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"Girls" Gone Wild (Cow Style)
Van Dorp Farm's cows going wild on their first day out to pasture after a long winter. Spring 2014
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GGD at Shiloh Ridge Off-road Park in Alto Tx 06-20-14
Farm girl's crazy little dog screams
Farm girl's crazy little dog screams like a gremlin. He is a funny little dog with a big Napoleon complex!
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Strain Hunters Jamaica Expedition (Full Length)
Documentary for educational purposes only. Please Subscribe to keep us going! Official Site: http://www.strainhunters.com http://www.greenhouseseeds.nl Facebook http://facebook.com/greenhouseseeds & http://facebook.com/strainhunters.official Music by: Marlon Parkes aka Bobo Shanty https://marlonparkes.wordpress.com/ Here we go again! We board a flight from Amsterdam and in 9 hours we are in the Caribbean. After a layover of just a couple of hours on Curacao, we fly on to Jamaica. We land in Kingston around 11 am local time. The air is hot, but not too humid. We have a 3 hours layover, so we decide to get out of the airport and go have lunch in Port Royal, half an hour away on the coast. It's a bit of a ghost-town, once a very rich merchant harbor, destroyed at the end of the seventeenth century by a powerful earthquake. It looks like it never really recovered… We eat lunch in a small fish-restaurant, famous for its snapper. But I eat jerk chicken because I am picky with my fish, and the jerk-spices here are amazing! Of course we drink some Red Stripe beers, and Simon and myself decide it's time to find some weed. It does not take long before we hit the jackpot: literally on the side of the local Police station, along the seaside, there are some barracks and shacks; inside a group of Rastas is busy cleaning and chopping weed and rolling it up in small balls, using rolling papers as containers. We ask if we can buy some, and the guys are thrilled. It's cheap, less than 1 Euro per gram. But it's a bit bitter, very leafy, and we enjoy it just because it's been a while since we smoked in Amsterdam! Some of the Rastas in the back are smoking crack cocaine in a glass pipe, the smell is terribly sour. They ask if we like some, and we politely tell them we are just here for the ganja; they nod, and scream "Jah Rastafari"! We sit and smoke a joint with them, and chat a bit about the local weed, and the cops. It's incredible that this is all happening next to the Police station. We leave as soon as the joint is over, and we go back to the restaurant to join the rest of the crew. It's time to get back to the airport and catch a Jamaican Airlines flight to Montego Bay, where our local contacts are waiting. The flight is really short, under half hour, and we arrive in MoBay before sunset. Bigga, Shanti, Nampo and Taleban are waiting for us and it's great to see them again; Arjan and myself spent some crazy days with these guys not long ago, during our scouting trips on the island. These guys are a tight crew, and they are going to take care of us during the next days of this filming trip. Nampo is a older Rasta, wise man, with lots of contacts and very respected. Taleban, his friend, is a grower and a smuggler, a real pirate and one of the funniest guys we ever had with us during our expeditions. Bigga is our driver/bodyguard, he's a man of the road and he knows who and what you need to know to keep us safe. Shanti is a local singer, a reggae artist with an amazing talent and a great personality. I know him since he was 10 years old, back in 1994, when I spent a few weeks near where he lived with his father (the man supplying me with fine herb at the time). It was really special to find Shanti during our scouting trips back in July, he's now a grown up man… and I am getting old! Shanti will come along and make sure the soundtrack of our travels is inspiring and inspired. We get the cars, two Toyota Fortuner, and we load up the mountain of gear we are carrying. Then we drive down to Negril in the sunset light, and when we arrive it's already dark. We decide to spend the first night at the Blue Cave Castle, a really cozy place on the rocky cliffs of Negril. It's another true 1994-flashback for me, this is one of the places where I stayed when I was a 20-years-old ganja-traveler, already a Strain Hunter without knowing it…. Of course to make the flashback even more intense the same room where I slept then is available, so I take it. It still looks the same. We are tired from the long travel, and we decide to go for some food. Unfortunately the chef is sick, so we decide to find something not too far away. We hit a jerk-chicken stand by the side of the road and we eat like there's no tomorrow. After a few Red Stripes and a few joints we go back to the hotel, where we smoke some good amount of high-grade weed, and some "gum", the local finger-hash. The weed is definitely an indica-cross, it tastes sweet and strong, and they say it's from a site not too far from where we are. We make a plan for tomorrow, and we go to sleep. Jamaica is great. It's a true privilege to be here again. Jah Bless! And now we are back with MisterX pics, the man is a true artist..... enjoy! Read the live thread here: http://www.strainhunters.com/forums/topic/2820-strain-hunters-jamaica-live-thread/
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Common Ground 519 - Farm Girls Candace Simar and Angela Foster
Two sisters reminisce in poetry and prose as they return to the family farm and share the triumphs and trials of their immigrant forbears. Candace Simar and Angela Foster walk viewers around the farm, which the family lost due to ill health in 1970, and across to the nearby graveyard to tell a remarkable story of courage and forbearance that will strike a chord with many who are descended from immigrants. "Common Ground" joined the ladies on a trip to the Tordenskjold farm last summer. Simar and Foster published the memoir "Farm Girls" in 2013, both authors have other published works. Simar has written a string of historical novels set in northern Minnesota, Foster received the Carol Bly Award in Creative Nonfiction from Bemidji State University in 2006 and teaches creative writing. Both women speak frequently to inspire other writers.
