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DO TEENS KNOW 2000s ANIME? (REACT: Do They Know It?)

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Text Comments (20138)
REACT (2 years ago)
Happy Friday! Thanks for watching this episode of DO THEY KNOW IT! Let us know how you did and what topic you want to see on Do They Know It next. Thumbs up for more! We release new videos at noon PST almost every day! - FBE Team Note to Subscribers: Youtube is having issues sending videos to your homepage. If you want to get notified when we upload a video hit the “bell” 🔔 icon above and you can get more regular phone or email notifications.
Villainy (2 years ago)
Mr.fireblitz 9 he is irrelevant
Brooke Mattingly (2 years ago)
Teh meme Is Here (2 years ago)
REACT *one punch man*
XproZeroX 32 (2 years ago)
You said naruto wrong
XproZeroX 32 (2 years ago)
REACT you said it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
the reaper boys (2 years ago)
Bleach is best anime ever
Daniel Robin (2 years ago)
one piece is live since 1997 they have 20 years anniversary this year
Lian (2 years ago)
hahahhaha I know all of them and watch all of them that's funny and i don't know why XD
Hector Rosado (2 years ago)
Plus digimon took me a year to complete
Hector Rosado (2 years ago)
The girl that said that's a lot of episodes for naruto you should see dragon ball z! Took me a month to watch the whole Frieza saga
Lian (2 years ago)
oh please go watch Detective Conan has 848 episodes and 986 in the manga and yes i watched the manga and the anime XD my fav anime , and there one piece 775 ep and still watching it
Emma Passenier (2 years ago)
Naruto and Death Note! Classics and favorites! ❤️
Montana Skye (2 years ago)
It hurts my soul that so many people don't know the beauty of these series'.
Claire Kaitlyn YH Chan (2 years ago)
haha I feel so accomplished, 10/10 recognised
EirikXL (2 years ago)
uuugh the girl who said she should watch Naruto because it has a lot of episodes ..
osvaldo garcia (2 years ago)
got everyone because weeb.
SSJ Kenji (2 years ago)
IG:animetypejimbei (2 years ago)
I do
Diogoh DC (2 years ago)
1 second after each scene i always knew the answer xD
BlueWolf_YT (2 years ago)
the girl who told them it was naruto said nuruto *facepalm*
StarElricSister (2 years ago)
Do more of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quentin Soulignac (2 years ago)
why do americans always have to dubb awesome opening songs and turn them into full crap :(
JSeth Gutchi (2 years ago)
Anime of the 2010's
MLA 28 (2 years ago)
more anime
Samira Ahmed (2 years ago)
My heart skipped when one piece was shown. Favorite anime!
fairy tail and danganronpa are my fave anime :3
yu hyuk (2 years ago)
Death Note is my fav anime, like, EVER
Top Anime (2 years ago)
See Naruto is the best
The Allied Powers (2 years ago)
"Nah-to-row" fukken really
BoyWhoCriedDoge (2 years ago)
The Allied Powers Nope. I call it Naturo too.
victoria olu (2 years ago)
Got everything right
in one piece I'm in the 500s
Luna The demon (2 years ago)
I LOVE DIGIMON and when it came on the screen I just the digimon: Digimon ME: DIGITAL MONSTERS
Mr.Reaper (2 years ago)
New all of them, but the highschool one. Is it worth to watch. What's, like, the genre ?
leonardo caneco (2 years ago)
Mr.Reaper YAOI
Isabel Whittle (2 years ago)
Mr.Reaper Ouran is a shoujo, romance, gender bender that is literally amazing (if you're into romances) also strong female lead. It was the first ever anime a watched and I would definitely recommend it
Julie Freya Schødt (2 years ago)
Mr.Reaper Ouran Highschool Hostclub? It is so fun! I can really recommend it
Small Deku (2 years ago)
I know all of them
Ryan Klaassen (2 years ago)
Got goosebumps when hearing the fma opening again my first anime except pokemon that doesnt count or yugioh or bakugan or beyblade or b daman
Kiske Økasai (2 years ago)
I knew almost all of them I just missed 1 ;-;
Z (2 years ago)
I knew all of them 🌝
Jett Thor (2 years ago)
This is gonna be easy
NAcHO1713 (2 years ago)
I knew a number of these. But not full metal alchemist. I have it just haven't watched it yet.
Hosneara Chowdhury (2 years ago)
NAcHO1713 yeah same
JuJu Julia (2 years ago)
I new all of them but one
Meaghan Priestley (2 years ago)
I really wish they included Code Geass, that anime is my fave
L change the world (2 years ago)
I love anime
Jakov Pacadi (2 years ago)
AdvancedSoldier 76 (2 years ago)
I knew them all
FishLord 777 (2 years ago)
New all of them almost instantly i have no life...
