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Fiery Joker Unscripted 16: Regarding Master of Foxes

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I talk about: My first duty station My response to Master of Foxes Projects and a little surprise at the end.
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Nerdy Fan (5 months ago)
WHOA WHOA WHOA this actually happened? What the fuck? Are people really this stupid? Really DEATH THREATS! I just- wow. I don't even know else to say... I'm just sickened people would be so stupid and hypocritical. 😨
I'm the 600th like on this video.
Deion Greenaway (10 months ago)
Same hear
Dima's Girl (11 months ago)
Is that a bass trombone by any chance? Because it sounds like something from a Wagnerian orchestra.
The Spit Take (1 year ago)
Yes please! I would love to hear more of you playing the trombone.
cynda 1 (1 year ago)
You're good at the trombone!
Valon storm (1 year ago)
you go josh and yes my name is josh i am planning to change it one day
Bobi200 Samatar (2 years ago)
That Trambone was lovely!
firesnake47 (2 years ago)
Out of curiosity, what military band are or were you in? Just curious. I'm not sure how the military band thing works. Am I corrct in saying that every branch has one? I was just asking because I have a cousin in the Marine Corps. band.I'm curious if you've ever heard of or met him before; his last name is Weil. He plays the trumpet.
firesnake47 (2 years ago)
+firesnake47 Just had the thought to ask.
Kye Belmont (2 years ago)
I agree with you Josh. That is a new low.
Soul The Lalafell (2 years ago)
I have to give big respect to Josh on this video - He knew that this could have pushed a portion of his fans away by telling them off but he knew that is was the right thing to do because two wrongs do not make a right.
themambawarrior2 (3 years ago)
the music was from banjo kazooie
Xunyll (3 years ago)
It's infuriating to see people joke about death and go "Hahahahaha! Jks. Lolololol.". Bullshit, joking about death/giving out death threats will be taken seriously and if someone decides to phone the Police about it, they're fucked right in the down under. And the cute thing is that some people out there think they're untouchable behind that screen, resulting in them having big egos and becoming arrogant as all fuck.... I am looking at you, Lizard Squad. :P
SuperFloxes (3 years ago)
Master of Foxes may have been a bad explainer or her opinion, something that I, a fourteen year old, can do with maturity, and an excuse for an Okami fan, but she does not deserve death threats. No one deserves death threats. On the bright side, will you ever do a proper Okami review. It might lessen the haters and dislikes if you give it an actual review instead of a video about why you hate it, though after playing it again, I just can't get why anyone would hate it.
isectoid (3 years ago)
people on the internet are idiots and self centered- just saying "this is my opinion" or "do NOT go to this persons channel and spam them!" won't stop nor change a thing, there is a world between youtube creators and their viewers creators have sense, and responsability, viewers don't, and many of them are trolls, and if you give trolls information and good points, they will run wild with it, no matter what we do, ANY video like "response to master of foxes" is going to do this no amount of "do NOT do this!" is going to stop it
isectoid (2 years ago)
+awesomemoose:) Although we could have gotten something amazing if he didn't. "My response, to your response, to my response, to your response to my response, to your response..." it goes on.
rattrap's dank sewer (2 years ago)
which is why he stopped the response series.
Kayla Zobel (3 years ago)
Just a quick question... Whatever happened to Master of Foxes? Out of curiosity, I looked her up to see if her opinions had changed, but it looks like she's not even on YouTube anymore. :( That actually makes me feel really terrible, and I'm not even one of the people that started hating on her.
AJ Gameguy (9 months ago)
Adam Bomb Even if her "response" was very immature, there's no justification for bullying and sending death threats.
Leon Trotsky (1 year ago)
I'm sorry to say but I think that's a good thing because of her stupidity
Zaghrem Hawthorne (3 years ago)
She was bullied off YouTube sadly.
TheZenicProductions (3 years ago)
Yay Grunty's Lair!
Brenna Brodbeck (3 years ago)
I know this was only three years ago, but I have to agree with Josh on this. Death Threats should not be taken lightly or used as jokes. She didn't deserved that at all. Yes, she sounded like a whiny little kid who thought she was creditable but she didn't. Yes, she insulted Josh as well. Like, Josh pointed out in this video, she didn't give valid arguments for her side. So, that was very mature of him to do this video. And with the video he was referencing in this, I back him up on his point. That is my opinion on this topic, even though this is only three years old.