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Girls Gone Wildlife
Want to help us create more funny? Donate at the link below! http://onewordnocaps.com/donate -------------------- Let's get wild!!! If you like wildlife, girls, and past participles, you'll love Girls Gone Wildlife. Website -- http://onewordnocaps.com Facebook -- http://onewordnocaps.com/facebook Twitter -- http://onewordnocaps.com/twitter Written by: Vinnie Duyck Cast: Angel Laketa Moore Anja Lill Danni Spring Megan Brotherton VO: Vincent Selhorst-Jones Music: Jaybot7 LLC
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Farm Girl's funny facetime. Watch how far he turns his head! Too funny!
Facetime with our daughter and granddog. He is a cute and funny dog (still a puppy). A Boxer-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix
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Old MacDonald Had A Farm | Little Baby Bum | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Videos for Kids
Download LBB videos https://wayokids.com/littlebabybum Plush Toys http://littlebabybum.com/shop/plush-toys/ © El Bebe Productions Limited 0:04 Old MacDonald Had A Farm 1:18 Numbers Song 1-20 3:26 Hickory Dickory Dock 4:43 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 5:13 Wheels On The Bus - Part 2 7:03 If You're Happy And You Know It 8:54 3 Little Kittens 11:11 Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes 13:11 This Old Man He Played One 16:00 Wheels On The Bus - Part 3 17:47 Finger Family 18:50 Ring Around The Rosy 20:18 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe 21:22 ABC Song 23:13 Wheels On The Bus - Part 1 25:04 5 Little Monkeys 26:58 Baa Baa Black Sheep 27:50 ABC Phonics Song 29:16 Ten In The Bed 31:42 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & The Prince 33:44 Shapes Song 35:42 Rain Rain Go Away 37:40 5 Little Ducks 39:45 Mary Had A Little Lamb 41:25 Row Row Row Your Boat 42:36 BINGO 44:32 Pat A Cake 45:30 The Itsy Bitsy Spider 46:32 The Color Train Song 48:20 Numbers Song 1-10 50:21 Humpty Dumpty 51:50 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive 53:08 Finger Family (Cat Family) 54:11 London Bridge Is Falling Down 55:57 ABC Song (Balloons!) #nurseryrhymes #littlebabybum
LP - Tokyo Sunrise [Official Music Video]
"Tokyo Sunrise" by LP, from the album, Forever For Now, out now. Download 'Forever For Now': http://bit.ly/1iS9MQd Connect With LP: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iamLP Twitter: http://twitter.com/iamlp Website: http://www.iamlp.com "Tokyo Sunrise" Lyrics: Said a lot of words along the way I meant them all while we reigned But shores of love get beaten by the waves and after it was done I wish I'd saved time One less spark from a flame One more heart beat away I think I lost your scent after the rain I'll find you when our paths cross by the gold mines Ooooh ooooh oooooh Where you gonna go Where you gonna go I can tell you that Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah Some day in the sky we'll see the same sun on the rise yeah Wherever you go Far as Tokyo I can say.... I'll see you again I'll see you again I'll see you again Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh oh Aching with a debt never paid Horses broken and splayed Breathing half a breath since you're away But while your blood is warm I'll keep the home fires Chorus My love is never gone away It's gonna come around someday My love is never gone away It's gonna come around someday I'll see you again I'll see you again
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Kenyan Farm Girls Develop A Mobile Phone App
While the continent holds 60 % of the world's arable-land, billions of dollars are still spent, on food import and farmers have little to show in the form of income but a group of girls, in Kenya, are now playing their part in changing this.They have developed a mobile phone-app, that not only makes farming-exciting, but also helps farmers make more returns from their trade.
