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Introducing Social Product Development - PTC
Robin Saitz, SVP, Solutions Marketing & Communications, discusses the thinking behind social product development.
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Launching A New Product
Featuring: Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends http://smallbiztrends.com/ Any mention of products or services by video personalities does not imply any partnership or other commercial relationship between United Parcel Service, Inc. ("UPS") and the mentioned product manufacturers or service providers nor should it imply the endorsement, approval or recommendation of the products or services of UPS by those parties.
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consumer packaged goods marketing, Chicago Marketing Consultant
http://www.joelwarady.com - The Joel Warady Group has 27 years of experience in packaged goods marketing, and product development. In this video Joel discusses the power of consumer generated media.
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Innovation in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry
The ENOVIA Solution for CPG companies spans the product lifecycle, from innovation to brand management to consumer marketing and specification management.
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7 Tips For Easy And Prolific Product Development
In this short video, I take a look at not only how you can quickly and easily develop products you can sell on line, but also some of the media you can use to build your products. I give you tips for quick and effective actual internet product writing and then take you through how you can use various delivery methods (such as video, MP3 and PDF) to help you build truly effective and valuable products. Products that really help your customers solve their problems...which is how you make money online!
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Consumer Goods Professionals: Achieve 100% Execution While Reducing Costs
A company is only as good as its employees, and it is no different for merchandising service organizations. However, merchandising service management face extra challenges as employers, in that merchandising service workers operate on a more or less unsupervised basis while on the clock. Each year, service companies in the CPG industry lose considerable profits due to worker fraud because it is simply too easy for them to abuse the system. CRC's VelociTRACKER™ technology makes it much more difficult for workers to commit fraud or operate without supervision. There are no "silver bullets" to completely eliminate worker fraud and inefficiency. VelociTRACKER™, however, offers a proven method to reduce those costs by giving merchandising service management clear and immediate benefits.
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3T RPD Ltd (Rapid Prototyping)
3T RPD Ltd - http://www.3trpd.co.uk - is a market leader in Rapid Product Development providing Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing services to a diverse range of industry sectors, including Automotive, Aerospace, Dental, Medical, Architectural, White Goods, Marine, Defence and FMCG. With the UKs largest Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) facility, we are now leading the way in the supply of metal parts using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) throughout the UK and Europe
Competitions fmcg
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Brand Management Definition - What Does Brand Management Mean?
Go to http://www.corporatevocabulary.com for the complete lesson on Brand Management and a full course to give you the vocabulary and communication skills of a six-figure earner. In this video we teach you the definition of Brand Management.
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Retailers not doing their best to sell brands: Study
India may be one of the biggest emerging markets for the consumer durable industry but brands and retailers are still not doing their best to sell brands.
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Brand Positioning Definition - What Does Brand Positioning Mean?
Go to http://www.corporatevocabulary.com for the complete lesson on Brand Positioning and a full course to give you the vocabulary and communication skills of a six-figure earner. In this video we teach you the definition of Brand Positioning.
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Serraydelarocha -making off
Often when speaking about being competitive, we think about reducing production costs. But is being competitive really only a question of price? In an increasingly globalized world, with pressure coming from emerging markets, it is very difficult to be competitive on cost alone. It is therefore necessary to create products that have added value, which are differentiated from the competition and have enhanced functionality and benefits. SerraydelaRocha is a resource for obtaining such differentiation in products, creating strategic value and contributing new and better solutions to designed products. These products are more competitive and can achieve lasting results in a market that is becoming more challenging everyday
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Packaging Fufillment and Inventory Management
When you hire SprintPak to package your products, you get much more than just packaging. When you use SprintPak's packaging fulfillment, we can buy all the component parts for your packages, provide you with regular on-hand inventory reports, and you only pay for the parts we ship. With a simple blanket purchase order covering your projected usage, you never have to worry about juggling inventories or running out of parts. www.sprintpak.com
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Introducing Packaging Manager  gives buyers the edge
Packaging Manager, the first fully searchable on-line directory to cover every single company involved in the European packaging industry is launched. Packaging Manager gives instant access to comprehensive information on more than 53,000 companies in all the 50 countries of Europe. Discover the benefits of Packaging Manager at www.packaging-manager.com
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AWhere CPG Retail Link Add-in Overview and Tutorial
An introduction to the AWhere Consumer Package Goods Retail Link Add-in.
