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My God Child draws Anime for me
Not bad for someone going to turn 13!!!
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Drawing anime girls in ms Paint- Merry Christmas!
Aca de nuevo! He dibujado tres chicas anime en ms paint al estilo navideño juju xDD Disfrútenlo! Canción: Dam dadi doo
Views: 8367 xDivaBloodx
Drawing anime girl using computer
my third video on drawing anime! i used photoshop for this one so i hope you enjoy! tell me what i need to improve on!
Views: 10902 Karla Santos
// Drawing anime school girl . ☆
Please subscribe to see more of my drawing videos! :D This was originally done out of boredom, but was then used for school projects and such. Thank you for all the views! Enjoy. Done with MOUSE and MS Paint. Re-upload! ☆ Please rate, comment & subscribe! Me drawing an anime typical school girl on ms paint. This was uploaded ages ago on my other account. I have yet to take it down on there, depending on how popular this video gets on this account. :) Thanks for reading. n__~ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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YT - Drawing Lessons & Anime : How to Draw an Anime Girl
Drawing an anime girl requires exaggerating the eyes, using basic shapes to construct the hair and sketching in a triangular face. Practice drawing anime-style girls with art instructions from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing. Expert: Bill Connolly Bio: Bill Connolly has drawn cartoons since he was a toddler. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
Views: 15758 expertvillage
Drawing Anime School Girl
Please subscribe to see more of my drawing videos! :D This was originally done out of boredom, but was then used for school projects and such. Thank you for all the views! Enjoy. Done with MOUSE and MS Paint.
Views: 1712 TheScarletSky
Anime girl drawing on ms paint
My anime drawing on paint / Anime rysowane w paincie ;)
Views: 972 Straffberry
Drawing Anime Girl
Está hecha en ms paint ;)
Views: 2731 xDivaBloodx
Drawing Anime【Neko】Girl on MS Paint
Nyaa!! My first video! Of me drawing anime!! Woop!! о(>▽<)о I am soo happy! This took me about two days =A=;; I am deffently not as talented as some more artist on Y-tube. I hope yew enjoy this! I love it myself!! Hyper cam kinda gave it some bad quality, but altogether its a good video. I love to draw, and this video is copy right to le vôtre vraiment, So please dont use it as your own, i wouldnt use your art! The songs in this video are by Hatsune Miku, they also belong to her, i am just using them for entertainment use!!   _  ∩ ( ゚∀゚)彡 COMMENT RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!! xD  ⊂彡
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Drawing anime girls on MS paint
Minami and yuriko !! http://www.youtube.com/user/NaomiNoMiko
Views: 35356 Yuriko Koisumi
how to draw a cute anime girl
as the titel says ^^ enjoy it!!!! plz tell if the explanation is not good enough. if I know I can do my best to change that in the next videos sorry my english so bad ... plz rate and commend
Views: 13529 jamilah4ever
How I Draw episode 2: Original Anime/Manga Girl
My drawing of a manga style girl. Video resubmission. Originally posted January 24, 2008 on http://www.youtube.com/user/banzchan My Art Blog: http://banzchan.blogspot.com/
Views: 56305 How I Draw
Anime Drawing . wie zeichne ich ein anime girl
So hier mal en video wie ich zeichne ^^ ich weiß is nich so besonders ^^ich zeichne auch erst seit 4 tagen
Views: 8380 NRWjumper
Bunny Girl Anime Draw
this is a bunny girl draw anime :D enjoy..!
Views: 134 orianamcr
Anime Drawing ~ ACT.1 (How To Draw Anime Cute Girls)
for fun ^^ How To Draw Anime Cute Girls
Views: 503 witch35117
drawing a anime scene girl
this is my video on how to draw a adorible scene girl :3 i hope you like it and comment,subscribe and,rate it :) bye!
Views: 679 gwen pelot
How to Draw Manga Mouths, Four Different Ways
http://www.twitter.com/markcrilley --Want to support me and my videos? Order a copy of one of my books: http://www.markcrilley.com/childrensbookscomics.html If you prefer to buy books at actual bookstores, please remember that bookstores that dont have Miki Falls on the shelf will happily special order it for you if you ask. Thanks so much for your support! Mark
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How to draw Anime Girls(www.desenatori.ro)
This is not exactly my drwas I maked collaborations with two friends:) ENJOY!!:)
Views: 3744 Oana-Mihaela Dumitru
powerpuff girls anime drawing!