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Party Girls (PS2) Japanese Girls Go Crazy!
A saucy romp through Japanese low budget gaming. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Star Wars Videogames Showcase " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJbRPCbK2sQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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[test drive car] Girls Gone Drifting - Out takes and behind the scenes
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Tommy Pederson "Farm Girl"
From the Tommy Pederson CD "All My Friends Are Trombone Players" Buy at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tommypederson1 Also at iTunes and Amazon.
A minute at Farm Girls!
This video was taken by my 11 year old niece on her Nokia phone. The boarders are in their playpens. They get rotated around and spend lots of time with other dogs. Farm Girls visitors NEVER spend more than the hours of darkness in their kennels (they're the spots with the green doors in the video) and their time in the playpens is interspersed with fun and games at liberty on the plot. Hence the glorious sound of NO barking or whining as the dogs are happy and relaxed. Have a look at our photos on the Farm Girls Chartwell Facebook page! This is the first video, there is another one as well.
Trying to bring yall some new and different videos so let GGD have fun with the photos for this video and few new twist!! Let me know how you like it in the comment section below!! Check out Girls Gone Deep On Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GirlsGoneDeep?ref=br_tf IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO SUBSCRIBE! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=samcam5421 Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jtarvers-Muddy-Motorsports-Dirty-Deeds-and-Muddin-Needs/157699230960899 CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/user/samcam5421 Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free- musicTrack: All Night Blues in E (In the style of Led Zeppelin) Track Number: 1001304 Artist: kjrecords
Girls Gone Wild !
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Girls Gone Deep Party at Shiloh Ridge Off-road Park 06-21-14 IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO SUBSCRIBE! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=samcam5421 Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jtarvers-Muddy-Motorsports-Dirty-Deeds-and-Muddin-Needs/157699230960899 CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/user/samcam5421
[test drive car] Girls Gone Drifting - Hot college student and bartender Carrie rides a Nissan Z
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The girl's gone wild (Travis Tritt), I-40 Country Gang
Serata al Milan Club di Busto Garolfo in compagnia di Marco Dollaro e Anna Lisa di Country Events Milano
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Girls gone wild(4)
Cruise ship concert
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Maddie & Tae - Girl In A Country Song
Preorder Maddie & Tae’s debut album Start Here now on iTunes & Google Play: Smarturl.it/MTStart Music video by Maddie & Tae performing Girl In A Country Song. (C) 2014 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (Dot Records) #MaddieandTae #GirlInACountrySong #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo
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Dog With A Blog - Good Girl Gone Bad
When nobody tells Avery about ditch day at school, she realises what everyone thinks of her! Watch Dog With A Blog on Disney Channel and visit the website at: http://www.disney.co.uk/disney-channel/shows/dog-with-a-blog Like our official Disney Channel Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/DisneyChannelUK
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Molly Galbraith of Girls Gone Strong - Incline Push-up and Push-up Technique
Molly Galbraith of GirlsGoneStrong.com explains and demonstrates how to properly perform an Incline Push-up and a Push-up on the ground.
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Lil Rick LIVE in Soca Frenzy, London - Girls Gone Wild!
Lil Rick never fails to put on a great show and his performance at Soca Frenzy in London was no different. Check out all the pictures from this event here http://bit.ly/sf-lilrick Keep up with the UK Soca Scene http://www.uksocascene.com http://www.facebook.com/uksocascene http://www.twitter.com/uksocascene http://www.youtube.com/uksocascene http://www.instagram.com/uksocascene
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PETE SEEGER ⑪ Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Live in Sweden 1968)
Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind, Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing? Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago? Where have all the flowers gone? Young girls have picked them everyone. Oh, when will we ever learn? Oh, when will we ever learn? Where have all the young girls gone, long time passing? Where have all the young girls gone, long time ago? Where have all the young girls gone? Gone for husbands everyone. Oh, when will we ever learn? Oh, when will we ever learn? Where have all the young men gone,long time passing, Where have all the young men gone,long time ago, Where have all the young men gone, They are all in uniform, When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?