Isabel Whittle (2 years ago)
FishLord 777 same
arduous Popsicle (2 years ago)
In your defense, they used a lot of the "popular" common animes ahah
•ThatOneNerd• (2 years ago)
Same... XD ;^;
david mingo (2 years ago)
i knew every last one of those shows
SaeranWrap (2 years ago)
david mingo me to
Kurenai (2 years ago)
Do teens react to yuri on ice!
Galaxy Cat (2 years ago)
I'm nine and I know all these anime
Server Dweller (2 years ago)
Oh wow these r all mainstream ones it would've been more interesting if they found less well known anime
No0 Leader (2 years ago)
i have watched all of the anime shown in this episode
Luigi Manzelli (2 years ago)
well... this was a generous test, really easy titles, but maybe i watched too much anime to say this. Anyway i'm really surprised about one piece, i was sure that it'd be a 10/10, instead they know more about death note.
Datguy0405 (2 years ago)
I knew all of them. So either, I don't have a life, or I have too much spare time.
Eclipse Butterfly (2 years ago)
Datguy0405 don't feel bad these are mainstream animes but I'm kind of sad that they all didn't know them
Mr Void (2 years ago)
The Allied Powers (2 years ago)
Nightcore City (2 years ago)
Do they know 2010s animes
The septic hearts (2 years ago)
I got all except digimon Anyone else scream at death note, full metal alchemist and OHSHC
Ashley McCowie (2 years ago)
i knew every single one of them!! i am not a weeaboo i promise!!
Nocivo (2 years ago)
actually Digimon is the better version of pokemon
Dat Roy (2 years ago)
Is it sad that i knew all of them
moxn (2 years ago)
I knew all of them 😂😂❤
Evident (2 years ago)
Tijana Miladinovic (2 years ago)
i have over 30 Naruto drawings on my walls i'm a huge fan!!!
Nav (2 years ago)
15 years old and I knew all of them soo proud 💋
Josue Rojas (2 years ago)
The fullmetal.one.was.so.painful, such a masterpiece sinking into oblivion
Yulia Yang (2 years ago)
naruto shiuppen!!!!
Orion Xayn (2 years ago)
Yulia Yang lmao
Some Rando (2 years ago)
Am I weird I knew them all after seeing 2 seconds of their intro
Wolf (2 years ago)
(Naruto Intro Start) Me: Natto!
Léo nie (2 years ago)
so sad for this guy he don't know death note 😭
Haider Alghazaly (2 years ago)
One Piece
Liliana Martinez (2 years ago)
My favorite anime is Fairy Tail.😊
RandomBox 81 (2 years ago)
derpa herp (2 years ago)
teens react to yuri oon ice
Some One (2 years ago)
fullmetal alchemist NOT Brotherood....😐
oh look! its Waldo (2 years ago)
Anthony Kutz (2 years ago)
the fma one was painful
Nick Who? (2 years ago)
Sir Pinha (2 years ago)
Digimon came first than Pokemon... And One Piece is best anime/manga After Berserk...
Joshua Lazy (2 years ago)
"Ripped off"? You do know that Pokemon was created in 1995 and Digimon in 1997 right?
Mochi Love (2 years ago)
Sir Pinha I KNOW!! I was so mad !! Pokémon ripped off Digimon!
DjFlopsAlot (2 years ago)
Where the f*ck is Yu-gi-oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Michelle Toral (2 years ago)
The Man Himself (2 years ago)
Naruto the best anime ever next to DBZ.
The Man Himself (2 years ago)
The Allied Powers i know because narutards fuckedup real naruto fans their rep. but i watched alot of the best like fma, deathnote, aot, steins gate, rainbow etc. and i find the story and development of naruto the best(fillerfree)
RubyTistic (2 years ago)
@El Amigo You mention "Filler free", but the fact of the matter is that it's not. It's a great manga but not a great anime, and you can thank Studio Pierrot for that. A great anime would be HxH.
The Allied Powers (2 years ago)
@El Amigo How good it is doesn't matter in this argument, when you say DBZ and Naruto are the two best anime, you definitely give the impression that you don't know your way around.
RubyTistic (2 years ago)
The best anime? Hell no. Especially with the excessive amounts of filler...
Exlan Tech™ (2 years ago)
Dodao sam te na fejs,valjda si to ti
Tomita (2 years ago)
11 and i know all of them
Imran Icanovic (2 years ago)
If I remember well One Piece has been fully written. All that is left is to draw the manga and finish the anime. Which will last a year or two more since I think it was said that the Marineford arc was about the middle of it.
