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Coconut Milk vs. Almond Milk vs. Soy Milk vs. Dairy Milk (BEST MILK?)
On today's episode of Live Lean TV, I'm breaking down the best milk alternative by comparing coconut milk vs. almond milk vs. soy milk vs. dairy milk. ✔ FREE: Start Living Lean in 30 Days or Less - Ultimate Live Lean Starter Guide: https://goo.gl/KS55g7 Today's Food Wars comparison is very controversial as people are very passionate about which is the best milk alternative. OTHER AWESOME FOOD WARS VIDEOS: ✔ Zero Calorie Natural Sweeteners vs. Artificial Sweeteners (SUGAR SUBSTITUTES): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK8nG5jE7sA ✔ Water vs Vitamin Water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukxw2qvKEqU ✔ Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter: Which Is Healthier? [MACROS & INGREDIENTS]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhRKcs4hYp0 READ OR LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE: ✔ Blog Post: https://goo.gl/vVXa9X ✔ Podcast: https://www.liveleantv.com/podcast Subscribe and Live Lean 365 days a year with us: http://bit.ly/SubLiveLeanTV Coconut Milk vs. Almond Milk vs. Soy Milk vs. Dairy Milk: So lets find out which type of milk should be in your fridge and which should be in the garbage. Milk Option #1: Dairy Milk As babies, most of us were raised on human breast milk. Then we grew into a toddler and were weened off, and in many cases, given milk from a cow, also known as dairy milk, as a milk replacement. Why did I stop drinking dairy milk? Not only did I find I was lactose intolerant, but I also finally clued in to the idea that nature intended dairy milk to be consumed by calves, not humans. Think about it, doesn't it seem unnatural to drink milk from another mammal? Human beings are the only species that drinks milk from another mammal. Serving size: 1 cup of 2% dairy milk: Calories: 123 Protein: 8g Carbohydrates: 12g (12g of sugar) Fiber: 0g Fat: 5g Dairy milk conclusion: Due to the high amount of sugar, the lactose, and the unnatural idea of drinking another species milk, this carton of dairy milk is going in the garbage. Milk Option #2: Soy Milk Soy is not a health product. If you ask farmers which 2-3 feed options are best to fatten up their animals, it's soy, grains, and corn. Soy is a highly genetically modified food that is heavily sprayed with pesticides. It also contains phytoestrogens that mimic estrogen in the body, the same way as BPAs do. In other words, soy can really mess up the hormones for both men and women. Serving size: 1 cup of unsweetened soy milk (Silk brand): Calories: 80 Protein: 7g Carbohydrates: 4g (1g of sugar) Fiber: 2g Fat: 4g Soy milk conclusion: Since soy is a highly genetically modified food that is highly sprayed with pesticides, soy milk is going in the garbage too. Milk Option #3: Almond Milk Serving size: 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (Blue Diamond brand): Calories: 40 Protein: 1g Carbohydrates: 1g (0g of sugar) Fiber: 1g Fat: 3.5g This small amount of calories is primarily made up of 3.5 grams of fat, which is primarily from healthy monounsaturated fats. Almond milk is also soy free and lactose free which is a benefit. Almond milk conclusion: A decent milk option that is low in calories and a healthy source of fats. Almond milk is going back in the fridge. Milk Option #4: Coconut Milk Serving size: 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk (Silk brand from a carton): Calories: 45 Protein: 0g Carbohydrates: 0g (0g of sugar) Fiber: 0g Fat: 4g The thing I like about coconut milk, is that it contains healthy, medium chained fatty acids. These medium chained fatty acids act as a great energy source as they are metabolized in the body as energy, rather than being stored as fat. Coconut milk conclusion: The main benefit of coconut milk is the healthy fats. Coconut milk is going back in the fridge. Coconut Milk vs. Almond Milk vs. Soy Milk vs. Dairy Milk: If I had to choose one out of all of these milk alternatives, I would go with coconut milk or almond milk. WANT MORE DAILY TIPS ON HOW TO LIVE LEAN?: ✔ INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/bradgouthro ✔ INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/JessicaGouthroFitness ✔ INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/LiveLeanTV ✔ SNAPCHAT: http://www.snapchat.com/add/bradgouthro ✔ SNAPCHAT: http://www.snapchat.com/add/SnapyJessy ✔ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/LiveLeanTV ✔ TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/bradgouthro ✔ TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/JessiFit ✔ TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/LiveLeanTV Welcome to Live Lean TV. The online fitness and nutrition show, hosted by Brad Gouthro and Jessica Gouthro, teaching you how to LIVE THE LEAN LIFESTYLE 365 days a year. Watch hundreds of fat blasting & muscle building workouts, easy and delicious recipes, as well as fitness and nutrition tips to get you your dream body (and maintain it 365 days a year). Make sure you click the SUBSCRIBE button for 2 new fitness and nutrition shows every week! Business Enquiries: [email protected] Send Us Stuff Here: Live Lean TV 555 Front Street, Unit 403, San Diego, CA 92101, USA
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Magic Milk Straws 36-Count Bulk Pack
Buy here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/magic-milk-straws.cfm?adid=youtube ** Before everyone starts screaming, "REUPLOAD!", please note that we are quite aware that we have already made a video for the Magic Milk Straw. However, we created this video specifically for the new 36-pack that is available exclusively at Vat19.com. This bulk package is being promoted nationally in conjunction with Thermos® and we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to make another video for this amazing product. ** Please subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com Hundreds more curiously awesome products at: http://www.vat19.com/?adid=youtube ******************* Magic Milk Straws are low in sugar, lactose-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, and have zero fat and cholesterol. They're such a great way to encourage milk drinking that the Milk Processor Board lent their Got Milk? brand to the product! We currently offer 6-packs (all six of one particular flavor) as well as two bulk assortment packs. This video promotes the 36 pack which currently includes 18 x Chocolate and 18 x Strawberry Magic Milk Straws. All straws are single-use. ********************** To check out the latest curiously awesome products from Vat19.com, click here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/showproducts.cfm?action=new&adid=youtube For the most popular items on Vat19, click here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/showproducts.cfm?action=popular&adid=youtube
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Aroma Hot Froth X-Press milk frother
Not bad for $30. I was going to buy a more pricey brand and saw this in Target. If you like dense, creamy, sweet foam for macchiatos or dry cappuccinos this will do the job. The only bad thing I can think of is the temperature for lattes. If you like lattes really hot, you have to heat the milk twice which only takes 4 mins total. The true test will be soy milk. If it creates soy foam like milk foam, it's definitely worth the price.
