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Are You Living an Insta Lie? Social Media Vs. Reality

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If you're guilty of living an Insta Lie or know somebody that is, then this video is most certainly for you. We're partnering up with boohoo.com to call out some of the funniest and most common Insta Lie's posted on social media. Insta Lie (verb): an intentionally false representation of real life on social media. Examples include: 1.) Tagging an edited and made-up selfie with #IWokeUpLikeThis; 2.) Taking a million selfies before deciding on just one to post as #Effortless 😕; 3.) Going all the way to Starbucks, buying a coffee and opening up your Macbook - taking a photo of your #WorkSpace, closing your Macbook and then going back home; 4.) Using filters to edit your travel photos - making them literally look #Unreal. DITCH THE LABEL ▶ Find out more and get advice: http://www.DitchtheLabel.org ▶ Ask a question to our experts on the new Ditch the Label Community: http://www.DitchtheLabel.org/community ▶ Buy merch & fund our work: http://store.DitchtheLabel.org BOOHOO.COM boohoo is a global online fashion retailer offering thousands of styles across womenswear and menswear - 24/7 fashion at its best. ▶ Visit www.boohoo.com to find out more. SOCIAL ▶ Like us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/DitchtheLabel ▶ Follow us on Twitter: @DitchtheLabel ▶ Follow us on Instagram: @DitchtheLabel ▶ Add us on Snapchat for behind-the-scenes access: DitchtheLabel
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Text Comments (9150)
It's really making us unsatisfied with our own lifes. That's why l deleted my Instagram. And become more happy with my life.
unknown 224 (3 hours ago)
Can we shut down social media for good?
jun hui sin (4 hours ago)
The Dungeoneer (10 hours ago)
I just use social media for when im alone to scroll trough some memes, maybe post a meme myself, but i never worry because i have the right to post when i want, and im never using the phone if my friends are there, doing that is stupid
Raziel Mae Diagbel (11 hours ago)
This is why Im not into social media anymore. The more we spend time on our social media accounts the less we are happy.
James Kurker (1 day ago)
This was not a good video to start my morning.
Fedina designTV (1 day ago)
Yes, sometimes. I try live real life. People do it, because want will feel happy. And attention for to this man other people makes feel happy this man.
Mehrin khan jsr (2 days ago)
cg 0
This is reason why i wanna quite from instagram😊
MICROSOFT HQ (2 days ago)
Do people do this lol
Eli Reed (3 days ago)
This a huge part of the reason I do not use social media anymore. No more facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat it all just makes you compare yourself to others. I’ve been free of those platforms for 6 years now and I’m happier for it plus your life is a secret to people who don’t know you only those who really see you know what your about and what’s going on with you. It’s liberating
Just Janella (3 days ago)
The fact is that it’s true.......
Jeremy Nunya (4 days ago)
It's not an insta lie, it's just a lie
Sally Sadly (1 day ago)
And fake people.
XNO OLIN (4 days ago)
Social media is fucking weird.
Lean Mean (5 days ago)
This is exactly why I have no social media everyone’s always fake this is exactly why I don’t even have friends at all either lol anti social
Andrea Jandova (5 days ago)
Sooooo sad...
Christy Taylor (6 days ago)
All women do this. Its not fake
Bon courage (6 days ago)
_ Cincy (6 days ago)
More like insta cancer, same with all of it. False lives to make boost yourself esteem, deleted all my social media years ago and haven’t looked back since
Oliver (7 days ago)
That's why i don't even have fb. Social media are the worst
Lenne Michaels (7 days ago)
This is so dramatic
Kokoda Mullaney (7 days ago)
This is sad that people don't live in reality, but at least I know I do so...
Anna Gage (7 days ago)
DeVrene_ _ (7 days ago)
I've been left instagram for 2,5 years and feel better
Rosy McGee (7 days ago)
Kariri Alves (7 days ago)
Eu não uso mais facebook e estou querendo parar de usar instagram. Vejo as pessoas na rua andando com o celular na mão, até assistindo series, nao prestam atenção em nada a seu redor, o virtual esta tomando o espaço do mundo real. Gente que vive uma vida perfeita online e no mundo real é totalmente diferente.
Anna (7 days ago)
This makes me so sad
Zara Aafreen (7 days ago)
I have Instagram and I'm proud to see I'm not living an Insta lie cuz I hardly use it☺️
dora ora (8 days ago)
Celeste Jackson (8 days ago)
Social media turns people into socially awkward people
RJ Poet (8 days ago)
I came up in the 2000's: even early social media wasn't this bad. I also did about as good at dating as a guy could hope for (six girlfriends in my 20's, all pretty cool), and I can assure you that even at the peak of life, life is quite boring. Sit around with your girlfriend, watch TV, maybe drive around. I had a year long relationship in college with a girl where she and I left her apartment ONCE to go get Asian food. That was our big day out. She's an amazing person and I have amazing memories, but life is what it is. Most people's lives are quite boring and most of life is an internal dialogue, not a social media post. Feel bad for this generation. We didn't document like this. Know it's a lie.
