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Hyrule What?

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........... Holy shi----cow. Hyrule Warriors. I... FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/
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Text Comments (871)
Austin q black (1 month ago)
What song
Gamma Emerald (2 months ago)
Anyone know which video the thing this is based on came from?
323starlight (2 months ago)
This never gets old.
FusionOmni (3 months ago)
It's nearly five years, and I can safely say...Hyrule Warriors DIDN'T suck!
Kyle Stubbs (5 months ago)
What's the original gag this was based on?
Charr (7 months ago)
me when Nyaruhiro became canon
Tiffany-Chan123 (7 months ago)
When Part 5 is confirmed.
Monarch Studios (8 months ago)
Just back away slowly...
Monarch Studios (9 months ago)
Tyson X15 Warrior (1 year ago)
0_0 i would say at that moment.... see the doctor..... *snacks on popcorn*.... lucky this was way back
Deion Greenaway (1 year ago)
Myth Fiction (1 year ago)
The game was great though.
Spidey Viewer (1 year ago)
Magic School Bus Netflix Sequel. That is all.
Christopher Leavitt (1 year ago)
It's been almost 4 years now, how come all of these clips haven't become popular gifs yet?
Gabriel Shadwick (1 year ago)
Super Game Master (1 year ago)
My reaction to Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid: Samus Returns being announced! SO HYPED!!! :D
Stardust Duck (1 year ago)
This is why he made my top six nicest YouTube people list
KrimzonFlygon1 (1 year ago)
fugitivehunter (2 years ago)
Ladies and gentlemen, my almost exact reaction to Super Robot Wars V getting an official english translation. Just replace the Wii U controller with a PS4 controller.
Silver Maxus (2 years ago)
Then Josh had a similar reaction to Fire Emblem Warriors. XD
DJ KH-Hero-mon (2 years ago)
and Josh just died and went to heaven
Antonio Mitchell (2 years ago)
Antonio hi funny
Dizzy Pen (2 years ago)
Basically, my reaction to the new Nintendo Switch.
kellychanluvsu (2 years ago)
So many people have been using this as a meme my god XD
StarVolt Nexus (2 years ago)
Add me to that list
Liam Davis (2 years ago)
My reaction to The Crystal Maze getting a special celebrity reboot!
Spidey Viewer (2 years ago)
Me after I heard TTG is getting cancelled after Season 4!
andrew gifford (2 years ago)
me to no mans sky when I got it
UltraOmniLinkMega (2 years ago)
Similar to Gumball and Darwin'sreaction to "Zelmor"
ya actually gone crazy for absolutely nothing...
Damien Kalish (2 years ago)
This was my reaction to FNAF Sister Location. :P
TheyCallMeFeast (2 years ago)
Promethean Knight (2 years ago)
There was a similar video like this with the same music and where he was crying in the bathtub or something. Does anyone know the name of that video?
Alex Guenther (2 years ago)
It was his review of magical mystery cure
White Sister Rom (2 years ago)
_I love this man._ _I love this video._
RYSE Kixhex (2 years ago)
You ever think of not taking lots of sugar. I have nothing to say but this. wow you are horrific and funny when you are excited or mad
Media Detective (2 years ago)
My reaction to Jon Snow coming back last night
silverman1205 (2 years ago)
So does it suck?
James Cretchley (2 years ago)
My reaction to the announcement of monster hunter generations.
Mike Yokite (2 years ago)
This is how I reacted when Ni no Kuni II is a reality.
yoshifan30 (3 years ago)
my reaction when pokken tournament is coming to usa
yoshifan30 (3 years ago)
your reaction if the hyrule warriors is so funny men
Renegade Firehawk (3 years ago)
My reaction to the re-launch of Bakugan being announced. Minus the Hyrule Warriors footage and Wii U game pad.
OrionPax09 (3 years ago)
0:27 Can anybody tell me the name of the music that starts here? Or where I can find it?
Matthew Schultz (3 years ago)
Hey, did you know that a 3DS port is coming out, that's going to have even more content than the Wii U version?
