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♥ How to draw cute hairstyles for beginners ♥ (Part 3)

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*Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isketchrandom1/ CHECK OUT MY LATEST VIDEO (PART 4): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce_xcrrrbi0&t=320s **Thanks to all of your nice comments! But for those accusing me of “tracing” , first of all , these are my own designs. I spent hours coming up with them and I drew them probably a hundred times each. Even if I traced them ( which I did NOT, look closely everywhere and you will see there’s no lines anywhere except the second hairstyle) I have the right to do so because I came up with them. Second, the lines you see on the second hairstyle on the top are erased ones that I drew over. I’m not going to get each line perfect the first time I draw them; that’s why you erase it and redraw. :) Please LIKE if you want more videos, I'll only make them if I know its helpful! :) Watch part 1 and 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=fr9Ba7JUDGM https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=R23yQcLWC_Q Music - "i'm Letting Go" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/
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Text Comments (3479)
Juliana Love (6 minutes ago)
Asmr_ Beccauio (5 hours ago)
so i started number one and i didnt love the buns so i just started doodling and im happy with how it came out. thank you so much for teaching me how to do a head and start off a really good hairline xx
Tahir Sadaam (9 hours ago)
Really nice you should try this👩
ZyraPlayzz (1 day ago)
For so many years I finally make the first step😫😓😤
Maria Graneros (1 day ago)
2019 anyone? Lol
noah stunda vlogs (1 day ago)
OMG!such an artist
Harleys_World (1 day ago)
Usually if find videos like this and they teach me nothing! But this one actually helped me a lot!
Doctor Pepper (2 days ago)
What pencil is dat?
Semra Akgündüz (2 days ago)
Kids Jolly Toy Art (2 days ago)
so cool!
iberahim kamar (3 days ago)
I L❤️ v e I t
Slate Jones (3 days ago)
This helped allot🙄
Mahi Shaikh (4 days ago)
Anyone notice pencil kaise hold kiya h
Shame Hoteme (5 days ago)
هلا مرحبا والله الحمد 😁 واسلا
Shame Hoteme (5 days ago)
Tdkdeojsq 😀 Yt12bfd udobهههههع
Amenah Star (6 days ago)
استمري أنا امنة من العراق طبعا ما أريد أكتب انكليزي فلذلك كتبت عربي😘
الملكه مروش (6 days ago)
اكوو عرب 😑😑
GhO sTz (7 days ago)
Mi k
Sanjida Simin (7 days ago)
2nd one is better than 1st one
Ezana Habtamu (7 days ago)
It helps me a lot but my turned out a braid but still love it!
Very nice
Swarnova Chatterjee (8 days ago)
Beautiful 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Mukund Vaghela (9 days ago)
very very very nice 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
فتون سان (9 days ago)
Lindsay Frasier (10 days ago)
Y r these so hard
SHAYNA RANALLO (10 days ago)
Im only like 10 and i still draw stick mans...
Princess Vanessa (10 days ago)
Thank you so much! I will start using the "Making the head" tip from now on! This helps A LOT! Thank you!!!
Sabrina Saima (10 days ago)
Who saw this on 2019
Kathy Guerrero (11 days ago)
I loved the second one, so creative one of the best drawing videos ever.🖊🖊
Karla Buguis (12 days ago)
Thank you. This is the first beautiful hair ever made i never knew about drawing the hair XD
kiran Srivastav (12 days ago)
Barsha Mohanty (13 days ago)
2nd is my favorite
shahid Afridi (13 days ago)
Trashcan Sakura :P (14 days ago)
Hair is one of my favourite parts to draw. Whats not: PERPORTIONS, ANATOMY, MY DAMN LEGS, MY STUPID FEET AND TOES(Darn, cant even get a feet with no toes right T^T)
Kentplayz Mayol (14 days ago)
Who's watching the vid. While watching the comments lol. Well anyway great job that was easy for me.😊
iSketchRandom (14 days ago)
Thank you!! :)
Romi N. Andrews (14 days ago)
Lovely! 🌼
ما يحتاج نعرف نرسم
من يحب الرسم ﻻاك
من عراقي ﻻك
(15 days ago)
Why i feel weird when i get to the draw section, thats not even weird but idk....
MileyGamesRoblox YT (15 days ago)
Susan Harris (15 days ago)
I am only 5 years old
Ally Gacha_Playz (16 days ago)
Im 19 and i dont know how to draw a stickman ;-;
CAMILA PENAFIEL (16 days ago)
Next time can you draw the FULL hair but good video. Im definitely a beginner
salma khatun (16 days ago)
can i have one like for nothing lol
Leah Pressley (16 days ago)
Who else was to lazy to get a jar or something circular and then their first hairstyle turned out awful?