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Overview: Wildfire Promotion Builder
With Wildfire Promotion Builder you can easily create, manage and measure interactive promotions (contests, coupons, giveaways, sweepstakes, etc.) and simultaneously launch them on Facebook, MySpace, Ning and your website.
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The NameStormers Edge | Naming Company | Brand Name Development Services
Since 1985, NameStormers has worked with thousands of international companies to create memorable and engaging brand names in less time and for less money. Some of the top ad and branding companies enlist us to generate the best names possible for their business, products, and services. We set a flat fee for company naming and brand naming services including logo and tagline design, guiding your team through a fun and professional creative process. NameStormers can analyze the success of your new brand name before finalizing it by testing customer responses and through legal and linguistal research. Clients work directly with senior people and benefit from our open communication policy and experience that exceeds just about every other naming consulting firm still in the industry today. Read our customer reviews and hear why other clients choose NameStormers for their company naming needs. Contact NameStormers at (512)-267-1814 and get creative, timely, and efficient brand naming services for a flat fee.
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Feb Outsourcing News
With the recession lingering longer, Outsourcing has come into the limelight. As people want more for less. But loss of jobs is a by product. The US is feeling the brunt. It gave away manufacturing to China. This is what is hurting it most. A look at Detroit shows the lacuna loss of manufacturing does to a place. What is needs is to bring back manufacturing back. The age demographics is against the US, if it reacts on the short term may hurt it in the long term.
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Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey Results and Migration Marketing
Learn more about the 2009 Most Memorable New Product Launch survey. Watch Julie Hall, EVP/Partner from Schneider Associates, Aaron Reid, Chief Behavioral Scientist from Sentient Decision Science, and Patrick Richardson, Integrated Marketing Director from Schneider Associates discuss migration marketing, social media, television, the survey and the results.
CASBAA video report Online Video in China  - Part I
CASBAA today released the full version of an insightful documentary video examination of Online Video in China, Japan & Korea, featuring in-depth insights from 16 media market innovators. CASBAA also released an additional in-depth Data Pack and Executive Summary related to the video, available exclusively to its members. The high-value information package highlights the dramatic impact of authorized (and unauthorized!) streaming video services across Asian markets. The short-form Executive Summary of CASBAA's report Online Video in China, Japan & Korea can be accessed at www.casbaa.com The video was produced by Mike Walsh of research agency Tomorrow (www.mike-walsh.com).
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Interview with Geoffrey Crossley, Strategy Director, Eurocash GroupM
Interview with Geoffrey Crossley during Retail & FMCG Conference which is an annual event which has been organized by Comarch for six consecutive years, and is a prestigious meeting of representatives of leading companies in the Retail and FMCG sector in Poland. Analysts, consultants and business advisers presented practical solutions, case studies and the benefits resulting from implementation projects.
My Brand Portfolio
Companies that I have served.
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Israeli Wine Direct #1 : Kosher as a Marketing Category
We spoke a little about the "kosher"mindset....more to come! Recorded @ uStream.Tv
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Still wasting precious time of FMCG trainers on induction of the new joiners?
Challenge: Nestle India wanted a way by which they could instill amongst their employees, a sense of pride in the world of Nestle. Solution: We developed an interactive multimedia CD-ROM which was also presented during important conferences in India. Later on, it was circulated worldwide.