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[Growtopia] Fan Girl vs. Farmer
OMG HAMMUMU OMG OMG OMG. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CocoCookieP Channel►https://www.youtube.com/user/CocoaCookieP Wanna Play Growtopia? Links Below... PC►http://growtopiagame.com/GrowtopiaIns... Mac►http://growtopia.org/Growtopia.dmg iOS►http://bit.ly/1fP8dvP Android►http://bit.ly/1ciiWhv
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Verdict Upheld Against 'Girls Gone Wild' Founder
An appellate court has upheld a $19 million judgment against Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis in a slander case filed over his claims that casino mogul Steve Wynn threatened to kill him. The California 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles upheld the verdict in a ruling issued Monday. After a 2012 trial, a jury found that Francis' statements about threats were defamatory. http://rssfeeds.usatoday.com/~r/usatoday-LifeTopStories/~3/o4KH1e5dxHE/ http://www.wochit.com
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SMD Girls Gone Wild    sold
She is a wonderful 4-year-old Half-Arabian/Thoroughbred! Girly is an excellent horse and not hot to be around. She has a relaxed nature to her! She is well started, mainly with trail riding and includes going in the water, too! She has the look to be a great one for Eventing, Hunter, Dressage, or just to love! She has shown in-hand and won with 8s on movements. She is a very easy keeper, sound, no vices, clips, UTD on vaccinations and teeth. She has been off the farm and jump and did not even need to lunge! She is going to make someone very happy to have! Give us a call about her and we would be happy to talk to you about this one! 502.550.5631 ** Offering a discount on first month board or training of $100 off.
Girls gone wild... and wrong - Girlfight - Time to Drei
Abonnieren - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=timetodrei Wollt ihr eine spielbare Version von Sucker Punch sehen IHR WISST DASS IHR ES WOLLT!!! Playlist-Link: Coming soon Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TimeToDrei Twitter: https://twitter.com/TimetoDrei Time to Drei (a.k.a. T23) ist nicht nur ein richtig dummes Wortspiel, sondern auch der private Wir-zocken-und-nehmen-dabei-auf-Kanal von Robin, Leo, Dani und Tom. Zu Beginn war Dani noch nicht dabei und die Drei im Namen hat Sinn gemacht, aber jetzt... f*ck it. Ihr findet hier täglich unsere abendlichen Zockaufnahmen, gewürzt mit einigen audiovisuellen Gags aus der Post-Produktion. Wir danken Nik Stohn (@nikstohn) für die schicken Grafiken, das Logo und das Intro. Besucht ihn auf Twitter. Die Intro-Musik stammt von RoccoW - besucht seinen YouTube-Kanal: http://www.youtube.com/user/Roccowschiptune Kontakt: [email protected]
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Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Maxim Andreev Nu Disco Mix)
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Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High)
Get the new album, "Blue Lips [lady wood phase II]", here: https://ToveLo.lnk.to/ToveLoBlueLips
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Girls Gone Minecraft! EP01 - Ninja Sheep
Me and Snuggle_Pant join an Attack of the B-Team server and try to find ourselves somewhere to settle, which is harder than it may sound! Check out Snuggle_Pant's perspective on her channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/gamingwithsnuggle Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/bioxx Twitter: www.twitter.com/bioxx89
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Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MadRam11 Instagram at http://instagram.com/madram11 Check Out BlueFire Outdoors for all your off road Lighting. http://bluefire-lights.com SUPER ATV http://www.superatv.com The Trucks Gone Wild Event at West Georgia Mud Park was an awesome event. All the drivers were pushing there trucks to the limit and having a blast. So sit back and enjoy this video of the guys going all out.