نعمه سعدون (17 days ago)
رسم فاشل حيييييل فاشل
Dina Syafara (17 days ago)
Kayonah Cater (18 days ago)
رفيف خالد (18 days ago)
مش حلو
phantom ghost (18 days ago)
i will give myself a B
Stacy Richard (18 days ago)
I'm gonna to Hit my self
Stacy Richard (18 days ago)
I am going to try this out because I don't have any thing to do Lol I'm lesee 🤣😂☺️🙂😊😋😆
They love kala (18 days ago)
I loved this and i really appreciate the fact that you makes these, your an amazing artist keep following your dreams
Shaimaa Ahmed (18 days ago)
Mariga YT! (19 days ago)
Soooooooo hard waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Leimatombi Leima (19 days ago)
I love 😍 the second one
Malak Club (19 days ago)
GACHA FRIENDS (19 days ago)
So hard I hate you stupid vlogger youre just a peace of trash bicth fuck you
Saana H (20 days ago)
I think you are not beginner😍
yến nhi Nguyễn (20 days ago)
Beautiful girl 😘😘😍
Max/rose Fox anime (21 days ago)
12 videos still can't draw y
TheActs238girl (21 days ago)
I am 11 years old and i did 😁🤗☺
Entesar Mantawy (22 days ago)
Cool ✨
هنا عباس (22 days ago)
واو واو😱😱
Angel the DOGGO (22 days ago)
Thank you so much this help me a lot!
Gamer wolf289 (22 days ago)
This just helped me so much in my drawings! I'm bringing this to my crush no matter what! Your drawings are soooooooo pretty!!
MLG frank (22 days ago)
Ehhh I know how to draw head's already don't even know why I'm here XD
Madison Garza (23 days ago)
I worked thx
I'm 8 years old
Vijay Singh (24 days ago)
Very easy to draw and beautiful
Fuck you what the center of the line what do I do first fucken do it slow .a starter barely a starter
Does anyone know how to draw a straight line cuz i see a comment says he/she us 10 still do not know how to draw a straight line...
Lovepreet kaur (24 days ago)
Hey I love ❤️ this hair so next time you she’ll send the video of easy cute girl thanks
Keerthi Krishna (24 days ago)
thank you! these helped me a lot! <3
cj-dj sia (25 days ago)
I love too draw and I went to a Art school
Aisha k (25 days ago)
mam your drowing is to good i really love it i am also drowing form 7 age now i am 14. and i love to drow the doll and all this .. really once i start it i love to do it 😋🤘✌
Jenifer Leal (25 days ago)
누가 한국인 이니? Just kidding im american😂😂 ima just leave........bye
I_ Jay (25 days ago)
You call this art? It's a masterpiece♡
فاروق عكيدي (26 days ago)
çok gozle çizorsn
Rifath khan jobayear (27 days ago)
I went to art my giral friend photo edat
Rifath khan jobayear (27 days ago)
Plz sister
Dayanara Rodriguez (27 days ago)
It doesn’t matter who disliked it, keep moving. 😃
Wendy Garcia (27 days ago)
BTW I was liking my Owen comments lololol
Wendy Garcia (27 days ago)
How dooooo you draw hair so good like that
Wendy Garcia (27 days ago)
Your sooooooooo good.☆☆☆☆☆☆
Wendy Garcia (27 days ago)
Why do I wach this i can't even draw like that I can't even draw a line
Alexis Cleveland (29 days ago)
I like your nails
Prasana Dash (29 days ago)
wow... so beautiful 🤗🤗🤗
Aleesha Ali (29 days ago)
You’re so creative and artistic. I wish I can draw like you.
iSketchRandom (29 days ago)
Thank you so much! i'm sure you are too
inferno kitten (29 days ago)
I think i will try to make a ninja out of this any one else with me
Dayanara Rodriguez (27 days ago)
inferno kitten yes
Aneisa Lindsey (30 days ago)
It’s looks bad....I’m so frustrated I can’t even make a circle let alone the part after the circle..Thats it Im done with drawing I give up
very wonderful
nidhi srivastava (30 days ago)
Uhhh bitch
ART Drawing (1 month ago)
Please subscrib for my channel , you are my hope to keep going 😿
ART Drawing (1 month ago)
My channel for drawing anime , please give a look , your support is the only way for me to keep going 😔❤
Bella & Friends (1 month ago)
When I did it, the outcome was so pretty! Thank you sooooo much! 😁😁😁

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