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New! Magic: The Gathering Green/Red/Blue Theme Booster Packs (From Walmart)

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I finally broke down and bought the last 3 colors of the theme boosters. Let's see what's inside! Thanks for watching everybody! If you enjoyed the video please like, share, and if you're interested in watching more content involving everything MTG related please subscribe! I currently upload 1 MTG Arena video weekly, as well as Booster Box openings and more.
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Text Comments (15)
SLIKS TCG's (11 months ago)
Green is verdant force maybe?
Alex DiazdeLeon (11 months ago)
Am i missing something? This seems like a shit product... costs the same as 2 booster packs but has 5 more bulk cards and one less rare/mythic than if you just bought 2 packs...
EverythingMTG (11 months ago)
I would categorize it as a fun product for new players as it is already themed around a single color and just needs the inclusion of 25 lands. I just like to open Magic products! :)
Daily Scratchers (11 months ago)
I hope to see them in my stores since they aren't doing damn deck builder toolkits with dominaria
zFakes_ - (11 months ago)
How can i get one of these packs? And how mucho money do they cost??
Synthia Weires (11 months ago)
They're a Walmat exclusive.
EverythingMTG (11 months ago)
I found mine at Walmart for $7.48 US.
The crazy gamer Xx01 (11 months ago)
From the red one I got goblin chainwhirler
Jose Salinas (11 months ago)
That is certainly good news!!!
EverythingMTG (11 months ago)
Nice! He's a good card. :)
DrSpaceTrain (11 months ago)
You can pull Karn from the blue packs
EverythingMTG (11 months ago)
Apparently you can get him from any of the theme booster packs, pretty exciting!
Evil Ducks (11 months ago)
Btw, it’s bloodstone goblin on the front of the red pack
Evil Ducks (11 months ago)
I hope that they make more of these
EverythingMTG (11 months ago)
Me too! I'm pretty impressed with how Wizard's handled this product.

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