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Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) - Marlana Vanhoose - Tim Farmer's Homemade Jam
Tim Farmer's Homemade Jam presents Marlana Vanhoose playing "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)" View Marlana's FULL EPISODE here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM5GNYQM-no For more on Marlana: https://www.facebook.com/littlemarlana http://www.youtube.com/user/littlemarlana http://www.littlemarlana.com/ Subscribe to this channel and Like us on Facebook for even more from Tim Farmer's Homemade Jam. PLUS if you want to be on the show check out the 'about' section on our Facebook page to find out how! Don't forget to watch us on television each week, all the details are at the links below. http://www.facebook.com/TimFarmersHomemadeJam www.timfarmershomemadejam.com Brought to you by: -UK Healthcare's "Arts in HealthCare" program http://ukhealthcare.uky.edu/arts/ -Heritage Antiques www.facebook.com/heritageantiqueslexington http://heritageantiqueslex.com/
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Taylor Swift - Blank Space
Shop music here: http://smarturl.it/TASmusic Shop merchandise here: http://taylor.lk/tourmerch Follow Taylor Swift Online Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorswift Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/taylorswift Tumblr: http://taylorswift.tumblr.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorswift13 Website: http://www.taylorswift.com Follow Taylor Nation Online Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylornation Tumblr: http://taylornation.tumblr.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylornation13
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Marty Mone - Hit The Diff - Original (Official Music Video)
Marty Mone Hit the Diff is a Original song by Marty Mone and video DOWN LOAD SONGS AND ALBUM AT ITUNES https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/hit-the-diff/id1061362992 GOOGLE PLAY https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Marty_Mone_Hit_the_Diff?id=B7wawvxz4enol735lilvryb5biu&hl=en BUY HARD COPY OF AT SHARP MUSIC WEBSITE http://www.sharpemusic.com/ AMAZON http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hit-Diff-Marty-Mone/dp/B018LSYTYU/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1452787050&sr=8-3-fkmr1&keywords=hit+the+diff+song Come see Irish singer songwriter Marty Mones live performance with his live band where u will see all kinds of music played including his own songs of his cd and album like hit the diff, slip the clutch, better than a dream, recover, and also cover songs of country, irish, pop, rock, dance, jiveing, irish dancing, slow songs, fast song, jokes and madness on tv shows and radio stations and at music shows music festivals, hotels dances , discos ,concerts and gigs with banjo, accordion, guitar, drums, bass and keyboard . Marty Mone little dream’t that when he commenced business as an agricultural contractor that one day it would help him become a household name. The popular Castleblayney man, is currently enjoying huge success. Having released Hit the Diff the album, featuring 10 original songs and becoming one of the biggest selling independent releases since its release in Nov ’15, Marty has grown and legion of fans young and old and cemented himself as one of Irelands finest songwriters. ‘Hit the Diff’ became a viral anthem on youtube with over millions of views, the song became a hit not only for the farming community but in most towns and cities and was probably the most covered song of 2015 & 2016. “When ‘Hit the Diff’ came out I had hoped that it might do something for me but I never thought for a moment that it would scale such heights,” admits the modest Marty, “It seemed to be played by every radio and tv station in the country and no matter where I go to play people are recognising me of all ages. Marty says fans can expect the new year to be a year of NEW RELEASES, UK TOURS, FESTIVALS, GIG’s & ALOT OF MADNESS!!!! PRECHORUS Mowing lifting Sowing baleing. Drawing hauling and buckrakeing. Backing stacking ploughing crashing. Tipping wrapping tail doors flapping . Sucking diesel cutting trucking. Spreading piping double cluching. Spinning slideing digging rIgging. Raring tearing losing winning. CHORUS O hit the diff and pray. That she go's all the way. When am flat to the mat. with the party hats Am heading for the tea They thought that we where quitting. Well when the sun went down. With a flame from the pipe we drove all nite to the fuel it ran out. VERSE 1 O give me a yoke with plenty of poke And a can of easy start. And 1500 acres hauling 40 tone of grass. I said good bye before july to the woman in an offal rush And it was near christmas before i got back in touch VERSE 2 I found a sate But i had no brakes Couldn't keep it cool With loads of power I was behide an hour So i give the pump a scew Out all nite. With no lights Only seeing stars And the gloom from the moon And the diesel light in the dash PRE CHORUS CHORUS SOLO VERSE 3 Over load on on a down hill road Slapping trough the gears Sending snap chats of what am at to every one on the beer Hit the dual to low and i started to roll All wheels in the air it was my chance to grease the nipples i never knew was there VERSE 4 Need some sleep and new teeth for digging and dozein in muck In case it rains need an owl chain lying in the truck Climeing limeing mixing piping After the field is cut Theres manys a gap you won't get at with out 6,000 foot PRE CHORUS CHORUS OUTRO CHORUS O hit the diff and pray That she go's all the way When am flat to the mat with the party hats am heading for the tae They thought that we where quitting Cuz the summer doesn't last but we,re heading to New Zealand where the craic it only starts.
