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Turtle Wax Color Back review

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Here is my review of Turtle wax Color Back Finish Restorer. Bottle says: "Dynamic Color Restoration" "Transforms Faded Finishes" "Micro Polishing Agents & Protective Polymers" "Remove Oxidation & Leave A Stunning Shine"
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I used turtle wax color restore paste compound on a white car. The car was washed and completely dried first. I did half the car, and as i wiped and buffed, i could literally see the dirt come off the paint that regular washing didn't get. I will not use anything else
tubejim101 (1 month ago)
@Red Peonies And Carnations Can you provide an Amazon link? Would like to post it to the video.
@tubejim101 no. We still have it around here in stores.
tubejim101 (1 month ago)
I think Turtle wax pulled the product.
Tom Thumb (10 months ago)
That is not oxidation. The clear coat is coming off.
438295 (4 months ago)
The clear coat already came off in that area, the paint that was under it is now exposed to the elements and the sun and has oxidized. My truck did the same thing except on a much bigger scale.
Jerry Matthew (11 months ago)
You need a buffer, and if you dont want trouble in the future, do more often wax and scellant on your car.
Moishe Shekleberg (1 year ago)
You left your screen door open.
Patricia S (1 year ago)
Great share -- very helpful.
tubejim101 (1 year ago)
Thank you :)
TheBikemaster94 (2 years ago)
I drive a 2000 Chrysler van for work and that green color looks similar to mine, maybe some color match spray paint would fix that. I tried nufinish and it improves the appearance but also takes off a bit of paint.
nightmover101035 (2 years ago)
use automatic transmission fluid...you will be quite surprised..put it on,wipe it dry...and then wax it...old used car trick
John Dickey (3 years ago)
I bought some this color back yrs ago. Was never really impressed with it. Forgot I had some left. Recently bought a 99 Dodge 4X4. was in really scratched. And looked like crap. Got this out and tried it again. Was amazed at the differemce it made. Had thought it was ok before. But nothing special. Now am rethinking it. Even my friends notice the diffrenece..
ROBB MOTT (3 years ago)
With that much oxidation it's just going to take several more applications and elbow grease. I've used this product for years and it's very good for the money, but not as magical as the label makes it seem. If you just aggressively apply it maybe every time you wash the car, you'll start to see dramatic improvements after about 5 sessions. If you want to speed things up, get or borrow a buffer. It seems like a wax because that's mostly what it is- with polishing grit and basically a chemical "paint soffener. That's actually a good combination if you want something fairly easy and cheap that helps. If you want to really bring the paint completely back in one day, you need use a cleaner, and aggressive polish, a lot of elbow grease until it looks right. And then a good wax.
tubejim101 (3 years ago)
+ROBB MOTT Thanks for the input.
Anonymous (3 years ago)
Hey man I wanted to know what size led light I should get for my civic 99 ex instrument panel? Thanks in advance
tubejim101 (3 years ago)
+PresidentGuevara T5 or T10

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