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Please like share and subscribe to TrekTrendy for more worldwide travel vlogs: http://bit.ly/1WNqym8 I had the fortune of just a few hours in the beautiful capital city of Hungary, Budapest. In these few hours I picked up my camera and take you along for a trip around the Old Town, riverside on the River Danube, Buda Castle, Buda Terrace and some spectacular views out over the Parliament building. I'd have loved more time, and I will definitely be back in the future to film more. What a lovely city! Hope you enjoy the video guys and see you again, very soon Music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud Future James - Life Could Be A Dream https://soundcloud.com/jamesasilo
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András Kopf (3 months ago)
What a shithole city. Never again.
kimberley Key (5 months ago)
Nice vids Will. Love Budapest. Also, really like the soundtracks used in the vids.
Trek Trendy (5 months ago)
Thanks Kim - got the inspiration from Casey Neistat :) - i've been trying to be a bit more consistent with my uploads seeing as I'm travelling so much would be nice to have stuff live a few days after each trip so lets see if I keep it up aha

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