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[Official Video] Run to You - Pentatonix
A PENTATONIX CHRISTMAS OUT NOW! ITUNES http://smarturl.it/APentatonixChristmas?IQid=yt | AMAZON http://smarturl.it/APTXMASAMZ?IQid=yt | SPOTIFY http://smarturl.it/StreamAPTXMAS?IQid=yt | GOOGLE PLAY http://smarturl.it/APTXMASGP?IQid=yt | WEBSTORE http://smarturl.it/PTXStore?IQid=yt | WALMART CD http://smarturl.it/APTXMASWalmart?IQid=yt | TARGET CD http://smarturl.it/APTXMASTarget?IQid=yt | FYE CD http://smarturl.it/APTXMASFYE?IQid=yt GET PENTATONIX THE ALBUM NOW! ITUNES http://smarturl.it/PTXalbum?IQid=yt | AMAZON http://smarturl.it/PTXalbumA?IQid=yt | SPOTIFY http://smarturl.it/PTXalbumS?IQid=yt | GOOGLE PLAY http://smarturl.it/PTXalbumG?Iqid=yt | WEBSTORE http://smarturl.it/PTXalbumD2C?IQid=yt | TARGET DELUXE CD WITH 3 BONUS TRACKS http://smarturl.it/PTXalbumT?IQid=yt BUY THAT'S CHRISTMAS TO ME (DELUXE) - http://smarturl.it/TCTMDlxiT?IQid=yt BUY PTX VOL III http://smarturl.it/PTXVol3?IQId=yt | BUY PTXMAS http://smarturl.it/PTXmas?IQId=yt | BUY PTX VOL I http://smarturl.it/PTXVol1?IQid=yt | BUY PTX VOL II http://smarturl.it/PTXVolume2?IQid=yt STREAM THAT'S CHRISTMAS TO ME (DELUXE) - http://smarturl.it/TCTMDlxS?IQid=yt STREAM PTX VOL III ON SPOTIFY: http://smarturl.it/PTXVol3Spot?IQid=yt STREAM PTXMAS http://smarturl.it/PTXmas1Sp?IQid=yt | STREAM PTX VOL I http://smarturl.it/PTXV1Spotify?IQid=yt | STREAM PTX VOL II http://smarturl.it/PTXV2Spotify?IQid=yt Join our Patreon Fan Page!! http://www.patreon.com/pentatonix ON MY WAY HOME | THE DOCUMENTARY AVAILABLE NOW GET IT @ ITUNES: http://smarturl.it/PTXOMWHi?IQid=yt @AMAZON http://smarturl.it/PTXOMWHDVD?IQid=yt PENTATONIX WORLD TOUR 2016 10/22/2016 - Maverik Center - West Valley City, UT 10/24/2016 - Denny Sanford Premier Center - Sioux Falls, SD 10/26/2016 - Xcel Energy Center - St. Paul, MN 10/27/2016 - Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL 10/29/2016 - State Farm Center - Champaign, IL 10/30/2016 - Value City Arena, Schottenstein Center - Columbus, OH 11/3/2016 - FedEx Forum - Memphis, TN 11/6/2016 - The Palace of Auburn Hills - Auburn Hills, MI 11/7/2016 - Air Canada Centre - Toronto, Canada 11/9/2016 - TD Garden - Boston, MA 11/10/2016 - Prudential Center - Newark, NJ 11/12/2016 - Mohegan Sun Arena - Uncasville, CT 11/13/2016 - Liacouras Center - Philadelphia, PA 11/15/2016 - Bon Secours Wellness Arena - Greenville, SC 11/16/2016 - Infinite Energy Arena - Duluth, GA 11/17/2016 - U.N.O. Lakefront Arena - New Orleans, LA 11/19/2016 - Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City, OK 11/20/2016 - American Airlines Center - Dallas, TX 11/22/2016 - Toyota Center - Houston, TX http://www.ptxofficial.com http://www.twitter.com/ptxofficial @ptxofficial http://www.facebook.com/Pentatonix http://www.instagram.com/ptxofficial @ptxofficial http://www.snapchat.com/add/PTXsnap
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Lady Gaga feat. Madonna - Lovegame gone wild
For personal purpose only, no copyright infragment. - LOVEGAME is performed by Lady Gaga (from "The fame" album) - GIRL GONE WILD is performed by Madonna (from "MDNA" album). (C) Interscope records
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The Houses Where China's Babies Are Abandoned
In an attempt to provide refuge for the 10,000 babies abandoned in China every year, Chinese authorities are funding “baby hatches”—tiny houses where parents can dump their unwanted children, no questions asked. Across China, 10,000 babies are abandoned every year, often on the side of the road. One out of three of those left on the street die. Now authorities have launched a radical experiment to rescue at least some of these tossed-aside tots. Baby hatches, 32 of which are dotted throughout China, serve as safe houses for parents to abandon children they feel they can't or simply won't raise themselves. And while these pastel-colored hatches may look like dollhouses, the babies placed inside are all too real. The baby hatch in Jinan, China, is painted bubblegum pink. Cartoon cats and clowns drawn on the façade appear cheerful, but the parents who come to abandon their babies are anything but. Holding the child for the last time, the parent approaches the hatch and presses a button on the outside of the building to anonymously alert an on-site nurse. The room inside is empty—save for an infant’s scale and an incubator where the parent leaves the child. Once the parent has left the premises, a nurse retrieves the child and brings it to a nearby orphanage. As part of our collaboration with MSNBC, Vocativ went to Guangzhou, China, to meet some of the parents who chose to use the baby hatch. Families tend to do so anonymously, but Lai Li, the father of a deformed little girl, was willing to speak up. In an interview with Vocativ, he says, “When my child was born, the doctors told me: ‘Your child was born with cleft palate and shortened legs, and our hospital does not accept this type of child.'” Many of the Chinese parents who abandon their children do so because their child is sick and they cannot afford proper care. “I have no money to raise my child," he says. "Who can we turn to? Who is willing to help us? When you are at the end of your rope…there is simply nothing you can do." Locals in Jinan say at least eight babies are left in the hatch every day. An estimated 1,400 babies have been abandoned since 2011 at China’s hatches. http://voc.tv/1sKTco5 Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vocativvideo See more on our website: http://www.vocativ.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vocativ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vocativ
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Crossing the SLOUGH at Bricks Trucks Gone Wild 2014
A ton of giant trucks try to cross the slough! Got a little sketchy a couple of times!