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Channel Sales Manager
Exensys Employee Speak
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Google Marketing Summit: How Marketing activity has evolved
How Marketing activity has evolved Shuvo Saha, FMCG & Healthcare Industry Leader Google UK Joe Rospars, Founding Partner Blue State Media Download PDF of Shuvo's slides: http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/adtoolkit/pdfs/shuvo_saha.pdf Download PDF of Joe's slides: http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/adtoolkit/pdfs/joe_raspers.pdf
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Nestle's India R&D focus
The world's largest food company could now turn to India for its global research and development needs.
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Britannia will continue to bring new products
Shweta Punj caught up with Vinita Bali, MD and CEO Britannia Industries and began by asking her if Brittania is coming up with new packaging
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Introduction to Revenue Management Part I by GuestCentric Systems www.guestcentric.com
http://www.guestcentric.com New series of workshops on Revenue Management Optimization for independent hotels by GuestCentric Systems. The implementation of a revenue management strategy to maximize revenue and profits is crucial for any hotel. Although revenue management is consider by many a complex business strategy, the basis of it and objectives are very simple: being able to adapt the price of a service or product based on demand, competition, time, market and other factors in order to maximize profits and revenue. The workshop will be hosted by Pedro Gomes Product Manager at GuestCentric Systems and will provide viewers an overview about the fundamentals of Revenue Management. The topics of the workshop are the following: •Introduction to revenue Management •What revenue management strategy do you follow •Choose the pricing strategy that fits you the best The videos will be posted on the following dates: •Introduction to revenue Management part I August 31, 2009 •Introduction to revenue Management part II September 15, 2009 •What revenue management strategy do you follow September 29, 2009 •Choose the pricing strategy that fits you the best October 20, 2009
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6. Old Man Nielsen vs New Market Research - SxSW 2009
Have traditional surveys and focus groups gone the way of the dodo? Can social media really get to the heart of customer sentiment? This panel will discuss, based on real company experiences, what combination of traditional and social media market research companies need to use to truly understand their customers. Panelists: Daniel Neely, Founder & CEO, Networked Insights; Dave McClure, Troublemaker, Founders Fund; Jim Schroer, Founder, EngageNextGen; Michael J Lambie, Digital Research Director, Nielsen Company.
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7. Old Man Nielsen vs New Market Research - SxSW 2009
Have traditional surveys and focus groups gone the way of the dodo? Can social media really get to the heart of customer sentiment? This panel will discuss, based on real company experiences, what combination of traditional and social media market research companies need to use to truly understand their customers. Panelists: Daniel Neely, Founder & CEO, Networked Insights; Dave McClure, Troublemaker, Founders Fund; Jim Schroer, Founder, EngageNextGen; Michael J Lambie, Digital Research Director, Nielsen Company.
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Marketing Strategies- Local Business Web Ranking
http://cybersmartwebmarketing.com/ Short tutorial of some basic things to consider when planning your small business website. Local top ten listings are possible! 1. Size up your competition 2. Build a solid web presence off site 3. Stick to on page SEO basic best practices 4. Evaluate and adjust
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PPT market Pulse March 29-ap05
PPT market Pulse March 29-ap05
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A Drinks Advertising and Marketing Product in the Can
You will have seen bottle collars - advertising cards hanging from the necks of wine bottles and beer bottles on the supermarket shelves - but how many offer a fold-out display and have you seen any big enough to go on cans? Here's a neat amalgam of ideas which have come together to create a really neat point of sale piece. See more here: http://bit.ly/166a105 Drinks Can Neck Hanger Size: Closed - Outer measures 160 x 75mm with a 90 x 75mm display visible on the can Open - Outer measures 245 x 75mm.The starburst display can go up to 160 x 140mm. Print: Digital print for smaller runs, litho print for larger runs The outer cover is made in 350gsm silk art board. The inner starburst is on 150gsm art paper Minimum order quantity 250 units Whitney Woods manufacture a range of pop-up and interactive promotional/marketing products. Our products are suitable for business to business direct mail, product promotion, event invitations/handouts, guerilla marketing campaigns and much much more. Based in the North West of England we produce our goods right here in Lancashire, supplying to customers in the UK and around the globe. Contact our sales team on +44 (0)1706 210538 http://www.popupmailers.co.uk https://twitter.com/popupmailers http://www.facebook.com/whitneywoodsltd Google+ http://bit.ly/19fWDbW
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Neilson data on HUL market share sparks row
It seems that Hindustan Unilever has not grown as fast as its rivals when it comes to market shares. That's because HUL claims that data from research agency Nielsen is different from what they sourced from IMRB.