Sir Pinha (2 years ago)
Eichiiro Oda the creator of One Piece said that when he began doing it... He already have mostly of the story done on his mind... And of course along the way he invented some alo of things... But the story already has an End.
Ari33sa (2 years ago)
Well so far there's no end to it. I don't know if it's fully written, but I seriously doubt, they'll finish the manga within the next two years... Or five if you ask me.
graceiplier (2 years ago)
is it bad that I have watched all theses animes
SaeranWrap (2 years ago)
graceiplier no
Blast King (2 years ago)
lol all of those animes are popular.
Kpop Trash (2 years ago)
as many as you can see from my icon I know my anime
Hose Victor (2 years ago)
Im younger than them and i now all of these... this is what i have spent all my life on XD
RAFdude (2 years ago)
I watched all the episodes of naruto
MarcuPanda (2 years ago)
do 2010s animes to 2016
Mystical Keyblade (2 years ago)
Maid-Sama :3
Kranich 90 (2 years ago)
comparing digimon with pokemon is like comparing the desert with the amazon rainforest
Alice (2 years ago)
Alice (2 years ago)
I thought Sailor Moon was just Sailor Moon? And Sakura is Cardcaptor Sakura (late 90s/early 2000s)
_grace. quinn._ (2 years ago)
_grace. quinn._ (2 years ago)
Alice Uhhh ya mean Sailor Moon Crystal? if ya meant that then ya im depressed too XD
Wolfzat Adaemus (2 years ago)
Doraemon??? Where the Doraemon???
Syali Ishihara (2 years ago)
Doraemon is ancient o.O
gleun (2 years ago)
Doraemon is not dubbed in USA back to 2000s. They dubbed it just recently in 2014.
Haji84 (2 years ago)
Wolfzat Adaemus Hi
TröttaSnubben (2 years ago)
Jesus why would you choose the dubbed One Piece :/
RubyTistic (2 years ago)
The 4Kids dub is horrible. The FUNimation dub is alright.
Music Freak (2 years ago)
TröttaSnubben ikr the dub is awful
KEI (2 years ago)
Anime Trash Starter Pack but without the trauma of Boku no Pico.
Tallyho (2 years ago)
As a guy I enjoyed Ouran... is that weird?
Indigo Benton (2 years ago)
Oh my god i know all of these animes!💜😂😂
caleb cogdill (2 years ago)
One Piece of my Mind same
Sadie Cahill (2 years ago)
that's mainline animes for you: nearly every otaku knows them.
Pao Chongloi (2 years ago)
I feel sorry for most of them or the red shirt one, who never had a childhood. All he did was ,oh! I never even heard of it, no childhood bro.
Pao Chongloi (2 years ago)
Andrej Lich I am talking about the red shirt guy!! The Boy!!!
Andrej Lich (2 years ago)
Pao Chongloi the red shirt one had a childhood maybe she is just not in animes and played outside so.
King Hawky (2 years ago)
Cory In The House is the undisputed number one anime of all time.
Robert Greenwell (2 years ago)
No Dragon Ball Z WTF!!!
sonysfan19992 (2 years ago)
that's from 90s
Гоша Шепель (2 years ago)
he was already been here
Karl Enow (2 years ago)
Robert Greenwell Watch the Do you Know 90's anime video.
jhae pop (2 years ago)
I'm a fourteen year-old otaku and I'm so proud I know it all :)
Bvlma (2 years ago)
Kinda weird that you're proud of being an "otaku" (which is just as bad as being a weeaboo, lol)
KG (2 years ago)
lol this was so easy
ilhanaquib (2 years ago)
Digimon is better than pokemon ffs
Karl Enow (2 years ago)
Yh I guess I could agree with that.
Rúben Vieira (2 years ago)
digimon = best anime pokemon = best games ps : the 2 new digimon games are awesome , i enjoy cyber sleuth more them sun and moon .
Karl Enow (2 years ago)
Potatoking It's just not.
ilhanaquib (2 years ago)
Blocky blastoise the one where the kids actually grow up
Blocky blastoise (2 years ago)
what world do you live in man XD
pikachufan25 (2 years ago)
9/10 XD
Prathmesh Pedamkar (2 years ago)
Mia Singh (2 years ago)
I don't know if I should be happy or sad but I knew all of them
Blast King (2 years ago)
that so obvious. i still havent watch some of them tho...
Banana Mukbang (2 years ago)
I got them all but the reverse harem's name. I love one piece!!! 800+ chapters and still running!!
Kate A (2 years ago)
Could you do teens/adults react to Watashi ga Motete Dousunda? (Kiss Him, Not Me) Thanks! •w•

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