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Kate Mulgrew in Mrs. Columbo (1979-1980)

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tjf4375 (3 months ago)
Good grief, she looks exactly the same here as she did in Voyager 15 years later.
DasKame (1 year ago)
That is so weird
Marc Ziegenhain (1 year ago)
Odo and Janeway. Hm... Maybe she took him with her, when Voyager docked at DS9 in "Caretaker 1".
Hercules mac (2 years ago)
Wow! this happened??? We'll still have the Delta Quadrant Kate😊
Sun Tzu II (2 years ago)
Oh, that's disappointing! Everyone missed it apparently, judging from the comments below. At 1:29 you get Captain Janeway, and your favorite Cardassian and mine  Elam Garak (Andrew Robinson) How 'bout that!
BertilGyllenhake (5 years ago)
@Adam Cartwright Yupp that's Rene Auberjonois alias Odo aka Douglas Pabst.
T James (5 years ago)
Btw, it's Janeway and Odo!
T James (5 years ago)
Poor KM. I guess everyone has to have a flop in their career at some point.
Mark Walker (5 years ago)
@Adam Cartwright Yes
Juan Miguel Martínez (5 years ago)
Señora Colombo
Juan Miguel Martínez (5 years ago)
Me encanta la Sara. Colombo
Adam Cartwright (5 years ago)
Is that Odo at 2:08?
william Green (5 years ago)
I just watched “The Inlaws” this afternoon, the original. Thats a funny movie, love it.
william Green (5 years ago)
No coincidence. As I said, Mr Lt. Columbo’s very rare old French convertible is parked out front. They were trying to ride the coat tail of the original “Columbo.” That salty old dog was almost robbing the cradle if they were married. I always loved the references that Mr Columbo made about his wife, but mostly also his nephews or nieces and the drawn out stories that ensued. “Oh,... one more thing...” He has my vote for the best TV character ever.
txunderball (5 years ago)
Fact: Kate is.the cutest Columbo ever! :)
txunderball (5 years ago)
Trivia: The guy in the white shirt from the end of the clip is Rene Auberjonois. He was later one of the main players in Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Strange are the paths of television.
txunderball (5 years ago)
During the first season the show was mostly called Mrs. Columbo. The title was changed to "Kate Loves Mystery" for the second season due to constant complaints from Falk fans. In the second season all Columbo references were removed. Kate is now divorced and has her maiden name Callahan again (I wonder if the chosen new name was an oblivious but awesome coincidence or an intentional reference), lives in San Fernando and works for a new local paper.
txunderball (5 years ago)
Because the producer were probably afraid that otherwise someone might think Columbo was gay or something. And the character was too old and respectable to just have a girlfriend, let alone a casual romance.
william Green (5 years ago)
I have only known of this show as "Mrs Columbo". I see the old French convertible car of Lt. Columbo's in this opener. The car also appeared at the very start of the first "Rockford Files" show, parked on a pier.
Marco Irollo (5 years ago)
No. This show was never aired with this name as it was changed in Kate loves a mystery.
Nicholas Colameo (1 year ago)
Marco Irollo It was Mrs. Columbo for the first season. The title was changed for season 2.
TheRedlum (5 years ago)
My mom loved this as it was Kate Mulgrew. she raised me on "Ryan's Hope" and of course we watched Star Trek Voyager together. Until she passed away in 99, this was a weird show but it failed because it wasn't aired at the right time.
Dan Smith (5 years ago)
Why was there a Mrs. Columbo at all???
GBXS (6 years ago)
Does Columbo actually apprear in any episode?
KCRyder (6 years ago)
Whoever came up with the idea for this crap was hopefully fired after it all went downhill.
Nama Saya (7 years ago)
this suppose to be a spin off of the famous series Columbo.... It failed
ringbolt9 (7 years ago)
this is cool to see

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