POWER & WILL (8 days ago)
Its deeper than that
abby (8 days ago)
I’m at the point where I don’t even post anything
COLIN TOSH (8 days ago)
I dont have insecurity issues so I dont seek validation through Instagram or FB
Cherysh Strong (8 days ago)
Nope. Not on social media. Personally I find nothing wrong with it, I just never invested my time into it much.
This is terrible!!!!!
somethinelse0930 (8 days ago)
Prob best video on YouTube
L. BOMB (8 days ago)
LOL @dude throwing out drink after posting
Princess Yonna (8 days ago)
Instead of deleting my Instagram and Facebook im gonna disable it . And probably create me another Pinterest ✨ ... Pinterest isnt toxic , neither is YouTube. I think I'm gonna be done with Facebook and Instagram for a while but keep messanger to continue the communication with family and friends. Just try it out..
MissGlam19 (8 days ago)
99.9% of people on social media. Even im guilt of pulling one of those pathetic lies in the past. Guilty af.💁🏻‍♀️
Steph SMT (9 days ago)
It's so weird to see people on their phones all the time.
Sally Sadly (1 day ago)
Even when they are out having a gathering or having a meal with their loved ones.
You can be free (9 days ago)
This is sad because it’s true
Audrey fn (9 days ago)
I stopped using social media especially instagram for a long time now. I love myself more than i did before ♥️
Cherry Doup (9 days ago)
Jibsam Marquez (9 days ago)
Jajaja que pateticas personas
work hard (9 days ago)
It's not Facebook it's Fakebook.
Drawacc Vinsky (10 days ago)
Thanks god i dont have and i dont need facebook or instagram that
Lloyd Bowler (10 days ago)
1:20 Oh it's in Brighton !!!
Iga T. (10 days ago)
This is do sad...
E (10 days ago)
Used to have social media back in the day. Found myself going from loving my life to thinking my life was lame. Found myself going from thinking I'm pretty to thinking "maybe I could use some work..." I deleted it once I realized how unhealthy it was. Don't regret the decision AT ALL. I returned to true happiness. Life is much simpler, as they say, less is more. Highly recommend.
Linda 82 (1 day ago)
🙄 🕵 fake people everywhere
MegaRockstar48 (14 days ago)
Men get taken in by females on Instagram who constantly take gym pics ect..........the reality is it’s their boyfriends who are taking 90% of their pictures even though they are acting as being single
Lakeisha (15 days ago)
It’s crazy how subconsciously we are all connected to one another. You may not realize it in the moment though
I am jesus (15 days ago)
i dont use social media except youtube
UNGETABLE7 (16 days ago)
Sad times
Yara Azad (16 days ago)
Shruti N_ (17 days ago)
What a great message. Ik I'm late but..yeah. Anyway. It's sad to see anyone.. Especially young teens more intrigued about sharing moments on ig and practically always scrolling instead of living.
Vincentius Kevin (18 days ago)
No but I still have no gf
This is why I got off Instagram 😂😂
TheLaughingMan712 (22 days ago)
The age of the attention whores!
G.C. Lou Cajilig (25 days ago)
Renee Roesler (26 days ago)
This is why beside Facebook I don't use any other social media. It has dumbed down society. I mean how pathetic are you to post fake pics?
koreanbigmingi (26 days ago)
Sadly many don’t use social media for the positive aspect - connecting w/ far away family & friends. It’s nice I can post or talk about what’s going on to my relatives or far away siblings or friends and not have to send things individually or else that would take a lot of time that I just don’t have enough of. And also be able to see what’s going on with them and choose to make conversation on it if I want to. Using social media just for attention and to make up some life is using it for the wrong reasons and can only hurt you in the end. Use it for yourself because that’s the main reason and then use it for connecting with people who matter. I don’t follow trends and “trendy people” a lot of that is meant for Twitter (which I don’t use) anyway. If people would seek a more positive reason for it and have enough confidence to not compare their life to everyone else’s they would enjoy it more and if you can’t do that then yeah, don’t use it. It hurts my brain imagining being that fake or creating a scene just for a picture or likes, if you do that please get help.
Emma Laukkanen (27 days ago)
I think we all want to feel famous and loved even just for a moment. Though what's the point if you feel sad after turning off the screen ?
Sally Sadly (1 day ago)
No sense of security and identity??
Dante Alucard (30 days ago)
Kip Tucker (1 month ago)
I'm at my boat watching people visiting relatives on a yacht.  Instead of enjoying themselves & living in the moment they chose to spend half their day documenting the experiences (a boat, water fowl, trees, etc.) and uploading it to people who don't really give a f-ck.  What a hollow existence!
Sally Sadly (1 day ago)
Use your eyes to see and enjoy the scenery not your phone camera lens !!
