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7 Jackets Every Man Should Know | Men's Jackets For Fall/Winter

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Don't spend any more money on clothing until you see this: http://www.mfmacademy.com —— NEW. Join nearly 2,000 others in the FREE Facebook group 'Become A Better Man' - http://www.facebook.com/groups/coffeewithpaul Follow me on Instagram at: http://www.instagram.com/pmcgregorcom In this video I highlight the 7 jackets every man should know. Which is your favourite? Read the full article here: http://www.mensfashionmagazine.com/jackets-every-man-should-know Subscribe to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXiZFpmQK4Fnx7n2Tvxp8VA A jacket is a staple in any mans wardrobe, but what one should you choose? With a vast array of options from the classic leather jacket to the formal sports jacket choosing the right jacket can get intimidating. Therefore in this video I'm going to highlight 7 styles of jacket that will compliment any man's wardrobe. Before investing in one of the jackets in this video ask yourself this question... "What can I wear this with and how well is it made?" Watch the video to see what 7 mens jackets I recommend. Become the best dressed man in the room (without breaking the bank) - Find out how here: http://www.mfmacademy.com For more men's style, grooming and self improvement videos subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXiZFpmQK4Fnx7n2Tvxp8VA Read more style, grooming and self improvement articles here: http://www.mensfashionmagazine.com/ Join the FREE Facebook group and become a better man here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/coffeewithpaul
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Text Comments (88)
seraph (16 days ago)
My most vital jacket is a goretex rain coat which gets used year round
Cosmo P. (17 days ago)
Question: if I buy a Harrington jacket, do I have to buy a Barracuda?
Cosmo P. (17 days ago)
Don’t buy a leather jacket under 300$.
Mata Man (28 days ago)
Good that you cover 5 fings
Jughead Jones (1 month ago)
Leather and denim jackets are my favorite
HARVEY sp (2 months ago)
your second jacket is my favourite.
Abdi jabaar Lucky (4 months ago)
I liked Leather jacket and Denim jacket 🔥
D Cooper (4 months ago)
great content, you really set best examples on your video. been searching for this kind of content for months now, glad it appeared on my screen.
Gringo Green (8 months ago)
Paul...good advice but you assume we are all skinny. I'm not but I'm not fat either. Great suggestions for jackets. On the plus side for denim jackets is if they wear out, cut the sleeves off and now you got a battle vest! Do up the back pannel with interesting prints and get some cool patches!😎👍
Julius Smith (9 months ago)
You ae the best great videos. Cheers Mate!
Paul McGregor (9 months ago)
No worries!
Bin Laden (9 months ago)
Don't you have anything else to worry about¿
Hercules Bruh (10 months ago)
Beat video on jackets on the tuuuube
The Regular Guy Look (11 months ago)
Just a side note, your blazer/sport coats are too small, as you must already know as someone who is offering style/fashion advice to men and as such you are aware that the FIRST RULE in clothing is FIT the fit must always come first. I’ve always recommend Harmony Tailor in Richmond UK for alterations, as everything must be tailored for a proper fit or better still go bespoke as there is nothing better than having clothing that is purposely made for you. Nice info but always remember to ensure proper fit no matter the level of quality of clothing you purchase.
M A (11 months ago)
Hey Paul, quick question since you are from the Uk. Who would you say has a superior leather jacket for the price. Reiss or all saints?
Lezmajz (11 months ago)
A photo speaks more than words , show us how you wear them ... please ( to copy you 😊)
Jamshad Mohamed (1 year ago)
Even if you are wearing an expensive jacket...... you still look cheap man
Beau Ward (1 year ago)
Where can I buy that Harrington jacket that you have?
Serge (1 year ago)
If you go to the gym and gain the slightest amount of muscle that leatherjacket won't fit after 6 months.
Paul McGregor (1 year ago)
Very true
Phil Smith (1 year ago)
Harrington, suede and field jacket is for short men
luxovelasco (1 year ago)
Wow, usually with all the jacket videos I see, I only like a few of them. This is the first video where I'm feeling all of these, great video Paul!
Paul McGregor (1 year ago)
Thanks man!
Kieran Goddard (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on cardigans.
Lampard Frank (1 year ago)
How can you miss peacoat?
Linus (9 months ago)
Cause it‘s not a jacket but a coat
Paul McGregor (1 year ago)
Another good alternative!
Blog Life Of Bithika (1 year ago)
Kalidou SOW (1 year ago)
Nice Ones! I Get Awesome And Very Affordable Ones Here: http://bit.ly/2z6ezeq
Santanu Ghosh (1 year ago)
Knowbe Onekanobe (1 year ago)
Ryan Gosling didn't have on a bomber, it was a souvenir jacket
Knowbe Onekanobe (1 year ago)
What's more effortless than a biker jacket?
Atul Kumar (1 year ago)
James Samuel (1 year ago)
I like the Harrington Jacket and the Leather Jacket :)
rajilona (1 year ago)
The difference between a bomber jacket and a field jacket is like the difference between parsley and coriander
MimAesthetic (6 months ago)
rajilona mm, can you explain further? As to some people coriander is a terrible thing to befall mankind whilst parsley is not.