a little drawing of Bubbles and Buttercup^^ Please sub me!please...-.-
Views: 5340 iLiibra
Drawing Anime vampire girl
Yeah, this is how I draw an Anime vampire girl :D When I finished the picture, Photoshop lagged and - crashed. Q___Q' *drops* But I made a screenshot... So the picture was saved. ._.' I hope you like it! Please COMMENT, RATE and SUBSCRIBE!! ^-^ DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any music in this video. Aural Vampire - Darkwave Surfer
Views: 33469 YuiMewMew
Drawing an anime beach girl  =]
This is the first time i drew "without a line art" its so much fun xD I hope u like it =D
Views: 330 TsukiNoYome
how to draw anime girl
neeed nything? add me on facebook ( mik encoy antonio)
Views: 1591 Diff4rence
Drawing Anime Girl
Kage-sama here!!!!! yeah, i got bored, and this is what came out of it :) 1st song Panic at the Disco-Time to dance second song Into the clouds by Saucedo (our band music) took me about 30 min to do it all, not including breaks to go to the bathroom etc. poor quality but eh who cares. and btw, i enjoy helpful criticism, but i do NOT enjoy "this sux" when u have nothing else to say about it, that could make me better made in open canvas, recorded with hypercam
Views: 235 xXSmithXKageXsamaXx
Drawing Anime Maid Girl on Photoshop!
Hi!! This is my second drawing which took FOREBUH....We're talking roughly 5 hours of sweat and blood you know! O~O The face and hair turned out good, not so much the body. Meh, oh well...I used the pen tool on this one. Yuck. I'm sticking to my usual way, I really don't like the pen. :P Mkay, enjoy~! ;]]]
Views: 312 Smlie09
Me drawing emo anime girl again
YUP and it sucks!!
Views: 677 PinKWingSAngeL
Drawing Anime Girl in Ms Paint 2
Está hecha en paint ;)
Views: 7697 xDivaBloodx
How to draw cute girl anime eyes
Hi everyone just her teaching you how to draw some anime/manga eyes. P.S. I will take requests , plz comment.
Views: 288 asianbopper01
Drawing.Anime girl.Step 1:Sketch
Hi!This is my first vid so plz be nice .This is the first part of 3 vids,the sketch.The vid is in real time.I was pretty excited and nervous because this is my first drawing video =] I got a tablet 2-3 months ago,and it was really hard getting used to it.I always admired ppl who made videos of themself drawing so i wanted to try it out ^^The second part will be the lineart and then comes the coloring =] Pls comment and critique is always welcome cause im new in digital drawing and want to improve ^_^ Thank you!
Views: 904 TsukiNoYome
How to Draw Anime/Manga Girls
Hi! This is dreamerskyte talkin! Waahh! The vid is kind of hard to see, but I hope you enjoy anywayz!! ^^" This time I started with the head! + If you didn't notice, I used a computer program! (So much easier than holding a camera..kind off.) It's my first time with recording myself drawing on comp! Lesson Time: Cute Teenage Girls -The girl in the video is about 16-19 years old. This is my style so let me tell ya what I do! Cute Features: She is no longer a kid and now a young adult! Let me emphasize the word "CUTE" not tomboy or elegant. Cute teenage girl -Shape/ Thickness of the eyebrow- Thin - Distance from eye to eyebrow- space it a good distance high - Shape and size of eye- A little little more smaller than kid eyes - Nose- small - Size of mouth- medium - Shape of Head- Round - Hair style- Depends on you: Long, short w/ ribbon, curly - Make her have some...*cough*chest*cough* - Add some curves and make her body slender - Long legs (in anime/manga girls have long legs okay?) Program (art) - Paint tool sai Program (record)- Camtasia Songs - New Future(girly version) used in Full Moon - Sayonara Solitaire (Vector's version)
Views: 43760 Noe R
Drawing anime girl #2 part 1/3 (Drawing)
The Quality isn't that good, but compared to the previous one, its much better. This is the first part of my drawing. i went to speed up the drawing using movie maker. The song name is star-stealing girl by Chrono Cross. I hope you like the video, plz comment~
Views: 321 Stary Nights
Drawing Anime Girl
I got bored and decided to test the Ms Paint on my new laptop; Also my first drawing on it hence the cool border xD She still needs a name owo;; But she will be a part of my new manga series Zombie Interlude Song- Boys and Girls By- L.M.C
Views: 101 ChibiOhChibiki
Colouring 'Generic Anime Rock Girl' with Copic Markers
My Deviantart: http://oceanchan.deviantart.com/ Whoaaa, another copic marker video~~ :3 First I gotta say, the rainbow patterns that suddenly appear in the background... well, there's no excuse for them, since I colour over them anyway. So just ignore it 8D Secondlyyyy... well. Hmmm. I wonder if I should actually talk about it... owo; I've been getting comments like, "I don't like the music you use for your video" or "why did you choose this music?". When I first started posting videos, I thought, "I wonder if people will actually talk about the music I post... o_o It's not that big a deal for people to actually comment on it, is it...?" ...since really, it's only there since I don't the video to be silent. ~w~; And I choose the music I do because I like it. So.. I'm.. sorry if you don't, I guess? TTwTT A mute button is available? ;;; Anyway, as for the picture itself, this is the second guitar I've done, and I drew it from my mind, so it's not perfect. ~3~ I do like it, though~~ I drew this picture for a friend who's going off to college; he's a band guy so I thought I'd draw him a crazy hot band girl. \*u*/ Feel free to ask questions, but please check my FAQ on the front page first~! TYYY :D Songs used: SHAKALABBITS - Monster Tree SHAKALABBITS - mommy's back?
