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The Billionaire Movie Score (ost Top Secret) - Post Rock Instrumental (delivery truck scenes)

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The Billionaire a.k.a Top Secret Music Score truck delivery scene. If you know the title and the musician from this score, kindly comment below. PS : I don't own the movie, just search by your own search engine/google "watch online The Billionaire" or "free download The Billionaire movie"
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Text Comments (41)
Gunawan Adi nugroho (2 months ago)
Inspirative band back soundnya
Syith Ibrahim (2 months ago)
Sudah ku telusuri seluruh album dan single dari inspirative & dekstop error ternyata ga ada. tampaknya mas gunawan asal band post rock thai nih
Gilang ER (2 months ago)
Judulnya ?
hazel eyes noona (2 months ago)
Pecah telor ya akhirnya.. kalo judulnya gmn gan apa tau juga?
Mohamad Ikhsan (6 months ago)
Kemarin abis nonton lagi filmnya, pas di scene ini backsongnya sounds like explosions in the sky & god is an astronaut. Pas baca komen taunya bukan. Udah 5 taun tapi belum tau juga ya siapa yang ngisi backsongnya 😄
risky wahyu anggraini (16 days ago)
+DOSKA thx you kak infonya🙏
DOSKA (17 days ago)
+risky wahyu anggraini top aka billioners
risky wahyu anggraini (17 days ago)
Kak judul film nya apa ?
Gunawan Adi nugroho (2 months ago)
Band thailand nama bandnya inspirative band
DOSKA (3 months ago)
Gua baper nonton film ini
Syith Ibrahim (8 months ago)
mbak lagunya sudah ketemu belum?
hazel eyes noona (8 months ago)
Syith Ibrahim not yet. Kalo udah ketemu pasti diedit judulnya 🙈😂
Titik Gunawan (10 months ago)
sok tau jelas jelas bukan
hazel eyes noona (10 months ago)
Titik Gunawan maksudnya sok tau apa ya?
Abid Lee (1 year ago)
Love this moments and theme song. Perfect film
Atik Dar (1 year ago)
Pilem fulnya ini mana
hazel eyes noona (1 year ago)
Atik Dar silakan cari google sendiri ya mas.. bisa dengan keyword "free download the Billionaire movie" atau ke indoxxi /dunia21 aja bisa nonton online
Kung Bhutia (1 year ago)
can you please upload full movie with English subtitles
hazel eyes noona (1 year ago)
Kunga Bhutia oh i don't have it.. sorry, you can google it "free download the Billionaire movie" or watch it online anyway
Cindy Manalo (2 years ago)
helo miss hazel. do u have full verdion of these movie with english sub title. thanks. please?
hazel eyes noona (1 year ago)
Cindy Manalo sorry, i watched it on dvd long time ago but you can try indoxxi / dunia21 (now i usually watch movies here)
getmyadsup.com (2 years ago)
This song sounds like Explosions In the sky - Your Hand in mine
pinoy top (2 years ago)
i like the last word "dont lose your corage no matter what. if you give up and then the game is over.!"
Arie Hendrawan (3 years ago)
Best motivational scene ever...
DAwn Lighten (3 years ago)
why it's not here on youtube anymore? the full movie I watched recently..
hazel eyes noona (1 year ago)
DAwn Lighten maybe because it has copyright issue. sorry, you can google it "free download the Billionaire movie" or watch it online anyway
Ah Traveler w (3 years ago)
yea i like this scene :D
Syith Ibrahim (4 years ago)
Almost a year since the first time i saw the movie and listen to this score . still found nothing .-.
geri173 (4 years ago)
Very good scene anyway. It remids me, when i was in Bangkok on the airport bus, before the way back home to Hungary (Europe). I was so sad, but hopeful about coming back to Thailand again. :'( 
geri173 (4 years ago)
Hi! It's absolutely sounds like "Desktop error" thai post rock band. They have instrumental songs too. 
amir blink (1 year ago)
geri173 no
dymaz wendy (4 years ago)
hello. at first, a friend asked me about this score. he thought it’s one of Explosions in The Sky’s, but it wasn’t. the score was really good. I just want to know so I can download it but actually I haven’t found the link. lol. thank you anyway
bintang borealys (4 years ago)
Terdsak Janpan?
Mo. M. (4 years ago)
I'm from Thailand
Mo. M. (3 years ago)
i don't know sorry :(
nRahmad Rahx (3 years ago)
+Sayumi M. can you tell me what the band?.
aji setya (5 years ago)
yap, i want to know the musician too....
Syith Ibrahim (5 years ago)
sounds like EITS but it's not , neither with god is an astronout . maybe thailand local post rock , i try to find the bnad for past few month but i found nothing
hazel eyes noona (5 years ago)
i thought the same. sounds like EITS, but it's not. and why thai people never react to my post. meanwhile.. we, indonesian care more to this.

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