Matthew Schultz (3 years ago)
James W (3 years ago)
My reaction to samurai jack returning in 2016. All the yes! 😎
gamerbrony72 (3 years ago)
my reaction to seeing the bring back mst3k kickstarter
Spidey Viewer (3 years ago)
0:27 Every Star Wars fans' reaction to there being an Episode 7
Joey Johncox (3 years ago)
did he smoke a shit ton of crack then drink 100 tons of coffee then eat 100 bags of sugar
Jackie McCann (3 years ago)
My reaction when they announced that Samurai Jack was coming back.
Triforce of Doom (3 years ago)
I could never quite decipher what you said when holding the gamepad "I finally lskjfas;dfj this!" & what the Greek chorus said.
Richard Hjertenes (3 years ago)
Iwan John (3 years ago)
a viscious cycle of joshscorcher! XD
Zum1UDontNo (3 years ago)
Anybody else getting a sense of déjà vu?
Anderson Gutierrez (3 years ago)
Skalopulton301 (3 years ago)
That's my reaction to the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally getting their Cutie Marks.
nautical-lungs (3 years ago)
M.D. Webster (3 years ago)
0:27 His actual reaction to Crusaders of the Lost Mark. (Just ignore the Zelda Footage and Wii U Pad)
Dark92Enigma (3 years ago)
+M.D. Webster And replace the ending bit with ''It's gonna suck because they're not the cutie marks from my headcanon'' and then still clarify in the credits that he was joking
Oscar Stainton (3 years ago)
I've been redirected here as a result of your tumblr reaction to Episode 19. Who would have thought it possible?
Shocker Cody999 (3 years ago)
3ds ones coming out next year That is my reaction to hyrule worriers
AngryTucanaBird (3 years ago)
My reaction to a high possibility of a Kakashi Hatake funko pop!
Noam Hameiri (3 years ago)
can watch it 10,000000 times it wont get old
sonofa birchwood (3 years ago)
Also i want that Netflix series damnit
sonofa birchwood (3 years ago)
Who hear thinks that Nintendo is gonna pull off a twilight princes and have it on the wii u and as a launch title for the nx
Nikola Dedić (2 years ago)
One of the fans who guessed it right.
sonofa birchwood (3 years ago)
(The next zelda game)
Dragonite MGSX (3 years ago)
My reaction to BlazBlue Central Fiction coming out
bsdims (3 years ago)
iProLegendz's free time XD
Fudgeworth (3 years ago)
>Josh casting himself as Henry for the FEA Support convos Huh. Wonder how that'll go- *watches this* ...He's in good hands, people.
1101Archimedes (3 years ago)
My reaction to Fallout 4! :D
MercHunter (3 years ago)
+1101Archimedes Me too!
Ren T (3 years ago)
Blazing Fox (3 years ago)
lmao.  Holy jebeebus that was funny.  Your reaction and the things you did were halarious.
MyEcho4 (3 years ago)
Whats the song thats used in this?
Duplighost (3 years ago)
+MyEcho4 Bãtutã din moldova - Rabbids go home
Jack574 (3 years ago)
0:54 XD I'm sorry, but what the hell is he saying here?
David Timmer (3 years ago)
My reaction to KH3 2015 trailer
Benny Boi (3 years ago)
"It's going to suck because it's not a real Zelda game" - Turns out to be one of the best games on the Wii U - .
chrsuppe (3 years ago)
pretty much my reaction to the Yooka-Laylee reveal
metalcoola (3 years ago)
My reaction to recent news about Dragon Ball Anime
Foxtailedanimator (3 years ago)
My reaction to Brian G's death and resurrection.
Zelda Spectrum (3 years ago)
I pretty much had the same reaction when I saw the first trailer.  XD
Zelda Spectrum (3 years ago)
This was also my reaction to the announcement for Majora's Mask 3D.  
Rafael Fernandez (3 years ago)
Well it is a spin off, its not supposed 2 b like the main series.
Holly Rea (3 years ago)
Wonder if he got any weird looks from his fellow marines afterwards... XD
Chaud Starpower (3 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The game is amazing!!! :D trust me Josh it's worth it!!
BrickBoy1894 (4 years ago)
Now, my reaction to *SPIDER-MAN* now in the *MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE!!!!* (The only downside is that Andrew Garfield's not gonna be in it...)
