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victor buono sea hunt 1959.mov

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Actor Victor Buono makes an early appearance on Sea Hunt, 1960. How many other actors can play a "heavy" at age 21? Amazing!
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phillyflash43 (3 months ago)
He was still in his twenties when he filmed his last scene as King Tut in Batman.
Chris N (11 months ago)
He should have had a career in a league with Charles Laughton. He was just as amazing.
angelthman (1 year ago)
0:46 What's Cosmo Kramer doing here?
phillyflash43 (3 months ago)
lol, I saw the thumbnail and thought the same thing!
Mitchell Leary (4 years ago)
Mr. Buono graduates from high school in the late 1950s, never takes one day of college or acting school, gets nominated for an Oscar around age 22 for playing Bette Davis' father in 'Whatever happened to Baby Jane' (she's around 30 years his elder).  He plays on just about every tv show during the 60s from Wild Wild West to Batman.  Someone wrote in his Wiki bio he was gay because he lived with another man.  I don't believe it.  How many guys get a roommate after high school?  I think all of us.  He died way to young, around 43.  Fat guys shouldn't smoke, but it does make a  guy look cool.  Adam West said he was the biggest man he'd ever met.
Daniel Robinson (2 years ago)
I'm a year late here, but also I've never heard anyone say Buono was gay because he lived with another man. People say he was gay because there's a quote he gave that said it pretty bluntly but not explicitly, comparing himself to other actors today known as gay. And there's also a few contemporaries that today describe him as gay. Additionally, not to pile on you with the corrections here (but!), he did a lot of theatre before his first on-screen appearance and he went to Villanova University.
Mitchell Leary (4 years ago)
My bad.  Thanks for correcting me.
C. Buck Hyres (4 years ago)
+Mitchell Leary :  He didn't play Bette Davis' father in WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (1962).  He played a job seeker looking to be Bette Davis' accompanist (on the piano) -- but he soon realized she was nuts.  He'd have been 24 in 1962.  He played her father in 1965's "HUSH . . . HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE (1965). 
Kelt Smith (4 years ago)
The guy in the dark polo shirt is the late Edson Stoll who played 'Virgil' on TV's  McHALE'S NAVY from 1962-64.  
FriedAbortions (4 years ago)
That other actor sucks 
robert 4 (5 years ago)
He was a great actor who never got the acclaim he deserved. My fav movie he was in was a film noir film set in 1946 with Richard Boone and Micheal Dunn. There is a clip from it on you tube.

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