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The truth about MILK.
if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. if you have questions however, feel free to speak :D The things that happen to a cow in order for you to get that glass of milk is a terrible thing. No mother should have to go through this. You can change the lives of many cows by switching to a brand called Silk milk. it's delicious, I promise. it comes in all kinds of flavours- original, almond, very vanilla, vanilla, chocolate. & it has the same amount of calcium as cow's milk does :] For a non-soy option, there's Almond Milk. Cow's milk is filled with pus & infection. It's not as healthy for you as you believe. Trust me, I've been studying this for 7 years. Calcium is a mineral. Cut out the animal middleman- go straight to the source. DID YOU KNOW? Cow's milk actually depletes the calcium from your bones! Learn more about the milk myth here: http://saveourbones.com/osteoporosis-milk-myth/ For you, it's only but a meal. Just a moment. For them, it's about life itself. www.facebook.com/littlemisstuesday www.twitter.com/plurkitty www.allietuesday.deviantart.com/ www.misstuesday.storenvy.com www.plurlife.com/allietuesday www.littlemisstuesday.tumblr.com xoxowlietuesday ❤
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Easy No Bake Cheesecake
Happy Mother's Day everyone!! :) I hope you enjoy! 1 graham cracker crust 8oz Cream Cheese 14oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk Mix thoroughly together. Then add in: 1/3 c Lemon Juice 1 tsp Vanilla Chill for 1 hour or so then top with 1 can pie filling of y our choice. I usual like to have the pie filling in the fridge before I top it, I forgot to mention that! Serve and Enjoy!! :) Xoxo Kristin
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Nicki Minaj - I Am Your Leader (Explicit) ft. Cam'Ron, Rick Ross
Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/HKJZwr Music video by Nicki Minaj performing I Am Your Leader (Explicit). © 2012 Cash Money Records/Young Money Ent./Universal Rec.
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Is It Best To Mix Your Protein Powder With Water or Milk? MassiveJoes.com MJ Q&A Lactose
BUY Protein Powder Here: http://www.massivejoes.com/shop/massivejoes/supplements/product-type/protein-powder Visit our Website: http://MassiveJoes.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MassiveJoes.com Buy our Apparel: http://www.massivejoes.com/shop/massivejoes/training-apparel/brand/team-massivejoes MJ Q&A is a weekly video series in which MassiveJoes.com Managing Director, Joseph Mencel, along with other members of Team MassiveJoes will address commonly asked and unique questions about supplements, training, training apparel and dieting. MJ Q&A will feature on the MassiveJoes.com YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and website beginning in September 2012. If you have a question that you would like to put to Team MassiveJoes to be answered in an edition of MJ Q&A, email [email protected] Another innovative initiative from the Team who brought you "Tried & Tested" - the most extensive supplement trialling program in Australia! Because at MassiveJoes.com, we are not in the sports supplement business, we are in the business of delivering the products and information to help YOU reach YOUR health and fitness goals. In this video, MassiveJoes.com Managing Director, Joseph Mencel, discusses whether it is best to mix your protein powder in water or milk, while addressing the common problems that people experience when choosing to mix protein powder with milk.
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Stop-Motion Advert for Milk
A stop-motion advert for a fictitious Milk brand (for which I also designed the logo) :) It may not be technically good, but the emphasis for this project was on the conceptual development and the feelings evoked by the advert, and I am studying graphic design, not animation :) Enjoy!
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TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner
https://twitter.com/#!/onditimoner http://www.facebook.com/thelip.tv http://www.facebook.com/BYODOC http://thelip.tv/ Oscar-nominated director, Robert Kenner joins us to talk about the film and food industries and his film's runaway success. Showcasing clips from the movie, we go into the inspiration behind the production, as well as the process of shooting and how the film's success has spring-boarded Robert into a new realm of being an activist. GUEST BIO: Robert Kenner's Food, Inc., is one of the top grossing theatrical documentaries of all time, selling nearly 500,000 DVDs. Food Inc. received widespread critical acclaim, including an Academy Award nomination, and has influenced current food policy decisions. An esteemed collaborator with PBS American Experience, he received a Peabody and an Emmy for Two Days in October, in addition to directing The Road To Memphis for the Martin Scorsese series, The Blues. Mr. Kenner continues to work in film and social media action to transform the food system. ADD'L LINKS: http://robertkennerfilms.com/ http://www.FixFood.org/ https://twitter.com/#!/onditimoner http://www.facebook.com/thelip.tv http://www.facebook.com/BYODOC http://thelip.tv/ EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 00:01 BYOD Introduction. 00:23 Food, Inc., Clip: "The Dollar Menu." 02:46 Subsidizing food that makes us sick, and how cheap food is expensive. 04:49 Food, Inc., Clip: Medication bills and Diabetes. 06:35 Robert's choices for shooting the family. 08:25 The effects of the film on the family and their community. 09:53 Finding the story as a filmmaker. 11:31 Concerns over taking on the food industry and being sued. 14:31 The national school lunch program--accepting all grades of "food." 15:01 Describing "pink slime," and the new chemical based food system. 18:15 Food, Inc., Clip: Barbara Kowalcyk. 23:13 Robert gives more information on the case of the Kowalcyks and food-born illness. 25:31 Keeping the film entertaining while exposing the lie. 27:19 Deciding which areas of the food industry to feature. 27:55 Food, Inc., Clip: Chicken farming. 31:16 Paying the cost for talking to Food, Inc, and a whole other species of chicken. 33:27 Upgrading farms into factory standards. 34:35 FixFood and going from filmmaker to activist. 38:19 Ten films inside one issue and being free from knowledge. 40:45 Fewer farmers than ever and the subsidized market. 43:11 Food, Inc., Clip: Farmer Joel and the debate for centralized oversight. 47:06 The new film industry about the food industry. 47:44 How did the film find an audience, DVD sales and support from Oprah. 50:26 The Daily Dig Down. 55:22 Parting words from Robert.