StarVolt Nexus (3 years ago)
I agree she was being mean but still if Death threats are considered cool then whoever said it was cool needs to have their head examaned
Bög Jävel (3 years ago)
1: You are really good at arguing. 2: You always come with valid points and never use unessecary insults. 3: I love your humor. 4: I love your top 10s. I have watched you for a very long time, started watching when you uploaded those ''Most awesome video game music'' You will always be my favorite youtuber.
Bög Jävel (3 years ago)
And oh, i freaming love your trombone skills <3
Maura Classified (3 years ago)
*excitedly applauds your trombone playing* :D
Ambrose Burnout (3 years ago)
Don't worry, I'd never threaten someone with slavery or death. If I *really* wanted to make that kind of point (which I'd be hard-pressed to get to), I'd describe some horrible fate worse than death to them in pornographic detail, while emphasizing that it would not be fatal and that I'd never be able to inflict it on anyone.
RetroMarineX13 (4 years ago)
I liked your trombone playing and I was wondering, can you pleeeeeeease do the wa wa wa waaaaaaaa song? I am currently trying to get violin lessons and maybe I'll try the trombone sometime. I liked its concept when I was younger and still kinda do.
Ice shadow17 (4 years ago)
3:32 trombone is one of my favorite instruments (my favorite is the clarinet)
msmissjordan1 (4 years ago)
You play trombone as great as Pinkie Pie ;)
themegamariobros1 (4 years ago)
What happened to master of foxes?
Jem Due (3 years ago)
+sakuraslicer19 tho he did get payback at OVER A BARREL review
DarkStone94 (3 years ago)
+themegamariobros1 And then came Bhaalspawn.
themegamariobros1 (3 years ago)
+AgentGeeek TehGuyWhoSpeaksWithWords173 He ended up having to explicitly state not to do the same to flames on fire who has stopped making videos for seemingly unrelated reasons.
Metaknightkirby2 (3 years ago)
+themegamariobros1 She deleted her channel because of the constant harassment coming from Josh's fans.
Datura Minaka (3 years ago)
+D.N.A. dude,really?
Lindsay Proctor (4 years ago)
Loved the trombone, would love to hear LoZ theme, but I honestly wish you hadn't put the muter (I forgot what it's called. Sorry) in.
Ryan Ekis (4 years ago)
I agree, hate comments and death threats are just wrong
JoeCario (4 years ago)
Ahh, the end reminds me of my high school band days. BTW, I played Saxophone.
Datura Minaka (3 years ago)
Epic sax guy? Is that you!? Jk.
DoctorRaichu (4 years ago)
eliminate and abolish redundacy
Privatecreeper1 (4 years ago)
Does Master Of Foxes channel still exist?
Datura Minaka (3 years ago)
+Mario Leoez Did you even watch this video? he literally said that idiots were doing that,
Datura Minaka (3 years ago)
+Mario Leoez ...let me get this straight. You think she deserved to get death threats and hate mail,so many times that she shut her account down? THE FUCK MAN!?
Datura Minaka (3 years ago)
sadly not. I say sadly because it wasn't her fault or josh's fault that people were idiots,and she could have ignored them like when i have haters,but people react in different ways. Personally,i feel really bad for her deleting her own channel because people have no clue how to be mature.
Fred Rio (4 years ago)
Sweet! I play trombone for my school's Jazz band, but I'm not as good as you!
thetattooedyoshi (4 years ago)
You're amazing on that trombone! You don't just own, you TrombOWN! :D Bad pun I know but I'm in band too so it's okay. :)
BonkHazard (2 years ago)
Puns are Fun, Hun :D
Datura Minaka (3 years ago)
and i thought my puns were bad...i finally found something Actually better :D
Blake Tyson (4 years ago)
I ment Badass
Blake Tyson (4 years ago)
Not to bad josh you are one harass trombone player
dakota jennings (4 years ago)
the master of foxes is the most dumbest jackass of all
dakota jennings (4 years ago)
look I said was wrong and learn my lesson about it but she was being a grammar Nazi
spikeharusame (4 years ago)
You bring shame to the name of Dakota
Datura Minaka (4 years ago)
+dakota jennings well yeah,that was stupid. it had nothing to do with his review "oh,i don't like this,oh,and its called this" i hate it when people do that,but that's no right to insult her. still though,sorry for calling ya retarded,i just don't like it when people are hypocritical. and yes,by saying that,i am being hypocritical.
dakota jennings (4 years ago)
+Drakkoniac Dransen okay you maybe right so I am sorry for being mean and what I'd said about her. but said that kaboom thing he does is not lame now she being the bad guy also a grammer nazi
Datura Minaka (4 years ago)
+dakota jennings but,he's trying to be the better man,without you guys being idiots. your being an idiot,anyone can back me up on this.