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Evangelina driving our 4 wheeler
My farm girls enjoying the wide open spaces.
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2000 horsepower farm jeep destroys WGMP
This nasty jeep was throwin down at West Georgia Mud Park for Trucks Gone Wild!
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Aye - Davido (Official Music Video)
New Video!! Mayorkun - FANTASY | Watch Here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAkAG1S25tE&feature=youtu.be HKN Music presents the official music video of Aye, Davido's fourth single off his forthcoming sophomore album. Directed by Clarence Peters, the video is shot in a rural setting and tells a tale of love between different classes. Davido plays a poor farmer who falls in love with the prince's love interest. Aye shows Davido at his best, showing raw talent in a different direction, cultural, and entirely refreshing. Watch Davido's newest music video for the Afrobeats-Hip Hop fusion single"Fans Mi", featuring the U.S rapper and Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E6pwUO1b7s&list=PLxon9uoRtTNbU1fOm5RbPX9GwpeYfRUpy&index1 Follow Davido: https://www.facebook.com/iamdavidohknmusic https://twitter.com/iam_davido https://instagram.com/davidoofficial
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The Farm atv park Mud Bog with MuddFreak and Creek Entertainment 2
4x4 mud bogging fun at The Farm ATV Park in Smithville Ga. Big thanks to Creek Entertainment Justin Gee Brandon Holden For more go to: http://www.thefarmatvpark.com http://www.MuddFreak.com
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Yellow Claw, Diplo & LNY TNZ - Techno Ft. Waka Flocka Flame
Start stuntin' and buy the whole Amsterdam Trap Music vol.2 EP; http://smarturl.it/ATM2 Shout out to Diplo, LNY TNZ, Waka and everybody over at Mad Decent, Habbekrats, Eastzane Studio's and Waka's crew. Trap really is going techno. Cast in order of appearance The Father: Stefan de Walle The Girl: Sigrid ten Napel The Man with the Plan: Mathieu Wijdeven The Cook: Martijn Lakemeier The Financier: Lodi Remmen The Security Guard: Huub Smit The Friends: Manuel Broekman, Zippora Elders, Willemien Slot & Charli Chung The Businessman: Jakob Nieuwenhuijsen The Bouncer: Poal Caïro The Dealer: Aziz Akazim Crew Directed by Victor D. Ponten Director of Photography: Lennert Hillege Production Company: Habbekrats Amsterdam Produced by Julius Ponten & Philip Harthoorn Line Producer: Michelle Hoekstra Assistant Line Producers: Milan van Dril & Apollonia van Dun First Assistant Director: Hanne Sinninghe Focus Puller: Luuk Zonnenberg Mov-a-lot: Thym Huybrechtse Gaffer: Johan Hoitink Best Boy & Data Handling: Floris Douwes Production Designer: Goof Vermeulen Assistant Production Designer: Jan-Jasper van Oord Costume Designer: Minke Lunter Styling on Set: Vreneli van Helbergen Make-up Artist: Evalotte Oosterop Production Assistants: Julie Janssen, Lysanne Darthuizen, Max van der Pol & Noa Kosanović Editor: Patrick Schonewille Colorist & Online: Joppo @ De Grot Thanks to: Michiel Romeyn, all the extras, Sarah Hagens, Jim Taihuttu, Nils Rondhuis, Leo Roelandschap, Daniel J. Ashes, Camalot, Singel Film Equipment, Nummer 19, Anouk Goorman, Janey van Ierland, NAMAM, Nathan Moszkowicz, Familie de Haan, Apollohal, Noord-Amsterdamse Machinefabriek B.V., Martin Struik, Ruud Laarman, Woonfabriek Arena Boulevard, Joël in ’t Veld, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Doede van der Hoeven, Elize Brolsma, Jorien Voogt, Diederik van der Heijden, Luciel Hernandez, Marc MacRowland, Fabian de Prieëlle, Mysterious, Car Casting Holland, Jan Jongerius, Henno van Bergeijk, De Ideefabriek Zaandam, Malenka Hakkenberg, Oude Benz Club, Tom van Oosterhout, Arno Langendam, Jeroen Vreeken, André van Zalen, Autobedrijf Johan Meure, Dennis Jansen, Vespa, Levi Wilbrink, Cim Froeling, Brand Ambassadors, Remas Haverkamp, Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine, Brasserie Berestein, Eetcafé Snackbar De Meent, TAX fund and Vincent Crone.