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Top 7 Panda Cheese Commercials
Top 7 Panda Cheese Commercials - In this collection of commercials for Panda Cheese — a product of Egypt — people who say no to Panda Cheese learn that the decision comes with repercussions. Specifically, an assh*le panda shows up and ruins their day.
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Switching Baby Formula: Dr. Lisa Thornton Discusses New Study on Store Brand Formula
Dr. Lisa Thornton discusses a new study conducted by pediatric medical researchers at the University of Virginia that looked into the tolerance of switching between different infant formula brands. The study proved that switching baby formula is safe; infants did not have tolerance issues when switched from one formula to another regardless of brand. In addition, gradual versus immediate switching made no difference in tolerance. Learn more about switching to Store Brand Infant Formula at http://www.storebrandformula.com/doctors-switch-study.aspx.
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How To Make Taro Bubble Tea
*Recipe below* Omg you guys this video was so long ago, I was helping my sister make bubble tea so don't judge us ;p I know it's not really bubble "tea", it's more like a smoothie with tapioca in it. I purposely made it without it because I don't really like the after taste it gives when I add tea in, but if you like it with tea then go ahead and add some. Steps to make it sweeter: 1. Add syrup to the bubble tea. You can add a tablespoon of syrup into the bubble tea if you want it to be more sweet. Most bubble tea stores that I normally go to don't really add syrup in unless you ask for it. 2. Add brown sugar to the tapioca. You can add about a third of a cup of brown sugar to the tapioca pearls to add a little bit more taste to it. I decided not to add brown sugar because we didn't have it at the time. You can cook the tapioca pearls in a medium sized pot, it doesn't have to be a rice cooker pot. I just thought that I would need a bigger pot because I thought I needed more water to cook the tapioca and the biggest pot we had back then was the rice pot. And no, using the rice cooker pot on a stove wouldn't damage it because my stove used the same form of heat as the actual rice cooker. I got all the exotic ingredients in a Chinese store. Most Asian stores have the ingredients that you'll need to make a bubble tea. RECIPE: Ingredients 1 cup of Tapioca Pearls 6-8 cups of water 3 tablespoons Taro flavor powder 5-6 Ice cubes 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons milk Part 1:Tapioca Pearls 1. Boil 6-8 water in a pot for a 1 cup of tapioca pearls 2. Add 1 cup of tapioca pearls in the boiling water 3. Stir until the tapioca pearls plumps up 4. After it expands, cover the pot for 5 mins, then drain out the water. 5. Let it cool and set it aside. Part 2:Taro Flavor Mix 1. Add the 5-6 ice cubes in the blender (if you want it to be slushy) 2. Add 2 tbsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of milk, 3 tbsp of Taro Flavor Powder 3.Crush the ice in the blender then after it's all crushed, blend it. Thanks for watching.
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How to eat cereal when you're out of milk (Indian Style)
What do you do when you've got cereal in your bowl but there's no milk left in the carton? This video explains the solution. The Indian Way Like my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vikarworld/552991028068883
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How to Make the Ultimate Thick, Creamy Milk Shake - You're Doing It All Wrong
Supersweet, watered-down milk shakes are nobody's idea of a good time. Tyler Malek, head ice cream maker at Salt & Straw in Portland, Oregon, has a few tips to help you achieve a thick, velvety milk shake without turning it into a sugar bomb. ======================CHOW.com========================= Didn't know that you were doing it wrong? To avoid any future mistakes, bone up with a few more You're Doing It All Wrong videos: http://www.youtube.com/show/youredoingitallwrong Subscribe to CHOW: http://bit.ly/xTzxYj For more recipes, stories and videos, check out http://www.chow.com/videos CHOW on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/CHOW CHOW on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Chow ========================================================
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Vegan - 100% Organic Silk Pure Coconut & Almond Milk Review
I neglected to state the verifiable fact that neither of these products have been genetically modified or has GMO microorganisms contained in them. Beware of genetically modified food items, produce sprayed with pesticides, and processed foods they may cause harm to cellular structures, blood cells both red and white, as well as your endothelial cells which make up the inner lining of blood vessels. For More health tips and reviews of milk products visit: http://cloudexplorer.hubpages.com/_1tbe8eok2fnfv/hub/Milk-does-a-body-bad-pass-it-on For more info on both products visit their locations below: Official Almond Breeze website: http://almondbreeze.com/ http://www.bluediamond.com Official Silk website: http://silk.com/products?category=130
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Brand new - Jesus Christ (lyrics)
Jesus Christ, that's a pretty face The kind you'd find on someone I could save If they don't put me away Well, it'll be a miracle Do you believe you're missing out That everything good is happening somewhere else? But with nobody in your bed The night's hard to get through And I will die all alone And when I arrive I won't know anyone Well, Jesus Christ, I'm alone again So what did you do those three days you were dead? 'cause this problem's gonna last more than the weekend. Well, Jesus Christ, I'm not scared to die, I'm a little bit scared of what comes after Do I get the gold chariot? Do I float through the ceiling? Do I divide and fall apart? 'cause my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark And the ship went down in sight of land And at the gates does Thomas ask to see my hands I know you're coming in the night like a thief But I've had some time, O Lord, to hone my lying technique I know you think that I'm someone you can trust But I'm scared I'll get scared and I swear I'll try to nail you back up So do you think that we could work out a sign So I'll know it's you and that it's over so I won't even try I know you're coming for the people like me But we all got wood and nails And we turn out hate in factories We all got wood and nails And we turn out hate in factories We all got wood and nails And we sleep inside of this machine
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Mateus re-brand Ad - Not what you'd expect
Student project to re-brand the Portuguese wine Mateus.
