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PS Vita - Injustice Gods Among Us Gameplay Part 2

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Hey everyone welcome to my gameplay of Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition for the PlayStation Vita. PS Vita Capture Card: http://3dsvideocapture.com If you would like to keep up with me please be sure to click the links below. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/11FvoB1 Twitter: http://twitter.com/ELTGeek Facebook: http://facebook.com/ELTheGeek Instagram: http://instagram.com/unkleel
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Text Comments (35)
AirArtWave (3 months ago)
charles kungfu (2 years ago)
You're a bad player.
Panda Gaming (3 years ago)
good but cud be better
Nixiepia Famella (3 years ago)
scorpion from mortal kombat
Ethan Fisher-Perez (4 years ago)
Is this the same as the console version?
Juan Torres (3 months ago)
No it isnt ediots its far crappyier
Cosmic Stratosphere (3 years ago)
+EvXiTZzViper 408 do you know how you can change skins
El BigShegun (3 years ago)
Syafique Azraei (4 years ago)
why do you always lose??!!??
ZoNaGaMeRmX (4 years ago)
someone tells me it is called the capture? and where I can get into Mexico?
ZoNaGaMeRmX (4 years ago)
I can tell someone how you call that capture? and where I can get into Mexico? I'm Mexican I used google translator haha
Suigin Asano (5 years ago)
u are shit at games
Doile Peters (5 years ago)
Felix Frost (5 years ago)
I wish I could buy the game :( well I am getting it tomorrow lol
jony102002 (5 years ago)
How do you record the screen of your ps vita
Leonardo Kolman (5 years ago)
wow this game has so bad graphics :P
tu culo (1 year ago)
Leonardo Kolman its a handheld what do u expect you 9 year old complaining about graphica
NiroseDK (5 years ago)
does it lag for you too? 
Pedro Nico (5 years ago)
What you see here is different from what you will see in Vita... The quality may not be just like ps3 quality gameplay that shows on youtube but if you play it actually on vita the graphics are not bad at all.
YoLo GAMING_ (5 years ago)
Use superman
Beebat (5 years ago)
This kinda hurt my eyes trying to watch this no joke.
Angelo Joseph (5 years ago)
I think the graphics for ps vita is not so bad after all for me.
Ken Leong (5 years ago)
Really bad graphics
El BigShegun (3 years ago)
When you play it the graphics are not that bad
Adrian Enciso (5 years ago)
@KenKen12394 Killzone Mercenary shows the actual graphic potential of the VITA
Ken Leong (5 years ago)
U can see Killzone Mercenary did a great job in the Vita, Injustice just didnt spend a lot of time in handheld
Noobeast Gaming (5 years ago)
@KenKen12394 u just look the graphics is more better than psp, if u want a graphics like console u need to make ure own gaming system n if u did it i will buy it...GOOD LUCK!!!
Ken Leong (5 years ago)
Oh wait, how many years is the Vita and they still look like a psp game?
SutiTheSalty (5 years ago)
HEY YOUR INTRO! XD I had no idea this was on vita o.o
Jon (5 years ago)
it just came out
Raine Menzies (5 years ago)
Great video, by the way!
Raine Menzies (5 years ago)
I would love to see some Deathstroke!
Tech Meets Dan (5 years ago)
Hey man, Im pretty sure ur friend list must be full but I would be really happy if u could just add me (And I wont be annoying you by sending dozens of invites) Psn: blackopsvita

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