Sam Santos (9 days ago)
Kip Tucker That is sad. I would love to be on a boat and just enjoy the moment instead of being on the phone and getting your hand sweating and your phone burning from posting pics that people don’t care like you said.
lsa Tang (1 month ago)
The social media sites I'm on are just for me to see memes and animal videos (and maybe 1 kpop group or 2)...I find it hard to trust these very happy people behind the screens these days😅
Jesse’s Adventures (1 month ago)
Wow cant believe people are like this
Jay Singh (1 month ago)
One year , no social app ... hv only whatsapp to talk real friends and family and to hv connectivity with office mates
Alishba Khan (1 month ago)
Nice video and thank God I am not one of them
MsAppleofhiseye (1 month ago)
I dislike SM
Stephenies Petcare (1 month ago)
Social media are normally the best parts of someones life. If you honestly think it's not then that's your problem. Obviously there is lying and just showing the best bits. Two very different things.
Delilah Kamala Mercury (1 month ago)
Do people actually behave like this?
I. Michelle (1 month ago)
Wow anyone will do anything for some stupid heart from people they hardly or dont know. I am soooooooo happy I am free of social media. Now I live happier more confident and it's so annoying to see everyone doing the same thing. Such fake people we are around. That's why I'm introvert.
Laura :D (1 month ago)
There are so many comments which are against Instagram and who hasn't it? I haven't had Instagram anymore and my life goes on. Now I am watching "just" videos at YouTube. Who else? Sorry for my bad English😅
Yasee min (1 month ago)
Ist das der erste deutsche Kommentar ? 😏
Sparkes97 (1 month ago)
I have Instagram but I tend to take pics of when I've been on holiday or spending time with family. Taking a picture just so you can lie to make yourself look interesting is just ridiculous. Suppose everyone's different
Swati Indurkar (1 month ago)
I don’t use Instagram
Mylene Valleser (1 month ago)
tin8921able (1 month ago)
Well thats sad?
Demet Alagöz (1 month ago)
Asocial media.
oohh shut up, now you have used youtube to post this instead of spending time with your friends or family, and by doing so we are still using Youtube to watch this video, these are things we all do! So don't be fake moralists
Sam Santos (9 days ago)
Cyprienna Parfaite Zufor Mbeuda lol you totally miss the point here. YouTube is a social app but it’s mostly videos where you can watch something educational or wanna learn how to do something like cooking, painting, or watch scary videos etc... unlike Facebook and Instagram which is far more worst to spend time on but hey that’s on you. You can still continue being on those apps.
Envy obviously keep us trapped into this fake social media life. We see someone's nice picture, so we post a nice picture of our own to trigger envy in others and make us feel better. Stop it and pray the Rosary.
Sam Santos (9 days ago)
A lady who prays the Divine Mercy Chaplet I agree with your statement on how people would get jealous of others on those sites and they post something to trigger them.
JenovaEXE (1 month ago)
Some of the happiest people you see on Instagram, are the saddest people in reality. And that my friend, is the reality.
Butterfly_Crescent92 (29 days ago)
Kenji Which is sad in itself.
Freddy Fazbear (1 month ago)
Women + instagram = validation. Am I seeing a trend here? The feminism is strong.
jen slayme (1 month ago)
This is the reason i have a social media but don't use it, instead i make a fanacc and fake account to see something good
gurmeen kuar (1 month ago)
One of my colleagues once told me "what!! U dont have Instagram account?? Which world are you living in ??" .. .. .. Next day i shared this video with her.. Since then i am waiting for her reply😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maja Ruzinovska (1 month ago)
So sad but so true! 😔
Ana Carolina Chades (1 month ago)
That's why I don't have social medias
enigmaticstatic 7 (1 month ago)
Nope Coz I don't use social media
Ririn Khaa (1 month ago)
Your Majesty (1 month ago)
I ve been wondering all my life what is so interesting on the internet that keeps people glued to the screens of their smartphones. It barely takes a minute to do necessary things like checking the email, answer some messages Than what ? Social media sites have become some kind of addiction. That's for sure.
tonci Re (1 month ago)
This reminds me of the time when i was in santorini. There were 2 girls. Its was like 12 degrees out but both of them had short dresses on and they took pictures of each other with big smiles on. Soon as the "shooting was done" they looked mean and talked about how cold it is.
Sally Sadly (1 day ago)
Fake gals
Sam Santos (9 days ago)
tonci Re Dang. That’s so pathetic of them. All for some “likes” for their profiles pics...
miracle mk (1 month ago)
Social Media seriously harms your mental health...
Razie Solgi (1 month ago)
That's why I'm not on Instagram😏
L M (1 month ago)
Shitty society
B Lozano V (1 month ago)
This video is just great. Shows just the reality. It just happens every day, going with friends or with my partner, sometimes I'd like to delete those accounts from everyone and so everyone would focus on the person they have in front of them. Live the present and the moment, instead of having a double life. It's like they are obsessed and their instant gratification of having a few likes it's more powerful than living the present life without worrying what u are showing online. Sad.
Mirza Wolf (1 month ago)
stupid humans
MrPuggyWins (1 month ago)
pretty sure only 1% of the population actually act like this my dude
southernwolf (1 month ago)
That's why i hate social media. I have Facebook for my job, just for my job. And youtube for nice video like this.

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