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creating a directory object en oracle Database 11g
creando un directorio en donde se guardaran nuestros dumps con el Enterprise Manager 11g http://www.mrlocooracle.com
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Introduction to LDAP Proxy & Virtual Directory Server: Symlabs Virtual Directory Server 5.5 Demo #1
Symlabs experts introduce LDAP Proxy and Virtual Directory Server 5.5 capabilities, which can be used to solve many common problems in LDAP and Active Directory environments. The demo video also explores the GUI configuration tool and explains how the product works. http://www.symlabs.com
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Intro to SAML: What, How and Why
Mike Donaldson, vice president of marketing for Ping Identity walks you through the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). More information: http://bit.ly/2hici9k
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PARTE 2 - Forrester, Andras Cser: RBAC Implementation
Sun / Oracle / Forrester Role Management Roadshow, Milan 5 March 2010, "RBAC Implementation: Best Practices and Case Study", Andras Cser, Senior Analyst Forrester Research
Oracle 11g Information Rights Management (IRM) demonstration
This is a demonstration of the core concepts of the Oracle IRM 11g release. Featuring a presentation by Simon Thorpe, the short video shows the main areas of securing access to sensitive documents using IRM.
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for amar dugal chapter 01/105
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Tutorial: How to Share a Folder and Files Between Your Host Machine and Your VirtualBox Linux Server
In this tutorial I demonstrate how to share a folder an files between a host machine running Oracle Virtual VM VirtualBox and a Linux virtual machine. In my case I am using Microsoft Windows 7 as the host machine and Ubuntu Server 10.04 as my virtual machine, however this tutorial will work for any Debian based Linux distro (distribution). Samba could also be used for this, however one of my students was looking for a tutorial covering this specific topic, and I couldn't find a decent tutorial on YouTube already so I decided to upload my own version. VirtualBox.org offers lots of great suggestions and tips covering this topic as well; if you are having problems, it is a great place to find troubleshooting resources.
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Installing Sun Identity Manager 8.1 (Oracle Waveset) - Part 1
Sun IDM (now Oracle Waveset) is a product implementing the Identity Management technology. This video (part 1 of 2) guides through: 1. the process of installing and deploying the application 2. a brief overview of the web-interface provided in this product. For more such tutorials, articles, forums, news and utilities, visit www.xpressutils.com
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SQL Server Auditing & Reporting :: Part 1
https://www.netfort.com :: The latest release of NetFort LANGuardian includes a new database activity monitoring module for SQL Server databases. With the SQL Server Database Monitor, you can protect sensitive business data, secure your database infrastructure, detect fraudulent activity, and more easily meet your compliance obligations. You can do all of this with no impact on performance and without needing to redesign your databases or applications. And, with our Active Directory and Novell eDirectory integration, you can identify the actual users responsible for all database activity.
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Oracle EBS R12 Installation / Part-1
Oracle EBS R12 VISION Installation
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remote database access with enterprise manager.avi
Remote access to a MSSQL dataabase using enterprise manager
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PARTE 3 - Oracle Identity Analytics
Sun / Oracle / Forrester Role Management Roadshow, Milan 5 March 2010, "Oracle Identity Analytics and Role Management", Mike Connaughton, General Manager GRC EMEA, Sun Microsystems
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F5 Access Policy Manager & Oracle Access Manager Integration Part 1
An overview of how BIG-IP Access Policy Manager and Oracle Access Manager are integrated along with a demonstration on how to configure the units. Part 1 of 2 Watch Part 2 at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cedgkNAWp08
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Visual basic 6 .. create a database and store data in
visual basic tout. about - how to create an access database without MS Acess -how to login that database and add-save data in - how to solve the path Err on othere machines
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Adding More Database Tables: Symlabs Virtual Directory Server 5.5 Demo #6
Symlabs experts show how to add database tables to the virtual tree and to show how the bundled ACL plugin can be used to limit access to particular attributes within any entry within the virtual tree, including particular fields within a table of the database all in the Symlabs Virtual Directory Server 5.5. http://www.symlabs.com
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Cognos 8.4: set up Active Directory
This video is a guide to setup Cognos to access Active Directory in a Windows environment. It shows the parameters to set.
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How to: set database path in vb.net application
How to set the database path in your vb.net application so that you avoid errors when deploying application into another machine. Check out the web site: http://www.mka-soft.com there you can find tutorials and other how to.
