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Warren Buffett & Jay - Z - Billionaire Investing Secrets (Interview with Forbes)

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In this interview from 2010, the world’s most famous investor chats with Jay Z and Steve Forbes about talent, success and building moats. Jay - Z and Warren Buffet Interview with Forbes - Talk Success and giving back The first Forbes 400 summit paired one of the most successful recording artists of all time, Jay-Z, with the most successful investor of all time, Warren Buffett, on the latter’s home turf of Omaha, Nebraska. Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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TradingCoachUK (1 year ago)
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Pratheep Anumaty (2 months ago)
Hello good morning 25/04/2019
Sonic Magnus (12 days ago)
“ you don’t need a whole lot of brains in the business of money “ white man lying to me again
Budget Bill (1 month ago)
Man great content and informational video. Definitely can appreciate what Jay-Z has done. Especially announcing that Jay-Z became a Billionaire today.
Christine Ford is CIA (4 months ago)
Jay Z was a drug dealer and ruined countless lives. I dont have any respect for him at all. Plus, he is a racist and his rap lyrics are disgusting.
@Chris Geter great response
DownTownRobj (1 month ago)
He and we dont care what u think
jerome taylor (1 month ago)
Big Pharma is the ultimate drug dealer, complete with the side effects! You are probably a client! Got it?!!! Also, Jay-Z sold weed (marijuana), not the kind of drug to "ruin lives", however the so called 'legal' or pharmaceuticals are responsible for millions of ruined lives!! Given his complexion and his environment from whence he came, I would say he has made a tremendous stride forward! Can you make the same claim?!! I RESPECT THAT!!
Robert Cecil (2 months ago)
Fair enough. Drugs ruin people. Ruined countless people perhaps, we dont know where they are or how they doing as well. But its hard understanding Jay and others in the Marcy and very easy to despise when we havnt been raised in his environment. And we live in suburban. Its the environment that made him alike what he is in whatever. But he is a waaaay better wiser comparison of the average rapper nowadays. Perhaps you would like him more for if he was raised in surburban and grew to success with his natural skills what God gave him. If your not aware, Jay Zs hood being the Marcy projects was one of the worst places to live in the americas. It was ridiculed on how unfortunate the place was. It was the mindset from the drug selling that got him his skills to be a billionair today. He inspired many artists today following his steps to get out of drug selling and be much much more. Like nipsey hussle. Recent rapper/father that died and helped develop compton hoods in giving opportunity and real estate and well, did work with Jay too. Just imagine. The drug opportunity missed for Jay, could have altered his lifestyle to ultimate success with finance family and Beyonce. Could have altered Kanye West's future and maybe not be as famous and helpful to the world today. Which ultimately could have altered two legends inspiration on the world and to many other artists like Drake, J cole, Kendrick Lamar, XXXtentacion which all contributed in making the world much better. Its a huge major butterfly effect. And Jay makes much more better music now anyway. More in depth and lyrical than ever, more wiser less immature within content. But God has blessed him a very very special talent to make viral hit songs of the top of his head in one take. Perhaps you might have heard of his song empire state of mind ft Alicia Keys. Family friendly it is too, and you can see his talent in his lyrics too so maybe reconsider him as a whole. Perhaps you might Drake or other peopl you know might like Drake but thats the result of Jay Z himself. People everywhere mess up anyones lives to get in position in getting to riches, alike the whites in the suits and ties and vests. For they afforded from scamming people that make less. For poor kids wont be healthy not ever and die of some fungus, so get high to ease stress, pay drug dealers entrepreneurship, feed alter ego and hopefully dont go get to the feds, for his kids also need feeding and have some future for them.
Chris Geter (4 months ago)
Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it
Blaine T (6 months ago)
I think Warren secretly bumps hardcore gangster rap on his way to work.
gacaptain (3 days ago)
LOL Then he wouldn't care for Jay Z. Jay Z is far from hard core or gangster. LOl
Micheal Twiggs (6 months ago)
wtf how do you have Jay Z sit next to Warren Buffett to tall about Billionaire Investing Secrets. Does Jay z even have Billion net worth?
W A (16 days ago)
He sure does💅🏿
Koom Lau (22 days ago)
Robert Cecil (1 month ago)
@NDTHEBEAST yeeeeeessssssssiiririiirirrrr
NDTHEBEAST (1 month ago)
Yup he’s a billionaire for sure
Money Way (6 months ago)
You know
Joel Duavit (7 months ago)
Steve Forbes you are a terrible host. It’s called Ham and Egging It. Spending too much time with one guest puts the other guest out of place. Especially when the guests are as diverse and different as Mr. Buffett and Jay Z. To think you ran for President. Develop empathy for the other guy is our message for you. Its painful to watch your guests wait their turn.
Robert Cecil (2 months ago)
Came here for Jay only tbh, but i like the other guy more now. But yeah its not fair to interview two guests at the same time. What were they thinking?
Pierre Jones (8 months ago)
He called him JJ instead of JZ lmao somebody was watching Good Times in the 70's 47:55
von306 (1 year ago)
Why does he only talk music with Jay Z like he doesn’t know anything about business. Talking to him like he’s only an “Entertainer” is disrespectful it’s like he’s trying to belittle him in front of warren like he’s only making money because he entertains people.
Demi Campbell (2 years ago)
I wonder how Jay Z feels about Tidal
salessi Kelly (22 days ago)
He a billion Aire now
Above The Ankles (4 years ago)
two interesting and very spectacular individuals

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