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The Price of Milk / Dairy - Separation of a cow and her calf (French)
Get the Free Interactive Ebook The Guru's Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment https://www.weareinterconnected.com/newsletter The Price of Milk / Dairy - Separation of a cow and her calf This video is in French. To see the video with English subtitles http://youtu.be/SYJPbrxdn8w I am uploading this video because I think it is really important that everyone sees this. This happens on both large and small scale agriculture and even on family farms. In order for the mother cow to produce milk she has to be impregnated. As soon as she gives birth to her calf, her calf is separated from her (usually right after birth or a few days later). This is because she will be milked day on and day in and the milk will be given to humans. The dairy industry does not want the milk going to the calf and that is why the calf is stolen from his/her mother. The calf is than either chained up for veal production (if it is a male) or if the baby is female, she will go on to produce milk just like her mother. Only a few selected males will go on to impregnate the females. Nowadays the dairy cows are usually hooked up to a rape rack and the farmer either inserts his hand or a probe to artificially inseminate the dairy cow. This is nothing but rape and it is standard practise in the industry (even on small scale operations, including milk labelled "organic"). Please share, like and subscribe to our channel http://www.youtube.com/user/tarve2010 Learn more: http://www.humanemyth.org http://30bananasaday.com http://foodnsport.com http://pcrm.org http://veganbodybuilding.com http://veganhealth.org http://www.tarve.ca Michael Lanfield is an animal rights activist, author and public speaker. After his spiritual awakening in spring 2009 he went vegan. He could no longer support the cruelty of what happens to farmed animals, so he decided to cut all animal products from his diet. Till this day he never looks back and he is proud for making the switch. In his years of being vegan (now raw vegan), Michael has not only gained better health, but spiritual and mental clarity as well. The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham, Durianrider and John Sakars have been inspirations for him. Raw fruits and vegetables is a large part of his diet because he feels more spiritually connected to the animals and planet. "It's a blessing to be able to experience such beauty on this planet and to be able to share it with others". Visit his Website: http://www.michaellanfield.com
Milk Frothers: Battery operated vs Glass vs Stainless Steel vs Electric Milk Frother
Milk Frothers guide - Which one is the best for you? In this video we use: - Battery operated Milk Frother by Aerolatte - Glass Milk Frother by BonJour - Stainless Steel Milk Frother by HIC Brands - Electric Milk Frother by Nespresso and Breville Enjoy your cup, http://www.aromacup.com
A1 Beta Casein Is Even More Toxic Than Gluten
http://www.rawlifehealthshow.com If you are sensitive to milk or dairy products, it may not necessarily be the milk or dairy itself, but the type of milk or dairy you are consuming. Studies have shown that A1 Beta Casein, which is present in conventional and even many organic brand milk and dairy is the culprit to the sensitivities that people are experiencing, among a host of other digestive illnesses. Not to mention the added hormones and antibiotics which introduces a host of other side effects. Dr. Dan Pompa, DC, shares in this video why A1 Beta Casein is the future's Gluten or as some refer to as, "the devil in milk." If you desire to consume dairy or meat products, at least make sure it is Gluten and A! Beta casein free. If you desire to consume dairy or meat products, at least make sure it is Gluten and A! Beta casein free. You can get food without A1 Beta Casein at this link http://www.beyondorganictoday.com
Calma Breast Milk Feeding Bottle - by Medela
Description Breastfeeding is always best for your baby, but sometimes it is not possible to breastfeed naturally. Calma is an alternative to breastfeeding for mothers wishing to feed their babies with breast milk. - Enables babies to maintain their natural feeding behavior learned on the breast. - Babies can drink, breathe and pause regularly. - Supports an easy transition from the breast to the teat and back. - One size is sufficient for the entire breastfeeding period, just as in nature. - The unique feeding solution for your baby - we recommend introducing a teat when breastfeeding is established Designed exclusively for breastmilk feeding, Calma's natural feeding behavior supports an easy transition between bottle and breast. Calma is compatible with all Medela breastmilk bottles. All parts that touch breastmilk are BPA-free. Why Calma? Our latest studies with researchers from the University of Western Australia show that creating a vacuum is essential to successfully breastfeed. Babies learn very early on that they have to produce a vacuum for the breast milk to flow. Their natural way of sucking requires intensive work during breastfeeding! Calma - the unique breast milk teat for your baby For a mother looking for a solution to feed her child breast milk, Calma is ideal. Calma was developed based on the results of our studies with the University of Western Australia. That's why Calma is the unique teat for babies who are being breastfed with breast milk, as it allows them to suck, swallow and breathe, as learned on the breast. Whether you breastfeed or use Calma, the baby has to create a vacuum for breast milk to flow. As soon as the baby pauses, the flow is stopped, this is also the way with breastfeeding. Similar as with breastfeeding, your baby can drink, pause and breathe in its natural rhythm, create its individual vacuum through a combination of tongue and jaw movements, retain its natural way of sucking, which supports an easy transition from breastfeeding to feeding breast milk with Calma and back to the breast. Features and Benefits BPA-free Safe for baby Vented nipple Helps reduce gassiness as the bottle is vented through our unique air control system Natural feeding behavior Supports easy transition from bottle to breast. Research has shown that with Calma, your baby is able to maintain the learned feeding behavior that your baby exhibits when breastfeeding. Baby can feed, pause and breathe, similar to breastfeeding. Flow control valve Allows baby to control milk flow. Milk only flows when baby creates a vacuum by sucking, so there is no leaking Calma does not drip You can turn Calma upside down and it still won't drip. Your baby needs to apply a certain level of vacuum in order to get milk out. One size/ shape nipple For all stages of breast milk feeding. The flow, shape and length of Calma are designed to suit your baby's needs as your baby grows. Compatible with all Medela breast pump bottles One size nipple for all stages of breast milk feeding, eliminating the need to buy faster flow nipples as baby grows. Cleaning Product is dishwasher and microwave safe. Includes - All-stage nipple x1 - 5 oz/150 ml bottle x1 - Protective Cap x1 - Lid x2 - Instructions
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Color Chanching milk experiment.