ThatOneZeldaGuy (4 years ago)
Although her video was rediculous death threats are ignorant, and nice playing Josh haha 
Mark Hirsch (4 years ago)
Hey I love your trombone playing when you did that banjo and kazooie song. And yes death is something you don't joke about, but try telling that to today's youth
pena rantanen (4 years ago)
I have to say one thing about your trumpet playing section of this video josh. You're reaylly good at playing trumpet.
Fred Rio (4 years ago)
That wasn't a trumpet...
Kayra orankoy (4 years ago)
that's a trombone.
Orimus Ryzer (4 years ago)
i'll repent...I sent her death threats...on my other account I deleted 2 years ago                                                                                                                                                 :(    sorry josh...
Xunyll (8 months ago)
At least you owned up to your mistakes unlike some other dolts on the internet.
Jake Hudanick (4 years ago)
Death is not something to ever fool around with! Very mature josh! I hate it too!
David Timmer (5 years ago)
Josh, that was very manly of you, major kudos, and I'm still sorry about the whole bashing you on kingdom hearts being overrated to you
Gaming_with_Katt (5 years ago)
If I hate war, it's because I hate murder, since, when you think about it, you have to murder to win a war (defence or no). In short, you won't catch me making death threats. Promise. :) BTW, just encase you didn't know (even though you probably do), I can't find MOF727's channel....at all. So this dilemma made her do what I did when I was Known as irongirl100...delete her channel. Pity, I wanted to see what else she did on her channel.
N. (5 years ago)
You are surprise? Death threats can be common sometimes. She was among many other victims of death threats. No one can be the good cop all the time. This is the internet
TheFallinhalo (5 years ago)
u should do the battlefield 3 theme lol not saying u have to but that would be awesome if u do Thank you.
LectricSigma(Σ) (5 years ago)
Really? Don't get me wrong but this is the internet. People say dumb things all the time. She didn't have to delete her account, she could have just acknowledged her mistake and kept making videos. If anything it's HER fault for taking these "death threats" seriously and actually letting them get to her.
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Yes we do. He is what I would call a decent and reasonable person, and a good man. He stands up for people who insult him and he scolds his fans for their bad behavior. I can't help but respect someone who does that.
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Yeah, he earned my respect by defending Bhaalspawn in pretty much the exact same situation. Then I found out it wasn't the first time he'd done so, and my respect for him has only grown.
River Critic (5 years ago)
we need more people like joshscorcher
RealBladethegamer (5 years ago)
3:25 great song choice! Really brought back some pleasant memories.
Ginelle The Red Knight (5 years ago)
Do a top ten anime games
mayuri206 (5 years ago)
hey. I play baritone. almost got trombone but the school I went to had to many :(
Anakin Rayos (5 years ago)
Aww Yeah! Trombone's FTW! You sir have earned a subscriber!
ray donald (5 years ago)
You know I got Josh's point watching the Response to Master of Foxes so I just let her be. Project suggestion: A day in the life of a marine.
MorphusFleebus (5 years ago)
GallerySpecter (5 years ago)
She deleted her account.
Pastahunter (5 years ago)
Every youtube fanboy/fangirl all need to see this video.
TheNoobofHearts (5 years ago)
Wow...I respect you a hell of a lot more now! Somebody show Master of foxes this video! might improve her opinion a bit!
mudkipman98 (5 years ago)
is the song that you played from one of the banjo and kazooie games?
The Redneck (5 years ago)
Hey man i would never have done a thing like that more respect to ya too
Brian King (5 years ago)
To those (put bad word here) who threatened master of foxes with death i have 4 words "WATCH AMANDA TODD'S VIDEO". then try to say that. And also if its not right to say that to someones face why is it right to say it over the internet.
Scott's Shots (5 years ago)
'cause being good is hard.
Avi Haltmann (5 years ago)
damn josh your really good with the trumbone
Avi Haltmann (5 years ago)
TheZikkuzio (5 years ago)
Am playing banjo kazooie right now!
Terriccota Pie (5 years ago)
Good youtubers(like this guy) are so underrated....