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Integrating Relational Databases: Symlabs Virtual Directory Server 5.5 Demo #5
In the fifth demonstration video, Symlabs experts show how Virtual Directory Server 5.5 is capable of integrating with backend RDBMS to allow your LDAP clients to access data stored within a relational database. Learn how data stored within different tables within the database can be attached to the virtual tree and be presented as if it were stored within a standard directory. http://www.symlabs.com
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Installing Sun Identity Manager 8.1 (Oracle Waveset) - Part 2
Sun IDM (now Oracle Waveset) is a product implementing the Identity Management technology. This video (part 2 of 2) guides through: 1. the process of installing and deploying the application 2. a brief overview of the web-interface provided in this product. For more such tutorials, articles, forums, news and utilities, visit www.xpressutils.com
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Database vs. Directory Demo
David Ting, Founder and CTO of Imprivata, discusses the differences between a database vs. directory architecture approach.
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Creating Virtual Trees to Consolidate LDAP Directory Data: Symlabs Virtual Directory 5.5 Demo #3
This video demonstration presents an example scenario, where Symlabs Virtual Directory Server 5.5 and LDAP Proxy can be used to build a Virtual Tree to consolidate data stored within multiple repositories and present it as if it is stored within one directory. By using a Virtual Tree, many products that only allow configuration for a single backend data repository can be integrated into an environment that makes use of a number of different LDAP directories or Active Directory instances. http://www.symlabs.com
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Oracle Multiorg Setup, Part I
Oracle Multiorg Setup , part 1.mp4
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Windows:  install Active Directory on Windows Server 2008
Installation of AD on a Windows Server 2008 r1
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Preview: Directly connecting Cognos 8 to Oracle Database OLAP Option
Mike van der Velden, Product Manager at Simba Technologies Inc., demonstrates Cognos 8 connecting directly to Oracle Database 11g OLAP Option using Simba's MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP data connectivity product. Mike highlights Cognos' intuitive interface as he easily displays and analyzes data stored in Oracle OLAP.
Oracle DBA Lite: an introduction to Oracle administration, part 1
CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - This is the first video in a series of 7 for wannabe Oracle DBAs. It uses the (free) Oracle Express edition but what is told will be very useful to you if you are using the Standard Edition as well. Those videos tell you the really important stuff about Oracle, and my purpose isn't to give commands, but to explain what they mean. Even if I use Oracle Express, the concepts are valid with Oracle Enterprise Edition as well ...
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LDAP Configuration in CIM 5.2
Walk through the LDAP configuration fields for CIM 5.2
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Radiant Logic - Virtual Directory demo: Virtual View Based on Joins Between Database Objects
This Radiant Logic Virtual Directory Product Demo illustrates Building a Virtual View Based on Joins Between Database Objects.
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Radiant Logic - Virtual Directory demo: Building a Virtual Hierarchy Based on LDAP Attributes
This Radiant Logic Virtual Directory Product Demo illustrates Building a Virtual Hierarchy Based on Attributes of an LDAP Object by laying out the configurations steps for extracting schemas and creating custom views.
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Database Role-Based Security - Iron Speed Designer V6.1
Role-based security allows individual users to be assigned into roles, and grants access at the role level. This video demonstrates how to configure role-based security in Iron Speed Designer. Discover the Security Wizard and learn how to navigate a roles table to set permissions for different pages and people.
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Roles, Roles, Roles.  Why, Why, Why?
Novell ChalkTalk: Roles, Roles, Roles. Why, Why, Why? Identity & Security Solutions Identity & Access Management Novell ChalkTalk Training
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LINUX:  Administration Delegated via SUDO to Active Directory Groups
More videos like this at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com : In this the 3rd video in SAMBA's WINBIND we look at using Active Directory Groups with SUDO. Enabling us to delegate Linux Administration Tasks to groups within AD; and why not! IF AD provides your central authentication mechanism it will also provide props that we can use.
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The most secure desktop access in the cloud!
The most secure access for your desktop in the cloud. Based on Oracle and Axsionics Technology! Integrated by Acceleris
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OpenFiler Configuration Tutorial part1
In This Video I cover how to Setup LDAP, Create Users and Groups, and Create Volumes. This video is Part One of Two Videos See Part 2 for Network Access Configuration, Creating Network Shares, and Setting up iSCSI Luns For Written Instructions, see: https://www.idkrtm.com/configuring-open-filer-tutorial/
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IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Presentation
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Restricting SSH access using tcpwrappers.