TheDCmatrix (4 years ago)
Josh's reaction to getting an AP Boost.
Zach Hubert (4 years ago)
This was my reaction to the Bionicle reboot.  Cue flashback! *First sees hints of something new on Lego* A return of an old favorite?  Well, it can't be that big.  But I guess one look wouldn't hurt. *Looks up info bit by bit of the Bionicle reboot, finding the old Toa are returning, the new story involving Makuta again, seeing the new sets, and then the confirmation of the 2015 release of the new sets.  I start flipping out like a little kid hyped for their dream come true, bouncing off the walls, thanking the heavens for this revelation until...* YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! It's gonna suck because it's a total reboot.
Jared Armbruster (4 years ago)
LMAO This is hilarious.
mets2128 (4 years ago)
You did the YES! chant wrong you're supposed to point both hands to the sky and then thrust them up and down while saying "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!"
Phashift (4 years ago)
I wonder if Hyrule Warriors coming out(or some where in that time span)was the thing that convinced Joshscorcher to make the top ten Dynasty Warriors video. Though my reaction was AS hyped I was still excited because I always wanted to play dynasty warriors. Now that I've played it I can't wait to get a main dynasty warriors game O_O
captainkirk265 (4 years ago)
Lol legitimately why does this exist? Who thought Legend of Zelda......Dynasty Warriors. Lets throw that shit together!
Actor Adam Anouer (3 years ago)
Yup that's the best £35 I ever spent...aw, hell I'd say if you could add the price I paid for the wii you could probably take that into account as well.
PHILL SHIVELY (3 years ago)
+captainkirk265 well its out now and its awsome!
Actor Adam Anouer (4 years ago)
To be fair the game as with most Warriors titles is addictive as hell. It's kinda like Warriors Orochi in that regard, the complete over the top hack and slash with awesome background music we all know and love with a ton of stuff to unlock. The story is also about on par with Warriors Orochi as well (I.E: You'll get a few smiles out of it but for the most part it's pretty damn basic). I like the game.
Weavile Force (4 years ago)
I need a 1-hour version of this.
SageTheDragonFriend (4 years ago)
im tempted to try this
daughterofposeidon99 (4 years ago)
Um, Josh? You okay?
Elfos64 (4 years ago)
What do you mean "it's going to suck because it's not a real Zelda game"? Link's Crossbow training may have not been a real Zelda Game, but it wasn't at all bad. It never promised to be more than it was, and I was frankly pleasantly surprised by the implementation of boss fights in that game. It was just a fun shootout that you tried to get the high score on, nothing wrong with that. 
Crimson Flame (4 years ago)
Shhh... Logan might be around.
Elfos64 (4 years ago)
+Crimson Flame The fact he made that joke though indicates he was making fun of how some people think that. The only bad non-real Zelda games are the CDi games we never speak about. 
Crimson Flame (4 years ago)
According to QG, he was joking there. EDIT: Scratch that. There's actually a short credits scene where Josh says that we was joking.
RubberyCat (4 years ago)
I just had to watch this one again :D
Skalopulton301 (4 years ago)
This is how I reacted to Margaret's return on Regular Show.
Tomark (4 years ago)
You look like Tobey Maguire from the movie Brothers
Tomark (3 years ago)
At the time of this comment, I did not know you were in the marines
ShadowPirateX (4 years ago)
Zant, you have competition.
Ben Wood (4 years ago)
oh, you were joking at the end. i was going to be like "and you fall into the category of people who hate on this game just because it's just a spinoff game."
Ben Wood (4 years ago)
oh, you were joking at the end. i was going to be like "and you fall into the category of people who hate on this game just because it's just a spinoff game."
AchieveHunter1 (4 years ago)
That was too funny to watch, I couldn't stop laughing!
Taxima (4 years ago)
Got a favorite character yet?
Smashing Skunk53 (4 years ago)
Hey Josh, If you still havent tried Hyrule Warriors, you should give it a chance. Just go in as a Dynasty Warriors fan and your good to go.  That and you can play as Ganondwarf and he is more than a Captain Falcon knockoff like in Smash Bros.
David Timmer (4 years ago)
3 days in until its American release

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