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lululemon | Men's Outerwear - Stay Puff Parka

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There’s an unmistakable slowness associated with early mornings in cold-weather environments, often reinforced by cutting wind and airborne moisture as the front door swings open. Fine-tuned details, combined with easy packability, make the Stay Puff Parka ideal for long trips or quick-moving adventures.
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pedram shahroodi (4 months ago)
Hey lululemon Is the cold city parka jacket a replacement for the Stay Puff Parka? Is the cold city parka just as warm as the stay puff parka? I looked and the cold city is 650 down while stay puff is 700 down. Thanks!
pedram shahroodi (4 months ago)
lululemon that’s good to know! I also just noticed the cold city park was listed as 650 down in the product details but just today it’s changed to 600 down...was the original measurement incorrect then?
pedram shahroodi (5 months ago)
hi, has the winter collection come out yet for 2019!?
pedram shahroodi (5 months ago)
lululemon I’m looking for the stay puff parka! I was readying through your other replies on this video, THIS JACKET or the replacement for it has still not come out yet then for this upcoming winter...
Nishant Mehrotra (5 months ago)
Yeah bring it back por favor
J J (5 months ago)
Hi, I'm looking for a light but warm coat for winter and this looks promising. Any plans to bring it back for winter 2018? Thanks.
Sandra S (1 year ago)
Lululemon, my husband has been begging me to find this coat for him in a large.... any out there in the USA somewhere??
esau is The Devil (1 year ago)
Where is the Video for the Downplay parka? Also, I typically with the metal vent shirts or anything else, am a Medium in LuLu gear. Would I wear a Medium in the Parka's also? I know Parka's are cut on the larger side. Is this cut "normally", Large, or Small?
esau is The Devil (1 year ago)
Wow, you guys are one of the ONLY companies that actually reply and respond to customers. I will continue to support, like I have since before you were "popular".
Wayne T (1 year ago)
Is this coat still available? Says sold out online and my local store don’t have
Abu khalid (11 months ago)
hi , is this jacket available in London UK.
Wayne T (1 year ago)
lululemon doesn’t seem warm enough for -40C weather. Need something comparable to Canada Goose without being so heavy
Wayne T (1 year ago)
called both stores and no luck :( thanks anyway though. unfortunately have to buy something else because I'm in dire need of a new parka
Wayne T (1 year ago)
Will do! Thanks!
Wayne T (1 year ago)
lululemon Canada, size Medium
jimmy kang (2 years ago)
Hey Lulu, What's the TEI for this jacket? I live in Edmonton where it gets to -45C. Will this be able to withstand that cold?
Harry Potter (2 years ago)
When is this released :o I need it
Walt Thomas (2 years ago)
Yo!!! When is this gonna be released!?! I kinda NEED that! And I need a new backpack to replace my cruiser, too......while I'm asking.
Walt Thomas (2 years ago)
+lululemon I'm aware the cruiser backpack is gone for good. And I'm totally heartbroken over it. But I'm hoping for a replacement with similar features.
Brandon Miller (2 years ago)
Ok I want it! Take my money! When is it available??

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