AMAN KUZUR (1 year ago)
osm tips
Varun Gupta (1 year ago)
You said James Deen, a style icon? O.o
I think more demonstrations and pics as you mention stuff will add more quality to the contents of this channel, I love the way you make it simple for guys like me to understand and I must say I've improved my style cos of you, cheers!
Matthew B (2 years ago)
It is autumn
sourcescience (2 years ago)
'Extremely timeless'? Jesus Christ Almighty...
A W (2 years ago)
Hi Paul, I'm a woman but I find your videos really interesting. Please could you also give some brand suggestions in your future videos? Perhaps also some videos on what is quality? Like when you say a good quality jacket, what would that mean to you? Maybe some close ups and some comparison with cheap alternatives would be great to watch. Thanks
Alex Ibanez (2 years ago)
thanks for this video! used to have denim jacket and I always had positive comments from people saying that that was fashionable and they liked it. thanks for this vid again. :)
Andrew Butler (2 years ago)
Great video, thanks....maybe a pea coat as well?
yahya karsikaya (2 years ago)
he said ryan gosling is average??? LoooooL the guy has awesome charisma
fernando quiñones (2 years ago)
I think he said: "Of course RG isn't an average looking guy".. or i don't know, i always struggle with brits pronunciation, hahaha. Cheers!
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
+yahya karsikaya I can't remember saying this, but Ryan Gosling is more than average!
If Ryan gosling is an average looking guy, I'm worse than a garbage can
murry murr (1 year ago)
Jesus...he was being sarcastic..
Michael Tamang (2 years ago)
I like sport jacket
Anderson (2 years ago)
Now I know that I have all the 7 jackets, but almost all the wrong kind
Fionn Hynes (2 years ago)
Are there any leather jackets brands you would recommend in investing in?
Stan Barkworth (2 years ago)
Fionn Hynes leather jackets are usually very hard to find at a cheap price if you are wanting good quality leather, trust me I've been looking for a year.
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
Belstaff if you have the money, if not I'd recommend go out shopping and inspect the quality in person rather than online.
Robin w (2 years ago)
Great video man! Helpful for sure! Instant subscriber ^_^!
Mikael Falk (2 years ago)
Lateral stripes and a denim jacket really isn't a good look. Sorry!
belljul (2 years ago)
hi Paul. Great videos! however, just as you have fine tailoring and some great advice, please can I give you some advice on diction! "fink" is pronounced "think". "fings" are "things", "gonna" is "going to", etc. I just want you and your listeners to sound as sharp as they look with your good hearing advice!
Rajendra Biswas (2 years ago)
i have a black winter jacket
Manafactariq (2 years ago)
yeah great video man , I'd appreciate if you would also show pictures of yourself wearing the jacket you mentioned , feel like it would spot to the video for me personally
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
Bryan I (2 years ago)
Great videos mate! Can you post links where we could get some of these pieces?
James Easter (2 years ago)
What's your thoughts on wearing a blazer with white leather trainers ? You a fan ? I've got a few blazers but just needed some advice. Cheers Paul.
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
Yeah it can be done. Just make sure you wear suitable trousers/jeans.
NICHXAV (2 years ago)
Good advice! hella agree with you on the suede!
Ostriekgame (2 years ago)
Thanks for this great content!
Meriç Devon (2 years ago)
Nice =)
Teodora Gasic (2 years ago)
Milica Mi (2 years ago)
great video
Petar Mint (2 years ago)
Great video Paul, Thank You !
Qazi Rabbi (2 years ago)
Dame! You are underrated man..i mean the video is as good as any 300,000subscribed youtuber makes, keep up the good work and you'll be there very soon :)
Robert Michon (2 years ago)
Interesting point of view, thanks !
Da Villa (2 years ago)
Cool. I'd get mine
NNN (2 years ago)
cool video Paul
Andrew Clark (2 years ago)
I love my Levi's black trucker jacket. I can wear it with most casual outfits.
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
Panos Ioannou (2 years ago)
is the harrington jacket from reiss? Great videos !!!
Panos Ioannou (2 years ago)
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
It is :) Got it a few seasons back and it's the go to jacket for most outfits.
_Aqeel _B (2 years ago)
I like any jacket which is black as black can standout with anything you wear underneath
Ivan Ballinzap (2 years ago)
like xd
inferno gamers (2 years ago)
These series are awesome!
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
Thanks man!
Jeff Mendelsohn (2 years ago)
like the bomber...
Ben Arthur (2 years ago)
Great video Paul, really enjoyed this one
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
Thanks bud
Alon Lustigmann (2 years ago)
Sorry mate, I have to disagree about leather bikers - they are classic, masculine and sexy as hell.
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
I agree, I never said they weren't :) I said if it's your first time with a leather jacket don't go for a Biker with distressing, statement details etc... go for something more subtle. I'm investing in a biker and highly recommend them.
Paul McGregor (2 years ago)
What jacket is your favourite? Comment below and don't forget to subscribe :)

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