Color Changing Milk It's an explosion of color! Some very unusual things happen when you mix a little milk, food coloring, and a drop of liquid soap. Milk (whole or 2%) Dinner plate Food coloring (red, yellow, green, blue) Dish-washing soap (Dawn brand works well) Cotton swabs Pour enough milk in the dinner plate to completely cover the bottom to the depth of about 1/4 inch. Allow the milk to settle. Add one drop of each of the four colors of food coloring - red, yellow, blue, and green - to the milk. Keep the drops close together in the center of the plate of milk. Find a clean cotton swab for the next part of the experiment. Predict what will happen when you touch the tip of the cotton swab to the center of the milk. It's important not to stir the mix. Just touch it with the tip of the cotton swab. Go ahead and try it. Did anything happen? Now place a drop of liquid dish soap on the other end of the cotton swab. Place the soapy end of the cotton swab back in the middle of the milk and hold it there for 10 to 15 seconds. Look at that burst of color! It's like the 4th of July in a bowl of milk! Add another drop of soap to the tip of the cotton swab and try it again. Experiment with placing the cotton swab at different places in the milk. Notice that the colors in the milk continue to move even when the cotton swab is removed.
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Castle Milk Stout: Black
Studies showed that 8/10 people had not tried Castle Milk Stout, even though they had an opinion on it. After much research, we found out that people hadn't tried it because it is black, and black is not appetizing, you can't really see what you are drinking. We set out to change this misconception, making black what it truly is, sexy, mysterious, and magical. This, in combination with Castle Milk Stouts Brand Message of slowing down and Savouring the Moment, would convert into trial and ultimately sales. The advert definitely breaks the traditional SAB mold, both in terms of style and content. Creative Director: Paul Warner Art Director: Dale Mullany, Ntsiki Nukwa Copy Writer: Keith Manning, Mbulelo Nhlapo Director: Giaco Angelini Music: Adam Howard Editor: James Hosking Post: Sinister Studios
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Safe Treats and Dangerous Treats For Your Dog - Ask the Vet
Not all treats are safe for your dog. In fact, some doggy treats are downright dangerous. Subscribe to The Pet Collective: http://full.sc/HbM62v Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thepetcollective Twitter: https://twitter.com/petcollectiveTV Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/petcollectivetv/ Google+: gplus.to/thepetcollective Be careful with what kinds of treats you give to your dog. Some treats can cause lacerations in the mouth and throat. Other treats can cause intestinal blockage. Dr. Courtney Campbell DVM breaks down all the classic treats from dangerous treats, safe treats and treats you may already have in your refrigerator. Dr. Courtney Campbell DVM is a surgical resident at Animal Medical Center of Southern California. Special Thanks to Animal Medical Center of Southern California. Host: Courtney Campbell, DVM Coordinating Producer: Dawn Poomee Lead Producer: Hai-Lam Phan Associate Producer: Matt Pagourgis Editor: Shawn McPherson
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Amul Manthan- latest song
Remember the popular song 'Mero gaam Katha parey...' the title song of national award winning film 'Manthan', which told the story of Amul model of co-operatives. Now, 35 years later, the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) that markets brand Amul, has recreated the magic of Manthan with a new music video which shows Bharat catching up with India. The Manthan music video has an unique emotional appeal. The lines like 'khush rahe tera beta beti' in the new music video shows how it is because of the efforts of a rural milk producer that nutritional requirements of a child to a urban mother is taken care off.
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the top food storage item for prepper and survival-Powdered milk
A powdered milk proven and approved by an anchorage full of live aboard penny pinching pirates. Powdered milk is one of the most important low cost sources of protein you can have in storage. It will last a very long time. I have tried four different brands. This brand was recommended to me by several people who loved and sailed aboard their boats. They were right, it keeps better and tastes good longer than any brand I have used. If you like my DIY videos and want to subscribe, you can go to: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mrhulot101 If you would like to check out my videos before subscribing first, you can go to my channel at Robb's Home Made Life http://www.youtube.com/user/mrhulot101?feature=mhee I add new videos every week. If you make DIY or outdoor or low cost living or prepper videos, I would be happy to check them out.
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How to Make Banana Pudding | Allrecipes.com
Get the top-rated recipe @ http://allrecipes.com/recipe/banana-pudding-iv/detail.aspx Watch how to make a quick-and-easy, no-bake dessert that's loaded with sliced bananas in a creamy pudding made with cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and instant vanilla pudding. There's no baking with this dessert; the pudding just needs some time to chill.
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Our (not so) brand new goats
Six months after the first video, more goats on video, see the size difference, enjoy blah-blah in hebrew and watch Godiva pulling logs like she was a draft horse
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Milk Shortage
The ongoing shortage of milk which has led to a steep rise in the cost of the commodity is expected to last at least until July. The country's largest milk processing company New KCC, says normal supply is not expected to stabilize anytime soon despite the onset of the long rains. The price of milk has risen by almost ten shillings over the last one month with some retailers confirming that they have not received supplies of some milk products for two weeks now. Denis Otieno reports.
