conclusion of "Spectre of a gun".
manco82 (1 year ago)
Not logical!
Spock in Bonanza without him vulcan ears!
53rdAndThird (1 year ago)
Mongo only pawn in game of life.
bmas44 (1 year ago)
I love him so much
Automatik (2 years ago)
Interesting how his voice sounds completely different for this role.
Nick (1 year ago)
That's kind of what actors do.
Andrew Demetrius (2 years ago)
They must have taken a very long time to get those human looking ears right here! LOL
coc0s (2 years ago)
This is not logical.
Tom thx (2 years ago)
Mongo did it
kittykatBflat (2 years ago)
By nightcap he means (censored)
Austin Lucas (3 years ago)
I saw this episode once, never realized it was Leonard Nimoy in that role until now though. Spoilers: . . . . . The character who killed that woman had huge self-control issues and wasn't around people much. The woman feigned interest in him and in the cut-off part where he was in her dressing room he brought her beads because he thought she liked him, and then she snuffed him calling him a joke... Then he killed her.
Connell Glick (3 years ago)
THIS Leonard reminds me a lot of Han Solo haha, at least his voice in this does.
Julian Hans Halbeisen (3 years ago)
"Don't be homesick - be logical"
DrGull1888 (4 years ago)
My God! Mr Spock and Commander Adama in one TV series? The entire space time continuum must be collapsing!
John Caddy (1 year ago)
I think it's kinda neat, myself.
Perplexia X (4 years ago)
Peace and long rest, Spock!
Christian (4 years ago)
MixedRogueKhorri (4 years ago)
reminds me of josh hartnett 
MariusThePaladin (4 years ago)
omg, what kind of Alien was that that killed the lady ? Why haven't I seen this scene before in any episode of Star Trek!
trwent (5 years ago)
Why didn't he stop that guy with the Vulcan neck pinch ?
Zulay Cherie (5 years ago)
Gosh! Spectre of the Gun cannot come close to this! *stays in Nimoy's shadow*
GlossJung (5 years ago)
*dramatic zoom into Nimoy's shadow* Why was that so funny for me?
Noone (5 years ago)
I'm a little too late
Eklektik40 (6 years ago)
When he's not screaming PAIN he's screaming HELP!
Ashley Nimoy (7 years ago)
wat a sexy man!! my heart is pounding!! out of my chest!!
SawdustProductions (7 years ago)
@haveatomato One part Ford, one part Humphrey Bogart, IMO
kittykatBflat (7 years ago)
what episode of Star Trek is this?
Daniel Thomas MacInnes (7 years ago)
I can't believe Mongo killed Mr. Spock's girlfriend.
Dapper Dave (7 years ago)
kind of reminds me of harrison ford a little bit
JumpyKonijnJK (7 years ago)
ooh he looks nice ; P
mssucks3462 (7 years ago)
he should have used the vulcan nerve pince
deep1purple2 (8 years ago)
Only Spock?? Spock is the best thing on earth and the best character ever! And I think Leonard Nimoy is proud of being Spock ; ) <3 btw thanks so much for uploading :D
rcbpiccolo (8 years ago)
I love the little "Help." at 2:04. I died laughing the first time I saw it =)
noisepuppet (8 years ago)
This is highly illogical.
Lara Garrison (8 years ago)
What a BEAST <3
Dynamitrios (8 years ago)
Too bad he was only spock, this guy had some acting talent
frow9405 (9 years ago)

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