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Top 5 Memorable Unfortunate Events (Mistakes) in Victoria's Secret Broadcast History

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Threvi Vacal (4 hours ago)
Wow, that moment KK lost her shoe and she continued strutting down the catwalk like nobody's business, phew, that's a legit professional supermodel for you.
Ashlee Casey (6 hours ago)
All those girls were so professional and played it off beautifully
shmbbrkr (7 hours ago)
I love the one with those peta protesters
Sarah-Anne Carney (8 hours ago)
These girla nailed it! They looked flawless and worked it.
Glamorous Blonde (10 hours ago)
Ming xi is absolutely gorgeous! When she fell I had tears too. Don’t cry sweetie you are perfect!
Bianca Perry (7 hours ago)
You are absolutely right!
groove fools (11 hours ago)
got to give them major credit for how casually they handled themselves
Brina (23 hours ago)
What’s up with Gisele?
extrachicken wang (1 day ago)
ming xi😭
Alexzis Edwards (1 day ago)
The last one was nuts. I literally had to watch it twice because I thought it was all part of the show
Jaynie Kiel (58 minutes ago)
I know I think I watched it like 6 times..the first, then again like wtf!, then again to read the signs haha, then two more after reading comments to see how she handled it. Oh and once to see the security throw them off😂😂
CandyisAwesome86 (1 day ago)
That’s why you should just walk the runway and stop all that showboating before you fall on your ass. 🤣
Amaya Fuller (1 day ago)
Karolina Kurkova doesn't have very good luck lol.
Devvrat Tripathi (1 day ago)
karolina is twice over there ! and in shoes case she is superb !
Gayane Gabrielyan (1 day ago)
girls are Angeles indeed !!! Strong women !!!
manu pimienta (1 day ago)
Fernanda tavares de que País es?
Juli i (1 day ago)
Security wasn't a thing back in 2002
Anonymous X Y Z (1 day ago)
Karolina knew her shoe wud come off...she was so prepared for it😂She acted like nothing happened
Tyra Grace (2 days ago)
What the hell was with those protesters complaining about Gisele using fur. I’m vegan and I obviously don’t agree with animal abuse or using real fur in any way but going on stage like that is so dumb, it’s not gonna get the message across in the right way, it’s just going to put a bad message across for vegans 🙄 that’a why everyone has such bad opinions on vegans.
CyberLife (2 days ago)
I’m Gisele, the protesters are my problems, the people pulling them off is alcohol
Cara Bonadina (2 days ago)
dramallamarama (2 days ago)
Ming still made it to 2018
doolydolli (2 days ago)
Ming Xi is so gorgeous and when she cried, bro...
Lilly Lilly (2 days ago)
Second hand embarrassment is real!
h Francis (2 days ago)
just shows how vapid the fashion world is...
Md Billah (2 days ago)
Nooooooo poor Ming I started crying when she cried!
Carl Schuch (2 days ago)
I LOVE you 😘😍❤️
BTS 915 (2 days ago)
My heart broked when I saw Ming Xi crying
Fo Haus (2 days ago)
Giselle is queen
Prast Tyo (3 days ago)
Karolina & ming soooooooooooooooooo angeeeel
Mitu from Debrezeit (3 days ago)
Damn the highlight of this vid is the takedown of the protesters. 🤣🤣🤣 wwe get your mens
Sumeet Gill (3 days ago)
Ming xi is so beautiful
siska vionita (3 days ago)
They re all human 💜
Yo soy Lola (3 days ago)
Mujeres asombrosas 💖
AT Star (3 days ago)
That first one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dr. V (4 days ago)
The shoe one was actually great because she walked without any limp while missing a heel
Natalie Gill (4 days ago)
See, you’d think models are like, “NO, IM PRETTIER, NOO, MEE!” But then, Giselle, helped the other girl out! Like, she’s so nice, and she was as like, “it’s okay, you’re beautfiul”
kim mingyu (4 days ago)
that girl is so kind
hey guys (4 days ago)
I feel so bad for them. It must be so pressuring just to get up there in the first place, but with mistakes like that it must be so embarrassing. So rude to Gisele!