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Baby food cooking show - how to make vegetables and white sauce for 11 mth old baby
Our guest chef Emiko shows us how to make a yummy white sauce to pour over vegetables that babies will not be able to resist! What you need: - Vegetables - Emiko recommends to use any vegetables that you have in the fridge. In the cooking show Emiko has prepared carrots, celery, mushrooms, and potatoes. - Laurel leaf (bay leaf) - Unsalted butter - Flour - Milk - Kitchen tools - 2 small saucepans, chopping board, tablespoon, knife How to make: 1. Boil vegetables with Laurel leaf in water (no salt) - this can be prepared in advance the night before 2. Make white sauce - Melt 1 tablespoon butter in saucepan. Add 2 tablespoons of flour and stir into a thick paste (if still runny, add a bit more flour). Turn down the heat on the stove to low. Add milk and stir with Laurel leaf over low heat (Laurel leaf helps to scrape sauce off the bottom of the saucepan and also adds a lovely flavour). 3. Chop vegetables into pieces according to age of baby (in the video Emiko chops into bite-sized pieces for her baby Sophia who is 11 months old). 4. Pour white sauce over the top. 5. And Eat (^^)! Kisuki milk (mentioned in the video) is pasteurized at a low temperature of 65 degrees for 30 min, and can be bought at major supermarkets. Website for Kisuki milk: http://www.kisuki-milk.co.jp/product/pasucya.html Another milk brand which also pasteurizes at low temperature is Takanashi milk: http://www.takanashi-milk.co.jp/products/ltlt/01.html For more details and photos of the cooking show see www.tokyourbanbaby.com
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PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - This Condensed Milk Tart uses only 2 ingredients plus whatever topping you want. No matter what your age, it'll be a favourite at every function.
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No Name Brand Protein Powder
our thoughts on proteins that you can buy at the groceries store.
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COKE KEV - Cookies & Milk
http://www.facebook.com/coke.kev Anything Resembling Something Illegal {ex. Guns & Drugs} In This Video Is PURELY PROP..The Guns Are Air-Pistols. If A Videographers Need Prop Drugs I Suggest Flour & Water Mixed & Microwaved {Looks Great On Camera, Not So Real In Person} 100% Filmed & Edited By Phil Philm For Doctor Phil Philms / No Gimmick Music Coalition..... For Mor Infor Contact : [email protected]
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Villages in Dali: Milk cows & methane
A baby cow was born a day before my visit to Li Youqing's home in Nandeng village. The cow was still too weak to stand, curling up in a corner of the house, completely unaware of the elation and promise his birth brought to the family. Nandeng village is home to some 200 Bai families. Along with five other villages, it is quietly seated in the middle of a lake, which is the major origin of Dali's mother lake, Erhai. Here, dairy cattle are perhaps the most important thing in people's lives -- not only in Nandeng, but in all of Eryuan county. With the local milk, people founded their own brand, Diequan Dairy, in 1959, which sells well all across Yunnan province and has even made its way to countries in Southeast Asia. But milk is not the only byproduct of the Nandeng cow population. Each of them also produces 100 kilograms of manure every day! In Nandeng village, there are around 350 cows, so together they make 35,000 kilograms of poop each day. You may picture the village filled with piles of disgusting, smelly poops, but the manure is not totally useless. It is the ideal raw material to make methane. After fermentation at the village's methane station, it is carried through pipelines to homes as fuel for daily use. Thanks to the recycling system, about one-third of the families in Nandeng village are now using methane as their main source of fuel. It is much cleaner and more efficient than coal or firewood. Villagers can buy methane at 0.4 yuan (about $.06) per cubic meter. Or they can trade cow manure; one ton of poop is worth 50 yuan or 125 cubic meters of methane. Video: Christie Lee Producer: Flora Yue
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2 Things you MUST DO for Weight Gainers to work for you
https://www.facebook.com/getresultsfitness https://twitter.com/getyourfitness Link to Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition is below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFnQ62c0lcM Intro music is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLWMwIRAqb8&list=LLGPww50iGFfNvGAT7v7IEMw&...... Outro music is here http://www.youtube.com/user/J2instrumentals#p/u/2/hJ98L7q-PFI Now... LETS GET SWOLE!!!
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Many children were harmed in the making of this video.
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Tv ad for Panda cheese: "Never say no to Panda !"
Very funny compilation of ad for Panda Cheese ! Many mor tv commercial at : www.culturepub.fr/
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Novelty Colorful Color-change Milk Light Cup Decoration-White
http://www.chinabuye.com/novelty-colorful-color-change-milk-light-cup-decoration-white, This item is novelty milk light cup, which has colorful and beautiful color-change, such as, red, yellow, blue, green, etc. Features: * Name of item:Milk light cup * Brand New and High quality * Material:Hard plastic * Colorful and beautiful color-change, such as, red, yellow, blue, green, etc. * Treated as beautiful decoration at home or office * Powered by 3x AAA battery(not included) * Designed as a cute round ball with a vase function which enable it to be a very attractive present * Szie: 13.5cm for whole height and 8.5cm for rim of cup * Weight: approx. 0.17kg
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Protein AMOUNT or Protein TYPE - Build More Muscle With this Answer!