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Execution management system (Jagathisan)
Brief interaction with G. Jagathisan, Business Development Manager, TradeWeb Markets International, Singapore (www.tradeweb.com), FIXGlobal Face2Face Electronic Trading Forum, Taj President, Mumbai, October 29, 2009 (www.fixglobal.com)
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Market segmentation: a case study
Learn more https://www.oxfordlearninglab.com/p/market-segmentation An example of how knowing your market segments will help you to avoid the price commodity trap. For the Digital Marketing Management course, go here: http://bit.ly/JtMlgx
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how to get sales internships at Nestle Purina
http://jobsinpods.com/ This jobcast will feature the role of a Sales Intern with a leader in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Today well be speaking with Melissa Horvath, and Chanel Starks who will tell us about their experience as Sales Interns.
Investment into rural schemes very good move: Godrej
Adi Godrej, chairman of Godrej Group, said that the Budget's investment into rural schemes is a very good move. However, he said he was disappointed that was done for affordable housing in budget.
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Meet the Buyers
Tesco's Senior Buying Manager, for the North and East of England, Sam Nundy meets prospective suppliers.
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Advice to entrepreneurs
Brief interactions with N. Prabakaran, MD, and S. Natarajan, Head R&D, Dietech India (P) Ltd, Chennai (www.dietechindia.com); Rohit Biddappa, Senior Manager-Marketing, and Sanjeev Mathad, Business Head-Channels, India, Parametric Technology (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (www.ptc.com), December 2, 2009, 9 am, http://bit.ly/F4TDietech
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Karthik Siva, Chairman Global Brand Forum; Singapore
Karthik is the founding chairman of the Global Brand Forum and Group Strategy Director of Ogilvy and Mather Singapore. As Chairman of the Global Brand Forum, Karthiks main role lies in helping create the worlds most inspiring and influential platform for brands, businesses and leadership. Karthik is also one of the most well known brand strategists in SE Asia and has considerable breadth of experience in strategy development in the IT, FMCG, Banking, Telecommunication, Airlines & Hospitality industries in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, UK and most of Asia-Pacific. Karthik is a frequent speaker, trainer and facilitator in international and regional forums and conferences on brand development, cyber branding, corporate reputation and strategy development.