Ace Lucario (5 years ago)
A salute to you, Josh
Mime Slayer (5 years ago)
I signed in just to check if I am subscribed. Josh is THE most grown up person I have seen on youtube.
thenewamaster (5 years ago)
Boot! jk
Raul Dantas (5 years ago)
I don't even know you, but my respect for you after i saw this video was just increased by 15 points.
CaliV Gaming (5 years ago)
Try a perfect dark sing if you can find one.
Pete the Magic Asshat (5 years ago)
My problem was when she insulted Vegeta's explosion. That shit was sad and she called it lame. Buu should turn her into chocolate and eat her for that but I can forgive her. CAUSE PEOPLE ARE BEING FUCKING INSANE! THE FIREY JOKER FANBASE NEEDS TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN!
MrTerminator3010 (5 years ago)
you're really good at playing the trombone
kirbystarwarrior (5 years ago)
Not saying that I agree with them though.
kirbystarwarrior (5 years ago)
It's understandable of why the people attacked Master of Foxes for her video though. With all the stuff she said...yeah.
Bumbleboar (5 years ago)
fiery joker would make a good dad
Bumbleboar (5 years ago)
The Legendary Sponge (5 years ago)
I generally take you very seriously, and I have to say that with your deep analysis with your countdowns and such, I have to question your choice of the word "sicko".
rupturingnightmare97 (5 years ago)
I'm guessing that a lot of people who saw the response to Bhalspawn have not seen this video beforehand (except the trolls, of course).
I can see why he is upset. See, when subscribers pull crap like that after someone talks about someone else denouncing them in a video and responding to it, you expect your subs to understand and not do anything. But when they pull crap like that, it makes YOU look bad, it makes it like YOU sent YOUR subscribers out to make this person's life a living hell. It's incredibly stupid, and the people who pushed to the point where she deleted her account should very ashamed, not only did they make th
bnerd1 (5 years ago)
your trombone sounds good
Conflict1914 (5 years ago)
to quote Gandhi 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind' so nobody can do the same thing as master of foxes to her and expect justification it just makes you sink to a worse moral level. The people who caused Master of Foxes to close her account need to realize this
Taz Breaker (5 years ago)
you know josh, you should really be alot more popular on youtube, for a number of reasons, one mainly being a good person and stating your opinions in a pleasent and agreeable manor, the only problem is people like the ones who attacked Master of Foxes, this video is proof you know full well what your doing and how to handle the idiots, and i only hope you can get more success on youtube, while still getting more positive attention than negative
Burnie vi Ragequit (5 years ago)
Can you do the song of healing from Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?
aperturesciencegames (5 years ago)
that right there is called humanity ,that pity he gave to a person who undoubtedly wouldn't do it in his place is literally the first I've seen on YouTube I have never had as much respect for a youtuber than I do now especially knowing I certainly wouldn't have made this video and I probably would have said something like "hah serves you right" its amazing
CronaFan739 (5 years ago)
You are a good trombone, like REALLY good. And you bring up a good point it's your opinion and the people who said that she should die should not do that, at all.
Koza alfisher (5 years ago)
Hmmnn not bad. Seems Legit.
i think he is
Ordinary Citizen (5 years ago)
My respect for you skyrocketed... and great trombone playing, sir!
L (5 years ago)
Quick! Play Porky's theme and take over the world!
hunter macpherson (5 years ago)
I feel like he would be a shirty roommate
Taekwondoninja94 (5 years ago)
I suscribed recently by the way.
Taekwondoninja94 (5 years ago)
Nice trombone playing Josh.
ConnectingTheDots (5 years ago)
Sweet trombone.
sonicpain900 (5 years ago)
final fantasy 7
111EJG (5 years ago)
Not that I like her I just wanted to see her entire rant video for myself so I can see just how....... Let's say.... Immature it was.
111EJG (5 years ago)
You make great points Josh. But, one more thing I'm confused about I can't find any videos made by master of foxes if I look it up in the search bar. Did she delete her account?
Temeraire (5 years ago)
wow, he is actually a really good player, I used to be in a band and he was better than any of our trombones
MinecrateZ (5 years ago)
Dimmie Dunce (5 years ago)
Youtube advised me to watch a video made by Josh. I watched one. Then another.. Then another and another, and of course I ended up subbing, this guy is amazing. Even though I've got different tastes in some of the games he reviews. But damn he's amazing and makes his points valid and states that it is HIS opinion. He actually stood up for someone who was, to put it bluntly.. An absolute prick to him. I didn't know people like that existed anymore. Props to you Josh and may your subscribers grow!

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