ATHLEAN-X™ Muscle Building Meal Plans: http://athleanx.com/proteinmadeeasy Are you confused about protein? Not sure whether you're eating enough protein or even what type of protein you should be eating? You're not alone. In this video I show you a different way to think about the protein you're getting in your diet in attempt to build new muscle. Most of the time guys focus solely on the amount of the protein they're eating without ever considering where they are getting their protein from. This is a big mistake when it comes to determining how much muscle you will ultimately be able to build. When it comes adding new lean muscle, there is no denying the fact the consuming protein is important. Protein comes from two primary sources - animal in the form of poultry, beef, fish, yogurt, eggs, and milk and vegetables in the form of legumes, nuts, seeds, nut butters, grains and beans. Most often we rely on the same sources of proteins over and over and this can cause you to be deficient in some key amino acids that are needed to complete your protein profile. Without the essential amino acids in place, it becomes much harder for your body to build new muscle. In these cases, supplements like ATHLEAN-Rx that supply high quality whey isolate protein and casein protein become even more valuable. Because it's very hard to get all the protein that you need in a day eating real food, getting it through supplements becomes even more logical. That said, unfortunately, the choices for supplemental protein can be far from good. The quality can be poor and the dollars wasted can be high. If you're going to turn to supplements to build muscle then you need to invest in a brand that you know can deliver high quality time in and time out. I obviously recommend ATHLEAN-Rx since I know what goes into each and every batch and the high quality and standards that are required for our protein to make it to market. However, you're totally fine trying to get it through good nutrition as well, and that is why I did this video for you. Hope this makes the whole protein issue and the difference between how much protein is needed to build muscle versus what type of protein builds the most muscle a lot clearer. For a complete step by step meal plan that already explains everything you need to know day by day then head to http://athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System For more muscle building meal plan videos head to http://youtube.com/jdcav24
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Brand - I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
Brand - I'm A Lover Not A Fighter (Piccadilly 35216) UK. 1964
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Organix Coconut Milk Review
Yeah I was not sponsored nor am I hating on these products I really love the brand just not these two products in general I hope you enjoy XOXO Sydney
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Snowville Creamery - From the Local Farm | Sustain Brand
Sustain interview series "From the Local Farm". This Clip: Snowville Creamery, Athens OH. http://www.SustainBrand.com Snowville Creamery uses only grass-fed cows that are free to roam and grow big and strong with lots of love. The milk is not homogenized and only lightly pasteurized so that it maintains the little microbes that help us fight nasty sicknesses. *We have no official affiliation with Snowville Creamery, we just like them a lot. http://snowvillecreamery.com/ Sustain Brand supports the local food movement by helping small farmers and producers get their products into more regional stores. We believe strongly that our neighbors up the road make healthy food and that a small local food chain is a sustainable one. Real food, local food, the way it used to be.
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How to Help a Gassy Baby | Infant Care
Watch more How to Take Care of a New Baby videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/502444-How-to-Help-a-Gassy-Baby-Infant-Care There is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain. A lot of times new borns are in pain due to simple gas in their stomach. They get gas for few reasons. They get gas because they are gulping a lot of air from the bottle, they gulp air when they cry. They may have a food from the breast milk or the formula may not agree with them and they got a lot of gas pains. You could notice that the child is having a lot of gas if you see them with a great deal of distention in their stomach and you see them bringing their knees up to their stomach to show that they are kind of crunching and reacting to the abdominal pain. The best way to rid the gas is to help them burp and you can do that by simply burping them in this manner but which is under the chin, patting their back. Sometimes putting a baby with bad gas over the shoulders is actually helpful because the shoulder bone can press into the abdomen gently but firmly enough that it actually helps to expel some of the gas. So you can put them over your shoulder with the shoulder bone pressed into the abdomen. You can put them over your knees so your knees pressed in their abdomen helping them to relieve some of the gas. If that's not working, you can try to find an over the counter gas drops. Basically there are brand like Mylicon and what they are a little baby Gas Ex. They are gas drops that take the bubbles in a baby's stomach and really reduce them and then helps stop the crying. You could also try switching the nipple on the baby's bottle. Sometimes the nipples let out too much milk and that give a lot of gas or they let out too little milk and the baby is really sucking furiously gulping too much air when they do so. If these at-home remedies such as burping, mylicon bottle, changing the way you feed a baby don't really get rid the gas then you may need another formula or modification on the baby's diet and that's the best for talking to your doctor. Baby's gas is very uncomfortable but by six months most of the gas is gone away because the GI system is more developed and all of this cries will be a thing of the past.
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7 Tips about Vitamins for Infants | Baby Development
Watch more Newborn & Baby Development videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/506163-7-Tips-about-Vitamins-for-Infants-Baby-Development A newborn baby who is breastfed should start taking Vitamin D supplements at approximately two weeks of age. We like to make sure that the latch is established and the baby is breastfeeding well, but after that we do like to introduce Vitamin D, because the Vitamin D in breast milk is not transferred well and absorbed well by the baby, so those babies do need extra Vitamin D. It's sold over the counter. It's one dropper full, which is one mL, 400 units per day. Babies who are bottle-fed standard cow's milk or soy milk formula or any of the standardized formulas, actually, they are all supplemented with vitamins, so you do not need to give a baby who is on formula vitamins. That being said, some parents do believe in vitamins, and they like to give supplements. Vitamins for children do not cause harm if used in a small dosage, like the recommended child dosage that's over the counter. After age one, the baby can take the liquid drops. There are certain name brands, but it's a children multi-vitamin that's over the counter. If your doctor recommends that your baby needs iron, you might give a vitamin supplemented with iron as well. At four months, sometimes babies need more iron, especially babies who are not taking solids yet. So at four months, some doctors recommend Vitamin D drops with iron or a multi-vitamin with iron for your baby. Those are not written with a prescription, but you should discuss with your doctor what vitamins your baby needs or does not need. In addition, in different states and different localities, some of the water is fluorinated and some is not, so you need to find out if the water in your child's neighborhood is fluorinated or if you need to give your child a fluoride supplement. In New York City, the water has fluoride, so we do not give our children fluoride in the drops because that would be excess fluoride, and it would cause staining of the teeth. As a child grows, if your child eats a well-balanced diet, they do not need to take a vitamin. I often say that the more expensive the vitamin, the more expensive the urine because they usually just excrete most of it out.
