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Freetoo bite alarm review. BUY THIS! Cheap on Amazon

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This is an unbiased honest review of the Freetoo bite alarm that can be found on Amazon for about $15 for a 3 pack. This product works GREAT! An absolute good buy!
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Black Bird (1 month ago)
How big dose the fish have to be to set it off will it work for crappies
They're pretty sensitive, but I would not recommend them for smaller fish, mainly because the diameter of the clip on is too big for a crappie/bass pole. For this I would recommend the madbite alarm by kastking. They strap around the pole. At first glance when I got mine I was like, well this is cheap and sucks just from looking at it but it has held up really really well and works well too. They're like $5 each or so on eBay, Ali express. That's what I use for smaller poles/fish
charmnGUY (1 month ago)
Clamp style sucks, when you go to set the hook...they will fly off!
Dwight Stewart (26 days ago)
Guy, you're only setting a small, sharp, hook into the soft tissue of a fish's mouth. You don't need to yank the pole that hard, and certainly not hard enough for these to "fly off."
Not a problem for catfish, use circle hooks. Good point though for bass and such. Thanks for watching!
Prilixy (4 months ago)
does it only recognise bites or wind aswell? how does it work for small fish?
I use 3 poles often as is allowed in NY. When I use bait as opposed to a lure I always use these, day or night. Often I won't get a bite for an hour or more, and I get bored watching my poles and want to get up, walk around or check something on my phone. This gives me the freedom to do that. There are other good inexpensive ones though, I also like the kastking madbite.
Prilixy (4 months ago)
do you use it for both day and nightime? I only fish on days and I am thinking about buying this but is it usefull on the day?
It's pretty sensitive, fine for small fish, it would have to be pretty windy out to have it trip the alarm. Doesn't work well in a current though because that just sets it off regardless....thanks for watching!
BXFISHING (5 months ago)
Nice 👍
They still work perfectly, after a year of heavy use!
notaaveragecountryguy (5 months ago)
Hey love the video!!! I have was shocked to hear you say your in New York! I'm out in Corning and fish the Susquehanna every weekend! I ordered the alarms just the other day they will be here tomorrow!!!
Awesome! May I suggest camping, spot #66 at hickory park in owego. Great spot for catfish!
Daniel Bareham (1 year ago)
do you have to put the bait runner on
+Daniel Bareham I don't use a bait runner so I am not sure how it it would act, sorry. Thanks for watching!
vuemeister1 (1 year ago)
Great vid. Also, wrong rod for the bait caster.
+vuemeister1 thanks for watching! Yes, you are correct, however the fish don't seem to mind! Lol

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