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two texan girls get lost in the farm *gone wrong*

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we were being extremely CRINGEY in this video so i’m SORRY. we’re gonna uploading about once or twice a week. hope you enjoy our vidoes!! add us on our socials!!! yaleina instagram: yaleinaaaa sofia instagram: sofiuhperalta
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Callum Green (3 months ago)
Your editing is amazing, loved the video! Best of luck for the future!
MaverickVlogs15 (3 months ago)
Good video but you should made it a little better
RandomVIDEOS Presents (3 months ago)
I'll tell my subs to subscribe to u.
RandomVIDEOS Presents (3 months ago)
Quality content 👌
sofia and yaleina (3 months ago)
probably sunday or next week
RandomVIDEOS Presents (3 months ago)
sofia and yaleina when is your next upload
sofia and yaleina (3 months ago)
LEGO Corporation SQUAD thank you!!!
Taylor Warwas (3 months ago)
This is some good content... but y’all should’ve asked for the doorbell video I have
sofia and yaleina (3 months ago)
Droid WHAT
mia santoscoy (3 months ago)
sofia and yaleina (3 months ago)
mia santoscoy yes

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