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On Green Tea Ice Cream pt 1
SO Delicious brand has coconut milk green tea ice cream? How did I not know about this??? Excited = Camera Shaking
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Positioning a Brand: The Ugly Secrets of Bad-Parent Marketing
http://602communications.com Want to be a marketing hit with moms? Then it's time to tap into her judgmental side. Sometimes the best way to win mom's affections is to empower her to ridicule the bad parenting skills of others. In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell shows how positive brands subtly tap very negative emotions to bond with women. What is customer focus, and what is customer relationship marketing? Marketers everywhere are asking themselves these exact questions when positioning a brand to better fit their customer base. What is customer focus, and what is customer relationship marketing? Marketers everywhere are asking themselves these exact questions when positioning a brand to better fit their customers. Today, we'll be looking at the best advertising campaigns and the best television ads that are centered on Mom. So let's start with the basics: what makes moms tick? Most would guess the usual suspects: maternal love, devotion, and the whole nine yards. However those emotions couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is: the most powerful emotional drivers that move the best advertising campaigns and the best television ads for moms are pride, superiority, and domination. So the trick to really making the best television ads and the best advertising campaigns possible for Moms is positioning a brand that builds her ego. You need to be putting that woman up on a pedestal and worshipping her as the goddess she is. This can be done in various ways, but the two most common are to either go positive with good images, or negative with ridiculing others. When taking the positive approach it's best to show mom being the superwoman she truly is. Some of the best television ads use popular celebrity mother figures to represent this ideal mom and show her as having almost supernatural powers. Another way is to contrast her against her idiot husband. Make sure he's a bumbling idiot that can barely tie his own shoes -- she'll look all the more impressive for it. When positioning a brand for the negative approach, the best advertising campaigns hold up an image for their customers to ridicule. This is going to be the Mom that others look at and think to themselves: "Man am I glad I'm not as crazy as her." While mothers will commiserate with the crazy stuff that they all have to do sometimes to make things work out, they will love the idea that, no matter how far they fall, they'll never be as low as the women in these ads. But how do customer focus and customer relationship marketing fit into this equation? Let's look at both individually. First, what is customer focus? Customer focus is how the best marketing campaigns are positioning a brand to fit their customers, not their product. If mom's the one buying the product, then the advertising needs to be about her, not the new bells and whistles on a product. In the end, most products are damn near identical, and the customer knows it. They want brands that they can identify with and that truly get them. So then what is customer relationship marketing? It's how the best marketing campaigns and best television ads align themselves with a certain set of emotions in order to develop a relationship with the customer. When done right, this sort of marketing will elevate your product from just another competitor to a friend that the customer can get behind and will choose over all others. So remember, when marketing to Moms, play to her ego and don't forget who really owns your product. I'm Graeme Newell, and that's Emotional Marketing.
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DO NOT Buy Chia Seeds Without Seeing This Side Effects Warning
4 IMPORTANT steps to follow before purchasing: 1) Avoid chia seeds that were made in China. 2) Avoid seeds that are not 100% pure. 3) Certified...certified and certified! Always choose certified production - that is your best quality guarantee. 4) Cheap seeds = low quality seeds (possible GMO). Brands I trust and recommend to my patients, friends and family members: Certified Chia Seeds - this is probably the oldest brand around I have been personally using their products for years and I can vouch for their quality. The only problem with them is that due to their popularity they are often out of stock. Their official website is http://certifiedchiaseeds.com Salvia hispanica, a plant native to South and Central America, produces the Chia seeds. These seeds can be used as medicine and also as food and were once valued so much by the Aztecs that they used the seeds as currency. These seeds are currently used to enhance weight loss and also suppress cancer and heart diseases. Chia seeds, nevertheless, can trigger negative health effects. It is necessary to discuss its use with a doctor, especially its inclusion in one's diet. Here are some of the side effects of Chia seeds. - Chia seeds may cause formation of gas and bloated feelings in the gut thus leading to gastrointestinal disruptions. This is due to its high fiber content. - Some people also develop allergic reactions to Chia seeds. This is as a result of its proteins that can trigger adverse reactions. Chia seeds cause similar allergic reactions like mustard seeds and thus those prone to allergic reactions from mustard seeds should also avoid Chia seeds. Some symptoms of the allergies triggered by the Chia seeds include skin rashes, difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, skin rashes, hives and watery eyes. It can also result in swelling of the tongue, throat and mouth. - Surgery patients and patients on aspirin or blood thinners need to consult a medical practitioner before using Chia seeds. - In 2004, a study was conducted which found that the use of Chia seeds can increase vulnerability to prostate cancer in men. - Another study carried out in Canada found that the diastolic blood pressure can be radically reduced by Chia seeds. Consequently, people with low blood pressure should avoid it. - There is a high chance of addiction to Chia seeds and thus they should be consumed intermittently, with considerable intervals between each time of consumption. - Lactating mothers and pregnant women should also avoid Chia seeds even though only few researches have been conducted to show its negative effect on them. benefits of chia seeds side effects chia seeds side effect chia seeds side effects & benefits chia seeds side effects anxiety chia seed pudding recipe chia seeds side effects benefits chia seeds side effects bloating chia seeds side effects blood pressure chia seeds side effects children chia seeds side effects depression chia seeds side effects diarrhea pure chia seeds side effects dr. perricone chia seeds side effects for women pure chia seeds side effects gas chia seeds side effects heart chia seeds side effects men side effects of chia side effect of chia seed chia seeds side effect prostate cancer chia seeds side effect research chia seed benefits pure chia seeds
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Junk Rock - "Spoon Groove"
Junk Rock! - Shredding drumsticks and melting faces with their unique brand of visual drumming! Performing on oil drums, plastic tubes, milk cans and other objects, these drummers rock the audience and exceeds expectations. With comedic wit, virtuosic drumming, and unexpected antics, Junk Rock is a thrilling show experience not to be missed! www.junkrockband.com
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Bear Brand Marketing Management 3 1
This is a video made by Isabela State University students (Marketing management 3-1 in particular) Batch 2012. Although its not perfect but we really appreciate each and everyone's effort!:)
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