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Teens Break The Rules & Disrespect Their Elders | World's Strictest Parents
The teens bad attitude shows again when they back talk to the strict parents while being made to do the gardening. They both must endure the 'sloshpipe' again. Will they learn their lesson this time? Follow the journey of two unruly teens from different families as they are forced to adapt to the rules and regulations of very strict host parents. Living under different standards from their families back home, the misbehaving teens will be subject to punishment for breaking rules and skipping chores while the strict parents attempt to mend their ways. Subscribe to the channel for weekly updates and more: http://www.youtube.com/user/strictestparents
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Flo Rida - GDFR ft. Sage The Gemini and Lookas [Official Video]
Flo Rida's new EP "My House" is available now! Download here: http://smarturl.it/MyHouseEP Stream here: http://smarturl.it/MyHouseSpotify Listen to other tracks from “My House” here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Stream “My House“ on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MyHouseSpotify "My House" EP Available Now! GDFR available on iTunes now: http://smarturl.it/GDFR || Stream GDFR: http://smarturl.it/streamGDFR Strong Arm Films Presents: Flo Rida - GDFR ft. Sage The Gemini and Lookas [Official Video] Directed By: Malcolm Jones ******** GDFR (feat. Sage The Gemini and Lookas) (Tramar Dillard, Justin Franks, Andrew Cedar, Dominic Woods, Paulo Rodriguez, Mike Caren, Charles W. Miller, Gerald Goldstein, Harold Brown, Howard E. Scott, Lee Oskar, LeRoy L. Jordan, Morris Dickerson and Sylvester Allen) Mail On Sunday Music (ASCAP)/E Class Publishing (BMI)/Sony/ATV/ J Franks Publishing (ASCAP)/ Artist Publishing Group West (ASCAP) admin by Warner Chappell/Andrew Cedar (ASCAP) admin by DJ Frank E Publishing (ASCAP)/Artist Publishing Group West (ASCAP) admin by Warner Chappell/ Songs of Universal Inc (BMI)/HBK Publishing (BMI)/Artist 101 Publishing Group (BMI) Admin by Warner Chappell/ Serious Scriptures (ASCAP)/Artist Publishing Group West (ASCAP) admin by Warner Chappell/ BMG Gold Songs (ASCAP)/Far Out Music Inc (ASCAP)/Administered by BMG Rights Management (US), LLC Produced by DJ Frank E, Andrew Cedar and Miles Beard Additional Production by Lucas Rego Recorded by Jimmy Gonzalez, Ryan Gladieux, Josh Collins and Kenneth Pruit at Atlantic Studios, Los Angeles, CA Mixed by Manny Marroquin at Larrabee studios assisted by Chris Galland and Ike Schultz Mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound, New York, NY Sage The Gemini appears courtesy of Republic Records This song contains samples from “Low Rider”, Words and Music by Charles W. Miller, Gerald Goldstein, Harold Brown, Howard E. Scott, Lee Oskar, LeRoy L. Jordan, Morris Dickerson and Sylvester Allen and published BMG Gold Songs (ASCAP) / Far Out Music Inc (ASCAP), Administered by BMG Rights Management (US), LLC. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. "GDFR" contains samples from "Low Rider" performed by War courtesy of Far Out Productions, Inc. Exclusively administered by BMG Rights Management (US), LLC All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. Follow Flo Rida: http://officialflo.com http://clubflo.com http://imgstrongarm.com http://twitter.com/official_flo http://instagram.com/official_flo http://facebook.com/officialflo
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