Karolina kurkova is literally unlucky
capimsi7 (4 days ago)
Kudos to Karolina - I wouldn't have guessed her shoe was giving her probs, her walk was fierce, sassy, and smooth! Natalia as well. Miranda was lucky hers came loose behind stage. Ming Xi could've been more gracious/professional. felt like a crybaby gal to me, sadly. Lastly, I dont like Gisele, so no comments, her reaction is typical of her.
Marianny Pineda (4 days ago)
Ming Xi was the pittiest, imagine raising your hands to cheer the crowd up only to be tripped. That's why I feel her when she cried. Such a sweetheart.
Maria Silva (5 days ago)
Gisele is so classy
Samantha Mostowicz (5 days ago)
Samantha Mostowicz (5 days ago)
“you’re so beautiful, & you looked so beautiful..at the end” 😂😂😩😩
Samantha Mostowicz (5 days ago)
@2:36,”she’s down” me but glad she was okay🙏🏼🧡
Samantha Mostowicz (5 days ago)
@3:10, I would cry too:(( 😩😩😂😂
イサベラ (5 days ago)
Ming Xi is the prettiest person I’ve ever seen
J Elizondo (5 days ago)
Jacob Mendez (6 days ago)
Ming xi looks very dissappointed to herself, that is not good for a model, model is model she should stand up be proud of herself even she fall.. the show must go on always..
Achan Thuc (6 days ago)
Lol I love how the protestors were just snatched off the runway
Kenna Lime (6 days ago)
I liked it better when the runway was slower, this year i couldn´t enjoy the catwalk :(
Novascotia Skater (6 days ago)
They film the show twice and then edit it into the one show so...they clearly leave the mistakes in for drama effect.
Hallo Sm (6 days ago)
Ming Xi did amazing 😉 I started crying when she did 😭 she is sooo beautiful
youtube university (6 days ago)
They really bumrushed them
Idek (6 days ago)
Ming was so beautiful the fall didn’t matter ❤️❤️❤️
tanya.y__ Chimsss (6 days ago)
I’m just dying at how all the men shoved and pulled the woman that were accusing Giselle 😂
skyler Lsl (7 days ago)
4:39 wait what happened I don’t get it
chanthy sar (7 days ago)
Friendship goals right there woman support each other
*omg this is stressing me out*
Jesus Anzurez Valdez (7 days ago)
Alguien me puede decir de q tratan los carteles de las señoras que protestaban
Nalu WDW (7 days ago)
4:47 lol
American Enigma _ (7 days ago)
And that’s why they get paid the big bucks ! It’s not an easy industry !
Lauren Pederson (7 days ago)
#3 is a fucking boss steppping out of tge shoe like a damn professional.
Dyaebl 16 (7 days ago)
Who is that girl walking behind Ming Xi ? 2:33
Lupe Yoli (7 days ago)
That Gisele one was the best
Budots TV (7 days ago)
Are they not having any dress rehearsals first?
telltellme ehehe (7 days ago)
Who’s the one helping ming xi?
Sy.yyann (8 days ago)
Ming Xi falling was so heartbreaking! I’m so glad they brought her back though because she’s so beautiful and has super uplifting expression
BTSx BP (8 days ago)
Ming xi is so pretty and when she started to cry I literally started crying
AlohaDiana (2 days ago)
Savannah Piggott she was walking in the 2018 show
BTS 915 (2 days ago)
Me too !!
BTS 915 (2 days ago)
+Ze Gaynicorn She did
IceCycle (3 days ago)
I laugh lol
siska vionita (3 days ago)
Me too
PhoebePebbles (8 days ago)
Gisele unbothered the house😂😂😂 I loveee it
Jessica Rich (8 days ago)
They have like no thighs
J.A. Gomez (8 days ago)
The "Gisele Fur Scum" protesters...👏.😂👏😂👏😂
Mike Hunt (8 days ago)
dumb Chinese girl,fell in China show
Seni. O (8 days ago)
Giseles reaction is how I aspire to be in life #unbothered
Anonym T. (8 days ago)
the 2nd one was sad but cute
Shahbano Malik (8 days ago)
This video is a proof of how badly fashion industry treats models and how they are never taken seriously. Karolina was literally shouting that her shoes were undone but they didn't listen to her and kept saying that it's the design.