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IEEE AlexSB ITW'09 Day Two Communications Skills 3/10
Eng. Yasser Omar: Zedny To download the session presentation http://www.alexsb.org/downloads/EffectiveCommunciation.pdf Eng. Yasser started his session with an entertaining video that shows a miscommunication between George Bush and Condoleezza Rice. George Bush and Condoleezza Rice get confused when trying to contact the Prime minister of China due to misinterpretations, clearly showing the importance of communication in our lives. Then he defined the word skill and how it can be acquired by practice which is opposite to a talent which is much rarer. A talent reflects something you are inherently born with, its a gift. After that Eng. Yasser moved on to a small discussion with the audience about the importance of communication between people all the time and about the elements of communication: the sender, receiver, the message and the media of transfer. Finally, Eng. Yasser asked some of the audience to present role plays that model some situations in life where we encounter good or bad communication. He then discussed the reasons of success or failure of communication in each of the cases
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TASMAC Kef Rural Markets - A Goldmine in the waiting
Panel Discussion "Rural Markets - A Goldmine in the waiting " April 30, 2008
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Reason for naming the company with a 'Frugal' twist
Interview with Kumar Vembu, Founder & CEO, GoFrugal Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai (www.gofrugal.com), May 5, 2009, 1 pm
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Designing a Mobile Sales App - Create a Sales Order App
Canvas can be found at http://www.gocanvas.com Most businesses need to sell things to make money, and sales typically require some record of a contract to make them work. Well use Canvas to publish a simple sales order app for our business. There are several sales order apps already in the Canvas Library, but were going to create our own from scratch by clicking the Create New Form button on the My Forms page. Well need a title and a brief description for our app. Well call our app Sales Order. The app also needs a description that tells people about the screens in the app and the data that is collected. Heres our description. This is a simple sales order form. You start by filling in your customers billing and shipping information. Then you create a list of order items, with each line item amount calculated as price * quantity. When you complete the list, a summary screen calculates the subtotal, tax and total amount due. You can select the payment method and terms, then capture a signature from the customer to acknowledge acceptance of the order. When you submit this form, you can export the data to a warehouse for fulfillment or to an accounting system for revenue booking. You can also use Canvas charts and graphs to track your sales performance. When you have finished writing your description, click the Save and launch Designer button to start adding screens to your Sales Order app. The Mobile App Designer will open. Youll see a confirmation message Form was successfully created. This indicates that Canvas has created version 1 of the Sales Order form, and it is in a New status. The Mobile App Designer is a rich internet application that lets you drag and drop screens and fields into your app. Take a look at the primary elements of Designers user interface. It has four primary areas in which youll work. The Toolbar is a row of buttons at the top of the page that lets you save or cancel any changes you have made to the form. You add screens by clicking the Add Screen button, and you can get help at any time by clicking the Help button. The panel on the left side of the page is a Form Outline that shows all the screens and fields currently in the app. The outline has a folder icon with the name Sales Order indicating that the app has been created. The panel in the center of the page represents the Screen that is currently selected from the Outline. Since we just created the app, no screen is selected. Canvas has been kind enough, however, to automatically click the Add Screen button from the Toolbar so that we can add our first screen. The Add Screen window has popped up in front of the Selected Screen panel. The Palette is a panel on the right side of the page. When you have added a screen to the app, youll drag fields from the Palette to the screen in the middle of the page.
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Christine Gibbs Stewart - ABITS - Australia China Business Congress 2009
Christine Gibbs Stewart has had a 20 year career in international business and export development. She is currently General Manager of Australian Business International Trade Services and leads a dynamic team that focuses on helping companies to become more globally competitive. Over her career Chris has worked across a number of different industries and in a number of diverse overseas markets. This experience has enabled her to develop a wide network of contacts, both in Australia and abroad, and has given her insight into opportunities, global trends and strategies for companies to better compete on a world stage. Her work has included selling boilers and industrial burners throughout Latin America, negotiating deals with US buyers, introducing heads of state and working with industry groupings to build international capabilities. Along the way, she has developed friendships, learned how to say cheers in 20 different languages and improved her dancing skills. She is inspired everyday by her clients and those she works with, and considers herself fortunate to work in a career where the world is her office and she is connected with diverse peoples, beliefs and cultures. Chris is passionate about ensuring that women are recognized for their contribution to international trade, and are supported to achieve their business goals. She has recently assisted in developing a new program called NSW Women Going Global, aimed at supporting women in international trade. Chris has a BA in Political Science from the University of Michigan, USA, and an MBA in International Management from the University of Technology, Sydney. She is an Australian and an American citizen.
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Less aggressive operations, rather than business closures, likely
Interview with P. N. Veda Narayanan, IAS (Retd), Former Vigilance and Development Commissioner, Tamil Nadu Govt, Chennai on December 19, 2008
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On Unicel's growth and targets
Interview with Vinay Agrrawal, Founder Director and Solutions Architect, Unicel Technologies P Ltd, Bangalore (www.uniceltech.com/), October 2, 2008, 1 pm
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