Simple way to restrict ssh access to your server using tcpwrappers and adjusting your hosts.deny and hosts.allow files.
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How SSL works tutorial - with HTTPS example
How SSL works by leadingcoder. This is a full tutorial how to setup SSL that requires client certificate for reference: http://www.windowsecurity.com/articles/Client-Certificate-Authentication-IIS6.html .
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Tim Darton shares on Oracle Peoplesoft HCM 9.1
Oracle has recently released PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM) 9.1 & PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools 8.50. Tim Darton, Senior Director (Oracle Apps Sales Consulting, APAC) shares on his views on the future of HR solutions & gives a brief overview of HCM 9.1& Oracle's HR Analytics.
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Micronuck's Videoblog #2 : How to install Windows 2008
This episode is about how to install Microsoft Windows 2008 in Oracle VirtualBox. My Blog: http://micronuck.blogspot.com/ Info: Password Complexity http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc736605(WS.10).aspx Windows 2008 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_2008 About the Windows Core options: Windows Server 2008 includes a variation of installation called Server Core. Server Core is a significantly scaled-back installation where no Windows Explorer shell is installed, so just command line interface http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_2008_server Note : I made this videoblog with a version of Windows presented from the Microsoft Academy Program, I am not making any kind of money out of making this videoblog, and it is ment for educational purposes only! I am also Aware I said legal twice while recording in this video, ofcourse I ment illegal! You always need an valid copy of Microsoft with an official key! Do not use Ilegal software at any time! I am using VirtualBox which was created by innotek, later taken over by Sun Microsystems, these days Oracle. The official download link is: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
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UI2 Beehome - Enterprise 2.0 Mashup Portal
UI2 Beehome is a mashup tool that integrates content from multiple enterprise solutions to create a complete Enterprise 2.0 Portal. Following the REA concept - Rich Enterprise Application - which is based on providing a rich interface similar to desktops, UI2 Beehome allows the user to easily integrate and combine in an innovative way data from SOA-Enabled sources such as Oracle ECM, Oracle Beehive, Oracle BIEE, IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, eBay, Amazon.com, Google, RSS, Twitter,MS Windows Live, Yahoo!, among other solutions. The solution reinforces the collective intelligence because, beyond encouraging the use of tools like wikis, blogs and discussion forums, provides mechanisms for integrating these tools with business applications creating a complete collaboration environment. UI2 Beehome connects with Oracle Beehive to present its information into a single platform, integrated with other internal systems or third parties systems. For example, Beehome is capable to consume email, contacts, tasks, calendar, workspaces from Beehive and the corporate users from Oracle Internet Directory putting information and users together quickly. Simultaneously, these users may have access to events and videos, RSS feeds and internal systems, everything in a single point.
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IDM4: Novell Identity Manager 4 Family Overview
Novell ChalkTalk: Novell Identity Manager 4 Family Overview Identity & Security Solutions Novell ChalkTalk Training
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Oracle IRM and Sophos DLP integration video
This a video demonstration by Simon Thorpe (Oracle) and John Stringer (Sophos) showing the integration between Oracle IRM and Sophos DLP to monitor, discover and secure access and use of information inside and outside your enterprise networks and firewalls.
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Managing users.avi
This breif Video shows the stepts required to manage a user in Windows Server 2003
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Logon to Youtube with Oracle ESSO using Authasas
See how easy it is to logon to a password protected internet site using the Oracle ESSO using Authasas re-authentication.
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Passlogix VGO ESSO
Passlogix is an industry leader in Enterprise Single Sign On solutions. The v-Go Suite of products helps enterprises become more secure by managing the passwords of all users. Passlogix's suite of products have been gaining more recognition because most organizations cannot track who their users are, what they're authorized to access and how they're using that access. Password reset calls cost organizations money and reduces efficiency of those employees while they undergo the time consuming password reset process. Passlogix's solutions eliminate these issues. We are a Passlogix Value Added Reseller and a Certified Deployment Partner. We are able to generate demand, sell, support, deploy and build services around the Passlogix suite of products. In many cases we will be able to integrate your single sign on product to your user provisioning software to create a complete identity management solution that spans the entire lifecycle of an employee.
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