Shahbano Malik (1 day ago)
+Twisted86 No need to act like that. I just said that models are treated badly in FASHION INDUSTRY. They are considered as a commodity in that industry. That doesn't mean they are treated worse by the whole world. You clicked on a video related to models and now You are pissed about their lives
Twisted86 (1 day ago)
Yeah, the horror of walking down a short runway in loose shoes.....I just hope the fat check they got from doing it somehow helps them get over such abuse and diversity. I wish I had their problems, my day today you ask? One of my guys got sloppy and managed to get his leg stuck under a 20FT piece of steel, he is going to lose one of his legs now. I bet he would trade his day for hers any day of the week.
Juli i (1 day ago)
taecolicious (8 days ago)
all these protester following Gisele is like me chased by assignments deathline
taecolicious (8 days ago)
those who heel came off is actually a Cinderella ❤️ totally amazed how they walk with a single HEEL
Shemo Al (8 days ago)
Gisele deserved it since she supports a company that skins animals alive for their fur. Disgusting.
Giuliaaa23 (8 days ago)
2:45 ship.
Nightingale99 (8 days ago)
those animal rights protestors are my heros, it takes some bad ass courage to commit civil disobedience for the greater good of this world , to stand up for the voiceless for the at of animal lives.so everyone giving Giselle major praise and props for "handling that shit like a Queen" that "shit " you are refferring to are human beings who actually care about the animal lives Giselle killed so she could where their skin as a coat.
Fatima Zohra (8 days ago)
Omg wtf is wrong with those people calling giselle a scum???? ALTHOUGH SHE HANDLED THEM GRACEFULLY
Cathy (8 days ago)
From what I heard and read throughout the comments, it was because she supported a company for skinning animals for their fur.
Tanja Todd (9 days ago)
I felt so bad for ming xi but anyways she was beautyful
Queen Geek (9 days ago)
Okay but security yeeting those protestards off the stage was hilarious
shehab nowito (9 days ago)
at least they are doing their best
ilove2929 (10 days ago)
Karolina got it twice! She may not be the luckiest one, but she's fierce 🔥💖 go gal!
Contenido Interesante (13 days ago)
what happen whit gisele?
Trinity (13 days ago)
awww ming
NICHOLLAS (15 days ago)
I felt so bad for Ming
Jeanette Marie (16 days ago)
Those idiot protesters should have been slapped around and dragged off by their hair! Gizelle was so professional, love her or hate her, she's gorgeous and a good person and she didn't let those idiot women get to her on the runway!
Jody Love (16 days ago)
The support given to Ming Xi 😍😍😍😢😢😢 it was so kind of them and sweet. When Miranda waved 😍😍😍 The Giselle part, the ones holding up "Giselle for scums" were 😤😤😤😬😬😬😧😧😧
Eric Kiskisan (17 days ago)
Lisa Sanders (17 days ago)
That last one had me laughing😂😂😂 no offense
Storm Muller (17 days ago)
Who cares? We're all human... "Omg they forgot her hat!" *World ends* what a joke.
Lorrana Sodré (17 days ago)
nana jaemin (17 days ago)
Ming Xi jie jie 我愛你
aresabala1 (17 days ago)
And to think there thousands of children dying, people suffering from hunger. But they were so worried about a shoe, a hat and a fall.
Dancin'King (2 days ago)
And to think that millions of people make a living sewing clothes that are going to be sell BECAUSE OF THIS FASHION SHOW
TheRobelectro (18 days ago)
Natasha Poly so fierce and beautiful, just stunning!! Love her
Lizzie Hastings (18 days ago)
Oh poor Ming she deserved so much better, I love her!
foosheezoo (18 days ago)
Didn’t Ming Xi say she would quit modeling if she fell since they were at her hometown lol

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