Views: 96237 Ocean
how to draw anime girl in MS paint
me drawing school girl im NS..... OLD!!!
Views: 246 LylShaf69
how to draw anime girl
fast sketch for a happy lil anime girl
Views: 110 Sato Emoki
How to draw a Manga/Anime girl. (Angel)
Hi, here is one of my better drawing (I think). The wings are optional if you don't like angels and that type of stuff. I used my coloured pencils to colour her. I hope you guys like it! Don't forget to rate, comment, fave, subscribe!
Views: 16285 vanillaweekend
Anime Drawing - Simple School Girl [beginner]
Me Drawing a Girl wearing school uniform~ i am still practicing to draw anime so... please give some tips XD Thank you for watching~
Views: 36965 cirnorwin
Drawing the anime girl with her skateboard(Full detail body)
This video dedicated to all my friend thats like to play skateboard..(^^) This is the style anime i make,,Its take a long time to make it up,, Make me hav headache too,,hehehe so,please Subcribe,Rating and Give a Comment ok??(^_^)
Views: 8827 ANIMEZZ18
Anime Drawing - Elegant Girl [beginner]
Me Drawing an Elegant Anime Girl~ I am still practicing to draw anime so... please give some tips XD Thank you for watching~ note: i do not own the musics ;D
Views: 1359 cirnorwin
[KKS] Me Drawing A Cute Manga / Anime Girl - Speedpainting
yay like the title: Me Drawing A Cute Manga / Anime Girl XD enjoy ^^ im going to color it later i hope :D
Views: 2475 Kakashisensei003
Tutorial: How to draw anime eyes (girl) on MS Paint
A tutorial on how to draw 'em!
Views: 221 RokuKanegawa
Drawing test 1 - Random anime girl
:0 So, I 've been watching a lot of drawing videos uploaded by other people. And I've been influenced to want to try to make a drawing video. Of course, I have no idea how to use my tripod in the right position, so for the whole video, it was very uncomfortable. And I'm very sorry for all of the movements. I had to put the tripod in the center of my legs because I couldn't put it behind me without my hair blocking the way. T__T; I hope it's not that bad. I tried to draw as fast as I could. Usually I take a very long time, and I don't quite know how to speed up the videos or edit them D: I'd love some help on that. I might upload more of these, as I experiment on how to position the tripod. And my bad for not uploading anything recently. I've been sick, and busy w/ school Dx (It's ending on the 8th!) Thank you for watching! D: I really REALLY appreciate it. lol. And I'd love it even more if you made some suggestions, or gave me advice on things not about the drawing, but how I can improve my video quality, and everything. Thank you for your time! http://macky-san.deviantart.com/
Views: 22955 Macky
How to draw anime girl and anime boy
sry again~~lol its long hoe u enjoy it it took alot of work plz god comments
Views: 26115 ImAunicornHAA HAA
Anime/Manga girl ms paint [speedpaint]
not much
Views: 1118 Froppan93
Draw Anime Girl
Here's a video me (rough)drawing within one minute ^^ is hard to draw with one hand and apologies for the noisy sound!! ^^"" I was using a red color copic sketch maker for dis video ^^
Views: 1236 animegal888
Drawing cute anime Girl chibi MS Paint
follow me in instagram: esa_draw How to draw chibi , using the mouse , no tablet + Dont forget to subscribe. ^^ song : Dj remo eo ea
Views: 199463 3eSsOo
Sweet anime girl draw
Hiii :D if you like it comment plz!!
Views: 111 orianamcr
anime on ms paint # / Sasuke, As a girl
I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC! song: Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night Artist: Kiss Chasey Well i was bored, So decided to make another drawing video. this time i drew Sasuke from Naruto, but he is a she. i'm actualy planning to do more of there gender swap things. well thank you for watching!! please comment and rate
Views: 13882 AppleJuice47
Drawing Anime Using Paint.NET
uhm, I tried... Hope it's okay... uhm... then, i dunno... lol...^^ took me like 4 hours to finish that...^^ song: Wherever You Will Go singer: The Calling Artist: Me(AnimeXLover28Kat) or Nina ^^ this is an original character....^^
Views: 86507 OtsukaNina
how to draw anime girl hair pt.2
how to draw vid PLEASE subscribe
Views: 641 bethany70000268

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